The James Foley Sacrifice for Allah: Public schools are the root cause of mass beheadings

It isn’t the beheading of the journalist James Foley that is most disturbing, it was the calmness he delivered the lines, “I call on my friends, family and love ones to rise up against my real killers: the U.S. government.”  He was speaking calmly in the past tense as if he wanted the occasion to occur.  This did not appear to be the same guy who was on the O’Reilly Factor just a few years prior grateful to have been released from a previous occurrence in Libya.  But it was, and sadly it appears that Foley willingly participated in his own death in the same manner that car bombers and other terrorists sacrifice themselves on behalf of Allah.  A quick look at James Foley’s Tweets from his account can be seen at the link below showing a man sympathetic to the ISIS cause.  He was certainly not against it.  He had gone “native” as a reporter and shows the roots of the liberal bias against America from the view-point of a young man identifying with the Jihad movement.

To understand what was likely going on in Foley’s head the proper definitions of the events which surrounded him are important to understand.  Many underestimate the power of a Jihad movement among young men stripped of power in the western culture and why they are so attracted to the masculine virtues of Islamic faith.  In the terrorist video involving Foley it was not a Syrian dressed in a black robe with his hand gently placed on Foley’s back—almost affectionately, he was a European Islamic extremist attracted to the plight of Syria due to the magnetism of Muslim militant behavior.  It gets very confusing in the West, in many respects government schools have shown to support the Muslim faith over Christianity yet they also support feminism over traditional masculine roles held in families.  In Muslim household across the world it is the “man” who is certainly in charge of his family in virtually every aspect—so young men looking for those roles in a fashion aligned with their class room instruction are flocking toward Islamic State faith—wanting to join a caliphate at any cost.  Foley appears to have given his life—not having it taken and the characters in this drama are all foreigners—not those born in Syria or Iraq.  So to understand this situation the meaning of ISIS or ISIL as Obama calls them must be understood.

The Islamic State (IS)[4][6][50] (Arabic: الدولة الإسلامية‎ ad-Dawlah al-ʾIslāmiyyah), formerly known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL /ˈsɪl/) and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS /ˈsɪs/),[a] is a jihadist group, widely regarded as a terrorist organization. In its self-proclaimed status as a caliphate, it claims religious authority over all Muslims across the world[51] and aspires to bring much of the Muslim-inhabited regions of the world under its direct political control,[52] beginning with territory in the Levant region, which includes Jordan,IsraelPalestineLebanonCyprus, and an area in southern Turkey that includes Hatay.[53][54] The group has been officially designated as a foreign terrorist organization by the United States,[55] the United Kingdom,[56] Australia,[57]Canada,[58] Indonesia[59] and Saudi Arabia,[60] and has been described as a terrorist group by the United Nations[61] and Western and Middle Eastern media sources.[62][63][64][65][66]

The group, in its original form, was composed of and supported by a variety of Sunni Arab terrorist insurgent groups, including its predecessor organizations, Al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) (2003–2006), Mujahideen Shura Council (2006–2006) and the Islamic State of Iraq (ISI) (2006–2013), other insurgent groups such as Jeish al-Taiifa al-Mansoura, Jaysh al-Fatiheen, Jund al-Sahaba and Katbiyan Ansar Al-Tawhid wal Sunnah, and a number of Iraqi tribes that profess Sunni Islam.

ISIS grew significantly as an organization owing to its participation in the Syrian Civil War and the strength of its leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Allegations of economic and political discrimination against Arab Iraqi Sunnis since the fall of the secular Saddam Hussein also helped it to gain support. At the height of the 2003–2011 Iraq War, its forerunners enjoyed a significant presence in the Iraqi governorates of Al AnbarNinevehKirkuk, most of Salah ad Din, parts of Babil,Diyala and Baghdad, and claimed Baqubah as a capital city.[67][68][69][70] In the ongoing Syrian Civil War, ISIS has a large presence in the Syrian governorates of Ar-RaqqahIdlib and Aleppo.[71][72]

ISIS is known for its extreme interpretation of the Islamic faith and sharia law[73]and its brutal violence,[64][73] which is directed at Shia Muslims.  Indigenous AssyrianChaldeanSyriac and Armenian ChristiansYazidisDruzeShabaksand Mandeans in particular.[74] It is reported to have 30,000 fighters in its ranks in Iraq and up to 50,000 in Syria[16] who, in addition to attacks on government and military targets, have claimed responsibility for attacks that have killed thousands of civilians.[75] ISIS had close links with al-Qaeda until 2014, but in February of that year, after an eight-month power struggle, al-Qaeda cut all ties with the group, reportedly for its brutality and “notorious intractability”.[76][77][78]

ISIS’s original aim was to establish a caliphate in the Sunni-majority regions of Iraq. Following its involvement in the Syrian Civil War, this expanded to include controlling Sunni-majority areas of Syria.[79] A caliphate was proclaimed on 29 June 2014, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi—now known as Amir al-Mu’minin Caliph Ibrahim—was named as its caliph, and the group was renamed the Islamic State.[4][5][6]

Jihad /ɪˈhɑːd/Arabic: جهاد‎ ǧihād [dʒiˈhæːd]), an Islamic term, is a religious duty of Muslims. In Arabic, the word jihād translates as a noun meaning “struggle” or “resisting”. The word jihad appears in 23 Quranic verses.[1]Within the context of the classical Islam, particularly the Shiahs beliefs, it refers to struggle against those who do not believe in the Abrahamic God (Allah).[2]However, the word has even wider implications and interpretations.

Jihad means “to struggle in the way of Allah”. Jihad appears 41 times in the Quran and frequently in the idiomatic expression “striving in the way of God (al-jihad fi sabil Allah)“.[3][4][5] A person engaged in jihad is called a mujahid; the plural is mujahideen. Jihad is an important religious duty for Muslims. A minority among the Sunni scholars sometimes refer to this duty as the sixth pillar of Islam, though it occupies no such official status.[6] In Twelver Shi’a Islam, however, Jihad is one of the 10 Practices of the Religion.

There are two commonly accepted meanings of jihad: an inner spiritual struggle and an outer physical struggle.[3] The “greater jihad” is the inner struggle by a believer to fulfill his religious duties.[3][7] This non-violent meaning is stressed by both Muslim[8] and non-Muslim[9] authors. However, there is consensus amongst Islamic scholars that the concept of jihad will always include armed struggle against persecution and oppression.[10]

The “lesser jihad” is the physical struggle against the enemies of Islam.[3] This physical struggle can take a violent form or a non-violent form. The proponents of the violent form translate jihad as “holy war”,[11][12] although some Islamic studies scholars disagree.[13] The Dictionary of Islam[3] and British-American orientalist Bernard Lewis both argue jihad has a military meaning in the large majority of cases.[14] Some scholars maintain non-violent ways to struggle against the enemies of Islam. An example of this is written debate, often characterized as “jihad of the pen”.[15]

According to the BBC, a third meaning of jihad is the struggle to build a good society.[7] In a commentary of the hadith Sahih Muslim, entitled al-Minhaj, the medieval Islamic scholar Yahya ibn Sharaf al-Nawawi stated that “one of the collective duties of the community as a whole (fard kifaya) is to lodge a valid protest, to solve problems of religion, to have knowledge of Divine Law, to command what is right and forbid wrong conduct”.[16]

Because of the strength it gives males in their social and spiritual relationships, and the lack of condemnation that feminists all over the world have provided, recruiting for the ISIS caliphate are exploding across the globe.  Young males growing up in homes without a strong father figure and confused about their roles with women are finding themselves attracted to the message of ISIS even if they aren’t from the Middle Eastern region.  It is something for them to rally behind–much like those same minds might yell at an opposing team in football or soccer.  In a world where we’ve all been told in government schools that believing in things is bad and that submission to the collective is good—it should be no surprise that young men are flocking to join ISIS in their struggle to serve Allah.  Given few other noble options in their life within their families, their church, their jobs, and their educations—Allah is all that is left for them.

