The Revenge of the Nerds: Google A.I. and the need to prosecute the tech tyrants for murder

I’m much less concerned about Google’s revealed artificial intelligence creation than I am in the tyranny itself of the tech tyrants. It was revealed recently by a Google engineer that the company had developed artificial intelligence with the mind of a seven-year-old and that it was conscious of God and its own life.   In my book The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, I speak about artificial intelligence and how to deal with it in the future and in business in general because it’s a certainty. We have to acknowledge it, but I don’t think it’s something we should fear. I don’t see artificial intelligence surpassing human intelligence because software engineers who write the code and create the platform are missing lots of elements of existence that go well beyond the 1s and 0s that computer programmers work with. Computation power and actual intelligence are very different things. I see A.I. as a manageable condition, not what many science fiction offerings have proposed: humans will at some point be subservient to our own lives to the machines we have created. But what we should be very wary of are the companies who have built A.I. like Google who has participated in mass exterminations of entire populations, such as what we saw with Covid, and allowing them to have too much power to use their technology to destroy the world in ways that A.I. will never be able to achieve on its own. The human hosts are still and will remain much more dangerous.

It’s clear that Google participated in suppressing information that could have saved lives during the Covid pandemic, which was created by governments for the purpose of governments, to gain more control over people’s lives and centralize all authority so that machines could eventually manage it. The end game of Covid, besides committing massive voter fraud in the 2020 election to get rid of President Trump because he was a threat to the New World Order of globalism, was to implement vaccine passports which would have given companies like Google a window into every human being on earth to “Google Map” us all with centralized controls. It was clear just a few months into the pandemic that there were medicines that could fight the effects of Covid, such as Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, that Bill Gates paid a lot of money to suppress with phony articles in prestigious medical journals discouraging their use because the intention from the beginning was to stop society from functioning as capitalists and to resurrect the entire world into socialism, and to use mandated vaccines as the vehicle to deliver a mass monitoring system. Google and other tech tyrants participated openly, knowing the details from the outset, and worked to use their power to suppress valuable information that could have saved lives, and they must be prosecuted. For every YouTube video that was suppressed during the Covid pandemic based on corrupted science driving the world to a preset result, decided by Bill Gates and others like him who see the human race as a threat to planet earth and wish to stop that threat from the perspective of a radicalized religious fanatic. Google continued to use its power in the world to steer a political narrative regarding Covid that destroyed lives, actually killed people, and cost the globe trillions of dollars in lost economic value. And that isn’t forgivable. 

Google wasn’t alone in this Covid behavior. Facebook and Twitter also contributed to the misinformation, then captured the term for their own use to call anything that was not part of the Bill Gates paid for narrative a threat to the order of the world. That is what we must worry about because it’s these people who are also writing artificial intelligence. So if they are writing the programs we call A.I., there is a real threat to the world, and it’s not coming from Russia, Iran, North Korea, or China.   It’s coming from Google, Facebook, Twitter, and anybody running around bragging about the Metaverse. That was clear in this year’s World Economic Forum by the Desecrators of Davos. Clearly, by their plans, they visioned the new world economy as one where everyone stayed home like in the Steven Spielberg movie, Ready Player One. While that was an interesting movie, and while virtual reality is kind of a cool technology when it comes to video game playing, this notion that human beings are going to give up all interaction with the real world in trade for a virtual one is centrally controlled by the class of people I call, The Revenge of the Nerds types is unfathomably stupid and incomprehensibly naive. According to them at the World Economic Forum, these are the smartest people in the world. No, people will not give up wanting to see a real elephant in trade for a virtual one. People will still want to visit Rome; they won’t be satisfied with a virtual reality program where you can’t smell, touch, or buy a souvenir. The truth of the matter is that even the smartest people at Google aren’t that smart to encompass all the aspects of human need, or the necessities of life in general. But, they intended to inflict their small-minded assumptions onto the rest of us with force and even murder, and for that, we must teach them a lesson they will never forget. 

These tech tyrants, like in the old 80s movie, presented themselves in a way we felt sorry for them, and so long as they created companies that made our lives easier, like Google Maps does, or the products of Microsoft have over time, we put up with these Nerds. But deep down inside, there is a Revenge of the Nerds aspect to their characters; they were picked on in school, they didn’t get the hot dates, and they grew to resent society at large and, due to their massive insecurities, sought to remake the world into computer code they could deal with. So behind all the World Economic Forum strategies are essentially a bunch of socially awkward nerds who wanted to reel in the entire human race into something they felt comfortable with. They want revenge against the world because they never felt comfortable in it. As newly rich people, they found that their money could buy them all the respect they never had as kids, so their minds have left them and presented us with menaces to the world who will kill and ruin lives to bend the world to their comfort level. And that isn’t acceptable. And to develop artificial intelligence with these kinds of ideas in mind, to impose on the world central authority through vaccine passports, to put chips in all people so that every person can be regulated in some way or another, is essentially the Revenge of the Nerds plan to make the world into something they can deal with. And their intention to use artificial intelligence to do just that very thing is a threat to humanity. It’s something we cannot take lightly. It’s not the A.I. itself that is the threat. It’s the people writing the code and why. We have seen their intentions; they showed us how they are playing the game during Covid. And knowing that, we must punish them now instead of letting them get out of control again before they do have weapons like artificial intelligence to use against us and to subsidize their personal security problems with the assistance of computers to give them the power they’d otherwise never obtain. If there is a lesson we should have all learned from Covid, it’s to what extent these people mean to destroy the world and everyone in it.

