We Have to Face the Facts, Covid was a Bioweapon Meant to Destroy Capitalism: Working from home was one of the biggest mistakes of the lazy Administrative State

You have to understand that part of the strategy of the Liberal World Order is to conduct their strategies so outrageously that any question of them would be considered a radical conspiracy theory. Yet, to identify what they have done and what they intend to do requires a proper identification of their vile behavior, and if it sounds crazy, it’s because the act itself was. The people who did the act were crazy, villainous, and way off the radar of acceptability. So talking about what they do can sound crazy and far-fetched because good-thinking people have a hard time believing it. Yet that is part of how they do their evil in society because their intentions are so bad that nobody believes it’s possible. And that certainly has been the case with Covid. Just as a warning, now that we’ve lived through that first, well-planned phase, if we don’t punish those involved, like the Dr. Fauci types who knew about the gain of function research and helped make sure public funding went to the people doing the work, and the Bill Gates types, who used their money to shape the media narrative, or Klaus Schwab who had his book for the Great Reset already written and ready to go when the planned Covid-19 virus was released out of China to create what they called a “new normal,” remember that I told you so in the early days of 2020 when nobody thought such an evil thing was possible. I said at the time that Covid was an attack by the Greenie Weenie types to keep people in their homes, keep people from using fossil fuels to drive a capitalist economy and that the virus was created in a Chinese lab by global forces to steal an election under the haze of panic, made by terrorists to gain control of the entire world, which is precisely what happened.

Now we have to face the facts that it happened on our watch. Once we get control of the House and Senate in America, we have to prosecute those who were involved because if they don’t, the next manufactured Covid virus may not be engineered to only kill under 1% of the world population but 80%, which was conveniently leaked information from a Boston lab just a few weeks from the election of 2022. I would say that the leak was a warning, a gun to all our heads of what is possible. These are people who will kill most of the world’s population if they find they can’t have control of it. They are not sane people and don’t plan to give power back through elections. They believe themselves to be beyond prosecution, they think they own the courts and world opinion through the media, and they are not afraid of judgment of any kind. And you better believe it, they didn’t want to kill everyone during the first Covid launch. They just wanted to get everyone’s attention.

Covid was manufactured in a lab paid for mainly by American taxpayer money to make a Covid virus that was very contagious but not very deadly. Just deadly enough to scare people. But not enough to actually kill them. The point of the virus was mass enslavement, to convince people to give up their sovereignty and turn everything over to the Liberal World Order and their Administrative State. It was their Great Reset, and they planned to use Covid to create a New Normal. And suppose they don’t get their way? In that case, they will manufacture the next virus to kill most of the population because they are crazy and believe that they must do so to save the planet from the infestation of humans that their radical religion of earth worship says is evil to the world. 

And you can see the panic in their actions behind the people who made Covid the first time. You can see the panic in Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates when he is doing interviews on liberal cable shows trying to reshape the Covid story, which never would have happened without him. Klaus Schwab is in a panic because of populism rising up all over the world. Larry Fink is trying to reshape the image of BlackRock now that people know what kind of scam they have been running. Zuckerbucks is trying to reshape the image of Facebook because they are contaminated with election fraud, as they were caught red-handed. Sure they have the courts eating out of their hands because they all sprinkle plenty of money around, but people know. Their New Normal has turned out to be rejected by people. People wanted to return to the Old Normal as fast as possible, rejecting the New Normal altogether. Never has it been more evident than in the work-from-home debacle. As we look around America at the slow supply chains and generally poor condition of workforce engagement, you can see the devastating results of the Klaus Schwab New Normal grotesquely. I thought it was bad before 2019 when they released Covid from China to steal the election from Trump and put Joe Biden in his place, a compromised fool they could easily control. I thought the American workforce was already terribly destroyed through their educations, through union activism, and the general erosion of socialist policies in the minds of traditional Americans. They had this lazy, work only 40 hours a week mentality and didn’t show up for work enough before Covid. After Covid, and the ridiculous CDC tried to rewrite all the labor laws with 10-day quarantines just for being near someone with Covid, and the work-from-home strategies meant to keep people from driving their fossil fuel-driven cars, the impact on the American workforce has been detrimental.    

The larger the company and the more woke they have been forced to be with influences such as BlackRock, the more loose they have become with their labor expectations. And these days, most companies don’t know when their employees are coming to work, especially on the white-collar side of things. The Covid push was to keep people out of the office, to decentralize corporate control, and to give that control to the Administrative State run by white-coat bureaucrats who work for the World Health Organization and are protected by the American military and our own FBI. But what the losers of the Covid movement didn’t realize, because many of them are rich and disconnected from how they became that way, is that work is a function of human interaction. And here they were trying to take the human interaction out of work, which was destined to fail. People need to see each other, even if they don’t like each other. They can’t sit around at home, do a few weekly meetings through Microsoft Teams or Zoom, and expect to get anything done. People working from home only work 15 hours a week instead of 40. I would argue a company should expect a salaried person to work at least 60 hours a week to be competitive in the world, and that clearly is not happening now. With the government intrusions into the labor market with Covid as the excuse, they have turned productive hours of employment into the typical lazy slugs of government employment. Companies are lucky if they get 20 hours of work from their salary people per week, and from their hourly force, they are lucky if they show up. Because of the Covid restrictions, many employees no longer think they need a doctor’s note to call off work; all they have to say is that they were near someone who was near someone, who was near someone with a positive Covid test, and they think they get to stay home for two weeks playing Playstation. It’s ridiculous and is the result of direct government tampering, the intentions of the Desecrators of Davos, and their micromanagement of mass society through what they tried to create, which was a “New Normal.” But now that their efforts have failed, people have rejected everything about them and are finally getting back to work, slowly. Be ready for this same group of people to unleash an even deadlier virus that they have manufactured using gain of function to do it. Yes, they will kill most of the planet rather than pay for their crimes. And if we don’t hold them accountable quickly, they surely will. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Indictment of The World Economic Forum: Klaus Schwab’s crimes against humanity

I can’t say enough about Charlie Kirk’s little book The Conservative Response to The Great Reset, by TPUSA Faith Publications. You might remember that Jack Posobiec was in Davos to cover this year’s event when the World Economic Forum police arrested him just for being there and reporting on the Warroom.  So Turning Point USA has been onto Klaus Schwab and the gang of Desecrators of Davos for a long time, and the result of their work is in that little book, which came out as an Indictment of the World Economic Forum group itself for the creation of Covid and their knowledge of it beforehand. I remember when Klaus Schwab published his book in the summer of 2020, The Great Reset, just four months after the pandemic started. Or should I say, “plandemic.” Things were happening fast; I was reading a lot of books trying to figure out what was going on, America was in a lockdown, and President Trump was learning just how deep the forces against America were when he was trying to reopen the country during an election year after he had just gone through a second impeachment attempt by congress, before Easter. The health authorities wouldn’t let him do it. Trump was perplexed, and it was revealed the tentacles for Covid went much deeper than American borders and policy. This was a global coup against all sovereign governments, and the enemies were hard to see. Well, in hindsight, it’s quite clear, and this is what Charlie’s book makes a point of; Klaus Schwab wrote his book about The Great Reset as an answer to how Covid could be used to change the world over to global socialism before anything that we were seeing actually happened. This means Klaus Schwab knew what would happen before it actually did. That means his group; The World Economic Forum was complicit in the most destructive terrorist attack the world had ever seen, the release of Covid from a lab in Wuhan, China, that destroyed the economies of the world for a tactical reason only the socialists of the United Nations would benefit from. 