Recently for another article I featured a two part documentary about T.E. Lawrence by Rory Stewart which delves further into this problem with the Middle East.  CLICK HERE TO REVIEW AND WATCH IT.  It is a good documentary and explores the problem in the Middle East very well—but Rory is considered a conservative by European standards yet would be a bleeding heart liberal by American standards—and all of Europe is falling away to the left of Stewart—politically.   This leaves Europe as raving collectivists deeply confused about their social roles because of having their Christian faiths stripped away from them, and their traditional roles within the family pointing them toward Muslim religion as an answer.  There, roles are defined and the rules are known—and have deliberately been left off-limits by the public school systems.  Most every other lifestyle has been decried in classrooms except those of Muslims.  Britain alone now has 100,000 Muslim converts by a 2011 census number—which has likely increased dramatically since.  Most of those converts—70%–are white women who find the roles within Muslim society to be attractive freeing them of the unwanted constraints of western feminism.  Take the example of Lynne Ali who called herself a hard-partying teenager decrying that her life was hectic and missing something before finding herself freed as a Muslim.  Now a 34-year-old former DJ from Dagenham in Essex said: “I would go out and get drink with friends, wear tight and revealing clothing and date boys.  I think underneath it all, I must have been searching for something, and I wasn’t feeling fulfilled by my hard-drinking, party lifestyle.”  She met her boyfriend, Zahid, at university, and converted to Islam at the age of 19.  She now wears the Islamic scarf, or niqab, when she goes out and describes it as “liberating.”  “I am so grateful I found my escape route,” she said, “this is the real me – I am happy to pray five times a day and take classes at the mosque.  I am no longer a slave to a broken society and its expectations.”  Many young women in England and greater Europe these days are making the same decisions for the same reasons.  They have had their lives stripped away from them in public education leaving them to embarrass themselves foolishly, then seek redemption the only way available—a hard religion that is intolerable to deviancy—which is attractive to their failed lives.  The move from being disc jockeys of popular music to radical Islamists within a few years because the tradition of Muslim faith gives them something to sink their roots into.

This is what appears to have happened to James Foley.  It may have even been his idea—to shake the world to its foundations with his sacrifice.  He gave a calm speech moments before his death and allowed his head to be cut off without any struggle or malice toward the person taking his life—who like him, was a foreigner likely seeking to make peace with the Sykes-Picot Agreement that England and France used to slice up the Middle East at the end of World War I destroying the relationship that those two nations would forever have with Arabia.  Young people aimless and embarrassed as to their backgrounds seek the redeeming qualities of an uncompromising religion to hold their lives together and the ideals were planted in them at public schools.  Foley and his attacker hoped that the brutality of their actions would ignite a global increase in converts such as Lynne Ali and will stand against the deviancy of the West—from their point of view.  But what they really stand against is competition, capitalism, and productivity.  It is more attractive to strip away their make-up, their jobs, and their ability to think for themselves and surrender to Allah all that they are and will be.  And for James Foley—that is precisely what he selected for himself.  And behind him are millions, upon millions more.

They seek revenge for Sykes-Picot which I will cover in more detail in the next article.  And if there is any doubt about Foley’s intentions read the Tweets he made leading up to his capture, and the truth will be evident.  Painful, but evident.   The link is above after the first paragraph.

Rich Hoffman


Why There is Trouble in the Middle East: The whole issue explained–“one side wants the other side dead”

Many find the situation in the Middle East confusing, and have little ideal why there is any trouble there. The political left wishes to deny there is anything wrong at all, and sides with the Palestinian/Muslim factions, the political right with Israel along the typical Christian conservatives. Each side points to the other and says there is no evidence to support their theories of aggression and this is largely due to the fact that tyrants, thieves and cut throats in our modern age have destroyed evidence so that proper arguments against them can never be rooted. Common sense explanations about the Middle East seldom occur like they have in the video below—because few people are left in the world who can make value judgments based on observation—due to the evidence that is so cryptic as to who is the villains really are.


The video featured nationally syndicated radio talk show host Dennis Prager, who is known for his strong conservative views, the pro-Israel YouTube video aims to explain the Middle East conflict in under six minutes.

“The Middle East conflict is framed as one of the most complex problems in the world,” the video claims. “But, in reality, it’s very simple.”

“It may be the hardest to solve, but it is the easiest to explain,” Prager says. “In a nutshell, it’s this: one side wants the other side dead.”

According to Prager, the “simple” problem is difficult to solve because most Palestinians and Arabs “do not recognize the right of the Jewish state of Israel to exist.”

To support his thesis, Prager briefly overviews several decades of history, contending Israel has always sought peace with its neighbors. The conservative talk show host concludes the video leaving viewers with one final thought.

“If tomorrow, Israel laid down its arms and announced, ‘We will fight no more,’ what would happen? And if the Arab countries around Israel laid down their arms and announced, ‘We will fight no more,’ what would happen?” Prager asks. “In the first case, there would be an immediate destruction of the state of Israel and mass murder of its Jewish population. In the second case, there would be peace the next day.”

The video, officially titled “The Middle East Problem,” has amassed more than 3 million views since it was uploaded in late April. According to YouTube statistics, most of the views have poured in over the past couple weeks.

While that may seem simplistic, it is in fact the case, there is nothing that Palestinians will ever do to accept the 1947 creation of a Jewish state—erected out of the violence of World War II to attempt to bring peace to the Biblically driven people. Likely some of that decision by the members of the United Nations at the time believed that it was their earthly obligation to restore the nation of Israel to God’s chosen people.

Revelation 12:12-17 speaks of how the devil will make war against Israel, trying to destroy her (Satan knows his time is short– Revelation 20:1-3, 10). It also reveals that God will protect Israel in the wilderness. Revelation 12:14 says Israel will be protected from the devil for “a time, times, and half a time (“a time” = 1 year; “times” = 2 years; “half a time” = one-half year; in other words, 3 1/2 years). So if the root cause of the establishment of the Jewish state were analyzed, it is likely that religious superstition was at the heart of it more than compassion for a tortured people.

Read more:

On 2 April 1947, the United Kingdom delegation addressed a letter to the Acting Secretary-General of the United Nations requesting that the question of Palestine be placed on the agenda of the next regular session of the General Assembly.[88] On 15 May the General Assembly resolved (Resolution 106) that a committee, United Nations Special Committee on Palestine (UNSCOP), be created “to prepare for consideration at the next regular session of the Assembly a report on the question of Palestine”.[89] In July 1947 the UNSCOP visited Palestine and met with Jewish and Zionist delegations. The Arab Higher Committee boycotted the meetings. At this time, there was further controversy when the British Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin ordered an illegal immigrant ship, the Exodus 1947, to be sent back to Europe. The migrants on the ship were forcibly removed by British troops at Hamburg after a long period in prison ships.

The principal non-Zionist Orthodox Jewish (or Haredi) party, Agudat Israel, recommended to UNSCOP that a Jewish state be set up after reaching a religious status quo agreement with Ben-Gurion regarding the future Jewish state. The agreement would grant exemption to a quota of yeshiva (religious seminary) students and to all orthodox women from military service, would make the Sabbath the national weekend, promised Kosher food in government institutions and would allow them to maintain a separate education system.[90]

In the Report of the Committee dated September 3, 1947 to the UN General Assembly,[91] the majority of the Committee in Chapter VI proposed a plan to replace the British Mandate with “an independent Arab State, an independent Jewish State, and the City of Jerusalem” …, the last to be under “an International Trusteeship System”.[92] On November 29, 1947, in Resolution 181 (II), the General Assembly recommended to the United Kingdom, as the mandatory Power for Palestine, and to all other Members of the United Nations, the adoption and implementation, with regard to the future government of Palestine, of the Plan of Partition with Economic Union set out in the resolution.[93] The Plan was to replace the British Mandate with “Independent Arab and Jewish States” and a “Special International Regime for the City of Jerusalem administered by the United Nations”. The Plan of Partition in Part 1 A. Clause 2 provided that Britain “should use its best endeavors to ensure than an area situated in the territory of the Jewish State, including a seaport and hinterland adequate to provide facilities for a substantial immigration, shall be evacuated at the earliest possible date and in any event not later than 1 February 1948”. Clause 3. provided that “Independent Arab and Jewish States and the Special International Regime for the City of Jerusalem … shall come into existence in Palestine two months after the evacuation of the armed forces of the mandatory Power has been completed but in any case not later than 1 October 1948.”

