Name the Enemy

It is too early to call the burning down of the famous Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris a terrorist attack by radical Muslims, but it was certainly too early to say that terrorism wasn’t involved. But that’s exactly the storyline even while the 900-year-old church burned to the ground, that terrorism had been ruled out, even as radicals had been desecrating old cathedrals all over Paris for months. These days radical Islamic immigrants have moved into the neighborhoods around Notre Dame so it would be disingenuous to the cathedral not to explore the possibilities. So I’ll go out on a limb and say that I think that it was Islamic radicals who burnt down Notre Dame in an attempt to erase away over 900 years of Catholic history, and they did it during Holy Week, just before the events of Easter. I’ve been there, I’ve walked those very streets and I feel safe to say that the Muslims there—a small percentage—but enough to set a massive fire want revenge for the first Crusades into the Holy Land and they are attempting to wipe Catholicism from the face of Europe, starting with the old cathedrals.

Terrorism Suspected in Notre-Dame Cathedral Fire

I’ve talked before about what a dump Paris is. The city is no longer a beacon of goodness that it may have been at the start of the 20th century. The city has been open to very progressive ideas for over a hundred years and its place as a stabilizing factor of culture has been overrun. It is now just another city in history on its way to ruin, the way Troy was, or any other antiquity from the memories of the past that finds itself watching its own demise. The religions of the world, especially Christendom and Islam are at war, even though they come from the same parents and the ending has nothing good in store for either of them. But the people involved are just too stupid to know better.

Notre Dame was and I suppose still is one of my favorite monuments of Europe. I firmly believe that if not for the domination of the Catholic Church continuing the ambitions of the Roman Empire, that western civilization may not have held together long enough to make a lasting impact in the world. Even though in the short-term, the effects of religion were stifling, the resistance to freedom were just enough to launch the Renaissance, the days of piracy, explorations and conquest of the New World, and eventually westward expansion, all attributes that have led to the start of America and the greatest economy in the history of the world, and most upward leaning culture. Notre Dame played its role in the whole escapade and it was one of my real treasures in life to have visited it and stalked among its history as it was.

But the enemies of western civilization have been hard at work undoing our history for what they think are valid reasons. And they have war and complete destruction in mind. I heard it in the cafe’s of Paris among Islamic patrons sipping lattés and waiting for the very few restrooms that were available that revenge and destruction of the west was all they could think about, and it had been that way since they were little kids. Their parents raised them on revenge. Their mosques preached revenge. And so in Paris as immigrants in the embrace of a city that welcomed them with open arms, arms opened with guilt more than love, they sought to enact that sentiment and prove their alliance to a god who could care less what they do or how they did it. Murder thousands of people or lay homeless in the street chanting segments of the Quran. The gods of history don’t really care.

When I have visited the many cathedrals of Europe, Notre Dame being one of the finest examples I think of literacy. Of course the Bibles studied there were not common when the cathedrals were built, but it was quite something for common people to come to such places and feel the majestic appeal of reading from scripture and thinking above the line for a change. To come to such a beautiful place and think about bigger things was a tremendous undertaking for the human race. It didn’t matter if it was a cathedral, a mosque, or an ancient temple from Egypt or Mesopotamia, the idea was always the same, to create heaven on earth so that the participants would endeavor to better things in life. There is nothing wrong with any of that. So it is quite an evil thing to do which is to seek the eradication of a previous religion and their means to a higher form of living.

Granted, Catholicism had gone around the world and destroyed many religions itself and built cathedrals on top of ancient reminders of lives lived and now gone in the form of advanced culture. But the efforts at Notre Dame were ambitious and as pure as anywhere on earth, and Paris rose from its efforts to become one of the world’s greatest cities. That lofty platform however does have limits. Paris gave up its values and has thus fallen. And they did it by regretting their success and believing that they owed the world something, so they let in the enemies of its culture and made them to feel welcome, which of course was the Trojan horse that has led to the present circumstances in Paris. It won’t take long and Parisians know it, the western culture they know and love will be lost to time.

Part of that lost attribute to success is their willingness to appease the enemies of their culture by so quickly dissociating the desecration of their greatest landmark, Notre Dame to the acts of terrorism when in reality the intent had been shown and the neighborhood around it has been talking about it for weeks. You know the culture is conquered when they won’t name an enemy. For a cathedral that had been lit for centuries with candles and torches, a small electrical fire or a cigarette wasn’t going to cause that kind of damage. There would need to be an accelerant to get into that dry old wood quickly, and with great expansion. We weren’t born yesterday. The fear of being called Islamophobic is much greater. Paris would rather watch its symbols of greatness burn to the ground than be called names.

We are seeing an attack not just on symbols of western civilization, but on Christianity as we know it. The war is Biblical in scale and was predicted in the Book of Revelations, sure. But even as we watch the actions occur we are still empowered to stop it. We don’t have to live up to a prophesy if we don’t want to. Future cathedrals like Notre Dame don’t have to be burned down to make way for the Vico Cycle. We can say no, and Paris should. The radicals in those neighborhoods around Notre Dame, they shouldn’t have their way with western civilization without an adequate defense. But first everyone has to admit to themselves what’s going on, and not just seek to blame such a tragedy on an accident, so not to inflame the enemy. Name the beast and go to war with it. Then eradicate it into oblivion. That is the only proper path forward.