I said it from the outset; Covid was always a terrorist weapon intended to fulfill the strategies of the climate change radicals of Europe. But when I said it, there wasn’t yet proof; only a number of disjointed facts and observations pointed in that direction. But now, we have other sources who are uncovering what happened in hindsight, and they are coming to the same conclusions independently. And the most damning evidence is in the release of Klaus Schwab’s book, The Great Reset, where he was all ready to go to take advantage of the crises; he obviously had a part in planning to help guide the world to a future the World Economic Forum clearly was already invested in. Good work on behalf of Jack Posobiec, Charlie Kirk, and many others at TPUSA to work out the details from a faith-based perspective. I enjoyed their little book, which you can get with a small donation to Turning Point USA. I think everyone should read the book because it’s about one of the biggest villains currently on display on planet earth. A hostility so immense that it makes all the world’s tyrants up to this point look small in comparison, and we are talking about Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro, all the fun people who have killed millions and millions of people, claiming them all, for the “greater good” as they interpret that good. What’s good for evil is obviously, more evil. After reading the book, there is clearly enough evidence presented to initiate an indictment of the World Economic Forum and its members to prosecute for crimes against humanity. Who knew what and when they knew it, how long, and how many were involved in the scheme? There is no way Klaus Schwab didn’t know about Covid coming; he was intimate with Bill Gates, who was at the center of everything Covid. He had the tech tyrants in his corner, like Mark Zuckerberg, which would explain how the social media platforms acted so quickly to control what information the public could see. And the entire movement was meant to be bigger than any government in the world could control, which was the first time an attack like this had ever occurred. They believed themselves to be beyond prosecution.

It’s no small matter what Bill Gates did, a member of the World Economic Forum. He and Dr. Fauci knew that hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin could treat Covid-19, so they conspired to use respected medical journals, desperate perpetually for money, to do hit pieces against Covid treatment so that they could implement the World Economic Forum’s plan for mass vaccinations, which was clearly part of their yearly meeting discussions. Many thousands of people died because they did not or were not allowed to use Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine to treat their Covid symptoms. And the social distancing policies and deliberate isolations that took the elderly and locked them behind a glass window removed from their loved ones was deliberate torture of the family concept that was purposeful, to drive the point home of the danger that Covid was so that people would be steered like cattle to the vaccines that Bill Gates wanted to administer. This fit into the World Economic Forum’s strategic goals of a cashless world and the tracking of every single person on the planet with vaccine passports, which could have never been implemented without a pandemic.

But to make matters worse, the evidence points to the fact that the entire pandemic was planned and created by all these same characters. That’s how they knew it was coming and what they intended to do about it. What they wanted out of the crises was the rules of the change state, the vaccine passports, the control of governments, and the erosion of border sovereignty. It was the biggest conspiracy in the history of the world, and it brought the greatest harm that any war previously could only imagine. And all roads trace back to the members of the World Economic Forum.

Before Klaus Schwab started The World Economic Forum in Geneva, Switzerland, in 1971, it hadn’t been around very long. When the term “globalism” is tossed around, groups like the WEF embody the essence of the concept. I’ve read Klaus Schwab’s books just to keep up with current events, and my thoughts about him were that he was insane. He is so outrageously Marxist that many people just didn’t take the group very seriously. That is, normal people. But as wealthy people looking for daddy figures in their life, people like Gates, Trudeau, Zuckerberg, and Larry Fink, people who were socially awkward in a normal capitalist society where the strongest, best looking, and hardest working end up with the pretty girls, they found the Klaus Schwab message lucrative. And as they gained great wealth in the world and the power that comes with it, they turned that power into the strategies of globalism at The World Economic Forum. And they have been looking to undo the world from capitalism into socialism and communism ever since. Their intention with Covid was a well-planned terrorist attack, no different than those that put us at war with Osama bin Laden. What Klaus Schwab and his band of misfits did was much worse and much less obscure. And how we typically deal with terrorists should be no less severe in this case. At a minimum, for the crimes against humanity that were caused by a purposely made Covid virus, not something that just happened by accident, but was deliberately unleashed into the world, The World Economic Forum members have their hands all over it, and the prosecutions that must take place need to start there. If we can extradite Julian Assange for operating as a member of the free press in a socialist world that does not support freedom of speech, we can prosecute Klaus Schwab for crimes against humanity and acts of terrorist aggression against The United States of America.

Rich Hoffman

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‘The Bodies of Others’: What did you do during this historic time, did you just put on the mask and shut up, or did you fight back?

Before getting into the details of Naomi Wolf’s new book, The Bodies of Others, I would refer the reader to my articles of January and February of 2020 when I said from day one that Covid was a Pearl Harbor type of attack on our way of life from the climate change religious radicals like Bill Gates who would do anything at the time to get rid of President Trump during an election year.  Now, several years later, we know a lot more than we did then.  But just remember, what I said then, and have continued to say about Covid, which has turned out to be 100% correct.  So use that knowledge to consider the merit when I say that many books have now been written talking about the intent and aftermath of Covid-19 and the government’s needs for it, and what they were willing to do to implement global control over every single human being.  What lives they were willing to dispose of, and how many people they would sacrifice to do it.  We know with certainty now that Covid was made in a Chinese lab.  Dr. Fauci knew about it.  China knew about it.  Bill Gates funded the public relations campaign to support it, so he was well aware of what he was doing, and they purposely killed people to make their point as Covid was unleashed from China to bring the world to its knees with a military attack.  This time it wasn’t a nation-state like Russia, China, or Iran.  This time it was the administrative state of white lab coat bureaucrats, a kind of Revenge of the Nerds campaign to change the way the entire world did business by destroying capitalism and ushering in an age of global communism led by the World Health Organization and ultimately The United Nations. 

Since I made my initial statements on Covid and warned what the truly bad people of the world were up to, many books have been written that provide evidence to my warnings.   I knew what was going on because of my experience dealing with these types of people for years and understanding that they would commit such a level of vast evil.  Most people had a hard time accepting that premise or even seeing it.  When you spend your entire life trusting people in white lab coats and authority figures in general, they become a kind of parental figure in our lives that make it hard for us to question.  And that is what makes Naomi Wolf’s book different than all the other ones that have been written in the aftermath of Covid protocols and the vaccine mandates that have come after.  Naomi Wolf used to be one of the left-leaning Davos elites.  She was invited to the same parties and was part of the media culture perpetuating this attack.  So she was in a unique position to explore the hows and whys Covid happened and what the intention was all along.  And how so many millions of people could perpetrate it knowingly, but like the Milgram Experiment from the 60s, would put obedience to authority over the logic of individual thought in most cases, which spread that Covid evil in vast ways many are just now getting their minds around.  We are talking about an evil here that is so bad and horrible that it meant to hide itself in our society by being too audacious to consider, and that is how it moved throughout society.  In the process of all that, Naomi Wolf altered her political outlook and went through a bit of a revelation that many could understand.  That is why her book, The Bodies of Others, is the number one book being sold presently.  And also why Amazon is sabotaging it in every way they can as a bookseller.  It doesn’t matter; people are buying it anyway, by the bucket loads. 