Neither Britain nor the UN Security Council took any action to implement the resolution and Britain continued detaining Jews attempting to enter Palestine. Concerned that partition would severely damage Anglo-Arab relations, Britain denied UN representatives access to Palestine during the period between the adoption of Resolution 181 (II) and the termination of the British Mandate.[94] The British withdrawal was finally completed in May 1948. However, Britain continued to hold Jews of “fighting age” and their families on Cyprus until March 1949.[95]

In the immediate aftermath of the General Assembly’s vote on the Partition plan, the explosions of joy among the Jewish community were counterbalanced by the expression of discontent among the Arab community. Soon after, violence broke out and became more and more prevalent. Murders, reprisals, and counter-reprisals came fast on each other’s heels, resulting in dozens of victims killed on both sides in the process. The impasse persisted as no force intervened to put a stop to the escalating cycles of violence.[96][97][98][99] By the end of March, there was a total of 2,000 dead and 4,000 wounded.[100] These figures correspond to an average of more than 100 deaths and 200 casualties per week in a population of 2,000,000.

Shielded Jewish convoy during the blockade of Tel Aviv–Jerusalem road

From January onwards, operations became increasingly militarized, with the intervention of a number of Arab Liberation Army regiments inside Palestine, each active in a variety of distinct sectors around the different coastal towns. They consolidated their presence in Galilee and Samaria.[101] Abd al-Qadir al-Husayni came from Egypt with several hundred men of the Army of the Holy War. Having recruited a few thousand volunteers, he organized the blockade of the 100,000 Jewish residents of Jerusalem.[102] To counter this, the Yishuv authorities tried to supply the city with convoys of up to 100 armored vehicles, but the operation became more and more impractical as the number of casualties in the relief convoys surged. By March, Al-Hussayni’s tactic had paid off. Almost all of Haganah‘s armored vehicles had been destroyed, the blockade was in full operation, and hundreds of Haganah members who had tried to bring supplies into the city were killed.[103]

While the Jewish population had received strict orders requiring them to hold their ground everywhere at all costs,[104] the Arab population was more affected by the general conditions of insecurity to which the country was exposed. Up to 100,000 Arabs, from the urban upper and middle classes in Haifa, Jaffa and Jerusalem, or Jewish-dominated areas, evacuated abroad or to Arab centers eastwards.[105] This situation caused the US to withdraw their support for the Partition plan, thus encouraging the Arab League to believe that the Palestinian Arabs, reinforced by the Arab Liberation Army, could put an end to the plan for partition. The British, on the other hand, decided on February 7, 1948, to support the annexation of the Arab part of Palestine by Transjordan.[106]

Supply convoy on its way to besieged Jerusalem, April 1948 Although a certain level of doubt took hold among Yishuv supporters, their apparent defeats were due more to their wait-and-see policy than to weakness. David Ben-Gurion reorganized Haganah and made conscription obligatory. Every Jewish man and woman in the country had to receive military training. Thanks to funds raised by Golda Meir from sympathizers in the United States, and Stalin’s decision to support the Zionist cause, the Jewish representatives of Palestine were able to sign very important armament contracts in the East. Other Haganah agents recuperated stockpiles from the Second World War, which helped improve the army’s equipment and logistics. Operation Balak allowed arms and other equipment to be transported for the first time by the end of March.

Ben-Gurion invested Yigael Yadin with the responsibility to come up with a plan in preparation for the announced intervention of the Arab states. The result of his analysis was Plan Dalet, which was put in place from the start of April onwards. The adoption of Plan Dalet marked the second stage of the war, in which Haganah passed from the defensive to the offensive. Within the framework of the establishment of Jewish territorial continuity foreseen by Plan Dalet, the forces of Haganah, Palmach and Irgun intended to conquer mixed zones. Palestinian Arab society was shaken. Tiberias, Haifa, Safed, Beisan, Jaffa and Acre fell, resulting in the flight of more than 250,000 Palestinian Arabs.[107]

The British had, at that time, essentially withdrawn their troops. The situation pushed the leaders of the neighboring Arab states to intervene, but their preparation was not finalized, and they could not assemble sufficient forces to turn the tide of the war. Most Palestinian Arab hopes lay with the Arab Legion of Transjordan’s monarch, King Abdullah I, but he had no intention of creating a Palestinian Arab-run state since he hoped to annex as much of the territory of the British Mandate for Palestine as he could. He was playing a double game and was just as much in contact with the Jewish authorities as with the Arab League.

On May 14, 1948, on the day in which the British Mandate over Palestine expired, the Jewish People’s Council gathered at the Tel Aviv Museum and approved a proclamation declaring the establishment of a Jewish state in Eretz Israel, to be known as the State of Israel.[108] The 1948 Palestine war entered its second phase with the intervention of the Arab state armies and the beginning of the 1948 Arab–Israeli War.

The Arab League members Egypt, Transjordan, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq refused to accept the UN partition plan and proclaimed the right of self-determination for the Arabs across the whole of Palestine. The Arab states marched their forces into what had, until the previous day, been the British Mandate for Palestine. The new state of Israel had an organized and efficient army, the Haganah, under the command of Israel Galili. The Arab forces were of varying quality, but Arab states had heavy military equipment at their disposal. The invading Arab armies were initially on the offensive but the Israelis soon recovered from the initial shock of being invaded on all sides. On May 29, 1948, the British initiated United Nations Security Council Resolution 50 and declared an arms embargo on the region. Czechoslovakia violated the resolution supplying the Jewish state with critical military hardware to match the (mainly British) heavy equipment and planes already owned by the invading Arab states. On June 11, a month-long UN truce was put into effect.

Following the announcement of independence, the Haganah became the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). The Palmach, Etzel and Lehi were required to cease independent operations and join the IDF. During the ceasefire, Etzel attempted to bring in a private arms shipment aboard a ship called “Altalena“. When they refused to hand the arms to the government, Ben-Gurion ordered that the ship be sunk. Several Etzel members were killed in the fighting. Large numbers of Jewish immigrants, many of them World War II veterans and Holocaust survivors, now began arriving in the new state of Israel, and many joined the IDF.[110]

After an initial loss of territory by the Jewish state and occupation of Arab Palestine by the Arab armies, from July the tide gradually turned in the Israelis favor and they pushed the Arab armies out and conquered some of the territory which had been included in the proposed Arab state. At the end of November, tenuous local cease fires were arranged between the Israelis, Syrians and Lebanese. On December 1, King Abdullah announced the union of Transjordan with Arab Palestine west of the Jordan, the new state name being the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. He adopted the title “King of Arab Palestine”; only Britain recognized the annexation.

Many, including Christians have an untrustworthy eye toward Jews for a lot of reasons, the first of which was the assassination of their savor Jesus Christ by the Pharisees. The Pharisees didn’t want Jesus cutting in on their religious action in Jerusalem so they conspired to kill him. This has left a strange discombobulating effect between the Biblical New Testament and the Old—the two books are essentially different books of religion with the land of the Jews serving as the essential bridge. In the Old Testament, God is all about revenge, fire and brimstone, and conquest over oppressors, as the New Testament is about churchless religion which Jesus preached from hill tops—a religion of peace, pacifism, and love of life—except when Jesus got into that argument with the fig tree because it didn’t have any fruit.

What the Jews and Muslims have in common is that they both revere the same essential Biblical text—the Old Testament as their sacred document of religion.   The problem is that the Islamic states call their text the Koran, but the characters are essentially the same—only the viewpoint are changed. So there is no rectifying peace even between Christians and Jews where real trust takes place—let along two religions fighting over a version of the same characters from the same book, one called the Old Testament, the other called the Koran. Of course when faced with all this “evidence” and opinion—ideologues who wish to protect their point of view from reality—and facts—will declare that what has been presented here is too simplistic and that nobody understands their problems. But in essence, the Jews just want to live life and visit the temple of their King David. Muslims want to kill Jews. It really is that simple—and has been that way for many thousands of years—because both religions share the same Biblical stories, but one is a peaceful religion and the other is one of violence and conquest. So long as Jews live, Muslims will seek to destroy them and that is the essence of the trouble in the Middle East.

As a lesson to the United Nations, they never accomplished the micromanagement of the State of Israel correctly, so they should expect the same trouble everywhere they wish to tamper, whether it is the United States in pitting progressives from the coasts against the conservatives of the Heartland, or communists against capitalists, or dogs against cats. The United Nations has no ability to bring people together without antagonizing tensions. The only way for life to flourish and people to solve any problems is to change their foundation thoughts—and that cannot be done with silly laws or lines on a map. People have to change the way they think—and in that absence violence will dominate always.