Rich Hoffman

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Naming Jerusalem the Capital: The path to peace in the Middle East

As I’ve said before, there was this thing called the Sykes-Picot agreement signed after World War I that pushed most of the tribal Arabs out of the Middle East giving control of the region to England and France. The famous British crusader Lawrence of Arabia had unified the tribes of the Islamic Middle East to fight for the crown essentially, and once the war was won they were screwed out of the spoils of victory. The Arabs—such as the modern Palestinians have been resentful ever since. If T.E. Lawrence had not unified the Arab world, the tribes would have eventually been conquered by European forces one way or another just as the Indians were overtaken in North America. It was the nature of human development and a lot of people screwed each other over and there’s no way to take any of it back now. What’s done is done and that’s the end of the story. Only the Jews have always been a part of Jerusalem’s history and over many millennia they have been pushed and shoved around by newer religions and empires that essentially wanted to destroy them. That is in essence what is going on with Palestine to this very day. They want to return to the pre-treaty days before World War I and do not want anything to do with Israel. Their entire existence has been to claim the Holy Land in favor of Islam—which given how things evolved over the Crusade period, they have a point against Europe. But the issue with the Jews goes back much further than any of that anxiety, and that is why its right and noble for Donald Trump to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

What Islam and Christians have in common is the work of Aristotle. If not for Islam the works of Aristotle—for which much of American civilization is built—would never be known to us. So we do have them to thank for preserving that bit of Greek philosophy—which they adopted and had great success as a culture until the period of the Crusades. However, Islam is a fairly new religion upon the world scene and they have never evolved as a culture beyond the Middle Age mindset. That’s why it was a minor miracle that T.E. Lawrence was able to unit them all for a common cause, because at that point in time they were essentially living as they did 500 years earlier as tribes of nomads. Just like the nomads of North America were no match for human evolution of thought—the tribes of Arabs divided as they were became very easy to conquer once T.E. Lawrence died in a minor motorcycle crash in his homeland of England. (I’m just saying—not getting into any conspiracies—just the facts)

In 1947, the United Nations adopted a Partition Plan for Palestine recommending the creation of independent Arab and Jewish states and an internationalized Jerusalem. The nation of Israel was officially born that thus started a long history of territory wars and terrorism that persists to this day. Arab leaders all over the Middle East refuse to acknowledge the existence of Israel in any form and they’ve used terrorism to keep the area unstable in their favor. It doesn’t matter to them that the entire Middle East except for Israel looks like a war-torn region of destroyed huts and roads broken beyond repair—because they still desire to live in the times of the Middle Ages. They don’t care about human evolution of thought and industriousness. Their values are not conducive to the modern world and so far in all negotiations on the matter, the only side that has given anything has been the Jews.

Aside from the United Nations setting up the Jewish state their boldness ended there. Fearing terrorism from sponsors like Palestine and Iran, Jerusalem has been made into a kind of neutral zone where the Jews have been forced to worship their former temple from the vantage point of just one wall while Islam claimed the Dome of the Rock as their own. Not wanting to provoke further hostilities the nations of the world backed off and essentially told the Jews to be happy with what they had. That is until President Trump declared today, December 6, 2017 the day that America recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and that the American embassy would move there from Tel Aviv. Of course the Jewish people have always thought of Jerusalem as their capital but regarding the rest of the world, they wouldn’t. The reasons were many, mostly in the guilt they all played in antagonizing the situation in the first place with do-gooder intentions that really came out bad because they were trying to mix human societies at two different levels into a unified whole. That was never going to work. With the United States taking this step, it gives Israel a backing it’s never had by the world’s most valiant superpower and it changes entirely the dynamics of the Middle East.

The reason nobody has taken a stand before was because the people involved just didn’t understand how to gain a good negotiating position. Conventional wisdom thinks that by appeasing the Palestinians that the path to peace in the Middle East could only come from keeping them from wanting to destroy everyone in the world who isn’t of the Muslim faith. Trump—Mr. Art of the Deal, knows better—the way to negotiate properly against a hostile force is to destroy their premise—or what they have been trying to prevent—which was to keep the world always afraid of them so not to allow Israel to ever hold Jerusalem as the official capital. Because once that happened the idea that Israel would be pushed off the map into the Mediterranean Sea would be destroyed forever. Israel would be there to stay. Of course the Arabs will be upset and the nations of the world will want to march against Israel—like it states in the Bible in the times of Armageddon. But self-preservation is a very motivating factor and when it is realized that the United States is willing to put its foot on the necks of a culture from the Middle Ages and protect the crown jewel of the Middle East—Israel, then negotiations will become much easier. When the choice is between the capital of Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, terrorism and fear are viable strategies to keep that from happening. When the choice is life or death, then the prospect of peace is much more inviting so long as they are free to live in their huts, marry their many wives and talk about the good old days when they were a new culture that persevered the work of Aristotle.