What makes a person evil is the book’s central premise, that nice person you are having lunch with or conversing with at a dinner party, they seem so nice, how could they be evil?  Everyone seems helpful, interested, and worldly at those kinds of things.  So how do we go from that person, or those people, and suddenly they are killing hundreds of thousands of people and manipulating data so they can stir public opinion to change political philosophy out of sheer fear?  Because that was the essence of what Covid was, it was a manufactured bioweapon that was used to terrify the innate instincts of the entire human race and grossly abuse the authority relationships of all governments around the world to political upheaval.  A destruction of capitalism and to initiate the Great Reset that the Desecrators of Davos clearly had planned for many years.  That is what Naomi Wolf explores in her book as it chronicles her journey from one of those types into a thoughtful dissident who asks the question at the end of the book, “what did you do during the pandemic.” Did you just obediently put on the mask and yield to the authority figures, or did you fight back?  Most people just put on the mask, socially distanced themselves from others, got the mandatory vaccine shot, and hoped they wouldn’t be attacked for resistance.  And they have to live with that guilt now, and it’s painful for people.  That guilt will rot in them for the rest of their lives.  Some like her went along with it at first but, over time, realized what a mess it was and started to fight back.  Now she is an advocate for supporting constitutional freedoms and creating a defense from medical tyranny, which is a very real thing.  We have been taught to trust doctors from some of our youngest memories.  And that is how they attacked us.  Most everything we were told and that was done to us at the level of global politics was a lie by the authority figures in our lives, and it has left us in need of action, which we are just now starting to define. 

Reading books like The Bodies of Others helps provide context.  It’s about how authority figures, thinking from their perspective that adherence to authority was morality, no matter the cost, used other people’s bodies to advocate for their inbred tyranny.  The kind of utopian destruction that is talked about at those fancy dinner parties where everything seems so worldly after a bottle of wine and all the well-dressed participants start to look more wrinkled as the night wears on and clothes aren’t so neatly placed as they were at the beginning of the evening.  The essence of all such people is that they bring with them all the psychological problems of their youth; if they never overcame their own authority figures to embrace their own individual lives and the boldness it takes to live them, they seek to hide those insecurities behind process and rigid social systems governed by authority.  And to get rid of President Trump, the world was willing to go full authoritarian, to murder people for the sake of gaining power over the bodies of others.  They destroyed economies and people’s lives in many ways, but worst of all, they were willing to kill to perform their task, leaving us with an uncomfortable aftermath as to what to do now.  There isn’t much that culture provides that gives context to the problem.  But there are books that are written, books like The Bodies of Others, that open that door in a healthy way, a way our culture needs.  And they provide context so that we can understand what happened to us and what we have to do about it in the future.  Yet, regardless of the level of experience that there is on this matter, we are compelled to do something about what evil did to visit us during this dark time in history, and it requires us to be bold in what we do next.  Because of the many lives lost in the process and many lives ruined along the way, history will remember most of what the human race did to subdue this vast evil spread through authority figures for the worst reasons that intellect can conceive.  And before that can happen, we must understand it ourselves, and books like The Bodies of Others are the first step in doing that.

Rich Hoffman

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The Zimmer Power Plant Closed: You bet we are at war, and part of the strategy is to trick us into not seeing it

I spoke with many money people this past week, and one thing they all have in common is the difficulty in explaining what they are seeing in the finance world, specifically, the finance of energy. The Zimmer Power Plant just south of Cincinnati in Moscow, Ohio, just closed, and the rest of its employees will be gone by the end of June. It’s the only real industry in Moscow, and it’s going way. The trouble is that nobody understands why until I tell them. Then, of course, the reaction is, “nobody is that evil.” Which is part of the exploitation of the enemy, our belief that people are better than they really are, and that regulators who have put Zimmer out of business with green energy regulations have our best interests as a human civilization in mind. But it’s evident that what we are seeing coming through the green energy movement is a military attack that foreign attackers would have never attempted otherwise. No military in the world is going to dare take on the United States with military strength. Instead, they have attacked us in a way we have no means to see and deal with, through rules and regulations driven by ESG scores. If you wanted to attack America, then the power grid would be the way to do it, to rob our flourishing economy of its power so it can’t expand, while our enemy China is building power plants by the bucketloads to fuel their economic growth. As all these coal plants like Zimmer shut down, the uneasy question that comes up is, well, what will replace it? The answer, of course, is nothing. Solar isn’t going to get us there. Neither will wind. So what is the purpose of shutting down all these plants without a real, sustainable plan to deal with the loss of power? That’s where the eyes start looking scared among the finance people because they have no other way to explain what they are seeing.

If a foreign country, like Japan from World War II, attacked a power plant in Los Angeles to knock out power in our country, we would have called it an act of war. We would rally the troops, get them in planes; then, we would attack Tokyo and write many stories about the heroics for history to remember. We have all been trained to view war as tanks, planes, and troops on the ground through movies and television over our entire lifetimes.   We don’t think of federal regulators as the enemy. We don’t think of scientists as malicious. The government, our government anyway, is here to help, or so we thought. The possibility of our government selling us out to the World Economic Forum’s radical climate change plans through people like John Kerry and Joe Biden never crosses our minds because we see them as fundamentally American, despite party politics. And when they say they have our best interests in mind, we tend to believe them. That’s precisely what got us into so much trouble with Covid, a manufactured virus built in a lab in China and managed by Dr. Fauci, funded by Bill Gates, to bring the world to its knees and to put in power the new class of tech bureaucracy ran by the World Health Organization to force all nations to give up their sovereignty to fight this new virus.   The evil in all of that is just too much for most people to get their minds around. But that’s where the facts take us. It’s actually much worse than all that, but for most, it was easier just to wear the mask and take the vaccine shot rather than shatter their trust in the world’s bureaucracies and comprehend their malicious intentions. 

The Zimmer plant in Moscow started as a nuclear power facility but never passed its final inspections. In the aftermath of Three Mile Island, which was essentially a media-driven crisis rather than a real one, Zimmer was converted into a coal plant. Liberals have been attacking nuclear energy since its inception for the same reasons that they finally managed to shut down all the coal plants through Larry Fink’s ESG scores, to put limits on America’s growth and its industry, and to cripple capitalism like liberals seek to abort babies, to kill them before they are even born. Do you see the pattern in behavior, whether it’s the murder of babies with abortion or by killing American industry through power supply? The goal is to destroy growth so that the country is easier to defeat by global aggressors. I’ve been to Zimmer many times, and even as a young plant, it always felt like it was old and ready to be killed off because liberal politics have been attacking it since it was built to accommodate the growing power needs of the Cincinnati Tri-State area. And now, after a long fight, the owners of Zimmer have decided that it’s not worth it. The writing is on the wall. Biden is in the White House, the administration is connected intimately to the Desecrators of Davos, and they have a war against fossil fuels. There’s no money in hanging on to a coal plant that the Biden administration, like the Obama administration before it intended, would destroy all fossil fuel methods and replace them with undeveloped green energy. Zimmer was projected to stay open for another five years, but it was recently announced that they’d close five years earlier. 