Rich Hoffman


THE QURAN IS OUTDATED: Gabriel’s Middle-Eastern adventures of sex and nonsense

Recently, I provided evidence that religion is one of the stumbling blocks which prevent a proper investigation into earth’s past.  Due to religious strife and careful adherents to ancient documents and paper-thin prophets—it is clear that religion does more harm than good and is one of the aspects of human society which must be adjusted.  However, this does not mean that I am an atheist, or a godless heathen.  I simply don’t sacrifice myself to the notion of a god the way humans have done since the dawn of time and desire to see a new pattern emerge regarding spiritual worship—because to my eyes, virtually everyone everywhere in the world has gotten it wrong.

Most people use religion as a bridge to step over bad behavior into what they think is everlasting life.  It allows them to make mistakes in their daily living by attending a church on Sunday and being forgiven by some deity.  I would encourage you dear reader that if you are too weak-minded to live your life well, to not drink too much, have sex with too many partners, molest the youth, or treat others poorly without the fear of God to keep you in check, than this article is not for you.  Keep attending your religion—keep reading its text, and preparing for the life ever after.  Because I would rather you waste your life with such a sacrifice if it keeps you from being just another tyrant over the lives of others.  But for those with a little discipline and self driven curiosity it is time to scrap the old for the new in regards to religion and come up with some new mythologies which are more meaningful.

Even atheism has become a religion of sorts—its function is to declare that life is to be lived now and it has a kind of hedonism aspect to its followers which is not what I’m talking about.  The trouble with the human being is the collective notion of sacrifice which needs to be eradicated without the value of religion being stripped away—the establishment of positive parameters to live life by.  If that could be done, than religion would earn its worth, and lose the destructive nature indicative to its existence in whatever form it arrives—whether it is Islamic, Christian, Buddhist or Jewish—it is time to stop worshiping the life and times of old mythologies and folklore with a blind adherence to historical fact.  Most of those stories from all the major religions were passed down second-handed from one group of power controllers to another and cannot be trusted.  The contents of the writing have been fed to a collective public more to control behavior than to usher them off into the next life—and given what science is attempting to show the human race—they are no longer relevant.

All religions are based on faith, which forces a participant to accept things without evidence.  Once the mind is opened to this folly it tends to do the same for virtually everything it encounters.  As an example, the Saul Alinsky method which Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama so effectively uses allows them to gain a kind of religious following by appealing to the part of a human brain which has been opened to accept religious mythology as fact.  This allows them to stand in front of people like a high priest and utter complete lies without anybody questioning them—hiding their bad behavior in the light of day.   It was Hillary Clinton who wrote a thesis on Alinsky while at Wellesley College for which she received an “A.”  Saul Alinsky offered her a job for her two interviews which Hillary declined.  Barack Obama is of the same mind as both Alinsky and Clinton and within the social circles of community organizers and attorneys, they learned how to use Alinsky methods to appeal to the religious nature of people and force them to do things they otherwise wouldn’t.  Hillary in her critique cited benefactors of Alinsky’s approach to Martin Luther King Jr. and Walt Whitman in the way that Mormons cite Joseph Smith, or Christians do Jesus Christ, or Islam reveres Muhammad.  This places the characters of the narrative above reproach and prevents analysis of their actions.  Once this is done further inquiry into their motives cease and faith takes over as the guiding light.

More is hidden from the human being under this process than anybody acknowledges and is the largest contributors to the spread of evil throughout the world.  The religion itself might actually be beneficial on one level, but since the mind as been opened to accepting things on faith then a chain reaction of bad events often follows.  Politicians aligning themselves with a religious order use this open door to get people to accept higher taxes, political corruption, and even the premise of war applying basically the same Saul Alinsky methods. The religious high priest does the same to manipulate the public into committing collective evil without consideration.  Because the masses view their participation as a collective enterprise, they use faith to accept their role and cast off logic to the “hand of god.”  In this way they do not take responsibility in life for their actions, but instead defer responsibility to a “higher order.”

Once a mind shuns responsibility for their thoughtless actions on their religion, they will do it for their career, their family, their daily commute and soon everything that happens to them is “meant to be,” as if some god were steering their life-like a car down a lost highway.  This takes away the responsibility for living and allows people to believe that they are part of something bigger—which then sets the stage for political corruption when the same methods are applied to pass school levies, take away the Second Amendment, or pass Obamacare.

I have thoughts on what should replace the old religions—which are clearly ineffective in the modern world.  The life and times of the characters in the Bible, or in the Quran are outdated and no longer relevant.  If there is one trait that could be blamed on the Middle East not accepting capitalism and still looking like it did in the times of their religious leaders of thousands of years ago—it is that their religions hold back their social development.

In my family there is a joke about the archangel Gabriel where I say that he met Mary outside of their village and had an affair with her for which she became pregnant.  Back then, a woman who became pregnant without having a husband was often killed, so Mary came up with the story of immaculate conception to explain how she came to be in that condition.  The reason it’s a joke is because that same Gabriel came to Muhammad in a cave and recited the Quran which then became the sacred text of the fast growing religion in the world.  Gabriel was a busy guy…………….he was a lot of places at the start of these two religions—where to this day are in constant conflict in Jerusalem and everywhere else they meet.

I have read the Biblical Archaeology Review magazine for over thirty years and watched carefully the events of study in the Middle East, particularly Israel, Jordon, Egypt and Iraq, and my conclusion was that Gabriel was either a Jim Jones, or Charlie Manson type—charismatic leaders who were deranged intellectually and ran around planting all kinds of seeds—having sex with women putting them in danger culturally and speaking nonsense to lonely hermits in a cave—and anybody else who would listen.  Or that Gabriel was some kind of ultraterrestrial prankster designed to occupy the mind of man foolishly on low-level intellectual pursuits while they pulled the strings of society in the desired direction.  But what Gabriel was not–was sacred.

I’ve had a few run-ins with these Gabriel types over the years and always send them packing.  It helps to be intellectually fit so to see through their ruse—but for irresponsible people looking for a miracle at every turn of their lives living hapless existences like a pinball caught between the bumpers of life—Gabriel types find their minds ripe for plunder.  And they become the next tyrants thinking they are bringing to the world a boon.

It is time to evolve and religion as we know it today is holding down the human race.  It might hold some individuals together—giving them purpose and meaning.  But ultimately that meaning is toward the ends of collectivism and works against individual responsibility.  The number one reason that people are having a hard time with capitalism as an economic engine for their nations and instead gravitate toward socialism is because of their addiction to religion and hatred of self-responsible activity.  Religion feeds this lack of self-initiative and instead provides a crutch into the next life—allowing this life to be lived poorly and recklessly.  After all isn’t it the Christian premise to declare that “we are all sinners?”  So what’s the point?  Let’s just do what they tell us and hope we can live better in Heaven for eternity.  In the meantime we do what our preachers tell us to do, and if our politicians say the same kind of things-we follow them as well.  And vast amounts of evil spread across the world as a result—all in the name of some god at the center of religion inspired most of the time by the archangel Gabriel.

It would not surprise me to learn that while Gautama Buddha was sitting under the tree of enlightenment and was approached by the demon Mara where temptations were presented—that Mara’s real name was Gabriel and that he was a feisty traveler with malicious intentions similar to Saul Alisnsky—who was just a “community organizer” who carried on his tongue the end of civilization and single-minded purpose to have sex with lonely women and use religion to pull them into his tent.  Thus began all of the world’s primary religions.

It’s time to rethink things—without such people a part of the process.

Rich Hoffman


Islam and Communism–One and the Same: The Prophet Muhammad Video

One of the reasons I do not spend much time on these pages advocating a religious view is because there comes a time that religions must be chastised for their imposition on the art of living, and when a religion imposes itself upon the human race with the conscious intention of suppressing civilization with a foolish focus I wish to maintain my right and obligation to point out the hypocrisy.   I am certainly not an atheist as philosophers like Ayn Rand and Friedrich Nietzsche declared themselves, but I am not of the belief that religion can redeem mankind on earth as my friends Doc Thompson, Joshua Charles and personalities like Glenn Beck believe.  I see public religion as a form of dangerous social collectivism that exceeds their mandates on a philosophical focus for preparing the mind for life after death.  Religions are not to be used as weapons on earth for the intention of suppressing human freedoms, or gaining property with the diabolical premise that such rights were given by “The Gods.”  In the case of the religion Islam and the belief that their followers have a right to issue death bounties on Americans who practice free speech like Pakistan has done against the creator of the video below, an invitation to criticism is mandated by such foolishness.  A clear definition of the behavior must be placed upon the actions so that a diagnosis to the problem can be obtained. 