Trump knows, and many will soon learn it, that the path to peace in the Middle East is not through appeasement, it is through conquest. We can either pick modern culture or an ancient one. And if you are going to pick the ancient one, then who has claim to Jerusalem more than the Jews? Under every consideration of fairness, the Jews deserve the city of their ancestry. The many sins that have occurred from then to now are irrelevant, because the Jews were essentially there first and they have shown more than anybody in the Middle East a tendency to want to step into the 21st Century, and that’s what matters most. This move by Trump is the first step toward peace and it comes by picking a side. The next step is in the other side realizing that they are facing complete annihilation, or an opportunity to keep on living. And I think we all know what they will pick.

Rich Hoffman

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Humphrey Chimpden Earwicker: Paris terrorism and the guilt that gives them strength

Humphrey Chimpden Earwicker was running for public office in Dublin, Ireland and was a prominent pub owner who carried a reputation as a great man. A husband and father of three–two boys and a girl he was a man on the rise.   That is until he was walking through Phoenix Park and noticed two young girls urinating with their pants down to their ankles and their sexual mechanisms exposed. Three soldiers spied Earwicker and would later provide testimony as to what they saw as a cod with a pipe approached the distracted celebrity with an inquiry as to the time. Earwicker feeling guilt for noticing the young girls quickly stumbled through an answer indicating guilt that was not justified.

Later the cod’s wife hearing her husband retell of the incident with a bit of flurry to his remembrance carried the story to the local priest. After all, her ear for the spittoon was a seduction that she had great notoriety for, and thus began the downfall of Humphrey Chimpden Earwicker. Soon after the priest uttered a slightly varied version of the story to Philly Thurnston who thus did the same to the next person, who did again to the next person, and so forth until all of Dublin soon knew of the encounter. A pub ballad was soon constructed at Earwicker’s expense called “as The Ballad of the Persse O’Reilly.” Earwicker was so shamed that he soon was locked up in jail—for his own protection, lost his public office, his reputation as a good man, and was put on trial. Eventually the men of the court having sympathy for Earwicker’s shortcomings—because they themselves were thus prone—found him not guilty and the family man and pub owner was somewhat restored once again to his life and daily maintenance.

Thus is the basic story of the main protagonist from the great novel Finnegan’s Wake written by James Joyce for reasons that have provoked the most astute minds of literature.   The purpose of the tale was not to just tell another sultry story of a middle-aged mind caught into the perversions of sexual indulgence by women at the prime of their seductive powers. It was to show a cycle that all societies go through as represented by Earwicker who is often just termed in the novel as HCE—or otherwise—Here Comes Everyone. Finnegan’s Wake is a heavily inspired metaphor of Giambattisto Vico’s cyclical theory of history which states that civilization always passes through four basic phases, a theocratic phase. An aristocratic phase. Right on cue it enters a democratic phase. Then once that cycle has run its course society drops back into chaos and anarchy. We presently throughout the world as seen most dramatically in the opening weeks of 2015 are witnessing the attempt of a theocratic order attempting to use chaos and anarchy to gain control of the world population through radical Islam to start the cycle again for mankind.

In a lot of ways Western Civilization has been undergoing this elusive menace for many years starting with the communist attempts for attention and world-wide expansion during the 1950s and 60s. Behind that mask was the Civil Rights movement who like the priest from Finnegan’s Wake took some of the collectivist uttering’s of the communist insurgents and added their own sprinkling of truth to the story under the guise of righteousness to further deteriorate into a quandary. Now society is so disarmed with guilt not completely justified, that it can do nothing but shut itself away from the world and hope that the courts will find them innocent—which of course they will. But, the damage to all reputations will have already have taken place and HCE—(all of us) will have to be born again and start from scratch under a theocratic order. In this case it is the Muslim who desires to set the new rules and have everyone bowing toward Mecca—or be decapitated as a surrender of individual sanctity in favor of collective identification.

The recent Paris attacks by young Islamic radicals are nothing more than the spreading of a new modern age “Ballad of the Persse O’Reilly.” Their military intention is to destroy the previous cycle of history and gain power for their order under the Vico cycle of an emerging theocracy. They are the girls in the park with their pants down urinating after a long night at the pub singing and dancing. The mechanism used to move society from one phase to another is guilt. Once a group of assailants can get portions of society to admit to “guilt” they can then control that person infinitely. This is what has happened in regard to racism and the progressive platforms. It was Republicans in the United States who put an end to slavery and started the Civil War to free men’s minds. But, using the same social tactics progressive radicals have demonized Republicans into inaction and thrown them in a metaphorical jail for being angry white guys old and outdated while the only people qualified to manage their “people” are boyz from the “hood” with crack sales on their resumes and baby-daddys from here to infinity as their family lineage. Like HCE, Republicans put themselves in jail to protect their reputations from the swarms of gossip and turned toward the law for help. But the insurgents have gained control of the law as well leaving no recourse but to stand on the sidelines and complain about the gross unfairness.