I see it as an act of war by an inserted Biden administration. The election fraud occurred so that this war against American capitalism could continue. Even surrounded by proof of election fraud, the malicious nature of the medical community using Covid as an authoritarian power grab, and now these radical intentions against America’s power grid, most people can’t get their minds around the idea. It’s too much, too fast, and conducted by all the people we have been taught our entire lives in public education to trust, the media, the government, white-coated doctors, and federal regulators. There isn’t any plan to cover the gaps left in the wake of Zimmer and the many other coal plants that are being forced to shut down by the new boards of directors installed from BlackRock, Vanguard, and State Street with progressive radicals who put climate change as a religion to the most important consideration. They aim to shut down all our power options as a nation and destroy our ability to produce anything. If you were competing with America as a foreign country, what better way to destroy them than by disabling their power grid and blaming it on some made-up nonsense like “climate change.” And what’s worse is that these ESG scores are only being implemented in competing markets to help China. So let’s see, the Covid virus which shut down our economy came from China. The ESG policies come from the World Economic Forum, which has put China-style authority as its goal for the future state of global politics. Even as America shuts down power plants like Zimmer, China builds dozens of them, and all that pollution blows over the Pacific Ocean through the jet stream and ends up in America anyway. So what’s the only purpose behind it all? Well, it’s war. It’s a war against all of us in America, and it’s being waged on us by the kinds of people we were taught to trust so that this very kind of thing could happen. We’ve all been played as suckers, and while we are spinning around in circles trying to figure it all out, the evil intentions are coming at us at full speed. And they don’t care if we have our lives destroyed in the process. After all, that’s the purpose of war. And you better believe it, we are at war.

Rich Hoffman

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Covid Deaths Were Part of the Strategy: An evil so vast that many can’t comprehend it

The difficult thing is to consider the vast level of evil we are dealing with here, to admit to ourselves that the Administrative State, for lack of a better collective term for the mass behavior, is vastly evil in incomprehensive ways and that they purposely have used that audacity to murder people on a global scale. Listening to Dr. Harvey Risch on the Warroom with Steve Bannon, it was the first time a person from the academic side of the discussion admitted in the open something I have been talking about since the beginning. But coming from him, it was shocking.   We weren’t talking about radical conspiracy theorists here; this was one of their own, from the academic viewpoint regarding the actions of the Administrative State and its preservation as an evil entity using Covid-19 as a murder weapon, what many had been thinking about, but had yet consciously admitted it in a news flash kind of way.   This topic was hot recently because of Neomi Wolf’s book, The Bodies of Others which digs into many of the terrible deeds and motives that occurred behind the Health Department’s push to gain administrative control over virtually every person’s life in the world and to ruin those lives as they saw fit. Other books had been out, such as Dr. Peter Breggin’s book, Covid 19 – We are the Prey that had been calling attention to this detrimental problem, but there was some great levity to this interview with Dr. Risch that was the culmination of all this investigation that pointed to just one all-inclusive word, evil. 

This isn’t the kind of information that you’ll find on Fox News or NBC, for that matter. Pharmaceutical companies and their advertising dollars completely control those outlets for the news. So they haven’t covered the biggest story in the history of mankind because they can’t. They are bought and paid for by the vast amounts of money that are behind this evil push to actually kill people to fulfill some global plot of population control. The crazy lunatics of the fringe climate change movement, such as Bill Gates, obviously have no problem with the mass murder of millions of people, and they have hidden that desire behind the invented Covid-19 virus that was created through gain of function by Dr. Fauci’s people in a Chinese lab in Wuhan. The virus was released during a hot election year where the perpetual plot to overthrow President Trump was a key need of the Chinese to avoid the trade war that they were about to undergo, and they didn’t like it. That history we have talked about abundantly, and as bad as it all is, that’s not the worst of it.

According to Dr. Risch, there were discussions of preventing the public from getting access to ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine as a corrective action to the impending Covid-19 as early as 2019. That means that they knew what they were planning to do, much earlier than even the Event 201 in New York that year, where they actually role-played the viral outbreak, which was followed completely just a few months later in February and March of 2020. The medical community was knowingly planning the murder of many thousands of people by denying them the medicine needed to fight Covid once it was released from China because they wanted the shock and awe of the death count to get the attention of the public and change their behavior toward a more favorable climate change public position. Without the deaths, there would be no public outcry for change, so the plan to kill people as part of the decision-making process was a substantial part of their strategy. And the governments of the world played right into their hands. It’s the worst death cult that has ever been unleashed on earth, and it’s every bit as bad as the imagination can support. This explains why all the media outlets were ready to project their death meters on their broadcasts and why so many governors and health departments were all ready to go early in 2020 with the lockdown procedures and the media narrative. While most people were shocked at what was happening, many from the administrative state side of things were ready to kill people to advance their social cause as viewed from the liberal mindset.

We often point to Hitler’s behavior in Germany toward the Jews as an ultimate act of mass murder and evil. But what happened with Covid-19 was far, far worse. Every advertiser in pharma, every government who thought that by killing off people that the earth might be saved from climate change, every scientist looking for funding from Dr. Fauci who knew the plan but kept their mouths shut so not to jeopardize their funding they, all knowingly committed mass murder by giving an innocent population a virus that was made through gain of function, by our own Department of Defense and released by a communist government that wanted desperately to torpedo the Trump presidency and to drive the point home, they needed deaths to get everyone’s attention, so to serve the needs of climate change, a religion for the political left that they are as fanatic over as suicide bombers who kill people in hopes of being greeted by an orgy of virgins in the afterlife. What we just experienced on a global scale is mass insanity from the mind of murderers, and the crime is so big that no government in the world can get its mind around how to deal with the situation. And until recently, nobody could even discuss that evil without sounding like a radical conspiracy theorist. But this is no conspiracy; it’s true and getting worse by the day as we learn more and more about what really happened. As I said initially, the information is getting out, the books are being written, and the guilty parties are being exposed. So far, I think the Robert Kennedy Jr. book The Real Anthony Fauci is the most damning of all the books. But the other books mentioned here tell the story we all need to hear. But there isn’t anything more powerful than hearing from people who were in the know, like that Dr. Risch interview on the Warroom. It’s a stunning revelation that the murder of people due to Covid was pre-planned and considered acceptable. And knowing that, we have to deal with these characters with a new assumption, not that other people always intend good, even if they make vile mistakes, which had been the assumption regarding Covid-19. In a dire situation, people meant well, and mistakes cost lives. No, we are dealing with people more evil than Hitler or any other mass murderer from history. Covid was meant to kill people, and the means to save themselves were denied from a planned beginning by people who clearly had evil intent from the outset. And until we deal with that, the world will continue to be vulnerable to more vile acts even more vicious. This is evil so bad that our minds cannot grasp it, and that evil counts on our lack of ability to conceal itself in our living world, through our news media, through our politics, through our rules and regulations to prey on the innocent and consume our very souls for the maniacal and twisted plans of infamy in some Hellish plot meant to end all mankind, and nothing less.

Rich Hoffman

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Jim Renacci is Winning Big over Governor DeWine, 46% to 30%: Greatness in Ohio is poised to make a comeback

It’s pretty late in the game for such a poll to come out in The Ohio Star that showed Jim Renacci is up 49% to DeWine’s 30. That is good news. The other candidates’ Joe Blystone, came in at 20%, with Ron Hood at 4%, with the May primary coming up fast. There is a chance that the date for the primary might move to August due to district mapping Supreme Court decisions, but for a snapshot of where things are in the spring of 2022, things are looking very good for Jim Renacci. And Renacci’s own people confirm that this sampling of 1,342 likely primary voters is consistent with their internal polling. I would caution that such sampling could still run hot or cold depending on what part of the State the polling is done. For instance, in Cuyahoga County, Renacci is from that region and will naturally perform well, whereas DeWine is better known in the south of the State by default. But that is a pretty good lead and is consistent with the temperature of Ohio after a disastrous four years of Mike DeWine. Even at his recent State of the State speech, where all the focus was on him, with no Renacci to compete for attention, DeWine could not escape the cascade of blunders born out of his reaction to Covid-19. DeWine will always be known as the first governor in all the country that started the lockdowns, and for that, we can never forgive him. 

But I would caution everyone not to get too cocky just yet. While this poll shows a big lead, you can bet everything that DeWine’s 30% will show up to vote for him on a primary day. They might hold their nose to doing it, but they will because they are probably tied to him somehow. So his 30% is real, and it is active. Really at no point in this whole process has Mike DeWine cracked the 40% threshold, so his support has always been a fringe portion of the old establishment type of Republican voter.   It says quite a lot about the strength of the Renacci campaign that he can poll as high as he can against an established Republican, even with competition from two other challengers. But voter turnout will be vital to sustaining this polling lead. There is a reason that establishment candidates tend always to win, and that’s because their base participates in elections on primary day while most everyone else talks about who they’ll vote for but forget about the importance of primaries. That makes it very hard for Central Committees to pick against an incumbent no matter how much they’d like to see different results. This election is different for many reasons, so we are dealing with lots of uncharted new conditions. But once the votes are counted for this primary, the winner will be the candidate with the most active base. 

Yes, it was very embarrassing for Governor DeWine, granted it was on Renacci’s home turf in Cuyahoga County. The Republican Party recently voted to endorse Mike DeWine with a 123-75 margin. It wasn’t even close, and they aren’t delusional. That kind of comprehensive win for an establishment party is great no matter where it comes from. Other parts of the State have supported Mike DeWine, but they risk looking like fools in picking a loser, which is tricky because so many people are just holding their nose for DeWine just to get along in their local parties. But the truth is, Renacci has done an excellent job in creating an option for DeWine, and people have not forgotten what DeWine did to them with Covid-19. Mike DeWine is Ohio’s, Dr. Fauci. When everyone thought they would die over Covid, DeWine’s strategy of exploiting authoritarian rule over all of Ohio, shutting down businesses, church services, and putting an abortion activist in charge of health, DeWine was polling well among Democrats. But not with Republicans. And even though DeWine had tried to be more Republican since the summer of 2021, when the lockdowns and mask mandates finally were removed, the public has not forgiven him. We know a lot more about Covid-19 than we did in 2020, and it’s quite clear that Governor DeWine overreacted and led the nation into a destructive course of action that was reprehensible. He cost the lives of many Ohioans, destroyed businesses, violated the Constitution multiple times with grave consequences, and it will take decades for many of those memories to alleviate. A few months isn’t enough to help DeWine in an election where there is stiff competition like there is in this 2022 primary.

The good news isn’t just one stand-off poll; there is evidence everywhere that Jim Renacci is poised to beat Mike DeWine in the 2022 primary comfortably. Renacci is the Trump candidate in the race, so given where Ohio is in relation to the President, that enthusiasm shows up in support of the Ohio governor race. Renacci has promised to be the Ron DeSantis of Ohio, and the world is watching great government coming out of Florida as an example for everyone to see. It’s a real opportunity for Ohio to really do some great things if they had a governor like Renacci, who I think could be better than Ron DeSantis. It was President Trump who opened up this new kind of political playbook. DeSantis didn’t start on such sure footing. By adopting the Trump management style, he has been able to really put Florida on the map of leadership. His success has given him the political clout to take on the wokeness of Disney when any other governor would be crawling through broken glass to kiss up to the biggest employers of Florida with appeasement. What’s good for Disney obviously isn’t good for the rest of the State, and DeSantis has done well to stick up to the big bully for the benefit of Florida, and people see that.

Renacci is the same type of person; he could be a great governor in Ohio. Better than DeSantis. And with a month to go before the primary, obviously, people are feeling it. Just remember, while all this is wonderful to see and hear, it still takes showing up to vote for Renacci on election day. It would be good if Blystone and Hood would rally behind Renacci to ensure a victory against DeWine. They aren’t going to gain any more of the vote at this point, and if they really wanted to help Ohio, they would find a home under the Renacci umbrella. There’s plenty of room. It would also be an excellent time to get a Trump endorsement, officially. For President Trump, that would be a low-risk endorsement that could really engage voters and ensure that they do show up for the primary. But with just a little bit to go, Jim Renacci is looking good. There is a lot of hope that we may just get to see how great Ohio can be and that we can put these dark days of DeWine behind us. As bad as the last several years have been, the years before us could be many times better. Perhaps, just perhaps, we will see it. We certainly deserve it. Ohio is a great state, and it deserves a great Governor to represent the people who make it so great. DeWine is undoubtedly not that guy. Jim Renacci is, and everything is pointing in the right direction for greatness to make a comeback.    

Rich Hoffman

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Why Does Bill Gates Want More Money: The Desecrators of Davos use wealth as a weapon and we are all on their target list for global domination

It has been the crime of the century, really of our lives. As the smoke has cleared this year in just who was to blame for Covid, for the election fraud of 2020, and the detrimental conditions around the world, a clear pattern has emerged. There has been a billionaire coup in the world, a desire to pull all the governments and currency of every country under their control as viewed by the lunatic globalists who meet at the Chatham House in London and other places like Davos and Dubai. In the echo chamber of their own minds, it made sense. And the crime was so bad and fanatic that ordinary people couldn’t even get their minds wrapped around the idea of what they did. Bill Gates used his vast wealth to buy up research results essentially. Most of them are made up to effectively steer everyone toward vaccines to control the entire world population from a medical perspective. Dr. Fauci was brought in to sell the narrative. Of course, George Soros covered the investment of radical politicians in critical positions to undo law and order from within America, so there would be no resistance to their efforts worldwide. He and others financed color revolutions in the streets of America during Trump’s last year to push people into wanting a change in leadership. His open border society would blend all the lines and topple political boundaries; it was intended as a global kind of gerrymandering. Larry Fink and the money asset managers like BlackRock have been undercutting American companies at the executive level and replacing them with extreme radical progressives who will bend the knee to woke culture and eventual stakeholder capitalism concepts. The results of this work can be seen in the Disney Company, now long lost to the menace of these villains. They wanted to destroy the American concept of family, so they attacked that company, and the results are currently on the daily news. Then, of course, Mark Zuckerberg and others from the tech sector would finance and perform the act of election fraud to get rid of President Trump and destroy the populist uprising in America and around the world. There were many others involved, of course. Still, those are essentially the five coordinated paths that were established to attack our country and all of us in it for what has become a global revolutionary war.   Put all together; I call them the Desecrators of Davos. 

In that way, we have to begin to sort out a means to destroy these attackers of our country and save for the world America as the beacon of light that it represents to everyone. The attack is confirmed; the criminal conduct is ostentatious, and it has been hidden from us because we have not learned in our lives to see villains like this. The biggest problem they have is in understanding  the nature of their evil. For instance, Bill Gates had all the money globally he could want; he couldn’t spend it all on luxury items if he wanted to. So what’s in it for him to use his money only to make more money with partnerships with Big Pharma and force governments to put their product into over 8 billion people around the world. To understand how to fight these new global terrorists, ordinary people need context even to begin to know what we are dealing with. Most people think a million dollars is a lot of money and would do anything to get their hands on it because it would mean they would not have to worry about the silly things in life, like a car payment or house payment. That they could take any vacation they wanted without thinking about it. Since Bill Gates has all the money a person could ever want, even Dr. Fauci is an exceptionally highly paid government employee with hundreds of thousands of dollars a year as a salary, why would they be so interested in making even more money? Why would any of the Desecrators of Davos? Well, the answer to that question is the first step in fighting this war and understanding the kind of people who have always been on earth and salivated for power over other people. It’s the reason we have an American Constitution and why our society thrived as a result of the jealous minds of the world plotted in the Chatham House to retake control of the world and all the people in it for several centuries now, since travel around the world became more accessible with boats, planes and the internet. 

Gates doesn’t care about money for what money can buy. None of the Desecrators of Davos do. They have so much wealth that they can’t imagine the concerns of ordinary people any longer, the things that money can buy to live life. From the perspective of Gates, money is a tool that the entire world desperately wants, and most people will do anything to get their hands on it. A lonely writer for some internet news site may not be a bleeding-heart liberal. But they need to pay their rent and possibly get a new car. Their editor has been told that Bill Gates needs a puff piece for some Bill Gates-funded research to destroy the public notion the public has that hydroxychloroquine might save them from a Bill Gates-funded bioweapon called Covid-19 that was being let out of a lab in Wuhan, China so that they could be blamed for the outbreak. But Gates needs someone to talk up the vaccine in the media. Would you do it? Would you do it if Gates, through many hands of established media, would give you a million dollars? Well, most people in that situation would do anything for a million dollars, including crawling naked over broken glass, if it meant they would not have to worry about making money again. Gates and the other Desecrators of Davos have learned that the essential aspect of their money has been to exploit people like that poor writer and use them for their cause of attack and desecration of American culture. 

And much of the sheer evil we have seen over these last few years have been of this nature, desperate people exploited by the vast wealth of these billionaires to advance a global progressive platform. Much of what we see and know about everything in the world, like thinking of China as the enemy, or Russia, is to direct our intention from the real menace.   If the Desecrators of Davos were eliminated from their tampering in the world, we would find that much of the trouble we all feel all the time would go away. And Bill Gates is one of those menaces using his vast wealth not for good as he attempts to mask it for the world through charitable foundations but to get control of every person to fulfill some deep-rooted insecurity. He has an insanely insecure personality and has a maniacal need to rule over others, just as many madmen have over the last several thousand years. The vaccine obsession for Gates has nothing to do with health; he has a 30 plus year track record of destruction, with the vaccine partnerships he has had with Dr. Fauci and Big Pharma that have killed many hundreds of thousands of people in the way that Covid did, by aggravating other ailments with the vaccine and plunging people into death months after they took the untested medicine. The pharma companies weren’t asking questions; they just wanted to sell their product. Fauci had the same problems of control as Gates, so he acted as the money man and the government backer who learned he could make presidents of the United States do anything he wanted them to do, just by convincing them that if they didn’t support vaccines, that people would die. Fauci played this game with Bill Clinton, George Bush, Obama, and Trump. But for Gates, the concept of a one-world government starts by making all the people of the world do the same thing. Vaccines that stripped away the immune system would make everyone equally needy of a government for their basics of survival. He knew that people would do anything to survive, just as people, in general, would do anything for a million dollars or even a hundred thousand dollars. And it is there where we must begin to untangle this web of deceit and menace that we are facing in World War III. Not a war in Ukraine which is purely a distraction, but the war for our very lives home to home, all across the world. The Desecrators of Davos are using their money as weapons, and they have us all on their target list. And in this war, there is no sitting on the sidelines for anybody.

Rich Hoffman

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Dr. Fauci and the Government Purposely Destroyed the Control Groups: Hiding the vast evil of the forced vaccine mandates

We don’t have anything in all of our human histories, mythology, religions, arts, and entertainment that prepared our minds for the vast evil our governments unleashed over Covid. It was a Book of Revelations style Apocalypse evil that did not come to us in the forms of recognizing evil as we had been taught to see it. There was no goat-headed Luciferin leading the charge against the white-cloaked church in America. There was no Hitler who was openly mass murdering people in gas chambers. There were no cardboard cutout villains with a curling mustache in a black hat for us to say, “see, there is the bad guy we must defend ourselves from.” We had no literary triumph from our past to articulate the vast evil our government unfurled upon us in 2020 and through 2022 with the vaccine mandates to understand what was happening to us. We had kind of an uneasy feeling about the whole thing, the way animals look when the trusted farmer that had been feeding them all their lives unload them from the back of a truck into the slaughterhouse at the market only to leave us there without even waving goodbye. We could not understand what was happening to us because the evil was outside of our life experiences. Like the animals at the slaughterhouse, we could feel the anxiety of our peers but could do nothing about it intellectually until our throats were slit and life drained from our bodies. It was over before we could do anything about it, except in America, where at least we had the American Constitution, which limited the federal government’s reach and ruined the plans of the Desecrators of Davos. Lucky for us all, the American Constitution stood in the way of these evil plans; it was based on over seven thousand years of civilization and learning, so it was prepared for some kind of attack such as this, even if humans had never seen the full apocalyptic intentions of such a vile attack on the human race. And when we did see it, even though we didn’t understand it, the Constitution did work while we managed to figure it all out.

When I said that the Robert Kennedy book called The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health had the goods, I wasn’t kidding. This is just one article based on the contents that put its finger on such a vast evil that it has taken a while to wrap our minds around the basic concepts. In this case, we are talking about the vaccine mandates that the American government attempted. The world governments obligingly pushed through corporate networks to destroy the control group of the effects of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines because the early warning from the vaccine rollout early in 2021 indicated that a statistical population getting the vaccine was having an adverse effect. A leak from Phizer recently showed some of those side effects. These were not indications the pharma company wanted to get out to the public. Even though many of us suspected this to be a potential problem, the proof has come out of the aftermath, and it’s not surprising. After all, statistically speaking, if all people eat potato chips, some will come down with adverse effects. So naturally, when you force a drug into the arm of mass society, of everyone in the world, there are bound to be adverse effects, just by the nature of statistical samplings. That’s not the problem. We could call it an unfortunate circumstance when viewed from the perspective of public health. The problem is that the government got involved and abused its authority to help private companies be shielded from liability from their product to destroy the control group analysis that would point the guilt back in the direction of the pharma companies. And there again was Dr. Fauci to run cover for pharma by using the government to provide the shield. And then we see the Desecrators of Davos influence through Bill Gates. He spent the money to conduct a maniacal experiment all across the globe equivalent to Sid from Toy Story pulling the legs off grasshoppers in the backyard to see what might happen. 

Without the September announcement by President Biden in the United States that essentially attempted to force vaccines into most American citizens, the anomalies announced by the Pfizer whistleblower could have been hidden in a control group of those who willingly took the vaccine because they feared getting Covid. The point of the government mandate was to remove the control group and paint it across a majority of the citizens of the world, instead of a small sampling of Democrats who so willingly listen to government mandates without any critical thinking. By forcing everyone who essentially worked for a living, which was most people, to get the Covid vaccine, the anomalies could be hidden statistically across the world’s population, thus destroying the control group of the statistical sampling. All this can be found on page 75 of that book by Kennedy, followed by an endless stream of supporting data. The book chronicles the crime for legislators and lawyers to fight for justice in the aftermath of this tragedy. But the book is so densely packed with information that the publishers extended the standard rules for margins using almost every part of a blank page to fill with data. Otherwise, the book would be thousands of pages long. But the crime and the evidence have been captured and have only been hidden by the sheer evil of it all. The unfathomable intentions of government partnerships with pharmaceutical companies to shield them from all risk when the basic premise of their products is very risky. Not to get hung up on the American government’s role in making bioweapons, precisely this one in Wuhan, China. The virus was released during an election year where many of these Desecrators of Davos characters, like Bill Gates, wanted to see a change in the president. The government was involved in creating the virus. It was involved in forcing the solution by shielding pharma from risks associated with anomalies that came from their product. That is simply an unforgivable condition that we can’t let pass.

The net result is that all the characters involved in the forced vaccine mandates have to pay the price for what they did. The crime was purposely inflicted on the innocent with gross abuse of authority that has never been seen before in the history of the world. Even the worst villains ever recorded in actuality or imagination had fallen short of what actually happened when the government issued the vaccine mandates for a virus they created and spread worldwide with maniacal lunatics like Dr. Fauci leading the way as the highest-paid government employee currently on the payroll. This is what we get as taxpayers for that massive amount of money? A guy who would think nothing of killing off a portion of the world with government forced vaccines just to see what might happen when they pulled all the legs off the grasshopper just to see how long the poor creature would live. Then use the power of government to protect the kid from getting a spanking for abusing the poor insects from a parent who noticed the evil but could do nothing about disciplining the child. It’s an evil beyond the scope of the Apocolypse, the end of days, of the Anti-Christ being born into the world and inflicting its evil on the innocent. What the government did to people all over the world is vastly worse, and we are just now starting to see the cost, much the way the animals at slaughter realize just as it’s too late to save their lives from their fate as they were delivered to the slaughterhouse. But in America, we have the Constitution; we can leave the slaughterhouse and convict the farmer who delivered us there. And we can live happily ever after if only we dare to take away the knife intended to slit our throats and do justice to those who have been doing us harm all along.

Rich Hoffman

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How Dr. Fauci Knowingly Committed Mass Murder: The diabolical details of Lancetgate

The biggest problem with Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s book, The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health is that it’s too good, it’s too well researched, too hard-hitting, and way too voluminous for the average person. Although it is very assessable, I bought my copy at my local Barnes and Noble. I saw several of them recently at the Books A Million in Dayton at The Greene, and they are routinely on the shelf at Walmart. But the book itself is about a long history of medical topics and how they entwine with politics, and the information just isn’t very narrative. As most of the books are that come from the Children’s Health Defense group, whom I personally love, they have an edge of anger about them from a world that is clearly functioning from a lack of justice. Kennedy is undoubtedly one of those angry types. He knows too much about the corruption of medicine to soft-sell his outrage, and for many readers, where every page of a book is laced with something that could lead to years of congressional testimony and death penalties for intentional murder, his case against Dr. Fauci legally outlined in his book is solid, consistent, and ominous. I’ve read the book about seven times from November of 2021 when it first came out, and I have watched society sort of slow drip to the eventual conclusions about the massive corruption scam that Dr. Fauci has been running for years as the head of government medicine. Partnered with a globalist radical like Bill Gates, the spawns of Dr. Fauci are far worse than what even the most crazed conspiracy theorist could have concocted. Truth is clearly stranger than fiction. But to help the information along, I’m going to do a series of articles like this one to sort out the conviction from the chaos because literally hundreds of legal cases against Dr. Fauci and many others could be made from the Kennedy book. But lawmakers and other influencers who read my articles daily need some help sorting through the fog to get to the good stuff, the prosecutable stuff. And an excellent place to begin on that endeavor is with Lancetgate.

So here’s the case with Lancetgate that should send chills up the spine of us all. The level of evil in just his case should be a termination offense in any civil society. It’s so bad that many of us can’t get our minds around just how bad and evil it is. But here it is. As of this writing, we know that Covid-19 was created in a Wuhan lab in China. Dr. Fauci knew about the gain of function research through an email he had in January of 2020, before any lockdowns or government emergency policies started by the Trump administration. We trusted Dr. Fauci, although it’s not clear why he wasn’t fired for all the deaths he caused during the AIDS crises of the 80s and 90s with his pharmaceutical commitment to AZT, which stripped away the T Cells of the patients and killed with a slow death. It turned out that HIV wasn’t the killer part of the disease; it was the drug AZT to treat HIV that was killing people. There was so much concern over the vaccines for this recent government-created pandemic, Covid, because of Fauci’s history with AIDS. The trust in Dr. Fauci was lost by those in the know long ago. The public wasn’t aware because the media deliberately propped him up for various reasons. But the skeptics from the outset were understandable. Dr. Fauci shouldn’t have overseen anything, yet he was, and he knew about gain of function in China and that the virus had broken out of the Wuhan lab. 

At first, nobody knew much about how serious Covid would be. President Trump played along and did what Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci recommended: shut down the economy to slow the spread. It was a sucker punch in an election year, but Trump did what the professionals recommended, as most people would. In March of 2020, the government health people said we needed to stop everything for 15 days to slow the spread and allow hospitals to get in front of the virus. Trump went and did all the things the Fauci doctors told him to do. We looked for masks, made ventilators, spread resources where we thought they would be needed. The entire world shut down because of essentially Dr. Fauci and America’s reaction to the virus. America leads, the rest of the world follows. So in that aspect alone, Dr. Fauci was ruling the world with Bill Gates sprinkling money around to media to get favorable coverage. This went on past the 15-day mark, of course. It was always planned that way, and once the shutdowns went beyond Easter of that year, Trump was getting impatient. This whole Covid thing was killing the US economy, and now Fauci had painted him in a liability corner. He couldn’t reopen anything without Dr. Fauci’s blessing because every death would be blamed on the administration. So, Trump looked for a solution outside of Dr. Fauci, and he started talking about hydroxychloroquine. We now know that if we had allowed American society to use the known drug hydroxychloroquine, Covid could have been brought under control within a few months, and we could have reopened our entire global economy by the summer of 2020. And many, many lives would have been saved. 

This wasn’t good for Fauci and Gates. They needed the pandemic to spread, for all the economies of the world to respond to their commands because they had a plan for getting the entire world to take vaccines, untested vaccines at that. And there were, of course, the Desecrators of Davos who were counting on Fauci and Gates to give them an opportunity for a Great Reset which I have talked about extensively. All that is well known now. But what Gates and Fauci did to keep the virus going isn’t. In May of 2020, Gates and Fauci started talking about a Surgisphere study that came from 11 Illinois employees, two of which were a science fiction writer and a porn actress. And that study found its way into the prestigious medical journals Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine. Gates looks to have funded much of the media coverage directly and indirectly. The Surgisphere study was a hit piece on hydroxychloroquine that once discussed in the Lancet convinced the medical community that using that drug to treat Covid was dangerous. So nobody wanted to touch it, again out of fear of liability. Politicians turned to the medical journals as well as the media to turn away from hydroxychloroquine which then pushed treatment of Covid off for another year, well past the 2020 election. In hindsight, we know that ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine are incredibly effective treatments for Covid. And Dr. Fauci knew it at the time. Still, he acted purposefully to prolong Covid for the strategic designs of an international progressive movement, and if people died to accelerate their cause, they didn’t care at all. 

A few months after the study had been released, the Lancet and New England Journal of Medicine had to issue a retraction of the Surgisphere study, which was completely bogus. Then shortly after that, Surgisphere disappeared from the public. It was a complete creation of Bill Gates money for the strategy of Dr. Fauci, to mold public sentiment toward the government science position, which under an emergency superseded the elected president of the United States. So the crime was not just the tampering of evidence under an emergency pandemic in a conscious effort to prolong the crisis for political reasons. The biggest crime is that they denied helpful medicine to people who were dying of Covid so that the death numbers would benefit their eventual cause of partnering government with the pharma companies producing a vaccine that they weren’t sure at the time would be even ready in the foreseeable future. Bill Gates knew what he was doing; the money trail is obvious and well laid out in the Kennedy book. And Dr. Fauci knew he denied medicine to people, purposely keeping them sick and some dying so that he could grab more power himself in the process, just as he had done years before with AZT and AIDS. And knowing that, just think how many murders Dr. Fauci knowingly committed. Lancetgate is just the beginning. This story you can read for yourself in the Kennedy book on Pg. 29. 

Rich Hoffman

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Mike DeWine’s State of the State Speech: He is the Dr. Fauci of Ohio and the leader of the lockdowns

It was a good reminder of just how bad Governor DeWine is for Ohio to see him at the statehouse in person at his State of the State speech in Columbus, Ohio.  Of course, DeWine canceled the public speech over the last few years because of Covid, which he led the nation in following Dr. Fauci’s advice, so this was his first speech since his first one, which was in 2019, a time when the world was somewhat normal.  Since then, BlackRock and other money managers have attacked the Ohio power grid with progressive intention and knocked out several politicians who had been powerful during that first DeWine speech.   On DeWine’s watch as governor, he has let the Desecrators of Davos in the backdoor of Ohio to shut down coal plants and advocate in favor of solar and wind, just as Al Gore has always dreamed of which has cost all of us a lot of money.  Ohio is number 1 now in corruption, which seems to follow DeWine in every office he has ever had.  But worse than all that, the destruction left behind because of how Governor DeWine behaved during the Covid pandemic.  He was the leader of the country in following United Nations sustainable development using health concerns to advance progressive causes in worse ways than any Democrat would or could have.  He was the leader of the lockdowns as he was the first to open that door, for which many blue-state governors followed.  Yeah, Mike DeWine has been a disaster in every way that a Democrat would have been for Oho, but worse, because the damage was done while people had their guard down thinking he was a Republican. 

Jennifer Gross, my Congresswoman, has openly endorsed Jim Renacci even though there has been a lot of pressure to back DeWine

This all came up as I spoke with Republican friends at that speech in Columbus and in the days leading up to it.  They asked me if I would vote for Mike DeWine now that he signed Constitutional Carry in Ohio and other Second Amendment types of legislation leading up to it.  It astonished me that they asked, but then I remembered that not everyone remembers who was responsible for Ohio’s terrible reaction to Covid, which took the nation into the lockdown frenzy that destroyed so many lives and is just now being calculated in terms of sheer destruction.  Many of these Republicans were more conventional put their finger to the wind types who only measure things from four months ago.  And DeWine is counting on that shallow memory to squeak him by in this primary that is supposed to happen in May of 2022, where Jim Renacci is polling well and, depending on voter turnout, could remove DeWine as the next option for governor.  As I told them and to everyone who has an ear to listen, DeWine only signed the Constitutional Carry bill because of Renacci’s pressure on his leadership.  He didn’t do it on his own.  If there wasn’t a serious Trump-like challenge to DeWine, he would be fighting against the Second Amendment, not signing things in favor of it.  But DeWine is hoping to use these last-minute Second Amendment red meat topics to hide his past, which I’ll never get over.  And seeing him in person trying to worm up support ahead of the election only strengthened my anger at him over what he had done to Ohio in just four short years, destroying so much industry, traumatizing so many lives, and allowing corruption to sink deep roots into our energy infrastructure that is unforgivable.  Rather than defend FirstEnergy and the progressive attacks on coal plants, he joined progressives in attacking other Republicans in a ploy to really remove them from power so they couldn’t challenge him later.  Mike DeWine has his own Game of Thrones going on, and it is evident that he hoped this State of the State speech would put all that into a distant memory.

The Great George Lang

The most significant danger of Mike DeWine is that he is essentially a carbon copy of Dr. Fauci.  Both were polling very well during the Covid pandemic, which we now know was created in a lab in Wuhan and released by China for all the intentions of creating an economic reset by the Desecrators of Davos people.  Hindsight has given a better vision into Fauci’s behavior with Bill Gates paving the way with money manipulating the media in favor of their global scam of progressive change state using the Covid virus to give more power to the Administrative State.  And the first person to fall in line with this “New World Order,” where the United Nations conducts all our local affairs at the state and county level and the World Health Organization was to become our new community doctor; Mike DeWine was the first to sign up for this new brand of tyranny which he imposed on Ohioans with a smile on his face and all the maliciousness of a power-hungry dictator.  The ultimate insult to all the Republicans who voted for Mike DeWine as an establishment type was that he did the unthinkable by putting Amy Acton, the abortion supporter, onto his staff to run his health department.  He followed her right over the Fauci cliff, making the lockdowns possible and leading the country in submission to the CDC and WHO, giving them power that no bureaucrat should ever have over people’s individual lives under any condition.  Not all states were as stupid as Ohio.  Ron DeSantis was great in Florida, and the results are easy to see looking back upon the last two years.  DeSantis resisted the Covid power grabs, whereas Mike DeWine fully embraced them.

Thomas Hall, the Future is Bright

I told my Republican friends that there was no way I would ever vote for Mike DeWine, even after seeing him in person trying his best to make everyone forget.  I had been on several conference calls with DeWine as he spoke to business leaders in Ohio during the lockdowns, and I will never forgive him for what he did to people, all in the name of safety.  DeWine attached himself to Dr. Fauci, and now that time and distance are starting to show how ill-advised that was, there is only one option.  With Jim Renacci, we have a Trump supporter who has promised to lead Ohio in the way that Ron DeSantis has in Florida, and that would be great for everyone, even liberals.  Always at public events like the State of the State speech, there is a ceremony-like atmosphere that focuses on all the positives that we want to feel.  But in truth, and this was obvious by DeWine’s over-emphasis on things that he does when he speaks in public to people he knows want to metaphorically cut him up into little pieces and feed him to some pigs someplace for the villainy he has conducted behind the scenes, the fluff about Intel, about spring, about his love of Ohio were thin masks to the administrative tyrant that is at the core of his personality.  Mike DeWine will go down in history as the arm of Dr. Fauci in Ohio, the mindless bureaucrat who punted Ohio’s fate to the gods of the World Health Organization, and ultimately the money of Bill Gates’ influence.  DeWine didn’t lead; he followed, as he does on all issues, including Constitutional Carry.  He thought the pressure from Republicans on other issues could be reduced if he gave them something they wanted.  And that is how we got into trouble in the first place, because DeWine wanted to make the Dr. Fauci types happy, the tyrants of the United Nations, and ultimately the economic terrorists who are behind it all who need people like the governor to give them power into all our lives.  No, I won’t be voting for Mike DeWine under any conditions.  To vote for DeWine is the same or worse than voting for a Democrat. 

Rich Hoffman

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