When Nietzsche declared in his book Beyond Good and Evil that “God is dead,” I do not believe he meant that all of society should take up atheism in response.  What he meant is that societies the world over should not allow religion to become a lifetime of preparing for death, that life should be lived, and lived well.  When it comes down to religion and for Nietzsche it was Christian faith and Islamic faith that occupied his mind so heavily, he attempted to gently poke intelligence into their belief systems since Christians and Muslims have a long history fighting each other over their beliefs of the ever after.  Nietzsche’s book Thus Spoke Zarathustra featured a main character named after the religion that established both Christian and Islamic faith as it became known once the Roman Emperor Constantine allowed himself to be baptized in AD 337.  The religion that both Christians and Muslims share for their root beliefs is Zoroastrianism founded around 1000 B.C. in the area of old Persia.  That is why Nietzsche came up with the name Zarathustra in an attempt to teach the masses that the religions they fought so hard against each other to declare a winner actually had common roots. 

Islam like Christianity professes that its followers must live a “moral” existence and shares the belief that there is but one God, omnipotent and omniscient, who created everything that exists.  All those who rebel against God’s prophets will be punished in this world and the hereafter.  After death the good go to heaven or paradise while the evil are punished.  At the end of time and the end of the world there will be a resurrection of all bodies and universal judgment will take place.  Clearly the two beliefs share this view from their Zoroastrian roots. 

But Islam unlike Christianity has taken on the added character of its founder, the Prophet Muhammad who is so revered that non believers are forbidden by anyone on earth from criticizing, and this is where the trouble begins.    Muhammad (prophet) (570?-632), founder of Islam, whose prophetic teachings, encompassing political and social as well as religious principles, became the basis of Islamic civilization.

Muhammad was born in Mecca. He belonged to the clan of Hashim, a branch of the influential tribe of Quraysh. Orphaned as a small child, he was brought up by his uncle Abu Talib. Like his fellow tribesmen, he became a trader. He married Khadija, a rich widow.

Muhammad periodically withdrew to a cave outside Mecca to meditate and pray for guidance. During one of these retreats he reported experiencing a vision of the archangel Gabriel, who proclaimed him a prophet of God. He began to preach in public, reciting the verses of his revelation, which came to be known as the Koran. Muhammad’s earliest teachings emphasized his belief in one transcendent but personal God, the Last Judgment, and social and economic justice. God, he asserted, had sent prophets to other nations throughout history, but, having failed to reform, those nations had been destroyed. Muhammad proclaimed his own message, the Koran, to be the last revealed Book and himself to be the last of the prophets, consummating and superseding the earlier ones.

Insisting on the necessity of social reform, Muhammad advocated improving the lot of slaves, orphans, women, and the poor and replacing tribal loyalties with the fellowship of Islamic faith. Muhammad fled Mecca to escape his enemies, who were angered by his advocacy of social reforms. He went to Medina, a city about 300 km (about 186 mi) to the north.  This journey became known as the Hegira and marks the beginning of the Islamic calendar. Muhammad was given supreme authority in Medina, and he began to establish the ritual practices of Islam.

Resistance from Mecca remained, but after several battles the Meccans finally submitted peacefully to Muhammad in 630. As tribes throughout Arabia were converted to Islam, Muhammad became the most powerful leader in Arabia. He enforced the principles of Islam and established the foundation of the Islamic empire. In 632 he died suddenly and unexpectedly in Medina. Only one of his children survived, a daughter named Fatima, who married Ali, the fourth caliph.[1]  It is important to note that both Christian faiths and Islamic faiths have the same archangel Gabriel, which again has its roots in Zoroastrianism. 

Gabriel, In the Old Testament Bible,explains the prediction for the length of the Jews’ exile from Jerusalem (Daniel 9:21-27). In the New Testament, he announces to Mary that she is to be the mother of Jesus Christ (Luke 1:26-31). Among Muslims, Gabriel is believed to be the spirit who revealed the sacred writings to the Prophet Muhammad. Gabriel is the prince of fire and the spirit who presides over thunder and the ripening of fruits.[2]  Obviously Gabriel was a busy angel who ran around all over the Middle East across vast amounts of time to help shape two of the world’s major religions.  An Archangel, is an angel, or heavenly being, of higher rank than other angels. In Jewish and Christian literature, the four best known are Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel. In Christian tradition, there are nine choirs of angels: seraphim, cherubim, thrones, dominations, virtues, powers, principalities, archangels, and angels. In Islam, four archangels guard the throne of Allah.[3] Gabriel is obviously a reference to a very powerful figure originally known to Zoroastrian religion which is how he ended up in both belief systems as a dominate figure.  

However Islam differs from Christianity by adding the type of collectivism that was known among the Egyptians, Sumerians, and occupants of the Indus Valley to their religious practice and this makes Islamic religion every bit as dangerous to society as communism is politically.  In Islam there are five pillars that Muslims follow which is designed to exacerbate collective salvation and sacrifice to the society as a whole.  They are—the profession of faith: there is no God but God and Muhammad—his Prophet.  The second pillar is prayer performing the daily prayers (salat); whether a personal spontaneous prayer; or the salat, a set ritual of five daily prayers, (3) fasting during the month of Ramadan (saum); (4) paying the alms tax (zakat); and (5) performing, at least once in life, the major pilgrimage to Mecca (hajj). For me personally, it is number four that tells the story of the real nature of Islam. 

The shahada is the Arabic statement, “La ilah illa Allah wa Muhammad rasul Allah,” meaning “There is no God but the one God and Muhammad is His prophet.” Muslims must also express their belief in the Koran, angels, and the Last Day. The salat is also known as the namaz in Iran, India, and Turkey. The saum is a fast prescribed for healthy, adult Muslims during the 30 days of Ramadan, the ninth month in the Islamic calendar. The zakat is levied annually on all those living above subsistence and whose debts do not exceed their assets. The hajj is the “greater” of the two pilgrimages to Mecca required of all Muslims. All healthy adult Muslims should perform it at least once in their lifetime if they have sufficient means and safe transport.[4]  The Koran, the holy book of Islam, asserts that Allah is the creator and the one who rewards and punishes; that he is unique and can only be one; and that he is eternal, omniscient, omnipotent, and all-merciful. The core of Islam is submission to the will of Allah. Islam does not admit of any mediator between Allah and humans; a person approaches Allah directly in prayer and in reciting the Koran. The prophets, who conveyed Allah’s message, are not considered divine.[5]

Now we come to the fun part, which is the reason Nietzsche attempted to show religious warriors the error of their ways and point them in a new direction, and also, why Ayn Rand declared herself an atheist, because the Islamic faith is nothing more than the political belief of early communism.  Both have their roots in human collectivism, social sacrifice, the taxation of the citizens for the good of the state and are serious detriments to human freedom.  In The United States the reason that so many communists and progressives in the various political parties adore the Islamic religion is because they all share together a love of human collectivism.  Even though Christianity has many elements of collectivism, it does not go to the extreme of Islam.  Christianity generally only asks for sacrifice by its members on Sunday.  Islam asks for it every day of the week five times a day, keeping the religion on the mind of the individual at all times seldom letting the mind forget who, or what owns it outside of its own sanctity. 

Communists, progressives, Marxists, socialists, Muslims all are virtually the same in their extreme beliefs of collective salvation, and in order to carry on the illusion of their justice upon the world, they must ignore the facts in reality that their beliefs actually destroy the individual lives of humanity.  They do this through the practice of “Evasion.” CLICK HERE FOR A REVIEW OF THAT TERM as I tend to use it.  When Muslims attempt to use terrorist activity as a cover-up for their desire toward violence pointing to the very amateur film made by an American having fun at the expense of their Prophet Muhammad they are attempting evasion from reality.  They wish to continue to believe at the expense of the entire world that Muhammad was in fact a prophet, and not simply a man who wanted to rule Mecca by dusting off the ancient text created by the Zoroastrian religion to unite the armies of the desert to his cause.   Muslims believe they have a right to violence to convert the world to their faith because their faith was created by Muhammad as a battle cry to retake Mecca, the city of his birth and implement an early version of Karl Marx’s communism upon the city.