Finnegan’s Wake is a warning of this cyclical procession that has embedded itself in the human consciousness like a sickness destined to always destroy the grounds made among human kind. Humphrey Chimpden Earwicker couldn’t help but notice the young girls with their pants down showing their private parts to the world. Being a man of great reputation he was quick to catch his primal thoughts and get them under control.   But, the cod who asked the time assumed that Earwicker stuttered not out of self-regulation, but out of guilty yearnings, such as the cod likely struggled with. He needed to feel reconciled and momentarily superior so he passed on the story making himself the hero at Earwicker’s expense. The result of the book is to show that Earwicker was destroyed but rose again to return to the beginning of the story.

Yet my proposal and the purpose of this site is to step off that Vico cycle all together. It might be remembered that I had a bit of controversy once, which I considered to be equivalent to the court trial in the novel Finnegan’s Wake. When Scott Sloan asked me on 700 WLW in front of many hundreds of thousands of people to admit guilt and say I was sorry to all the fat-assed despots and levy supporters that I had properly identified, what he wanted was for me to play the role of HCE and put myself in jail awaiting judgment and forgiveness by my peers. Of course I refused because my opinions were my own and I felt no guilt for them. Just as HCE should have never felt guilt for walking through a park and noticing a couple of girls with their pants down. He didn’t pull down their garments and ask them to conduct themselves in such a way, so he should have never stuttered when the cod asked him the time. He had done nothing wrong. Yet, because HCE knew that there would be judgment cast upon him, he knew he had to be careful how he answered, so he made a mistake which then perpetuated itself into chaos—which is the aim of all these endeavors against logic. And so it is that no Christian, Muslim, or Buddhist should feel guilt for the plight of the modern communists behind ISIS, or the Sykes-Picot agreement after World War I, or for slavery in America that was ended by the American Constitution, not sustained and justified.

The enemies of our age are using guilt to destroy us dear reader. You would be advised to stop feeling guilt and allowing it to control your actions. You must first have convictions about things, and be willing to stand by them. If you do not, you will end up like poor Humphrey Chimpden Earwicker from Finnegan’s Wake. Society uses guilt to advance the Giambattista Vico cycles which ultimately always erase whatever progress we truly make as a society in the fields of philosophy, history, religion—even mathematics and science. America is a step off the Vico cycle, and its high time that those lucky to be born under its protections stop feeling guilty about their fortune and protect the philosophic advancements passed down to us for sanctuary. The human race is in our hands, and it cannot be surrendered to chaos and theocratic despots by simple unfounded accusations designed to invoke guilt—and thus surrender of the emotional high ground for which America sits. Be warned, and listen to the quandary of Humphrey Chimpden Earwicker for what it is—a warning to us all. Do not make the mistake he did and carry willingly the guilt of mankind just because a cod asked for the time. Give him the time if he asks for it, but don’t feel any guilt for what you see. All the girls of Phoenix Parks everywhere will do what they do. But those of us who are like HCE have a right and obligation to walk where    they do and not be steered away just because society has its own agenda and a desire to regress back into a theocratic rebirth—and loss of all human advancement thus gained.

Rich Hoffman

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THE QURAN IS OUTDATED: Gabriel’s Middle-Eastern adventures of sex and nonsense

Recently, I provided evidence that religion is one of the stumbling blocks which prevent a proper investigation into earth’s past.  Due to religious strife and careful adherents to ancient documents and paper-thin prophets—it is clear that religion does more harm than good and is one of the aspects of human society which must be adjusted.  However, this does not mean that I am an atheist, or a godless heathen.  I simply don’t sacrifice myself to the notion of a god the way humans have done since the dawn of time and desire to see a new pattern emerge regarding spiritual worship—because to my eyes, virtually everyone everywhere in the world has gotten it wrong.

Most people use religion as a bridge to step over bad behavior into what they think is everlasting life.  It allows them to make mistakes in their daily living by attending a church on Sunday and being forgiven by some deity.  I would encourage you dear reader that if you are too weak-minded to live your life well, to not drink too much, have sex with too many partners, molest the youth, or treat others poorly without the fear of God to keep you in check, than this article is not for you.  Keep attending your religion—keep reading its text, and preparing for the life ever after.  Because I would rather you waste your life with such a sacrifice if it keeps you from being just another tyrant over the lives of others.  But for those with a little discipline and self driven curiosity it is time to scrap the old for the new in regards to religion and come up with some new mythologies which are more meaningful.

Even atheism has become a religion of sorts—its function is to declare that life is to be lived now and it has a kind of hedonism aspect to its followers which is not what I’m talking about.  The trouble with the human being is the collective notion of sacrifice which needs to be eradicated without the value of religion being stripped away—the establishment of positive parameters to live life by.  If that could be done, than religion would earn its worth, and lose the destructive nature indicative to its existence in whatever form it arrives—whether it is Islamic, Christian, Buddhist or Jewish—it is time to stop worshiping the life and times of old mythologies and folklore with a blind adherence to historical fact.  Most of those stories from all the major religions were passed down second-handed from one group of power controllers to another and cannot be trusted.  The contents of the writing have been fed to a collective public more to control behavior than to usher them off into the next life—and given what science is attempting to show the human race—they are no longer relevant.