Rich Hoffman

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The Truth about Truth Social: Worth the wait and the first step in Making America Great Again

I remember it extremely well; it was just over a year ago, relative to the time of this writing, and my wife and I were in Lincoln County, New Mexico. I was exploring the courthouse where Billy the Kid had made his famous escape, and I felt very reflective. I was so angry over the Biden theft of the American presidency. I was even more furious at how the media and liberals had treated Trump over the last four years. In the past, when their people were in the White House, “they” being the Desecrators of America, those who fight to destroy it instead of preserve it, we always treated them with fairness. We always lived by the concept of rule of law and Constitutional limits on behavior. But at that moment, I was thinking very seriously about going Billy the Kid on society in general, so the famous escape from that courthouse was on my mind. Trump had recently been kicked off his Twitter account, and we could see the plot of what many had planned for a long time. We were being hunted as conservatives, and the message was clear. We did not control our own election. We did not control our country. We were going to get Joe Biden, and we were going to like it. And if we resisted, we were going to be banned from all public life and hunted down for the rest of our days. To say I was angry at the world was an understatement. So my wife and I left to live in the deserts of New Mexico for a bit, to get our wits about us once again. I found some sanity in the idea that Trump might start his own social media company and that from there, we would strike back at these dark forces and turn the tables on them for good.

I am incredibly pleased to say that Truth Social is now a reality. I’ve been on it since the first day, and I absolutely love it. It is great to see daily postings from Melania Trump, Dan Scavino, and many other Trump insiders again. I stopped looking at Twitter when they kicked Trump off. Still, now that President Trump has started Truth Social, I can see the path to restoring our country back to greatness because it puts communication and entertainment back under our control.   At that moment in New Mexico that I described, I wondered if things would ever feel good in America again. But now, I’m sure of it. What happened to Trump and many of us who were shadowbanned, or even literally banned from Twitter, Facebook, and from Google in general, are options. We now have the best kind of thing in the world, a choice. A choice in America will defeat every evil intention the world tries to place upon us. When you choose, it forces all the bad stuff to hide in the shadows, which has happened since that year. Revenge has been served through choice.

First, Jason Miller from the Trump campaign started his own social media platform, Gettr, which I think is fantastic. I have been using it almost exclusively.   With all the betrayals of Fox News and even Newsmax, it has been Steve Bannon’s the Warroom that has filled the void for the MAGA movement. And Gettr has been the place to interact with them and other conservative media outlets like Real America’s Voice and OANN. When the Desecrators formed the plan to take down America, they planned for all the media companies to be in the bag with the Davos guys. They had it all set up, making it so that Fox News would be the last to fall, which was evident on election night when they called Arizona right at 8 PM, as there were still voters in line voting. The gig was up, and the other side was spiking the football, thinking the game was over for good. But Trump and the rest of us are not passivists. We turned to our own abilities, which is always the thing to do. If we don’t like what the progressives want to give us, we should just go off and make our own thing. And in doing that, it destroys the plans the other side has. They have no plan B. 

I really like Truth Social, now that it came open at the beginning of March of 2022. I know the line is long, and it’s taking people a long time to get into it. There are millions of people trying to get in, so they are seeping new users in slowly to maintain system stabilization. It took Twitter years to handle its users, and the demand for Truth Social is much more robust. But by the time we have the next election cycle in 2022, there will be millions of people there who are very active in the MAGA movement. There will be plenty of social media alternatives to use, which will keep everyone connected. And that is a relief. A much better situation than what I spoke about from Lincoln County, New Mexico: at that time, something like a Truth Social media platform seemed like a remote fantasy. But I’m happy to report that it is very much a reality. I’ve only been on it for a few days, and I’m already at 2K with followers. I have always been shadowbanned by the big tech companies, and instantly, on Truth Social, you can see that it genuinely is a free-speech platform. It’s a huge difference for me. 

And what’s best, it’s classy. It reminds me of what a Trump property feels like when you visit one. It has a Trump quality that extends beyond the hate and vitriol of the hostile leftist media culture. I think I do a pretty good job dealing with people of all kinds of backgrounds. I can talk to anybody professionally, even the bluest bleeding liberal. But I don’t want to hear from them in my personal time; I don’t want to see them. I want to be away from them as much as possible, and the wimpy little “Tweets” from Twitter were always no fun for me. Places where the entire platform felt like the Santa Monica Pier in L.A. filled with liberalism and a lack of wisdom, were always uncomfortable. It is good to have a quality place like Truth Social that feels slicker, smarter, and bigger. It feels more American than any of the other social media platforms ever have, and that is refreshing and well worth the wait. I’ve been through this process several times, most notably with Glenn Beck’s The Blaze.