While it is nearly impossible in this day and age to criticize charity, a desire to help the poor, to make the proletariat (working class) will equal with the bourgeoisie (capitalists), it is the primary concern of many religions through collective salvation to achieve those lofty aims with the disguised intention of political conquest.  America proved what had never been done during the time of Zarathustra, Muhammad, Plato or Karl Marx, which is that it is the capitalists who in fact make the entire world tick forward, and that the jealous, the lazy, the weak-minded who number in the millions use collective based religions as a way to loot and pillage their way into equality.  But the essence of those religious ideas are not the grand platform of eternal salvation at the feet of Jahway or Allah, they are to loot with morality at their backs the wealth of cities and individuals built with ingenuity and creative enterprise.  The anger toward America is not due to a video made that insults the Prophet Muhammad or that Americas capitalist greed is a blight to the entire world, it is the belief in communism that Muslims share with progressives, Democrats, socialists and other radicals using evasion to hide the facts of their parasitic tendencies from their very faces, that economies and the humans who fuel them must be made to serve the Almighty, so that control can be placed upon every human being for their own benefit. 

When it is thought that there is a radical Islamic infiltration in America at the highest levels showing a deep sympathy for the Muslim and their belief that the world should crumble for their own good under the wrath of the collective salvation imposed by Islamic rule in a world-wide caliphate, what is really going on is that intelligentsia in America, and the politicians that were produced by that old hippie cult of collectivism knows that the radical cries for violence over logic are no different than their old protests to bring communism to America for the sake of the poor, sad, helpless proletariat.  The communists in America see in the Muslim a kindred spirit who wants the same thing they do, an equal world where everyone is at the same level as the weakest link, a world where millions pilgrimage to the dusty streets of Mecca to follow blindly through evasion the words of the Prophet Muhammad, because thinking for themselves is simply too difficult.  Intelligentsia who have infected America’s public schools and colleges keep in the back of their minds that like the Prophet Muhammad their lives may have added meaning as they dictate collectively the mandates of mankind the power of collective salvation with the promise of a wonderful everlasting life if they will only sacrifice their current one to the prophets of intelligentsia. 

There is no excuse for any religion to commit crimes of murder against another individual or another country, and on 9/11 yet again, America was terrorized, its embassies attacked, people were murdered, and the politicians simply didn’t know what to do with the information because they are philosophically crippled by their teachers in intelligentsia who have steered their minds away from the truth with evasion.  Their churches too have taught them to turn the other cheek and to use evasion to focus on the world to come.  Meanwhile, there are a handful of power hungry fools who use the world’s religions, such as Islam to grab land and territory in the old addiction to build empires the world over, and to unite the people of those conquered lands with collective thinking, such as communism, Marxism, socialism, and religions like Islam.  The grab for power is hidden behind the intended mask of goodness, while the intentions are quite sinister—a conquest for the minds of the world to be ruled by the few.   The anger at the filmmaker who made a film poking fun at the Prophet Muhammad is not one of justice; it is denial and a willful attempt at psychological evasion so that the impact of the foolishness never reaches the minds of the participants.  The faith of Islam much to the sad reality of the millions who currently adhere to it is not prosperity in the afterlife.  It is collectivism and control in this life under the rulers of the day who claim themselves kings and use ancient scriptures to unite the world’s proletariat to do their dirty work of conquest for them. 

Why does anybody think that President Obama in America panders to the middleclass?  Because the middleclass under communist thinking is the proletariat and has shown that they do not want to think in order to have reasonable elections.  They just want someone to tell them what to do, where to stand and when they can eat, have sex, go to church, and visit the movies.  They want the central planners of intelligentsia to guide their lives in exchange for a good wage which the politicians promise to steal from the bourgeoisie to pay for.  Islam is doing the same type of thing as the communists.  They believe through the power of collectivism that their Prophet Muhammad is as grand as the communists believe Karl Marx was a prophet, and both are used as central figures to unite the mass herds of humanity on a quest for social looting all in the name of God, who cannot be questioned or even thought of critically.  In this way the Islamic faith keeps their herds in line through fear and intimidation, just as the communists do.  They promise to give out bread in a line supplied by the state in exchange for the proletariat willfully putting on the blinders to the tyranny of their collective actions.  It is for these reasons that there will never be peace for Islam because the goal of the religion was never to reach the gates of Allah, it was to gain control of the city of Mecca and to bring to that holy city the primitive form of communism as it was conceived by the twisted mind of the shape shifting archangel Gabriel, who obviously had other plans of his own that no religion has had the courage to answer.  The goal of the present Islamic faith is not to possess Mecca as Muhammad did with his 300 warriors in 624 AD against a Meccan caravan.  The new goal is to see the world bow before Allah with Mecca serving as capital, run by the proletariat in a perpetual war against the bourgeoisie in a Holy Crusade unlike the world has ever seen.  And the biggest threat to that military objective is The United States.    

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Rich Hoffman

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Understanding Multiculturalism: The Good Guys are the Bad Guys, and the Bad Guys are the Good Guys.

Multiculturalism is not a bad thing; in fact it is quite healthy and has most been successful in the United States. There is nowhere on Earth that groups as divers as the Amish and the most gang inspired African-American’s can co-exist in relative harmony.

America is proof that multiculturalism can work in the world as mankind moves toward an identity more akin to Earthlings as opposed to the national identities and religions known today.

With that statement, I may sound like I’m endorsing something like what George Soros stands behind, an “open society.” Absolutely not! I am all for a one world order if that one world resembles the success of the United States as opposed to the communist leanings that much of the world openly embraces. And with that said, I do not support American imperialism either. I have no wish to impose American will on other countries. I would prefer to take the high ground and lead by example and let the success of the United States inspire the world to be a freer and fair place. It is America that is the only opportunity for such a concept in the world, without exception. So if you truly want to see rights for women, equality of races, or freedom of religion, then you will support American philosophy with open arms.

But………..there are enemies that speak of American Imperialism and the evil United States as if America is the worst invention ever to befall mankind. And shamefully, this does not come from just outside our country, but from within it with almost equal force. Our universities and aspects of public education have been open freeways of hypocritical anti-American sentiment that we’ve funded generously with public funds, as though we wish to fund our own destruction.

I have argued for years with the mindless type that just wants to take the blue pill and eat at fast food restaurants. They don’t want to be encumbered with thoughts of deep scrutiny, and it is a crime in itself, because America has enemies that wish to destroy it, so that certain cultures can reign without opposition in an infantile quest to conquer the world. The radical Muslim culture is one of those groups, which have such a terrestrial understanding of spirituality which they seek to impose on others, that they have made themselves dangerous to others. And they have captured popular opinion in such a way to make society paralyzed to criticism. In America we have freedom of religion, because what someone does to have an understanding with their God is their business. But not something that is to be used to manipulate society. The same people who complain about our nation’s courthouses displaying the Ten Commandments are those that are preaching that radical Islamic rule is beneficial to mankind. The same people who advocate the rights of women in the United States are the same that will support the treatment of women in a way that would be considered inhuman for a dog in the Muslim culture.

None of that is our business in America, only that we find the limits of their spiritual understanding to be naïve and foolish compared to our own experience, even though we’ve been too kind to speak such things out of fear of hurting their feelings. God forbid we do something so devastating to the radicals throughout the world as to judge them on their merits.

The other issue that has paralyzed us all is this guilt over slavery. America ended slavery. England brought it to the colonies and America ended it. That’s all anybody needs to know. There is still slavery in much of the world including in Africa. Sex slavery is a MAJOR problem in the world still, and who is speaking out for those poor kids and women kidnapped and used like useless rags destroying their lives before they even get started. Where is Jessie Jackson on that matter? Or Louis Farrakhan?

The answer is that the civil rights movement is a power grab. Americans have always been good people that loved freedom and is a place where religious tolerance and slavery could actually be discussed. We had our Salam Witch trials which we’ve as a culture rejected. As an American culture we’ve rejected slavery. America did those things on their own, nobody else. So the time to feel guilty about it is over.

The time to allow small minds to continue to ruin American culture is over.

I’ve always worn a cowboy hat, even when I was a kid. And of course that got me a lot of grief from progressive minded people that thought cowboy hats were out of fashion. The cowboy is a symbol of what America used to be, not what it was going to be, so I heard plenty of giggles and Lone Ranger jokes.