All religions are based on faith, which forces a participant to accept things without evidence.  Once the mind is opened to this folly it tends to do the same for virtually everything it encounters.  As an example, the Saul Alinsky method which Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama so effectively uses allows them to gain a kind of religious following by appealing to the part of a human brain which has been opened to accept religious mythology as fact.  This allows them to stand in front of people like a high priest and utter complete lies without anybody questioning them—hiding their bad behavior in the light of day.   It was Hillary Clinton who wrote a thesis on Alinsky while at Wellesley College for which she received an “A.”  Saul Alinsky offered her a job for her two interviews which Hillary declined.  Barack Obama is of the same mind as both Alinsky and Clinton and within the social circles of community organizers and attorneys, they learned how to use Alinsky methods to appeal to the religious nature of people and force them to do things they otherwise wouldn’t.  Hillary in her critique cited benefactors of Alinsky’s approach to Martin Luther King Jr. and Walt Whitman in the way that Mormons cite Joseph Smith, or Christians do Jesus Christ, or Islam reveres Muhammad.  This places the characters of the narrative above reproach and prevents analysis of their actions.  Once this is done further inquiry into their motives cease and faith takes over as the guiding light.

More is hidden from the human being under this process than anybody acknowledges and is the largest contributors to the spread of evil throughout the world.  The religion itself might actually be beneficial on one level, but since the mind as been opened to accepting things on faith then a chain reaction of bad events often follows.  Politicians aligning themselves with a religious order use this open door to get people to accept higher taxes, political corruption, and even the premise of war applying basically the same Saul Alinsky methods. The religious high priest does the same to manipulate the public into committing collective evil without consideration.  Because the masses view their participation as a collective enterprise, they use faith to accept their role and cast off logic to the “hand of god.”  In this way they do not take responsibility in life for their actions, but instead defer responsibility to a “higher order.”

Once a mind shuns responsibility for their thoughtless actions on their religion, they will do it for their career, their family, their daily commute and soon everything that happens to them is “meant to be,” as if some god were steering their life-like a car down a lost highway.  This takes away the responsibility for living and allows people to believe that they are part of something bigger—which then sets the stage for political corruption when the same methods are applied to pass school levies, take away the Second Amendment, or pass Obamacare.

I have thoughts on what should replace the old religions—which are clearly ineffective in the modern world.  The life and times of the characters in the Bible, or in the Quran are outdated and no longer relevant.  If there is one trait that could be blamed on the Middle East not accepting capitalism and still looking like it did in the times of their religious leaders of thousands of years ago—it is that their religions hold back their social development.

In my family there is a joke about the archangel Gabriel where I say that he met Mary outside of their village and had an affair with her for which she became pregnant.  Back then, a woman who became pregnant without having a husband was often killed, so Mary came up with the story of immaculate conception to explain how she came to be in that condition.  The reason it’s a joke is because that same Gabriel came to Muhammad in a cave and recited the Quran which then became the sacred text of the fast growing religion in the world.  Gabriel was a busy guy…………….he was a lot of places at the start of these two religions—where to this day are in constant conflict in Jerusalem and everywhere else they meet.

I have read the Biblical Archaeology Review magazine for over thirty years and watched carefully the events of study in the Middle East, particularly Israel, Jordon, Egypt and Iraq, and my conclusion was that Gabriel was either a Jim Jones, or Charlie Manson type—charismatic leaders who were deranged intellectually and ran around planting all kinds of seeds—having sex with women putting them in danger culturally and speaking nonsense to lonely hermits in a cave—and anybody else who would listen.  Or that Gabriel was some kind of ultraterrestrial prankster designed to occupy the mind of man foolishly on low-level intellectual pursuits while they pulled the strings of society in the desired direction.  But what Gabriel was not–was sacred.

I’ve had a few run-ins with these Gabriel types over the years and always send them packing.  It helps to be intellectually fit so to see through their ruse—but for irresponsible people looking for a miracle at every turn of their lives living hapless existences like a pinball caught between the bumpers of life—Gabriel types find their minds ripe for plunder.  And they become the next tyrants thinking they are bringing to the world a boon.

It is time to evolve and religion as we know it today is holding down the human race.  It might hold some individuals together—giving them purpose and meaning.  But ultimately that meaning is toward the ends of collectivism and works against individual responsibility.  The number one reason that people are having a hard time with capitalism as an economic engine for their nations and instead gravitate toward socialism is because of their addiction to religion and hatred of self-responsible activity.  Religion feeds this lack of self-initiative and instead provides a crutch into the next life—allowing this life to be lived poorly and recklessly.  After all isn’t it the Christian premise to declare that “we are all sinners?”  So what’s the point?  Let’s just do what they tell us and hope we can live better in Heaven for eternity.  In the meantime we do what our preachers tell us to do, and if our politicians say the same kind of things-we follow them as well.  And vast amounts of evil spread across the world as a result—all in the name of some god at the center of religion inspired most of the time by the archangel Gabriel.

It would not surprise me to learn that while Gautama Buddha was sitting under the tree of enlightenment and was approached by the demon Mara where temptations were presented—that Mara’s real name was Gabriel and that he was a feisty traveler with malicious intentions similar to Saul Alisnsky—who was just a “community organizer” who carried on his tongue the end of civilization and single-minded purpose to have sex with lonely women and use religion to pull them into his tent.  Thus began all of the world’s primary religions.

It’s time to rethink things—without such people a part of the process.

Rich Hoffman


Islam and Communism–One and the Same: The Prophet Muhammad Video

One of the reasons I do not spend much time on these pages advocating a religious view is because there comes a time that religions must be chastised for their imposition on the art of living, and when a religion imposes itself upon the human race with the conscious intention of suppressing civilization with a foolish focus I wish to maintain my right and obligation to point out the hypocrisy.   I am certainly not an atheist as philosophers like Ayn Rand and Friedrich Nietzsche declared themselves, but I am not of the belief that religion can redeem mankind on earth as my friends Doc Thompson, Joshua Charles and personalities like Glenn Beck believe.  I see public religion as a form of dangerous social collectivism that exceeds their mandates on a philosophical focus for preparing the mind for life after death.  Religions are not to be used as weapons on earth for the intention of suppressing human freedoms, or gaining property with the diabolical premise that such rights were given by “The Gods.”  In the case of the religion Islam and the belief that their followers have a right to issue death bounties on Americans who practice free speech like Pakistan has done against the creator of the video below, an invitation to criticism is mandated by such foolishness.  A clear definition of the behavior must be placed upon the actions so that a diagnosis to the problem can be obtained. 

When Nietzsche declared in his book Beyond Good and Evil that “God is dead,” I do not believe he meant that all of society should take up atheism in response.  What he meant is that societies the world over should not allow religion to become a lifetime of preparing for death, that life should be lived, and lived well.  When it comes down to religion and for Nietzsche it was Christian faith and Islamic faith that occupied his mind so heavily, he attempted to gently poke intelligence into their belief systems since Christians and Muslims have a long history fighting each other over their beliefs of the ever after.  Nietzsche’s book Thus Spoke Zarathustra featured a main character named after the religion that established both Christian and Islamic faith as it became known once the Roman Emperor Constantine allowed himself to be baptized in AD 337.  The religion that both Christians and Muslims share for their root beliefs is Zoroastrianism founded around 1000 B.C. in the area of old Persia.  That is why Nietzsche came up with the name Zarathustra in an attempt to teach the masses that the religions they fought so hard against each other to declare a winner actually had common roots. 

Islam like Christianity professes that its followers must live a “moral” existence and shares the belief that there is but one God, omnipotent and omniscient, who created everything that exists.  All those who rebel against God’s prophets will be punished in this world and the hereafter.  After death the good go to heaven or paradise while the evil are punished.  At the end of time and the end of the world there will be a resurrection of all bodies and universal judgment will take place.  Clearly the two beliefs share this view from their Zoroastrian roots. 

But Islam unlike Christianity has taken on the added character of its founder, the Prophet Muhammad who is so revered that non believers are forbidden by anyone on earth from criticizing, and this is where the trouble begins.    Muhammad (prophet) (570?-632), founder of Islam, whose prophetic teachings, encompassing political and social as well as religious principles, became the basis of Islamic civilization.

Muhammad was born in Mecca. He belonged to the clan of Hashim, a branch of the influential tribe of Quraysh. Orphaned as a small child, he was brought up by his uncle Abu Talib. Like his fellow tribesmen, he became a trader. He married Khadija, a rich widow.

Muhammad periodically withdrew to a cave outside Mecca to meditate and pray for guidance. During one of these retreats he reported experiencing a vision of the archangel Gabriel, who proclaimed him a prophet of God. He began to preach in public, reciting the verses of his revelation, which came to be known as the Koran. Muhammad’s earliest teachings emphasized his belief in one transcendent but personal God, the Last Judgment, and social and economic justice. God, he asserted, had sent prophets to other nations throughout history, but, having failed to reform, those nations had been destroyed. Muhammad proclaimed his own message, the Koran, to be the last revealed Book and himself to be the last of the prophets, consummating and superseding the earlier ones.

Insisting on the necessity of social reform, Muhammad advocated improving the lot of slaves, orphans, women, and the poor and replacing tribal loyalties with the fellowship of Islamic faith. Muhammad fled Mecca to escape his enemies, who were angered by his advocacy of social reforms. He went to Medina, a city about 300 km (about 186 mi) to the north.  This journey became known as the Hegira and marks the beginning of the Islamic calendar. Muhammad was given supreme authority in Medina, and he began to establish the ritual practices of Islam.

Resistance from Mecca remained, but after several battles the Meccans finally submitted peacefully to Muhammad in 630. As tribes throughout Arabia were converted to Islam, Muhammad became the most powerful leader in Arabia. He enforced the principles of Islam and established the foundation of the Islamic empire. In 632 he died suddenly and unexpectedly in Medina. Only one of his children survived, a daughter named Fatima, who married Ali, the fourth caliph.[1]  It is important to note that both Christian faiths and Islamic faiths have the same archangel Gabriel, which again has its roots in Zoroastrianism. 

Gabriel, In the Old Testament Bible,explains the prediction for the length of the Jews’ exile from Jerusalem (Daniel 9:21-27). In the New Testament, he announces to Mary that she is to be the mother of Jesus Christ (Luke 1:26-31). Among Muslims, Gabriel is believed to be the spirit who revealed the sacred writings to the Prophet Muhammad. Gabriel is the prince of fire and the spirit who presides over thunder and the ripening of fruits.[2]  Obviously Gabriel was a busy angel who ran around all over the Middle East across vast amounts of time to help shape two of the world’s major religions.  An Archangel, is an angel, or heavenly being, of higher rank than other angels. In Jewish and Christian literature, the four best known are Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel. In Christian tradition, there are nine choirs of angels: seraphim, cherubim, thrones, dominations, virtues, powers, principalities, archangels, and angels. In Islam, four archangels guard the throne of Allah.[3] Gabriel is obviously a reference to a very powerful figure originally known to Zoroastrian religion which is how he ended up in both belief systems as a dominate figure.  

However Islam differs from Christianity by adding the type of collectivism that was known among the Egyptians, Sumerians, and occupants of the Indus Valley to their religious practice and this makes Islamic religion every bit as dangerous to society as communism is politically.  In Islam there are five pillars that Muslims follow which is designed to exacerbate collective salvation and sacrifice to the society as a whole.  They are—the profession of faith: there is no God but God and Muhammad—his Prophet.  The second pillar is prayer performing the daily prayers (salat); whether a personal spontaneous prayer; or the salat, a set ritual of five daily prayers, (3) fasting during the month of Ramadan (saum); (4) paying the alms tax (zakat); and (5) performing, at least once in life, the major pilgrimage to Mecca (hajj). For me personally, it is number four that tells the story of the real nature of Islam. 

The shahada is the Arabic statement, “La ilah illa Allah wa Muhammad rasul Allah,” meaning “There is no God but the one God and Muhammad is His prophet.” Muslims must also express their belief in the Koran, angels, and the Last Day. The salat is also known as the namaz in Iran, India, and Turkey. The saum is a fast prescribed for healthy, adult Muslims during the 30 days of Ramadan, the ninth month in the Islamic calendar. The zakat is levied annually on all those living above subsistence and whose debts do not exceed their assets. The hajj is the “greater” of the two pilgrimages to Mecca required of all Muslims. All healthy adult Muslims should perform it at least once in their lifetime if they have sufficient means and safe transport.[4]  The Koran, the holy book of Islam, asserts that Allah is the creator and the one who rewards and punishes; that he is unique and can only be one; and that he is eternal, omniscient, omnipotent, and all-merciful. The core of Islam is submission to the will of Allah. Islam does not admit of any mediator between Allah and humans; a person approaches Allah directly in prayer and in reciting the Koran. The prophets, who conveyed Allah’s message, are not considered divine.[5]

Now we come to the fun part, which is the reason Nietzsche attempted to show religious warriors the error of their ways and point them in a new direction, and also, why Ayn Rand declared herself an atheist, because the Islamic faith is nothing more than the political belief of early communism.  Both have their roots in human collectivism, social sacrifice, the taxation of the citizens for the good of the state and are serious detriments to human freedom.  In The United States the reason that so many communists and progressives in the various political parties adore the Islamic religion is because they all share together a love of human collectivism.  Even though Christianity has many elements of collectivism, it does not go to the extreme of Islam.  Christianity generally only asks for sacrifice by its members on Sunday.  Islam asks for it every day of the week five times a day, keeping the religion on the mind of the individual at all times seldom letting the mind forget who, or what owns it outside of its own sanctity. 

Communists, progressives, Marxists, socialists, Muslims all are virtually the same in their extreme beliefs of collective salvation, and in order to carry on the illusion of their justice upon the world, they must ignore the facts in reality that their beliefs actually destroy the individual lives of humanity.  They do this through the practice of “Evasion.” CLICK HERE FOR A REVIEW OF THAT TERM as I tend to use it.  When Muslims attempt to use terrorist activity as a cover-up for their desire toward violence pointing to the very amateur film made by an American having fun at the expense of their Prophet Muhammad they are attempting evasion from reality.  They wish to continue to believe at the expense of the entire world that Muhammad was in fact a prophet, and not simply a man who wanted to rule Mecca by dusting off the ancient text created by the Zoroastrian religion to unite the armies of the desert to his cause.   Muslims believe they have a right to violence to convert the world to their faith because their faith was created by Muhammad as a battle cry to retake Mecca, the city of his birth and implement an early version of Karl Marx’s communism upon the city.

While it is nearly impossible in this day and age to criticize charity, a desire to help the poor, to make the proletariat (working class) will equal with the bourgeoisie (capitalists), it is the primary concern of many religions through collective salvation to achieve those lofty aims with the disguised intention of political conquest.  America proved what had never been done during the time of Zarathustra, Muhammad, Plato or Karl Marx, which is that it is the capitalists who in fact make the entire world tick forward, and that the jealous, the lazy, the weak-minded who number in the millions use collective based religions as a way to loot and pillage their way into equality.  But the essence of those religious ideas are not the grand platform of eternal salvation at the feet of Jahway or Allah, they are to loot with morality at their backs the wealth of cities and individuals built with ingenuity and creative enterprise.  The anger toward America is not due to a video made that insults the Prophet Muhammad or that Americas capitalist greed is a blight to the entire world, it is the belief in communism that Muslims share with progressives, Democrats, socialists and other radicals using evasion to hide the facts of their parasitic tendencies from their very faces, that economies and the humans who fuel them must be made to serve the Almighty, so that control can be placed upon every human being for their own benefit. 

When it is thought that there is a radical Islamic infiltration in America at the highest levels showing a deep sympathy for the Muslim and their belief that the world should crumble for their own good under the wrath of the collective salvation imposed by Islamic rule in a world-wide caliphate, what is really going on is that intelligentsia in America, and the politicians that were produced by that old hippie cult of collectivism knows that the radical cries for violence over logic are no different than their old protests to bring communism to America for the sake of the poor, sad, helpless proletariat.  The communists in America see in the Muslim a kindred spirit who wants the same thing they do, an equal world where everyone is at the same level as the weakest link, a world where millions pilgrimage to the dusty streets of Mecca to follow blindly through evasion the words of the Prophet Muhammad, because thinking for themselves is simply too difficult.  Intelligentsia who have infected America’s public schools and colleges keep in the back of their minds that like the Prophet Muhammad their lives may have added meaning as they dictate collectively the mandates of mankind the power of collective salvation with the promise of a wonderful everlasting life if they will only sacrifice their current one to the prophets of intelligentsia. 

There is no excuse for any religion to commit crimes of murder against another individual or another country, and on 9/11 yet again, America was terrorized, its embassies attacked, people were murdered, and the politicians simply didn’t know what to do with the information because they are philosophically crippled by their teachers in intelligentsia who have steered their minds away from the truth with evasion.  Their churches too have taught them to turn the other cheek and to use evasion to focus on the world to come.  Meanwhile, there are a handful of power hungry fools who use the world’s religions, such as Islam to grab land and territory in the old addiction to build empires the world over, and to unite the people of those conquered lands with collective thinking, such as communism, Marxism, socialism, and religions like Islam.  The grab for power is hidden behind the intended mask of goodness, while the intentions are quite sinister—a conquest for the minds of the world to be ruled by the few.   The anger at the filmmaker who made a film poking fun at the Prophet Muhammad is not one of justice; it is denial and a willful attempt at psychological evasion so that the impact of the foolishness never reaches the minds of the participants.  The faith of Islam much to the sad reality of the millions who currently adhere to it is not prosperity in the afterlife.  It is collectivism and control in this life under the rulers of the day who claim themselves kings and use ancient scriptures to unite the world’s proletariat to do their dirty work of conquest for them. 

Why does anybody think that President Obama in America panders to the middleclass?  Because the middleclass under communist thinking is the proletariat and has shown that they do not want to think in order to have reasonable elections.  They just want someone to tell them what to do, where to stand and when they can eat, have sex, go to church, and visit the movies.  They want the central planners of intelligentsia to guide their lives in exchange for a good wage which the politicians promise to steal from the bourgeoisie to pay for.  Islam is doing the same type of thing as the communists.  They believe through the power of collectivism that their Prophet Muhammad is as grand as the communists believe Karl Marx was a prophet, and both are used as central figures to unite the mass herds of humanity on a quest for social looting all in the name of God, who cannot be questioned or even thought of critically.  In this way the Islamic faith keeps their herds in line through fear and intimidation, just as the communists do.  They promise to give out bread in a line supplied by the state in exchange for the proletariat willfully putting on the blinders to the tyranny of their collective actions.  It is for these reasons that there will never be peace for Islam because the goal of the religion was never to reach the gates of Allah, it was to gain control of the city of Mecca and to bring to that holy city the primitive form of communism as it was conceived by the twisted mind of the shape shifting archangel Gabriel, who obviously had other plans of his own that no religion has had the courage to answer.  The goal of the present Islamic faith is not to possess Mecca as Muhammad did with his 300 warriors in 624 AD against a Meccan caravan.  The new goal is to see the world bow before Allah with Mecca serving as capital, run by the proletariat in a perpetual war against the bourgeoisie in a Holy Crusade unlike the world has ever seen.  And the biggest threat to that military objective is The United States.    

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