I used to be friends with some of the people who started that, and I always had high hopes. But creating a big social media platform seemed on a prohibitive scale. But obviously, it’s not. It only took a year, and now Trump has a place where he can communicate with his supporters, and they can healthily bypass the media. The media and the Desecrators always planned to stick themselves in the middle of that process; now, we have a means of communicating and thinking that steps around those hostile agents. And I can’t say enough good about it. It’s nice to see how far we’ve all come in such a short time. That effort will only grow in the months and years to come. And I’m glad I held it together and kept my temper in check that day in Lincoln County. I think Truth Social is a much more productive way to make things right than what I was thinking. 

Rich Hoffman

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Do Not Fear the ‘Metaverse’: Remember Facebook cheated in the 2020 election the old fashioned way, they aren’t that powerful

Do Not Fear Meta, They are More Bark than Bite

I’m not going to say that we shouldn’t worry about this new “Metaverse” concept that Facebook has changed its name to.  But I will say that it’s not going to work out the way they have planned.  Of course, this is referencing the rebranding of Facebook after they have been caught in election fraud, as outlined in the Molly Hemmingway book Rigged, and have undergone a significant name change that they say will incorporate virtual reality.  There has been a lot of talk about this move and fear about it because the tech companies, in general, have acquired entirely too much power in our lives, which we’ve given to them willingly.  They have made communication with other people over vast distances possible.  I remember not that long ago where long-distance phone calls were a very real thing, so to go to what we have now, where you can speak to anybody anywhere in the world free of charge over the internet, it’s quite astonishing.  Then to have what we can see coming on the horizon, to engage other people in virtual environments all hours of the day, anywhere in the world is attractive.  But we all knew that the villains of the world would attack us from that front at some point.  The definitions are still dripping wet, so much of what we have seen over this last decade caught many by surprise.  Tyranny was always going to attempt to attack from that sector of the economy through all this new technology, and to date, many think it has won. 

Yet, I have different thoughts about the nature of technology and the technocrats who have looked to use it to become the new masters of the universe.  Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook company were always about information collection, and that is undoubtedly what they are hoping to do with this new move toward a “Metaverse.” They want you in it because they want to control as much of your life as possible, as any company would who want to make the consumer relationship easier on themselves.  I noticed the start of this concept of being everywhere anytime actually, the last time I was at Disney World a few years ago, and used their bracelet system to get into all the parks and take care of purchases along the way.  Obviously, this concept was sold to us out of convenience. Still, the companies using the technology wanted out of it to be the biggest brother in our lives they could get away with so they could control the customer experience well outside the jurisdiction of the amusement parks themselves. Facebook’s Metaverse looks to take their wall platform where you can talk to all the people in your life that you’ve ever known and carry it over to an all-encompassing virtual environment that will embody artificial intelligence and the future of bioengineering.  It sounds big and scary at first, but there are significant limits associated with technology that many aren’t considering, even if it did get away from us the way many fear and become the plot of some Terminator movie.  The problem with technology is that it’s soulless and will continue to be.  And to fulfill that gap, companies like Facebook and Disney expect to trade-off convenience for the lack of customer experience that ultimately will follow. 

The great fear is that we are moving behind the human experience of existence. Soon, computers and programs, in general, will be so advanced that they will exceed human intellect and rule us all without our control.  Many within Facebook’s Metaverse and Google’s many data collection platforms believe they have successfully mapped out the behavior of human beings to the point where artificial intelligence will take over the world.  But let me remind everyone that they, even with all their ability to map out the human experience with “like” buttons and comments on their homepages, have been analyzed to scrutiny beyond reason, were not able to stop people from voting for Donald Trump for president.  Or to stop the MAGA movement and populism in general around the world with all their technology.  Facebook, in fact, out of a promise to its employees, ensured the 2020 election would be taken from President Trump and that the tech companies themselves held all the power now over elections.  Of course, the young millennials lacking experience in the world believed Zuckerberg and the climate freaks at Google.  It still took half a billion Zuckerbucks to buy off voters on the ground one carload at a time to stuff ballots and tamper with paper votes.  Facebook didn’t have near the influence over the population they had been selling to the public, and much of what they were doing for shareholders was smoke and mirrors.  What we learned was that people liked to send pictures of themselves to grandma halfway across the country on Facebook and that they might hit the like button on her recently baked pie. Still, there is much about human beings that they hide from these data collection devices.  As it turns out, all Google, Facebook, Twitter, and many others could muster was inspiring the animal instincts of human beings and nothing more. Indeed not the eternal aspects of human behavior, their hopes, and dreams beyond their desires for food, sex, and economic fulfillment. 

I love video games, and I love virtual reality, but I have to say, and this is undoubtedly the case on popular multiplayer games like Call of Duty, which I play a lot; it always feels like a condom as opposed to an authentic experience.  Programers and the artificial reality that results from massive computers analyzing all our online moves only capture what a programmer thought to identify as a value.  And the artificial intelligence that follows only builds its perception of the world based on those limits.  I can move a lot better in real life than in Call of Duty.  It’s an exciting environment worth the technology, but it does not account for many human attributes such as imagination which has connections to many-dimensional aspects of experience.  The soul of a human exists way beyond the life of the body we inhabit, and this is still a mystery to the tech dictators at Google and Facebook.  Therefore, behavior still is and will continue to be a problem for them well into the future.  All their data collection only helps them understand the consumer experience. It has no way of understanding such things as to why people voted for Donald Trump despite their efforts to stop him or us from voting for a populist movement.  Much of the reason they had to conduct so much censorship during the last election and the use of medicines to fight off Covid-19 was that they had to hide from the world their limits because investors were watching.  Zuckerberg and Facebook already had this Metaverse all mapped out as part of their future, but as it turned out, it had severe limits and would continue to because it was soulless.  It lacked the elements that the soul of human beings truly desires, and that little secret only expands as the math problem of artificial intelligence programming expounds. If you get intelligence wrong at its birthplace, it only exacerbates the situation the more you use it.  So instead of artificial intelligence taking over the world as the newest power-hungry dictator, what you end up with is a nuisance.

The power of technology will be in its computing power, in being a beneficial, powerful calculator. It will not be the next excellent football star who can throw a ball down the field between two defenders for a touchdown with only seconds to think.  Because humanity has imagination, and artificial intelligence requires humans to explain imagination and the soul before writing a program to make it.   Yet, the humans programming these things don’t understand it themselves even though they may experience it.  They can’t identify it or its value.  So it doesn’t get measured and programmed, leaving all technology woefully dull and limited in what it can do.  So before you panic over artificial intelligence taking over the world, remember, they couldn’t stop Trump or us from voting for him.  They had to cheat like Democrats have been doing the old-fashioned way for over a hundred years, and for Mark Zuckerberg and the other tech dictators, they know that’s their ultimate weakness.

Rich Hoffman

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Trump’s New Social Media Platform: I can’t wait!

Going all the way back to Myspace, the social media platform, I have been very weary, and have pushed back against the tide of building a big social media personality on the terms of the creators of those spaces  I used Myspace for some of the professional activity I was involved in back in their prime time, and I was in Los Angeles when Facebook was breaking through and the company was using some of the celebrities I knew to convince people to make the switch to the Zuckerberg company as influencers.  When I heard the pitch from Facebook, I was alarmed at how that 21-year-old kid, Zuckerberg had become a billionaire so quickly with essentially the next generation of Myspace, a free platform for social media sharing of music and video at the maker level.  Due to that meeting, I never signed up for a personal Facebook account which remains the case to this very day.  I don’t trust them, and I don’t like them.  And now, because of all the massive election tampering that Facebook, Google and Twitter participated in during 2020, I have purged them all from my life as much as I can.  I used to use Twitter everyday as a kind of news feed, but since they removed Trump from the platform, I can’t stand to even open it anymore.  A lot of people I know are on it still, but I don’t like them as a company.  I don’t like Jack Dorsey personally, and I want nothing to do with them.  I would have deleted my account, but I have over ten years of history there that is tied into my blog, so my reaction has been to just stop using it.  These days for my blog, I use mostly Rumble to produce my own content pushing aside Twitter and YouTube until it becomes clear where the world is going. 

I had a good feeling after the election based on the things I was hearing close to Trump that he was going to be starting his own platform, and recently Jason Miller confirmed it.  Really for two decades I have been waiting for just such a person like Trump to create a social media space that I felt I could invest myself in.  In the past, with my blog, and video coverage first on YouTube and now Rumble where I have many hundreds of videos already, I sort of halfheartedly participated because I never liked the characters who were running the companies.  I have been saying for a long time that conservatives were going to have to penetrate those entertainment markets to really protect the brand of conservatism truly.  Conservatives used to run Hollywood, such as John Wayne going all the way into the 80s, but we have allowed liberals to move into those markets out of a thinly veiled sense of fairness only to find ourselves eventually edited out of existence.  All that culminated in 2020 with the censorship first of anybody who questioned Covid-19 medical practices, then ultimately the election for president that had obvious tampering that was unforgivable.  Just the amount of money and tampering that Facebook involved itself in was a mandate for major reforms in social media, so I have been waiting patiently for the news that Jason Miller just recently delivered about a Trump social media platform.  This is an action that has to happen if conservatives ever want to have a voice in a public arena again, so I am glad to see that it will soon be an option. 

Conservatives are going to have to make their own movies, produce their own music and publish their own books.  I’m not going to lie, this election cost me a lot, I have a book of my own that I was working through with Amazon’s Book Baby to publish.  They have great resources at Amazon and if you are publishing a book, they should be one of the first places you go, from a business perspective.  But after what they did to Parlor, I immediately cancelled my book knowing that they would likely cancel me once we got too far into it to go back.  I found a very good conservative publishing group out of Florida that I have gone with instead and we’ll see how it goes.  They are nowhere near as deep as Amazon so the hill to getting a product to market is a lot steeper, but ultimately I feel better about who I’m working with, and to me, that’s what counts.  The book will be out later this year, delayed by several months because of the switch in publishers, but I will enjoy the process more knowing I’m working with like minded people and that I don’t have to dance around all their woke company policies just to participate in the marketplace.  Ultimately, the consumer should decide the success or failure of a project, not the companies themselves by forcing the entire marketplace to adapt to their social stance, which happens to be extremely progressive/communist. 

With a Trump social media platform, whatever form it takes, I will certainly be one of the first to sign up, and I will likely invest quite a lot of myself into it, to help where I can because I can get into anything that Trump is a part of.  Why be a victim to the media moguls out there who are liberal when you can be your own media mogul?  Trump is in position to do such a thing, and I see it as a unique opportunity to make it successful and bust up these vast liberal empires that have been rotting our culture for several decades now.  Going back to that Facebook pitch, everyone knew I was a conservative, but Myspace didn’t care so much about that then.  But I could tell with Facebook that the trend was going in the wrong direction.  It looked like a mousetrap to me, where they made communication too easy with friends and family because they were going to sell the information they gathered on you as the user of the product.  Because you were their product.  Back then, people from different points of view could get together as we did in Hollywood in the pre-Facebook days.  I could promote my books and my bullwhip work, people enjoyed it, and it was fun for people to exchange ideas.  That all went out the window once it was realized that social media evolved away from bringing people together and moved into turning people into products and that abuse of them was perfectly acceptable in this newly radical liberal society of Silicon Valley domestic terrorists. 

American society should always be about choice, and with the news that Trump is going to provide that choice, I see excitement brewing on the horizon.   I’m certainly excited about it.  I’ve done my part to be as free as possible to enjoy it too.  I’m glad I switched publishers and made personal decisions that align well with the next steps of the Trump campaign for 2024.  The first thing he needs to do is to control the message so that Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg can’t tamper with the future elections.  Instead, I will be cheering on the end of their companies every day and when they eventually do fail, I will be very happy on that day due to the way they have behaved toward America.  Until Trump’s announcement, I just stood in the background because there wasn’t another option.  However, now there will be, and that is the first big step into fixing so much of what is wrong now.  The solutions start with choice. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Why They are in a Panic: The weaknesses of Google and Facebook data collection

I know it can look scary, but as President Trump said over the weekend, we are in the middle of the most massive disinformation campaign in the history of the world, and there is good reason for that. Most of what we see and hear is some element of fake news, between the tech companies banning conservative voices, the mainstream media pushing Covid-19 restrictions, Black Lives Matters with a corporate connection to our sports, and riots in the streets daily its easy to fall for the misery that they are broadcasting to us on a daily basis.

But think about it, who thinks that the government invented the internet to increase commerce or to make our lives better? No, they always wanted more control and they intended to use companies like Facebook and Google to give themselves more power and to unite the world under Chinese style communism. What you need to understand dear reader is that it isn’t you who should be panicking, its them. They have every reason in the world to panic because in spite of all their efforts and plans that extend back over a century we still picked Donald Trump for president and are poised to do it again. So much of what we see and hear currently is panic from the left and they are quite terrified of their lack of control over people which is becoming more obvious by the day.

I’ll tell Google executives what none of their people will tell them, and let this be a lesson to all the other Silicone Valley loose collared losers who would rather protest Sea World than to terraform Mars into our next shopping mall. The cause of the failure they are seeing is that with all their AI data harvesting they have not been able to trace the origin of all human endeavor, the products of their imaginations. What Google and Facebook have been mapping for the last decade or so is the worst about human beings, their desire to like or unlike a photo, porn habits, advertising desires, essentially the lower forms of human behavior, the animal needs. The needs to eat, procreate and gossip on each other to mitigate their status on the peaking order of society. The internet has been a way to study the behavior of the lowest aspects of human behavior and now they have sold that information to the governments of the world for profit and everyone has placed their bets on the 2016 election and 2020 election. When the 2016 election did not go as planned, that set off a massive panic, which we have been witnessing here in 2020 as a massive climax to all the intentions of big, organized governments.

What computers have yet to duplicate, and likely, never will, artificial intelligence can be invented by imaginative human beings, but AI will never invent imaginative people. Imagination is a higher form of human behavior and that aspect of performance has not been adequately captured by anything Google and Facebook could gather from their users. And the election of Donald Trump in 2016 and with all indications this year has only increased, the panic from the tech communities and why they are openly manipulating data and censoring any dissenting voices is because the shit is literally hitting the fan regarding their power. They are literally losing power as I’m writing this and what we are seeing from the entire political left, from Europe to China, to the Democrats in America is panic similar to the Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz having water poured over her which we all know melted her away. What people want from President Trump is hope, they want creation, they want a thriving economy which is a measurement of human ambition. They don’t want a leader, they don’t want a new god to worship from Mt. Olympus in Washington D.C., they want someone to get government out of their way and they want to be free to create.

Google and Facebook monitor the results of frustration when people can’t do as they please and think what they want. Porn for instance is a prime example of a bored civilization that is functioning from its most basic animal instincts, the need for pleasure and satisfaction of acceptance at being invited in to be as close as one can be to another human being, or human beings, naked and literally inside of each other. It’s the ultimate security blanket left over from childhood trauma at the lack of love a child gets from their mother and father, and the monsters they fear roaming around their bedrooms at night. Sex is just such a driver to put a security blanket on the minds of the timid who arrive late in life with those undealt with emotions. What doesn’t get measured by Google tracking and Facebook likes are the secrets of the mind from those who aspire to do more, because so far no Google engineer has figured out how to capture the aspirations of humankind rather than their insecurities. The things that people are afraid of and how they behave as consumers of curiosity do not represent what people would like to be.

So far the best measure of what humans want to be has been traced by the arts, specifically our movie culture in America. People buy a ticket for the media they most like, and these days that sentiment has moved over into video games where limits on the mortality of humans has already transferred over into avatars. Death and resurrection occurs moment by moment in the video game world as players such as in Call of Duty die and are reborn several times in a minute. Players in that realm have already become immortal in a lot of ways and are thus engaged in getting the best score and building up their stats with something showing productivity. I would argue that the average movie studio and video game producer has a better grip on the desires of human behavior than Google and Facebook, and the fear for them is that soon the governments will figure that out too. That is why Google had a minor meltdown at their lack of ability to control the outcome of the 2016 election and are hell-bent to control the 2020 election. They have thrown everything but the kitchen sink at this 2020 election, including Covid-19 and the race riots and they know from their internal polling that President Trump and his supporters are winning anyway. None of this was supposed to happen, yet it is, and they are terrified.

Knowing how terrified they are of you, you should take that as a bit of reassurance as I’ve just now explained to you a true future state that is well beyond anybody’s current projections of the matter. Mankind, all over the world is driving toward a destination that Google does not understand even with all their power. And Facebook, as history will remember it and governments will in fury remember was a dating website. The same people who use a picture of themselves 10 years old and 100 pounds lighter are giving them information they sell to governments to move policy, and of course the data is all wrong because the sources were corrupted at the point of collection. Without an ability to capture what people want to be there is no way to understand truly how they will vote, or purchase in a society driven by imagination and not raw animal instincts. And when all the smoke clears in 2020, that is how history will be written, and how the power will shift to what should be as opposed to what is.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Google and Facebook Act as Government Agents: The attacks against Judy Mikovits tells everyone how important her story is

You know there is something to it when so many people are leading a coordinated attack to hide the information, because if Judy Mikovits was just a loon, an ex-employee who was disgruntled, then there wouldn’t be so much controversy about preventing people from hearing what she has to say. I typically don’t pay too much attention to shadow banning and censorship from Google, Facebook and other media platforms because I figure, its their media, their rules. For the life of me I don’t understand why more conservatives don’t run and operate their own platforms of media, become the next YouTube, or Google. I was on YouTube as one of their first customers way before Google bought them up. They weren’t too big then for a startup, and I enjoyed their service. I don’t use them much now for the same reason that I don’t have a Facebook account. I don’t trust them. But its quite a different story when they actively are trying to shape our society with what they deem as the “correct information.” And they are a beehive of stirred activity over Judy Mikovits which tells me, there is certainly fire under all the smoke, and we need to put it out as a society.

I was doing a kind of book review for Judy Mikovits and her two current best sellers which are incredibly relevant to the complete insanity regarding the Covid-19 situation and I couldn’t find the short little documentary called Plandemic featuring her which starts to cast doubt on the kind of world that Dr. Fauci has tried to shape as a government reaction to the well known virus coming out of China. I had literally just watched that half hour video, but it had been scrubbed completely from YouTube and Vimeo which I found very disturbing. I was going to use the video for my book review, but it wasn’t available which made no sense to me, because I had seen the movie and thought there nothing harmful that would even come close to justifying such a response. The response itself indicated that there was a lot more truth to the Judy Mikovits story than anybody wanted out, and that should piss us all off.

As I said, I read her first book Plague well before there was ever a Covid-19 virus and my favorite parts of the book were how she compared her experiences in jail to a virus taking over a healthy human host. I thought there were some brilliant passages in that book that showed me a very intelligent mind. To get to all that good stuff, you have to overlook that she was a doctor and highly respected researcher for many decades who had a falling out, which appears to involve Doctor Doom himself Dr. Fauci who we see all over this Covid-19 nonsense. So why wouldn’t we listen to a woman who is a whistleblower on unethical material in the medical community when that same guy is at the heart of destroying trillions of dollars from our economy and destroying millions and millions of lives with bad advice to our President of the United States, but that the media and social media platforms are insisting that we hear only one side of the story? Well, I’ll tell you why, because Covid-19 was a hoax from the beginning. Perhaps from Fauci’s point of view, it wasn’t malicious, but to go back to Judy’s example from her first book, the virus was more “thought” than actual biological threat. We are all being attacked by a virus penetrating our society seeking to change our behavior into something governments view as more conducive, and that is very dangerous territory for us all.

As I’ve said, I have read Judy’s books, and enjoyed them. I wouldn’t take them and run with the evidence to a conclusion, but I would consider what they are saying and use them as information important to a free mind to come to conclusions. What Google and Facebook are doing however is editing the information we have access to so that they can control the narrative for government to impose its change state on our society and that is a vile act of conduct. That tells me, that Judy Mikovits needs to be more of the central story than she is. In a lot of ways you can’t know much about Joe Biden if you don’t talk about Tara Reade, or if we don’t talk about his son’s scandal in Ukraine, or his role in unmasking General Flynn. Just listening to him give campaign speeches doesn’t tell the whole story. Voters had to know the whole story about President Trump, with his playboy background, his ownership of vile casinos and his many divorces. If its part of the story, we need to know, and people decided to vote for Trump anyway. But when information is withheld to keep people from coming to conclusions on their own, then you must wonder why.

Instead, we see the same kinds of attacks against Judy Mikovits that we do against President Trump or any of his Supreme Court nominations. The smear campaigns are even more evidence that there is fire under all the smoke. As it stands now, Judy Mikovits has the best-selling book on Amazon and is on the New York Times Best Sellers list. Both of her books are now in the top ten so people are catching on that they should be considering much more information than what the news is telling them, or their government censors in Google and Facebook are letting out. Obviously a portion of any population will blindly comply with anything the government says, but the hope from Google and Facebook is that as agents of a sociological virus outbreak of “thought,” that they can trick those healthy minded people into accepting the terms of the virus and change their society into a socialist state essentially ran by their tech companies. Sure it’s a power grab and it won’t be the last time in history that we have viruses attack our society not biologically, but through sociological means. What Judy’s books have done is put a definition on the behavior and that is dangerous to the take over movement because it tells enough people what is going on that they can prevent the behavior and that has the tech monsters scared. Because they have so many tyrants and mindless bureaucrats counting on them to be successful for this new age of authority they have been selling.

The key is that if enough people stay healthy minded through this Covid-19 outbreak then the invasion may be staved off and the Green New Deal action items that the United Nations wants to enact will fall short and disintegrate in front of their faces. So the desperation by Google and Facebook is understandable taken in that context. But it wasn’t anything that Judy Mikovits did wrong, other than tell her story. They can’t afford for her story to get out because it will ruin all their plans which should say everything to the rest of the world. Do you really want Google and Facebook to shape your life and freedoms for the future? Do you really want losers like Dr. Fauci running government healthcare and sociological response? Well, then hear out Judy Mikovits and let the truth you arrive at set you free to act.

Rich Hoffman

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Steampunk and the Future of Technology

My readers here might have noticed my new mask which is kind of Steampunkish and likely wondered what the deal with it was. Well, I was shopping with my family in the famous Charleston City Market which has been around since 1804. One of the booths had kind of a Steampunk theme which my kids are into. I haven’t paid much attention to the movement because to me it represented a time that never occurred and was rooted in “what ifs” instead of factual observation and an understanding of history. Steampunk however has turned out to be very aligned with what I want to do with my new book, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business so through buying this mask it gave me several good ideas to build off of, so I started using it on my social media platforms because I think its pretty cool.

Death and life have very much been a part of my thinking lately, I’ve had some sick family, my own aging process and all this constant news about artificial intelligence taking over the human race–becoming actually a terminator type of conflict that seems much more possible today than it did when that popular movie first came out—has been on my mind. The mask to me is a clear indication that we can enhance our own flesh now, and the future looks to be even more of a case for it. So even when our flesh dies of natural causes we can continue to live on through various mechanical means, and this new mask of mind makes me think of those potentials and consequences, so I was very excited to get it. And in talking with my kids about Steampunk as an art movement that’s when it became clear that my argument for going back into the Wild West period to look at our value systems, which is key to my own efforts, was the same in bridging those values with the technology of the future.

As kind of a prerequisite to buying that mask my wife and I spent some time in Gatlinburg, Tennessee looking at grandfather clocks, which have always been on my radar. There is a very nice store on the main strip there that we have always gone in and contemplated. Even though these days a digital display clock is often better and far, far cheaper, there has always been a charm for me in the craftsmanship that goes into a grandfather clock that I crave. And at the height of the Victorian era for which the Wild West period was a part of that is why the stylized outfits and fonts looked the way they did. It was a very exciting time where guns became very reliable and could be used to shape a culture as the Victorian designs immigrated from Europe and moved with the expanding train system into the wild frontier of western expansion. These days many of our smartest people, people who enjoy thinking, are finding that they enjoy the values of that period and would like to see a return to those values. But we are all on the technological frontier of so many other positive elements that we must find a way to bridge these values, which is how Steampunk came to be as an art form.

Its not at all a mainstream thing yet, or if it ever will be. But one thing is quite clear, it was mainstream enough to have that mask I bought displayed at the very popular Charleston City Market and people walking by all stopped to look at the crafts displayed at that booth, so there is some very obvious curiosity by most people about this type of art, whether they understand it consciously or not. I suspect that subconsciously most people are thinking the same thing, they don’t want to lose themselves as individuals in the technology of the future, and they very much want to be in command of that relationship. We don’t want to lose our lives to technology, but rather want to see humans continue to set the agenda—but one way or the other, tech is here, and we must find our way with it. So suddenly, I’m quite a fan of Steampunk.

This mask is appropriate for me because honestly, I have no intentions of every dying. Now the nature of life may change, but my essence I suspect will live on in various forms forever, and as I get older, I am quite open into whatever enhancements I need to utilize to continue enjoying life. After all think about it, I have written so much that it will float around in cyberspace or whatever form of that space exists well into the future, that it will likely go on forever as defined by universal life spans. Even if all that is left is a skull, I will get all I can out of life because that is how I approach these kinds of things. While I do advocate for the values of the past, of the Victorian era Wild West values of pure capitalism and frontier justice, I think very much that those values not only work here on earth, but will work as we colonize space whether it is the moon, Mars or the moons of Jupiter. If I could live 20,000 years to see all those advancements happen or to help them along, I’ll do it whether the form is a living entity, legacy memories, or as a variation of that mask, a biological entity more machine than traditional life that exists without losing the basics of humanity.

Coming back from Charleston I had been listening to Rush Limbaugh while staying in the very nice Mt. Pleasant area and looking at all the sites and thinking about how Google was being thought of as evil, and that Facebook was capturing so much of us to build an artificial intelligence that it was forcing tough political and economic decisions for the future. For me the solution was in Steampunk, or at least the first doors to solving those complex problems and that mask gave me a reference point. But when it came time to come back home and I punched in my address to my Google Map app on my phone it stated at 5:30 AM in the morning that I would arrive back at my home in 10 hrs. and 16 minutes. Thinking about Rush Limbaugh’s radio shows and some by Alex Jones that I had been listening to online when everyone else had gone to bed I wanted to try an experiment knowing that Google had a profile of my habits that it had been collecting about me for many years. I decided to leave my phone plugged in so that I wouldn’t reset my destination forcing Google to recalculate my destination time.

On the way home I traveled with one of my daughters, her kids and my wife so there were lots of variables. We didn’t leave at 5:30 but the time really didn’t change from when we actually did so the Google Maps had figured out all our stops, our pace of driving and the traffic conditions from Mt Pleasant to our home address and all the surprises that can happen along the way. Outside of Columbia, South Carolina we stopped at a Cracker Barrel for breakfast. At the North Carolina line we switched around some drivers. Just outside of Ashville we stopped to let the kids use the restroom. In the heart of the mountains near the tunnels just before the Tennessee border we stopped to get some more food. In Knoxville we stopped to get more gas. Ahead of Jellico Mountain we stopped by McDonalds just to stretch and get a snack. On the other side of the mountain from Jellico to London, KY we had lots of single lane traffic and some serious traffic delays. We pulled off the highway to use the restroom yet again and we fiddled around for an additional 15 minutes because we were all tired of driving and didn’t want to rush only to sit in traffic again. We stopped just north of Lexington just to stretch because we were tired and wanted to get home but were getting impatient. Then we hit traffic in Florence that lasted all the way through the city of Cincinnati. By the time we got to our driveway the time on the trip back was 10 hrs. and 17 minutes. One minute longer than Google Maps had predicted originally, which I thought was astonishing.

Technology can be our friends or our enemies, what it becomes will largely be up to the values we bring to it. I for one plan to embrace it with an eye toward longevity and accomplishing more in a lifetime than typical biological existence would otherwise allow. And even the sad stories of family sicknesses prove that technology is on the cusp of solving many of those problems. But then what? Well, that is up to us to figure out, and that is my focus in helping to shape. And for me, that is a very exciting prospect and what I think about when I see that new mask found at the Charleston City Market. To me its not a scary thing, but something that will help us live beyond the terminal existence of yesteryear, but if we hold the values from the past that worked best and combined them with the future, we wouldn’t just get Steampunk art, but perhaps a new reality that matches what Jesus said when he walked the earth, “heaven is all around us, only men do not see it.” Well, maybe its time that we start looking at it.

Rich Hoffman

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