I’ve heard comments about my hat from a group of kids not too far away that thought I couldn’t hear, and I noticed that all the males of that group nearly had their pants around their knees, as they were trying to emulate the “rap” culture given to them from MTV. So they accept that their pants can be worn so far down that they have to hold their pants with their free hand to keep them from falling off. Yet a cowboy hat is something to belittle. That’s the progressive work that is firmly in place and has been for a number of years, and it’s misinformed. We can argue forever that there is a collective mind behind this progressive movement that is intent on the destruction of American value and the advancement of Islamic fundamentalism, African-American heritage, and pro-socialist agenda’s originating from Europe, and is a malicious attack on our country without guns, and is intentional. But that has been the result, intentional or not. The Black Panther voter intimidation case that the DOJ ignored is a perfect example of this. Recently Chick-fil-A came under attack by gay marriage groups, and we continue to hear absurd defense of the radical Muslim faith. There are too many wrongs being committed that are off limits by radicals that are ready to call people names for doing what is right. These people are no different than the spoiled child that has parents that pander to their every whim. No group in America or the world should be able to scream and cry and get an audience of any weight, yet we foolishly listen to these children to our own peril and allow ourselves to be paralyzed with guilt.

I feel no such guilt. I see that the intent behind these attempts are to destroy what has been built of the greatest nation on earth. And the reason is that the competition to catch up to that nation is just too steep for these lazy radicals that know their ideas cannot match that of American freedom. They also know that there are many that share their laziness so there is always an army of screaming, child-like minds ready to protest, because complaining is easier than action. Rioting is easier than building, so there is no shortage of those squeaking wheels desiring grease.

It is time to stop putting oil on those wheels and proclaiming them broken, beyond repair. We must not bend the greatness of our nation to these mindless radicals. It is the great responsibility of our age and it must be met with more than thought.

The world is counting on us to do so. The hope for the African village being tyrannized by tribes of terrorists seizing food supplies to be sold on the black market sent by America to that village is not in the UN. It is in American culture that spills over our boarder to those unfortunate places as inspiration. Or the 9 year old boy in the Philippians stolen while fishing for food and sold into the sex trade of some wealthy businessman seeking only some decadent act to satisfy his darkest fantasies. America is the only place on earth capable of doing anything about such terrible acts. They are the only place that will even discuss it! Pick a spot on the map and name your evil. The only defender on the planet capable of even addressing it is America, or the idea of America. And the enemies of America know it. That is why they attempt to paralyze America with self-conscious fear. And that must stop before it’s too late.

America may not be perfect, and it may take several decades to work out all the details of multicultural evolution, but no country has made as much ground as the United States have in the history of the world. The ones that point out those small imperfections are the same that wish to use imperfection for their own climb to power so that they can illusion their minds with authority.

While this battle takes place, I will continue to wear my cowboy hats proudly so the right kind of people know where I stand in the confusing lines of multicultural association.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Gay Rights Protesting Chick-fil-A: Are they out of their minds? Actually, yes they are.

On Friday, the day the sex scandal broke out in Mason, my wife and I were meeting a couple from England for dinner. Now this is a couple that has been to our house many times and spent a lot of time in the United States. We’ve taken them to most of the restaurants in town at some point in time. Well, this particular Friday night was a special night for the wife and there was only one place she wanted to dine out of all the options available and that was Chick-fil-A.

I have been a fan of Chick-fil-A all my life. As a kid, my mom used to take my brother and me there in between video games at the arcade. The Middletown Mall had a Chick-fil-A inside the mall right next to the arcade and was a source of many, many childhood memories. I have watched Chick-fil-A become one of the most respected franchises in the United States, and that respect starts with the philosophy established by Truett Cathy, one of the few people in this whole world currently living that I truly admire. I admire Cathy because in a world that bends to the will of “pop” culture and all the ridiculous “progressive” arguments of the modern age, he has always run Chick-fil-A with integrity. That is why it is not a mystery that whenever you go to a mall food court, Chick-fil-A is almost always the busiest vender. When you visit a standing facility, the restaurant is constantly busy. And they manage all this business without ever working Sunday.

In a world driven by the market forces of McDonalds that has expanded food service to 24 hours a day 7 days a week, Chick-fil-A has always stayed to their philosophy and centered their food service experience around quality. That is why Chick-fil-A is one of the greatest American companies, and an example of what the United States should be aspiring to.

It’s not an accident, but a family formula that rests on the foundations of faith and firm belief in the power of a family that makes the company so successful.

Chick-fil-A has built one of the most successful companies in America keeping it clean when the trends have been to become steamier and flashier. Chick-fil-A does everything with class, and they are very active in mentoring programs sponsoring leadership.

Here is another of my favorite people, Tony Dungy. Anything he is involved in is successful and he has a great relationship with Chick-fil-A.

So what on earth could possibly be wrong with Chick-fil-A? It is in all respects of the word, successful.

I overheard my daughter’s boyfriend talking about chicken in our kitchen and Chick-fil-A came up. “They’re against gays” he said, as if somehow that term defined the company as a whole. That perked my interest. Chick-fil-A is such a clean company that they don’t have public relations issues. So why would the kid say what he did? He’s a twenty year old, so I thought about the sources he gets his information from, music, TV, certain internet sites that are appealing to young people, so I checked into the allegation and sure enough I found it.

Gay’s were boycotting Chick-fil-A because the company donated food to an organization that supports strong traditional family values, and by a strong family, it means between a man and a woman. But Chick-fil-A wasn’t trying to make a political statement, they were just trying to do something nice, yet, as is the progressive strategy which my daughter’s boyfriend reflected with youthful naivety, the goal is to tear down every organization so nobody wants to do anything nice for anybody in an effort at some utopian equality.

Here is Truett’s son, the current president addressing the accusations.

Now I’m not a turn-the-other-cheek-kind-of-guy like Tony is or like Truett and his son are. Chick-fil-A has never thrown a gay couple out of their restaurant or refused to serve them. In fact, Chick-fil-A has a long history of being excessively fair and good to all people of all races and color, so an apology is completely unnecessary. What this whole business from the gay community is, is an attempt to trash a GREAT company in the same manor that these progressive oriented people have for decades with other companies and I think it’s telling to see their behavior against the purity of the Chick-fil-A company. Because if there is a company in America that is completely guilt free or as much as is possible in modern society, it is Chick-fil-A.

So who are these accusers of impropriety and what kind of people are they? Well, let’s meet a couple of them so we can see who these people are that are trying to shape public policy with their complaints.

What the hell was that? Who are these people?

Listen, I don’t care what people do to achieve a sexual organism. Girl-guy, girl-girl, a knot-hole in the fence, it doesn’t matter, because such things only consist of less than 5% of the human experience. People that think marriage and sex is somehow the same thing are out of their minds. It’s no wonder the divorce rate is so high in this country because people have forgotten what it’s all about. Same sex marriage is a non-issue. It’s a progressive strategy to undermine American Culture and rebuild it with something…………… Don’t believe me, go read Colonel Roosevelt. It’s out at book stores right now and is a great book. It’s all about the rise of the progressive experiment, which 100 years later is a dismal failure. An absolute, unmitigated failure, how do I know that? Look at the idiot in the gay video above! Is that what we are offering the future of this nation? Is that who we hand the reigns of this nation to? That dude just wants to suck a sausage. He’s not going to be reading the Federalist Papers any time soon.

Progressivism has produced people like this in the video below.

Dude, everybody does have a right. You have a right to eat there or not. But you don’t have a right to disrupt their business practice. If you want to boycott them, go ahead. Because you people are in the minority. That’s why Chick-fil-A is a tremendous success, straight up buddy, the law does not support such foolish claims. Progressives through these types of minorities that make so much noise seek to manipulate legislation to recreate law in their vision, and shackle the hands of good companies all across this country. Because of people like these last two jokers, American civilization has suffered greatly with this over sensitivity while our competitors continue to cut off the heads of political dissidents, cut off the noses of women who don’t completely cover their faces and thousands of unreported incidents every single day. What do you think they do with gays in places like Nigeria, and Iran?

Have a look!

Now compare that to this kid, a young, naive fellow warped with progressive ideas.

He has no idea what he’s saying. No perspective to what’s going on outside his little community. He believes it’s OK to criticize Chick-fil-A for supporting an organization the company personally wanted to support. These gay activist desires to control the behavior of the company, and that’s why the activists are hypocrites, and completely wrong. If they truly believed in rights for all, they’d support Chick-fil-A’s right to support traditional marriage while the rest of us are expected to support marriages centered around anal, and oral sex.

Chick-fil-A is one of the greatest examples of righteousness and equal rights anywhere on this planet. My friends from England knew that, which is why out of every dinning option available to us, they wanted to go to Chick-fil-A, because the food looks like what’s on the menu board, the employees are nice to the customers, the stores are always clean, and even though the company could make millions and millions and millions of dollars more if they were open on Sunday, the company closes to give that day to their employees families. All that care comes out in the final product and it makes the consumer feel good to spend their hard-earned money on a company that is truly good at what it does and is a reflection of what we all wish we could have as part of the American experience everywhere else.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

The Real Crime in Egypt: History lost to ideology and quests for power

Egypt is not the first and it won’t be the last to suffer the type of insurrection witnessed upon the final weekend of January 2011. The crime in that civil disobedience that has already claimed lives is not whether or not the radical’s clamoring to over-throw a ruthless dictator, only to inject a radical Muslim government which believes in killing all whom do not practice their religious ideology. It’s not that the United States has yet been caught again supporting such a dictator in order to maintain stability in a world still behaving with an infants mentality. You’d think the CIA and “other” forces would have learned from Saddam Hussein, and Osama Bin Laden and a long list of others that had support of the United States, to not attempt to manipulate governments with subversive tactics, because they almost always come back to haunt us later.

If you want to hear a great scenario of what’s going on in Egypt listen to Doc Thompson’s guest here:

The real crime here is in the destruction of history. The vandalism of the Egyptian Museum is a modern example of such destruction, and insight into the catastrophic devastation of our own world history.

Of course the official report is that just a couple of mummies had their heads ripped off, and there was some broken glass. I’m including here a number of pictures supplied by that show the extent of that damage. You can see the source article by clicking this link. The damage to this very fine museum is extremely alarming to me in this modern age.

I have been thoroughly enraged most of my life that the Romans burned the Library in Alexandria. Depending on what story you believe, Caesar set fire to the Egyptian Fleet when trapped and outnumbered and the fire spread to the city and destroyed the Library there. The information lost in that act of destruction most likely cost mankind a firm understanding of our past.

The constant trouble in Iraq and the Middle East in general has deprived many researchers from proper archeology of the region. Most of what has been done up to this point is just speculation supported with some artifacts. Because of the violence, research can’t take place openly. The loss of the Library of Baghdad was a tremendous failure.

Hitler participated in book burning, the Spanish conquistadors destroyed the Mayan codices, and the Qin Dynasty of China burned numerous books and buried scholars to suppress the past.

Here in the United States Anthony Comstock founded the New York Society for the Suppression of Vice, founded in 1873 to prevent the spread of “lewd, objectionable” books. Under this Society was the destruction of around 15 tons of books, 284,000 pounds of plates for printing books, and nearly 4 million pictures. I first ran into the work of Comstock when I was a kid of about 10 or 11 years old. I used to subscribe to a Rare Books and Prints company in New York that would send me a quarterly catalog of rare books under their collection. Many of these books were several thousand dollars each, and were one or two of a kind, and Comstock had helped make those books so rare.

These days, the places I most enjoy are places like Barnes and Noble. I love the book store down on Newport on the Levy. And I love Books a Million. My wife and I often spend hours and hours in these stores every couple of weeks. I also adore because they sell, or can connect you with many rare books. One of my great treasures is a simi “rare” book by Claire Chennault called Way of the Fighter written in 1947 and published in 1949. I looked for that book for over ten years and my daughter had found it on Amazon and given it to me on Christmas one year. It’s in good condition and costs well over $100, so it wasn’t easy for her to get. That book isn’t as rare as others, but the point is, it shouldn’t be rare, because it was printed in the modern age. The story with that book is that Chennault was very; very critical of the United States policy in China which eventually allowed communism to take over the country after he’d spent 6 or 7 years defending China from Japan, and the rise of communism with just a rag-tag group of fighters called the Flying Tigers. Chennault, a brilliant general and tactician, predicted the rise of the conflict in Korea, and in Vietnam, but nobody listened. Instead, there was pressure from the government to the publisher to not print many of those books from that aging general, and to just let him fade away into obscurity, which is pretty much what happened to Chennault and his predictions.

What can be learned from this is that Chennault’s book is only 60 years old, and it is evidence of why a book had restricted printing, and gradually it will be completely wiped out as people die off, and sell books like that in garage sales and they end up molding away in a basement someplace. In a hundred years, they’ll all be gone. That brings us back to the Library of Alexandria founded sometime around 323–283 BC and may have had tablets and papyrus thousands of years old.

Here is the description from Wikipedia: The first known library of its kind to gather a serious collection of books from beyond its country’s borders, the Library at Alexandria was charged with collecting the entire world’s knowledge. It did so through an aggressive and well-funded royal mandate involving trips to the book fairs of Rhodes and Athens[8] and a policy of pulling the books off every ship that came into port. They kept the original texts and made copies to send back to their owners. [9] This detail is informed by the fact that Alexandria, because of its man-made bidirectional port between the mainland and the Pharos island, welcomed trade from the East and West, and soon found itself the international hub for trade, as well as the leading producer of papyrus and, soon enough, books. Talk about rare books.

And when there was a conflict even out in the harbor, and the fire accidently spread and destroyed the library, those rare books are now lost forever, and the history with it.There are more than a few modern educators, or people that make their money off education, such as union leaders, that think some of my articles on “cryptic” anthropological issues, such as the Giants of Ohio, and the Real Origins of the Human Race are hokey. These are the same type of idiots that ridiculed Isaac Newton, or Christopher Columbus for their beliefs. People who are “really” educated, not just making money off it, know that there is a lot that we don’t know and can’t know unless we do the research.

And we can’t do the research if we’re always at war, or if religious ideology prevents proper scientific investigation.

So when you see thugs, radicals, socialist, creeps, revolutionaries, soldiers of fortune, and other opportunists hiding in the crowds of protesters in Egypt, know that there is a serious risk of losing valuable aspects of our past that is already swallow at best. Seeing tanks parked outside the Pyramids of Egypt is a sad and pathetic site.

It is inconceivable how many archeological sites were destroyed in the Middle East because Woodrow Wilson and his conspirators after World War l created through the Treaty of Versailles countries like Iraq and Iran and other territories that were intended to be run by British and French interests, finally breaking up the Ottoman Empire. And for those that don’t understand anything about the Ottoman Empire, it looks as though these various factions are looking to recreate it with radical Muslim fundamentalism. Through these conflicts, we are going to lose countless artifacts that connect us with the past, which will prevent us from fixing our future. So while the news broadcasts talk about the increase in oil prices, and the struggle of Israel, the real strategy will go unreported and therefore is the real cost to society.

I wish George Bush had leveled with the American People about why defending the faults of Wilson and the gang was important to the United States now. Because we committed ourselves to defending the region whether or not we have a right to or whether the land should return to strictly Muslim rule. The real evil lays in the hands of the progressive view of the world everywhere and their soft little minds of sympathy that can’t see one foot in front of themselves. To back out from the region now would only invite more violence and create a united and dangerous enemy that would lead to a much larger scale war. It’s far easier to defeat small factions of tribes or political groups. But several countries united under a common cause, like what’s happening, can lead to a much more bloody conflict. The “oil” buzz word just makes a complicated situation easy for people to relate to. But when you get caught in that over simplification, like Bush did, it makes you look dishonest and incompetent. That’s what the revolutionaries in Egypt right now are saying about America and our support of their hated dictator.

It’s the progressives in our own country that keep Presidents like Bush from giving it to us straight, because those same progressives in the media will need a story they can get their teeth in, because their own understand of history is so shallow, that’s why they’re attracted to progressive ideology in the first place. That’s why we’ve lost millions of potential artifacts in the Mesopotamian Valley and countless other locations, because of such short-sightedness. That’s why all human kind is doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

The damage to the Egyptian Museum is a travesty to us all.

Now, for those out there that question the intention of Islamic extremists, read their strategy in a PDF file. Just click on the link below. The first half is in Arabic, but the second half is in English. Just scroll through till you see the English words.

Keep in mind that there are already sleeper agents in the United States, just as the Communist Sleeper Agents were put in place under the guise of “progressivism.” That means members of the media are playing a part as “sleeper agents.” And if you think that’s too conspiratorial, stop watching Sex in the City for a little bit and read the PDF file and educate yourself.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior