Bigfoot in the Upper Peninsula: The 10 Kingdoms of Atlantis

Paranormal investigation, ancient history, and the effects of secret societies upon the world hidden from the shadows of direct influence have always been topics I enjoy thinking about. I would argue that expanding the limits of what you measure in life as a means to reality makes your sampling more accurate and understanding of the problems involved. But I never took any of those investigations very seriously prior to Covid. Yet now that we know what we do about the governments of the world and what they did with Covid, and election fraud, the phony mechanisms of Climate Change as a new global religion, I am willing to accept that some of these hidden influences that usually fall under the conspiracy theory category have much more relevance in our lives. So when you are looking for answers and solving problems, I like to take vacations where extremities of contemplation take place most effectively, and that is how I found myself with my family in St. Ignace, Michigan, staying in a small convoy of RVs at a very strategic campground near wonderful food, proximity to many interesting tourist locations, and best yet, lots of local bookstores filled with rare publications about scary local legends about Bigfoot, Mothmen, ghosts in the night, and UFOs that seem to use the Great Lakes as a base of operations for some timeless enterprise that is beyond the grasp of our current civilization. One thing that jumped out to me immediately was that Bigfoot sightings were common in the Mackinac Island region around where we were camped. The St. Ignace gift shops had embraced their paranormal fate much the way Roswell, New Mexico, had, which is great for business. But what were people seeing and why in that part of the world?

The Great Lakes used to be giant river valleys, especially Lake Michigan and Lake Huron. When the last Ice Age came through, the glacial ice shoved down the earth’s crust to such a degree that those valleys became lakebeds that now form the Great Lakes. Lake Superior was there already, but the remnants of the Ice Age developed the other lakes, and that age came to an abrupt end when the Younger Dryas cataclysm created Saginaw Bay to the south as the impact crater from a broken-up comet that had massive debris striking the earth around 11,600 years ago causing yet another mass extinction event. For all the liberals of the new religion of Climate Change, humans only have a few thousand years to figure things out. Mother Earth, as they like to term it, is not infinite; the new global replacement for the goddess Isis of so much esoteric literature talked about in mason halls all across the world is very perishable. The earth gets hit by lots of cosmic debris, and life is always in a condition of extinction. If a life form can move into space, it needs to as quickly as possible. The Younger Dryas cataclysm looks to have wiped out the remnants of civilization completely that may have been as advanced as our own, predating that Ice Age and forming globally in North America after the last, around 100,000 years ago. It only takes a few thousand years to go from rubbing sticks together to having advanced economies. However, all the things we build, if not with stone, tend to erode away within ten thousand years. That being said, everything made in America could disappear in that time due to erosion, so stories of Atlantis and Luminaria likely have lots of merit to them. And after many collections of unique literature passed down through the ages and essentially influencing the eventual creation of the Indus Valley, Sumer, and Egypt, by the time those stories reached those civilizations we now consider to be ancient, the stories were ancient before the ice started melting during that last Ice Age. After the Younger Dryas cataclysm, the only survivors would have been those far away from the impacts and the societies that depended on global commerce for their sustenance. That would explain why there are similar religions and methods of economic life all around the world when we have always thought of primitive life as not being able to perform any technology until our present understanding of the Vico Cycle. 

So in the pre-Ice Age period, the Great Lakes were dry, and there are many intelligent thoughts that North America was the breadbasket for the 10 Kingdoms of Atlantis. Currently, there are many thoughts about the roots of Atlantian civilization in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, where the plate from a tectonic shift sunk a large land mass. It wouldn’t be the first time something like that had happened. There are also prevalent reports, especially if you listen to the Joe Rogan podcast that talks about these issues a lot these days, that there were cities of Atlantis in the now dry regions of west Africa. Likely that there were lots of things lost in translation by the time the Egyptians received the stories of Atlantis. Plato wrote them down before the Romans burnt down the great library at Alexandria in Egypt to cast away all previous pagan societies, erasing all this from conscious memory. It was kind of the ancient version of Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates denying Covid patients hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin as a treatment for a virus created in a Chinese lab to invoke the Great Reset by the Desecrators of Davos. When the Romans burnt the library, they attempted to spread a new religion that would unite their empire: Christianity. These things happen all the time.

Bigfoot sightings are common in upper Michigan and in eastern Ohio. It just so happens that those are also deeply wooded areas with very little impact from modern society. I think people see more paranormal activity in these areas because they are less distracted by everyday life. But specifically in these regions, there were likely remnants of this ancient society that is yet unrecorded by history. In the paranormal activity, we see quantum entanglement, where living creatures and their technology coexist with our present age, but not necessarily in physical form. We may see each other, but only perceptually through information locked in neutrinos and other faster than light elements being revealed by quantum physics. I didn’t have any worries about a Bigfoot attack at our camps while in St. Ignace. But I did find the full embrace of the local culture fascinating as a rationalization for the paranormal. I found it particularly interesting that there have been frequent sightings of the Mothman in Chicago just down the lake from our camp on Lake Michigan from 2017 to the present; that is all over the place, especially at O’Hare airport. This is the same creature that terrorized the inhabitants of Point Pleasant, Ohio, in the late 60s before a bridge collapse that killed many people. As we all know, Chicago is experiencing a major catastrophe of violence due to liberal policies, so it is notable that the Mothman is showing itself there at this particular time. Yet with all that to contemplate, St. Ignace, Mackinac Island, and the surrounding area were absolutely fantastic. The famous fudge was delicious. And it was clearly one of the great American treasures. But even better yet, there are deep mysteries there that penetrate our current understandings of modern science, and I found all that just delightful as a vacation destination.

Rich Hoffman

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‘The College Scam’ by Charlie Kirk: Rethinking the education designed by the Liberal World Order

I would highly recommend the great book by Charlie Kirk, The College Scam. It’s a great book, a timely book, and one that shows clearly where the world is headed. So if you want to make adjustments ahead of that change, reading Charlie’s book will undoubtedly help you. Like all things regarding the Liberal World Order, which is what Democrats and even Republicans are calling their multi-century attempt to establish a New World Order as defined by the goals of Freemasonry going all the way back to Egyptian society, predating the Greeks by thousands of years. It’s been a long road for them, and we have all found ourselves tangled in their web, and we are seeing the collapse of that order in modern politics. Most notably, the election of President Trump and the continued attempts to keep him out of any public office because of the threat to that Liberal World Order that people like him present. But it’s too late. It’s been too late for many decades now. As Charlie Kirk lays out the case in his book, college has always been a scam. Its never been suitable for American society built on capitalism and has seriously harmed intellectually the people who have gone through their liberal arts instruction of life sciences, physical sciences, logic, philosophy, history, social science, and creative arts, the seven teachings that the Renaissance world thought would make a complete human being. I have always said that these seven topics aren’t nearly enough to make a complete human being. And the problem with this kind of instruction is that the quality of the people doing the teaching was always a problem. People of low quality obviously weren’t going to teach people of high quality to be better. A bad teacher often penalizes good students into mediocrity for the rest of their lives.

I’ve been to college and lived on the University of Cincinnati campus for quite a while, and I hated every minute of it. I, of course, made the most of it, but I learned firsthand how to hate the college experience. I used to have lunch every morning on the campus with my stacks of books, eating an omelet made just for me. I was not like the other 20-somethings in those early college days. I had already experienced a lot of life before ever getting to college, traveled extensively, and lived the life of essentially a 40-year-old before I ever attended one college class. So it was frustrating for me because college was not made for people like me who had lived very colorful lives and wanted to know more than the limits of the seven liberal arts. I would eat my breakfast and get through my college homework as quickly as possible so that I could get on to my favorite reading material, my many Joseph Campbell books. It didn’t take me long to realize that college was slowing me down tremendously, and I wanted to go so much faster than the college institution was built to provide. Like many things in life, college was built with good intentions but essentially became a pathway to hell paved with those good intentions. I could see that it was crippling people. The classrooms were boring, stupid, and severely lacking by lazy teachers who were not the philosopher kings of Plato’s Republic. And in their off time, the students were wasting away with a party lifestyle that was turning good kids into monsters, committing acts that would embarrass them for the rest of their lives. 

When it came time to send my own kids to college, I was violently against it. Many family members were upset with me for my decisions, but it didn’t matter. I saw college as a liberal meat grinder that served only one purpose: to get an interview because too many corporations had done as they would later do with Covid, and that’s to set a standard for job placement. They would only talk to college graduates for most professional positions. But reality said that was a dumb practice because apprenticeship looked to be a better way to develop an organization’s talent. But complying with the liberal world order was what corporations were committed to due to the requirements of the various trade guilds around the world. So they didn’t do what was best for themselves; they did what the Liberal World Order told them. And what they ended up with were students taught by college institutions that weren’t very smart, overly compliant, and too submissive to the circumstances around them. And they had lost themselves during the college experience to their personal authority. Campus life for most turned out to be embarrassing looking back, and it compromised their moral authority as adults. So there wasn’t much good to come out of college graduates and the things they learned. 

I refer to the Freemasonry movement because that is how the concept of college and the liberal arts was implanted into our current culture, and it was a mistake. They didn’t do it on purpose. As I said, they had good intentions but lacked philosophy on the motives of the human race and how to instruct the human mind. College was created around the limits of what was known to science during the Renaissance, but as we know now, education should not be limited to what is given at public schools and colleges during very limited hours of instruction during a certain period of a child’s life. It has turned out not to be a good thing to wrestle away a kid from their parents at age 5. And sending an 18-year-old away to college to allow liberal education to essentially destroy the child of their upbringing has been devastating. It doesn’t happen to all kids. I know plenty of kids who survived the experience just fine. They had good parents, and they turned out to be fine adults. But I also have watched many kids come out of college as entirely different people and were ruined for life. What was destroyed in them was not worth the ability to get a job interview a few steps up the ladders of life. It would have been better for many kids not to ever go to college. They would have turned out better in life had they not been sucked into the liberal education system that was designed for them by Freemasons, globalists, and political hacks around the world, too in love with wine and art museums instead of the essence of all life and productivity, the art of ambition and imagination that come from life experience, not training by incompetent fools masking themselves as authority figures. It was a hopeless experiment from the start, destined to fail.

I always thought that, but it was confirmed for me when I went myself. And I would never impose such a thing on any of my kids; it would only doom them to a lackluster life. So I found Charlie’s book refreshing; it’s about time that we have an honest conversation about the massive failure of the college culture and what they teach kids and how. Like Covid, College and the corporate endorsement of it has been for the benefit of their political Liberal World Order and not the development of individual intellect for the proper life well lived. But compliance to that Liberal World Order and submission to the needs of the masses in all the destructive ways that history has made so many mistakes. And The College Scam is all about acknowledging that failure for a better future by admitting the obvious, which is so difficult for many because it’s all they’ve known all their lives. But that never made it the right thing.

Rich Hoffman

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Why the CDC is Changing their Covid Guidelines: Backing away from the greatest scam in world history

So here is what’s up with the CDC guideline updates regarding Covid that has health experts up in arms with anger which they think there are still 400 deaths a day occurring due to the way that deaths are measured. The ridiculous belief of that bureaucratic health expert class was that they would rule the world if only they played along. But now, the rules are changing and getting much less restrictive, and they are upset about it. Since it’s obviously hurting Democrats in polling for the midterm election, the CDC has dramatically loosened the Covid guidelines to near irrelevancy, two years too late. But it’s at least a recognition of sanity that has long been overdue. Now people who have been exposed to Covid, regardless of vaccination status, no longer have to quarantine if they aren’t showing symptoms. Infected people who choose to use rapid tests can end their isolation after day five, even if they still test positive. People are no longer recommended to stay 6 feet away from others to avoid infection. And it’s important to know, which has always been the case, that the CDC does not have legislative power over any of our lives. What they have are “guidelines,” not laws. We never had to do what they said, we never had to shut down our society the way we did, and we never had to let people die in isolation the way we did. As it has turned out, far more than 400 people a day around the world have died or been harmed with Covid restrictions and the vaccines we took to avoid it than ever actually died of the actual virus that was made by world governments in a lab in China and distributed to the world to conduct political change in 2020 to essentially steal the American election and give it to Joe Biden. That’s what Covid was really about, and now after two years, the CDC is finally trying to fade into the background, only because they have damaged the Democrat party to such a large extent. 

But its more than any of that now, after a few years of public policy meant to give more power to mindless bureaucrats in health care, the plan that was always in the back of their minds including in 2010 when Nancy Pelosi was pushing through Obamacare, the take over of a massive sector of the American economy by government for mysterious reasons, now you see what they had in mind. Now there is plenty of history of crime that the government has gotten itself involved in and plenty of books that have hit the market that have laid out the case against the health officials who abused their power with Covid. Gone is the idea of the nice local doctor who was looking out for our health, and now that image has been replaced by a white-coated tyrant who is just another representative of big government tyranny intent to rule every aspect of our lives with an abuse of authority only conceived in the worst of dystopian novels from the past. There have been a lot of good books on the subject, specifically The Real Anthony Fauci by Robert Kennedy, which is fantastic. You can read that book and now see significant court cases prosecuting the CDC and all its government doctors. They knowingly caused deaths and destroyed people’s lives for malicious reasons, and the cases are spelled out in crayon in that Kennedy book. Then there is Naomi Wolf’s book, The Bodies of Others which establishes the truth of what Covid was; it was a connection to The Great Reset for Klaus Schwab’s takeover of the entire world economy. But coming up in the last quarter of 2022 and the first quarter of 2023 are some very good books that are going to seal the deal on Covid and all the corrupt minds behind it. And with a new congress just elected, there will be hearings to recapture public trust, and many in the CDC will be punished, to say it mildly. That is why the CDC has suddenly changed tune. Fear due to their implication in the crime that affected us all.

I have been talking more lately about the Masons and the many characters who work behind the scenes, such as the trade guilds of Europe who are behind the Desecrators of Davos, who often tamper with political tides around the world to suit their own wants and needs. We know from history that the Masons were involved in the American and French revolutions. They were also behind the Russian Revolution, Marx was a Mason, and their goal over several hundred years of political activism was to bring down the monarchies of Europe and free people from their perspective into a new kind of global republic, one that Plato envisioned based on Egyptian society where philosopher-kings ruled everyone with a kind fist, not the fist of a monarch. That same Masonic movement carried communism down into China and Southeast Asia, chronicled in Claire Lee Chennault’s great book Way of the Fighter. It was clear that FDR then Truman wanted China to be taken over by the communist party, the same way Russia was. Nixon and Kissinger would a few years later give China a seat at the table in world trade, and now we see what the plan always was as China threatens to take over the world run by communism with the winds of change blown on by the Masons behind political movements around the world over the last 300 years. It’s in knowing that history that I wasn’t suckered into thinking Covid was anything but a weapon of terror used by those same old forces to help Klaus Schwab and his Great Reset from the very beginning. Bill Gates was caught funding much of the operation and has now been put into these books with the proof. 

It is wondered why none of these people have gone to jail yet for these crimes against humanity because they control the law. Bill Gates gives a lot of money to progressive groups, and to keep that money flowing; people are willing to break the law to get it. That is why George Soros, a known hostile agent of American ideas, continues to be a menace in the light of day. People want his money. We had seen before Covid came along a new kind of military force in the world, and they work behind the scenes in finance and trade. When Trump as president, threatened that Liberal World Order that had been nurtured along by the Freemason movement over centuries, they weren’t about to have him destroy all their hard work toward globalism, toward the utopian idea of a one-world government that they controlled for the perceived benefit of mankind. So they took him out, and they used China to do it. China owes its entire existence to these ghostly characters behind the political scenes, so they complied and let China loose upon the world to essentially take out the Trump presidency in an election year and give Klaus Schwab his Great Reset now rather than later. Schwab already had his book ready to print just as the world was learning about all the health takeover that the World Health Organization had imposed on the CDC to lock us all in our homes and keep us separated to stop the spread of a virus they created to change the politics of the world. You don’t have to take my word for it; it’s all in a series of books by authors who have done the research. Now, knowing the intent of these global criminals, it’s time for us to do something about it. We have the benefit of hindsight, and it’s time to start making people pay for the greatest crimes in American history. That is why the CDC changed its guidelines and is suddenly trying to drift into the background. And that is the only reason why.

Rich Hoffman

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The Attack on Small Business by the Liberal World Order: Remember the fire of 1666 in London, the same forces are at work now behind Covid

It’s not at all uncommon when we are dealing with malicious global societies and the wrecks of people who fall into god worship of pagan deities who seek social change based on their fears and starvation for power to impose on others. It was undeniable after the fire of 1666 when central London was burnt to the ground for many miles of former wood-constructed buildings that caught fire by accident. Yet, some early versions of the Masonic order emerged with plans to rebuild with star alignments and goddess worship in mind, with central planners ready to dig immediately. Accidental or planned tragedies have been the mode of operation that many secret societies have used to impose their version of reality on the world. And those societies were secret for the primary reason that they wished to avoid complete destruction by those in religious power at the time. So, they would, in the case of Masons emerging in London and other places in Europe, put on the mask of Christianity publically while behind closed doors trying to bring back the ancient society of Egypt, an oriental-based religion, to challenge authority and impose on the world their own religion for magical reasons that might appease the gods profiting of whatever tragedy might present itself. The fire of 1666 in London, which displaced many tens of thousands of people in its aftermath, was just one example of the many times secret societies have used tragedy to impose on the world a religious view that wasn’t popular in the mainstream but operated in the background to the misery of those that were imposed upon. So when the same type of characters who now operate in the same way today as the Desecrators of Davos and Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset created a virus from a Chinese lab called Covid-19, the global lockdowns and protocols were meant to inflict social change through the ruins of mass society for the goals of a hidden religion. This time it was still the goddess worship that is a part of many pagan religions, but this time it was mother earth and the attempted centralized control of every economy in the world, especially the destruction of those in the United States. 

One of the keys to the greatest economy in the world within the United States is the many small businesses that make it up. One thing that became obvious during the Covid lockdowns was that, like the fire in 1666, there were surprisingly many people who knew what to do. It didn’t take them long to use Covid as the trigger for massive social reforms that obviously had long been planned out. And while governors all over America who were involved in the secret societies who, tongue in cheek, operated out in the open of progressive thought, a clear pattern emerged that showed a hostile war against those small businesses and legislative patterns that dramatically favored the big corporate stores who have bent the knee to global control. When businesses were shut down, large corporate stores were allowed to stay open as many mom and pop shops closed up and were destroyed forever. I recently had to travel across Ohio from Cincinnati to Cleveland for a Fast Draw Championship competition and was thinking about this topic while noticing the enormous amount of small businesses that there were, which make up a large part of the Ohio economy and the economy of America. I have similarly traveled across North America and noticed how many decentralized businesses there are, especially compared to similar distances in Europe, where land use is much more restricted, forcing people to live near more metropolis areas and take their businesses with them.   It’s quite clear that many progressive activists worship the goddess earth as a new age religion who wanted to use Covid to destroy American small businesses. If not for the tenacity of the American people and the legal constraints on government from the American Constitution, they would have succeeded as planned. 

Like that fire in 1666 or even in the ashes of 9/11 where the World Trade Center Twin Towers and several other buildings in that sector of New York were suddenly gone as a result of FBI incompetence to allow terrorists to do their menace, there are always people there ready to exploit the tragedy, with plans already put to paper for all to see, who are prepared to make their move. And the biggest of the corporations was primarily controlled by Larry Fink money mostly, with liberal tentacles into their boards of directors who were already kneeling to the new gods of worship that were presented through globalism; we saw the intentions for a New World Order, liberal in nature, ancient in its intentions, that was asserting itself and willing to run over anybody who got in their way, especially the typical small business in America. And it was a crime on such a vast scale that nobody knew how to consider the sheer evil of it. But unlike that fire in London, Covid wasn’t an accident; it was a purposeful attack on the economies of the world which intended to destroy competition to the big corporations who were leveraging control of the global economy into a system that would allow for more centralized control. These new forces didn’t want thousands of individual companies in America to resist their ESG scores or the reach of their financial controls clearly established by BlackRock and many other activist money managers and banks run by droopy pot-bellied losers with bad golf games. It was much easier to control the very few and very large companies than the massive task of many decentralized economic forces that were way too independent. 

It was the same forces that were behind the many European Inquisitions and Crusades who sought to protect the emerging religion of earth worship and get revenge for the past where Egyptian dark arts were suppressed by Christianity, the creation of America and individual rights and the goals of materialism built by capitalism that was the real enemy of the pagan Earth Goddess worshipers. They didn’t care who died in the process so long as they imposed their will on the world by force, just as they always have. The same forces that created many of the old secret societies and fled Europe’s ominous Roman Catholic Church in hopes of being free to worship as they pleased and not be killed for it, the experiment had gone out of control. The desire to regain control of it was pressing those same European forces toward a Great Reset that would put them in control of the world in ways they had always wished. And the aim was to appease the same goddess; whether it was called Mother Earth, Isis, or the Virgin, they are all the same as the true terrorists behind the movement. The attack on small businesses in America and around the world was malicious and purposeful. It was long planned and maniacal. And we must never forget about it. As I said about my recent trip, many small businesses are still recovering from the destruction that Covid brought them. It was never fair. And they need someone to defend them. The plan had failed, and things did not go as they were conceived. And the bad guys got caught cheating on the chess board. The Trump administration had forced them to attempt such a thing out of fear that their long-established plans might never get off the ground. So they unleashed Covid and took a shot to control the world. And we are still seeing the effects of that destruction years later while many are still trying to figure out what to do about it now.

Rich Hoffman

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The Brain Dead Losers at the IRS: And those idiots want to hire 87,000 more of them and give them guns to kick down doors to confiscate more wealth for a bloated, out-of-control government

Of course, there should always be a concern when we are talking about putting 87,000 dumb and inefficient people onto a government payroll and encouraging them to go door to door with guns to extract more money from the American population. It’s a plea by stupid people in the administrative state to feed the beast they have created. They can’t get tax increases passed in government, so they are looking to extract more money from the public to fund their gross inefficiencies with force. But they do so without dealing with their previous inefficiencies. Instead, they insist on creating a larger government with proportionally more lackluster effort without a care in the world to the incredible cost it would bring across our economic engine to society. From my experience, IRS agents are dumb as a box of rocks on a good day. In my life, I keep things very simple, not for my sake, but because in my previous involvement with the IRS, I find them such a stupid class of people that have difficulty understanding basic things if I can’t show my incomes on simple W2s then its simply not worth doing. I get investment offers for crypto, real estate, and business opportunities of all kinds several times a day, all days of the week. But I turn them all down because the opportunity cost of doing them likely would never exceed the pain in the ass required to deal with the IRS and the set-up for the audits that require hours and hours of time spent with some of the dumbest people on earth. I’d rather give up making millions and millions of dollars so that I could gain the riches of not having to talk to a box of dumb rocks who took a government job so they could be paid well to mask their lazy life and still have authority over other people as a representative of big, out of control, inefficient, government.

The audacity of the proposal to hire 87,000 more IRS agents is that the government is already grossly inefficient. Adding this many more inefficient employees to the government payroll is only pouring gas on an already blazing dumpster fire. Government employees of all kinds are some of the worst in the world regarding lazy economic generators. I have always talked about how horrible it has been to pay public school teachers what we pay them only to get the horrendous work performance that we get out of them, not to mention the political activism. When they ask for tax hikes to pay for their bloated services to the community, it is always my default mode to require them to lay off some of that inefficiency because that should always be the goal.   Efficiency is the first thing anybody dealing with money should be thinking about. But government always throws money at inefficiency to achieve their stated objectives. In this case, they want more money to operate the administrative state, so they throw more money at the same inefficiencies that caused the problems to begin with. So not only have they compounded those inefficiencies and now connected more labor to those inefficiencies, making the situation considerably worse, but they failed to deal with the root cause of their inefficiencies in the first place seeking to mask it with ominous authority rule. That has always been the joke of public education. But you can see it most notably at your local BMV, where slow, horrible service has become the accepted norm. If you want to drive a car, you have to deal with these slow-minded losers who show up for work brain dead and end their days comatose.   All government employees become some representative of a brain-dead lifestyle by the nature of their tasks. So the greater expansion of government services, the more zombies that we put into society and pay them way too much to achieve way too little.

Because government never wants to admit what a burden it is to society, they never measure anything in opportunity cost. Instead, their goal is to leech off effort and fuel their disgusting lifestyles off the opportunity of others. With the expansion of 87,000 IRS agents, the government intends to fuel itself off the efforts of others. But as I said, there is a cost to inefficiency; it can’t be hidden on balance sheets. It emerges in undesirable ways frequently. When employees show up for work at 8 in the morning and are ordering their lunch by 9 am. It arrives at noon. Then after eating it, they are done for the day and ready to go home. So rather than work the rest of the day, they play on the internet sending messages of nothing to each other until 5 when they go pick up their kids at daycare, then meander home to die a little bit each day in front of the television too tired from their day’s activities to lift a hand to do much of anything else. Then when they finally get to their weekend, they waste it complaining about how tired they are from the previous week. That is the life of the typical government employee who has lost the ability to think because they aren’t paid to think; they are paid to waste time, money, and intellectual effort, which is precisely what the government gets in exchange for their overvalued employment. 

I remember how it was in 2010; I was on the IRS target list for Lois Lerner’s targeting of conservatives by direct order from the Obama terrorist organization that had occupied the White House. They confiscated some of my videos and other Tea Party material as evidence, and I will admit to having some fun watching them view the material. It was like watching dogs turn their heads to some invisible dog whistle, contemplating things beyond their comprehension to grasp because they didn’t have the mental capacity to do so. It was beyond their range of understanding. I’m probably being too nice when I say that IRS agents are dumb as a box of rocks. They are actually worse than that, and that’s because the mismanagement of those resources starts at the top and flows down to all the field agents. So when we add to those numbers, of course, proportionally, we will get much more inefficiency when employees are added because we did not make a leadership change. That is just dry wood on an open fire regarding the administrative state. Adding more employees to an already inefficient government agency is a useless and more costly gesture. What they cost alone is excessive but minor when added to the opportunity cost that the IRS imposes on the culture at large, the many trillions of dollars of money that could have been made if government was just out of the way. Regular hard-working people would be free to do their tasks unimpeded. And that is the cost of the additional IRS agents. The shakedown of regular people is just the beginning of the problem. The real burden comes from things that don’t happen, ultimately worsening the world. It’s bad enough to think that giving such lazy and stupid people so much government power might be a solution the administrative state values, but it’s in what doesn’t happen that holds the real costs of their incursion. And that is what the brain-dead losers of the administrative state never consider because they don’t have the minds to think it. What they want, all they want is to consume off the efforts of others. And by expanding the IRS, they are just looking the squeeze the orange a bit more for a spoonful of juice in all the inefficient ways that have become the norm of government activity.    

Rich Hoffman

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Joe Biden Using Covid to Hide in the White House: The Lazy, unproductive, and losers of the world have now become the rulers of the zombie apocalypse

I’ve said it from the beginning, and I’m saying it now, Covid was always a hoax made up by government in a Chinese lab as a bioweapon meant to usher in the Great Reset for which the United Nations planned to use a health crisis to grab power and sovereignty from the world over fear of death.   I would even go so far as to say that Covid was and is a weapon of terrorism, terrorism in the extreme. It was meant to make people afraid and to cleave to government in unhealthy ways. But it was never engineered to be a killer virus. It was only meant to be a fast-spreading cold and what made it terrible were the new rules that the CDC unconstitutionally implemented to deal with it, which was a radical leftist plan to destroy all economies in the world and to run over anybody who stood in the way. Sure, some people have adverse effects with Covid, just like any cold or allergies. But Covid was made and distributed for reasons the global administrative state wanted. They didn’t necessarily want to kill everyone; they just wanted to control them. And with that said, I always said, and many have joined me in saying, that Democrats were going to try to use Covid to steal another election and to expect them to resurrect it just before the fall elections of 2022 to open the doors for massive cheating, and to minimize the damage they were about to see in the midterms. To back up my statements, I would refer anybody to the Children’s Health Defense books and others who have told the story of how Covid came about and how it was managed in destructive ways. It’s not a secret or conspiracy. It’s hard for many people to admit to what suckers they were and how they allowed such a dumb scam to be played on them massively. It’s the biggest story in the world, but it’s also the biggest embarrassment, and many people don’t want to admit to how stupid they were in reacting to Covid, now that the truth is quite clear of what it always was.

Right on time, President Biden came down with Covid and locked himself in the residence of the White House, hoping to inspire a national concern for his safety. It was meant to do two things, get him out of the bumbling around in public that had been killing his poll numbers with gaffes literally every day, falling off bicycles, tripping over stairs, walking like someone has stuck a stick up his caboose to keep him standing straight, the constant embarrassments coming out over Hunter Biden’s crack use with illicit whores on video and the FBI helping to cover it up. Covid was meant to tap into the fears, and concerns Americans had just gone through and that they might feel sympathy and concern for the old man in the White House, which might help his polling. But, Democrats cannot win an honest election; they have no platform that people want, they stand for the destruction of America, and their game plan is in full action now, and people can see the evidence for themselves. Bread costs too much. Gas is outrageous. And we are told that climate change is the biggest threat to our lives, and to drive that point home, they need something to remind people that life could be snuffed away from them at any time. That there was something worse than everything they could see around them happening. They needed to dust off the Covid virus again and make people afraid of it once more, as they did in 2020, to change the political landscape into something they could regain control of. So Biden, over the last few weeks, has come down with Covid several times and has remained locked up in the White House as his handlers work on some public relations activity to boost up his opinion sentiment with the public. 

But it wasn’t working. As all the mainstreamers tried with great diligence to scare people back into a Covid frenzy, people are done with the masks, the lockdowns, the vaccines, and all the big government nonsense. The only people who still want Covid around are those who put it in play, to begin with, the lazy, the stupid, and the agents of the administrative state. Because when you look back on the CDC “recommendations” (they are not laws, and we do not have to follow them), you will see the dream of the average bureaucrat know-nothing. Covid gave them cover for their laziness; it was a free get-out-of-work plan where they could keep their jobs but stay home for days on end to stop the spread. Covid protocols were the most ridiculous socialist concepts since Karl Marx wrote his dumb books. Covid was designed to make the lazy look brilliant by following big government orders and changing the entire value system of society at large. It put the weak losers of life in charge of the thrifty and industrious. And now that Joe Biden is attempting to use Covid to hide from the public behind a controlled wall White House façade, many around the country are using his example to get falls positive tests that get them out of work for the same reasons they always have, because they are too lazy to work. They wish to hide their behavior behind a made-up public emergency. 

I’ve never been a supporter of a “doctor’s note” as a reason to get out of work. There are legal obligations to follow those types of social norms, but I’ve always thought of a doctor’s note as an intrusion by some medical bureaucrats into the business of life, and they had no mandate to intrude themselves on anybody’s life. When an employee brings a doctor’s note to work to alter their work schedule in some way with reduced duty or time off, it says to me that that person doesn’t want to work. I’d be looking for employees who don’t bring in doctor’s notes because those who do are liabilities against productivity. Government has stuck its nose in private business too much on many issues, and the doctor’s note is just one of those terrible incursions. And Covid was meant to play off that culture built by government over many decades of acting as the mediator between the big nasty employer who is just too evil to accommodate employees’ personal needs when they are sick. It is socialism that Karl Marx would be ecstatic over, and it has always made me sick to see. But Covid exploded that culture into ridiculous proportions, nearly turning our entire society into the zombie apocalypse. Covid as a policy has been the dream of socialists and communists everywhere, it has empowered the worst of our society into gaining merit through compliance, and the payoff for them is to get out of work under the protection of government making employers utterly helpless in the process. And what Biden did by using Covid to stay home and play in his residence was to remind all the lazy and worthless who exist that Covid is their get out of jail free card. And you can believe it; they are using it.   In the end, that will be what people remember Joe Biden for; he empowered the lazy and punished the hard-working. He led through fear because he was so incompetent that he had nothing else in the toolbox, which was the point of Covid all along, to give those like Biden merit in the world through the terrorism of fear and the unearned control over everyone’s lives by the administrative state.

Rich Hoffman

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Trump Can’t Ride Off Into the Sunset: There is a reason for all the political anger, and it must be expressed

I generally like Elon Musk, but his comments about Trump and how he should ride off into the sunset were misguided and foolish. I hope Elon Musk accomplishes his goals with Space X. But I think Tesla will be headed for rough waters mainly because of how government has tampered with the electric car market. They are saturating the industry with assets that nobody wants, creating competition where there wasn’t demand, and making buying regular gas cars a taboo that will last for decades. Before the Biden administration stuck its nose into the electric car market, Tesla was a pretty cool option for people looking for a vehicle alternative. Tesla could support its own network infrastructure, complete with charging stations. They didn’t need government. But government has now interrupted that market and made electric cars something people hate. So Elon Musk has some trouble coming because of government tampering. And with that said, without government, Elon Musk would not be so wealthy and gained so much prestige. Elon Musk’s place in the world is very much a creation of government. Like most people who strike it big, Elon Musk made a good bet, and in his case, several, and he became wealthy. He’s not a magnificent genius beyond our comprehension that knows a bunch of things that we don’t as a species. He played with house money and came up big. But in his case, that house money was from the government. Without government subsidies, Elon Musk would be just another computer geek trying to buy expensive coffee at Starbucks. So his comments about Trump have been extremely misplaced. His political advice is worthless because he has too many government tentacles in him and foreign nations to have a proper opinion on the matter. I hope he has continued success. But his political advice is worthless. If anything, we don’t have enough drama from Trump. The world is angry, and for a good reason. The last thing we need is a tool from China telling us what to think, and because Elon Musk needs China so much, we can’t trust a thing that he says about political opinion.

We are living in a world where Hunter Biden has put so much of himself on video with known prostitutes smoking crack that it’s beyond comprehension. This is the President’s son, who is seen by the world committing serious crimes, and nothing is being done about it. Forget for a moment the many other scandals that are out there or what anybody might think about Joe Biden as a person politically. To have a direct member of the President behaving so badly is enough to justify profound anger at the world’s injustice. If there were never a Trump, never a Tea Party, never any opposition from political parties, the behavior of Hunter Biden would be enough to justify a revolt of the American population against the Biden administration for the embarrassment that it has brought to our nation. But then consider all the crimes of Covid by government imposed on the American people. Consider the inflation rate. The war on fossil fuels that have pushed up the cost of gas to unforgivable standards. The impact of the stolen election in 2020 which is now apparent. After the Wisconsin Supreme Court decision on drop boxes, it’s clear that there is a trend in America that is finally figuring out that Joe Biden should have never even been inaugurated. People have a right. Actually, they are obligated to be upset about the crimes committed in 2020 between the government-created Covid pandemic and the election fraud that followed. If people weren’t outraged, it would be weird. It’s perfectly justifiable for people to express themselves with anger at the Biden government, the people who put him in power, and the governments of the world that have imposed themselves on everyone’s lives in such destructive ways. Trump represents that anger in a manageable way, and everyone should be happy that there is a Trump out there to discharge all pent-up anger.

This anger in the world, in general, didn’t just happen during the Trump administration. The Trump administration was a creation of that anger. The lead-up to it occurred for many decades. Most noticeably during the 90s, when the political left tried to cram down America’s throats a liberal view of the world that was revenge for the eight good years of Ronald Reagan. Reaganomics was revenge for what America saw during the Carter administration. Ford was destroyed because of his association with Richard Nixon. Nixon was destroyed because he was a threat to the administrative state. Kennedy was killed because he was a threat to that same administrative state. Bobby Kennedy was killed because he was a disruption to that partnership with the administrative state and the façade of organized crime that ultimately could be traced back to government. This has been a political fight that has gone on for a long time, and it was evident to conservatives that after 2003 the media would not give George Bush a fair shake. Bush was hated, and the political left pushed that anger to launch Barack Obama, a terrorist candidate from Bill Ayers launched in the living room of a Weather Underground radical. They lied about it to our face even though we had the evidence. They lied about his birth certificate. They lied about Benghazi. They lied about everything, and those stories mounted to the point where people lost trust in everything. Mitt Romney in 2012 was another loss for conservatives who had been burnt by losers like John McCain over the years, moderates who wanted to play by the rules while the political left broke the law and rubbed our faces in it. By the time Trump offered himself in 2015, people were ready to fight back, and they elected him despite the administrative state’s goals to stop it. 

Things were good under Trump; the country worked. We discovered that a lot could be fixed in the world if only we had someone in the White House who wanted to solve problems. The administrative state wants perpetual problems because that’s how their funding works. They never wanted to fix anything, and Trump showed what a scam everything they said really was. Then they took Trump away and expected people to just put up with it. No, that’s not how it works. All that has happened was that the political left represented in America by the Democrats stole away the natural sentiments of what America wanted and imposed on them the desires of an administrative state they didn’t want or support. In more polite times, they might have held their nose and put up with it, but after all the years of disrespect by the left toward the right, things finally broke. Trump was the discharge of that anger, but now that anger is far greater than it was just a few years ago. America is not a centrist nation. The media has all the wrong terms for left and right. When they talk about the political left, they are talking about communists and socialists.

Nazis were socialists; they were not the “far right.” America has its own definitions for conservative thought, and most of the nation is conservative. They are not “centralists” as the Beltway defines them. The way America is was always determined by the flyover states, not the crazy lunatics who live on the coasts. So the more crimes the left commits, the more lies they impose on America, and the more bad behavior disrespecting America will only lead to more anger. That anger isn’t going to go away. It’s only growing; until it is dealt with, there will be lots of “drama” in politics. And that drama will continue until respect is given to those who actually run the country, Trump supporters, and the person they picked for President, President Trump.

Rich Hoffman

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The Death Penalty for Drug Dealers and Traffickers is a Great Idea: That includes Big Pharm companies and the governments that shield them from responsibility

President Trump has been talking about the death penalty for drug traffickers and dealers, and I couldn’t be more supportive of the idea. I think it’s the only position and answer for the future. I have a long-standing policy of no drugs, at any time, for any reason, and that includes alcohol. Our level of consciousness makes human beings unique in all the universe, separate from all other lifeforms. And altering that conscious process with drugs to alter it is a crime against the values of the natural order. Getting drunk, stoned, or “smashed” isn’t cute. It is, and always has been, a military-grade attack on social order, and there are no circumstances for it that are justifiable. We may have come to accept drugs socially or medically as part of our lives, but I see them all as a menace to the human soul and reprehensible. I’ve wanted a much more aggressive social position against drugs than anything Nancy Reagan came up with in the 80s with the Just Say No campaign. I didn’t think that was near enough, so this death penalty idea Trump has been talking about is a great start. Drug traffickers and their gangs should all be eliminated from the public scene as they intend to destroy the mind, and we should value intellect much more than we do. And consider it just as serious as a crime as the intent to murder someone else. Because what other purpose is there for the destruction of  a mind than to consider it an attempt at murder?

Saying all that, I do see lots of value in science. Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine should not be prescription drugs; we should be able to buy them over the counter at Walgreens or Wal-Mart. We watched medical authorities enter into a partnership with government to push vaccine distribution for illnesses they built in a lab to create mass panic and gain new controls through pandemics. The solutions were in those drugs, and the government purposely prevented society from those drugs so that they could perpetuate sickness. Ivermectin and other drugs have shown themselves to be effective in fighting cancer. But our medical industry is supported by pharmaceutical companies who want cancer to spread and for a society of sick to pay anything for their products so that they can live the rest of their lives in misery. That is not science, it is deliberate harm to mass populations with government assistance, and it is every bit as bad as what drug cartels impose on our country. You can’t take a hard stance against illegal drug cartels when the big pharma companies also poison our society purposefully. It’s so bad that governments are actually shielding them from harm with protective legislation that keeps them from legal responsibility for their many mishaps, such as Phizer enjoys with this latest Covid vaccine. Many people worry that the vaccine is dangerous, and plenty of evidence indicates that people have been dying or suffering ill effects from the mandatory vaccine. But at the very least, there has been a lot we don’t know about the vaccine because it was rushed to market, and we need time to witness its effects. The fact that we don’t know yet the government has been pushing society into a mass; mandatory vaccinations show deliberate recklessness with an intent to commit harm on a mass scale.

Additionally, I see a lot of value from a religious point of view for using Ayahuasca and other psychedelic drugs. I have come to accept that the effects of these types of widely used mind enhancers common with shamans all over the world are filter removers to our conscious minds allowing us to see more than what we usually would. I’m not so sure that what people see with Ayahuasca is actually the spirit world; I would attribute its effects to seeing a broader spectrum of nonmaterial life forms. Whatever the case, these creatures interact with our conscious reality, and not dealing with them is a severe hindrance to the proper governance of our social order. You can’t deal with a world that is only partially visible to the tools of our senses. At the same time, all these other influences roam free into our thoughts, utterly immune to the laws of our nations and the positive effects of sound philosophy. I would fully support a shaman class of religious leadership who used tools like Ayahuasca to help society navigate the negative influences that hide in the shadows of our senses. Just because our eyes cannot see them and our ears cannot hear doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Our four-dimensional existence requires a lot of details to deal with, so we put filters on our minds at birth to comprehend those needs. But just because we have limits, that doesn’t mean all of existence will cater their desires to those limits. Suppose you want to manage those influences properly. In that case, the human race must grow in intellect, not to expect all of existence in all dimensional planes of reality to respect our limits. Instead, they will do as they have been, exploit our weaknesses for their gain, just like criminal drug cartels do, and nations like China, when they make fentanyl then smuggle it into America through the southern border to poison our entire society, will go unpunished because we did not recognize the threat as it was occurring. Ignorance of what those influences are can be every bit as deadly as the drugs themselves, and it’s a topic that requires a new strategy for the many thousands of years of future that are before us.

So it’s not enough to say that drugs are harmful. My general position is that any kind of mind-altering drugs, including beer, should be severely punishable. It’s not a libertarian thing that often comes up with the push for widespread marijuana use commercially and medically. There is nothing funny about getting “stoned.” Anytime you limit your intellectual ability, you are committing a crime against life itself in my way of seeing things. So fighting for the right to “party,” as the Beastie Boys have always sung the song, is not cute, funny, or cool. It only gives the enemies of the world the fuel of their intentions to destroy rivals so that they might have an easier time at implementing their diabolical plots of doom. China loves to see us poisoning ourselves with fentanyl. That’s why they make it. Europe loves that we are legalizing pot and calling it natural and beneficial. They have been trying to get Americans to take the French weekend for the last century, which is off by Wednesday. Back to work the following Monday while only working 4 hours on Monday and Tuesday. The world is lazy, and they love to hide their lack of ambition behind drug use, which is the cause behind most of it. But the government is not capable of fairness, they pick winners and losers, so they are not the ones who can make a great society. Only we can do that. We can’t prosecute drug cartels in Mexico while ignoring the deaths caused by Phizer or Moderna just because they are in league with the government. Poison is poison; we have to call it all what it is. And we cannot allow government to stand between us and all the other influences impacting the human race as just another class of priesthood that seeks to maintain the limits of the primary religions and thus to control the whole human race with severe limitations on intellect and spiritual comprehension. But putting to death those drug dealers who purposely commit so much harm through the drug trade is a great place to start. I fully support President Trump’s position on this very critical topic, probably the most crucial subject in politics. Because if people were fully aware of what was happening to them with the various drugs they were taking by choice or by force, they would be furious at the deceit that has been placed upon them by governments clearly functioning with criminal intent.

Rich Hoffman

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What Makes George Lang So Good: Leadership and one of the reasons Butler County is Debt Free

George Lang, whenever he gives a public speech, especially in Butler County, Ohio, where he is the Senator of the 4th District, will quickly remind everyone that Butler County is the only county in Ohio operating debt-free. It is one of the best-run counties in the entire nation, fiscally speaking, and that is to the credit of Nancy Nix and many others who work as the treasurer and support staff. It’s also a credit to the Republican Party of Butler County, and you will always find George Lang somewhere near someone who has been successful behind many of the success stories. George Lang is the kind of person who builds people up wherever he goes, and his best work is often in the background. He’s not very ostentatious about letting everyone know about the good work he does, but given the trend of pointing out every flaw people in politics have that there are, I thought it was an excellent idea to let people know of one of the best examples of what a good politician is that I know, and point out some of the traits that make him that way. While it’s true, I consider George a friend, I’ve known him since the early Tea Party days, and I like his family quite a lot. But I’ll also say that we don’t always agree on everything or support the same kind of people in every situation. Yet, as I always say, there is only one correct answer, and I can say that in the context of our relationship, George is a tireless advocate for whatever that right answer is, and he pursues it aggressively. And if new information comes up along the way that might change his view on the right answer, he doesn’t let anything get in the way of modifying his thought process to accommodate it. And that might be his best trait and why he is so successful, not just in the things he does, but in how he builds people up around him toward the ultimate correct answer. 

I was at a few events recently and heard the same kind of stories, that George Lang is an establishment Republican and that he is part of the problem, not a solution. In the context of those sentiments, I can say that they are common among anybody who has had success and are not rooted in reality. One of the reasons I’ve been able to be friends with George Lang for so long is because he is a high-quality person who can handle the heat in the kitchen well. So, if he were anything less than great, I wouldn’t have maintained a friendship with him all this time. Usually, when we talk, it’s not about politics ironically, but the big things, like ancient civilizations and what lessons we could learn from them that could improve the legislative agenda of America as a republic. We never get hung up on the small stuff, the whims of political tides that come and go like an ocean current.   From my perspective in knowing how George is every day, I know the things some people say about him are because he’s been successful. All successful people get hen-pecked behind their backs. The critics are primarily built on jealousy or to hide their own ineffectiveness in the world and would rather blame a corrupt system that never listens to their own failures. George is the kind of person who can sit down with anyone under any type of contentious condition and work with them. And he stays honest during it all and can go home to his family with a clean mind because everything he does is done with good sentiment on his part. I’ve watched many people attempt this in life, and they usually get beaten down into an unrecognizable person within a few years. But George has managed to keep himself great for many years, working as a trustee, then a State Representative, until this most recent position as a State Senator.   George could do anything politically that he wanted, which would always draw criticism from the fans in the stands. Yet when it comes to wins, George is always nearby those victories even if he isn’t the one who takes the heroic shot in the end but was the person who set all the success up behind the scenes. 

This came to my mind because I have been getting asked many questions about what might happen in the fourth quarter, during the next election in America, if the Democrats try to use another version of Covid to implement shutdowns and change voting rules as they did in 2020. In Ohio, DeWine was terrible with Covid, and it cost the state a lot. Well, George all along worked behind the scenes to ensure that what happened in 2020 would never happen again in Ohio. George has a business-first political platform that understands that if there is no business in Ohio, then there aren’t jobs and things to do with a good economy. So George puts his political efforts into ensuring that the economy of Ohio is outstanding so that all other good things will follow. And over the last several years, George has passed legislation that greatly limited what a governor can do under emergency conditions. For instance, if there were another pandemic, a governor would be unable to shut down small businesses while keeping the large ones open. Everyone would have to follow the same safety protocols, but the government would not pick winners and losers as they did during Covid 2020. Also, the Senate led an effort with George among the leaders to drive the issue that would keep any governor from overreacting and taking authority control over the entire state. So those days are gone forever, and George Lang is the one to thank for it. 

A lot of the best legislation that gets done in Columbus isn’t very sexy. It doesn’t make great splashes on the nightly news. Few likely know about S.B. 246, which allows for small businesses to utilize similar tax advantages that large companies have access to, which might not sound like a big thing, but if you are a business of any size, tax burdens are one of the most significant concerns that there is. With George’s bill, it will attract investment to Ohio which is desperately needed. Ohio has been suffering from a depopulation crisis for a long time. It’s been so bad that it only has 15 congressional representatives due to that condition. As jobs have fled the state due to previous bad government policy, there wasn’t anywhere for the kids of previous generations to work, so they left for places that looked more attractive.   George is working to rebuild that business base of Ohio and is looking to turn that all around, and so far, he’s been very successful. Like the example George gives about the great Butler County treasurer Nancy Nix and how it is operating as the only county that is debt free, it takes a lot of leadership behind the scenes to manage everything correctly, and it also takes a willingness not always to be the point person where a single point failure can significantly limit what good leadership can do. But to build up others in ways that the public never sees. And if someone didn’t point out that good work every now and then, nobody would ever know. And that is why I value George Lang so much and think despite the negative news stories that we hear every day on the news, there are some great politicians out there doing outstanding work. And George Lang is one of them for sure. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Key to Being a Ghost: Why the EPA ruling by the Supreme Court will matter for many decades to come

Ghosting is my personal management style and the one I find most valuable given all the problems that are in the world right now. My book, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, is all about and is very different from the typical ways we measure leadership.   And in many ways, this blog site is my most effective way to ghost, to manage so many areas of need across the world, when in essence, I physically can be only in one place. I learned the nature of the media networks years ago, as I used to be a frequent guest on WLW Radio and other corporate media. But I found that the focus was too narrow for all that needed to be covered, so I turned to the blog site and personally controlled media to reach what I would call the “ghosting audience.” Most of my audience would like to stay anonymous because they do have jobs in that corporate media world. Of course, they are like everyone else, looking for fresh ideas that they can go on a major television show or radio program and talk about for 1 to 3 hours per day. So my goal is to provide some fresh perspectives to those types of people and, in that way, get out a message that otherwise would never get talked about. Many of the names who visit my site daily you would recognize. But that’s not the point; the point of spreading ideas is to be a ghost and to be present in many places, in many minds, in many times all across the world, at the same time. For instance, I have many followers on my Gettr account who are fighting as we speak in Hong Kong and other such places for their freedom and are curious about how to frame their thoughts. To reach them all, there must be some method to speak to so many diverse people. My method is in ghosting, where you are never defined by the title you are socially given but exist outside the administrative state’s definition for people to control their behavior. By living outside those definitions and limits, a lot of very good work can be done that otherwise would never happen. 

With that in mind, the most frequent question I have received over the last several days has been, what was the most important of the various Supreme Court cases they ruled upon in 2022 before they went into recess at the end of June. And much to many people’s surprise, it was not the Roe v. Wade ruling. Rather, I would say it’s the EPA ruling, and here’s why. As I gave that little introduction to strategy, one reason I have moved more into a ghosting direction is that corporate media, while needed and is very necessary for communicating information, I found that hour-long shows dedicated to one or two topics were never going to solve all the problems that need to be solved at the rate and content they needed attention. And also, I don’t do panic about anything. There could be a rain of comets bombarding earth and destroying all life on it, and you would never find me in a panic over it. I don’t freak out about anything, and that doesn’t make very good television or radio. But to people who have jobs like that, if they can get a massage done in a way that reassures them of a specific strategy and then put it in the context of mass media, then maybe we can get some things done. And to me, this is a lot of what the Supreme Court EPA case was all about. The Administrative State, or Deep State as we have been calling it, lost a lot of power by what the Supreme Court ruled on in 2022, and the ramifications will last for many decades, perhaps centuries. Its something that needed to happen for a long time, and because of the political climate that we are in presently, where a lot of change for the better is happening, the Supreme Court ruled in a way that put the power of the Constitution back where it should have been all along. And some people in the media understand it, where perhaps a few years ago, they just wouldn’t have. 

The key to American life is in the Constitution, which is designed to give individuals personal power and limit the administrative state’s powers to impose centralized authority. Of course, those who want communism and socialism find this objectionable. But that’s good. So long as America follows the Constitution and does not fall for the schemes of globalism, then a recovery of the American way of life into making America Great Again is always possible. China has been used as an example of how to get things done because a gang of thugs essentially runs them, a criminal underclass who used the work of Karl Marx to impose centralized control over their population, which the other lunatics at the World Economic Forum find very attractive, to their delusional minds. It’s a complicated topic, too complicated for news segments, usually. But finally, many of the better ones are starting to get their minds around the ideas of why America has been so prosperous and why the China model is doomed to fail if America doesn’t fall to them with massive debt and cultural surrender. And at the center of that scheme was a way to trick America into giving up its power and influence to an Administrative State that was backdooring the American Constitution because of the belief that America had to compete with a propped-up China and abandon its Constitution to stay relevant because the American Constitution was a check on power and activism from centralized authorities. It’s the key to success, not the hindrance. 

Of course, we saw the nightmare of Administrative State control unleashed by Covid. Health Departments became their own authority violating the American Constitution out of fear of a virus and surrendered all authority to the United Nations-controlled World Health Organization.   The same has been happening with the radical climate change religion; the EPA has acted without congressional authority to impose all kinds of rules and regulations that would artificially hinder our economy. And they never had the authority to do so and have been acting as a government within a government unaccountable to anybody but the goals of foreign interests for years now. When the Supreme Court ruled against this practice in 2022, it essentially gave that power back to Congress, which is about to turn back to the conservatives for a good reason after the midterms, setting up a situation to roll back all this lunacy we have been seeing regarding climate change. And because of that precedent, we will see the same type of case law applied to all other Administrative State measures in all government branches. So for those who are in Hong Kong and get these articles from my Gettr feed every day and all the nice notes you send me, the way to beat the administrative state, whether it’s in China, or Sri Lanka, or even in the European Union, its through legislation that takes away central power. Not in laws that give them more power. If given the freedom to act out of their own self-interest, people will make a good society, much better than what any bureaucrat can come up with. And that is the key to the future, no matter where in the world they may be. Yet the most potent means of delivery of that concept is not in the titles that the Administrative State provides to people to keep them neatly separated. It’s in the managing method of ghosting, being everywhere at all times to everyone, even the very rich and powerful. By not getting hung up on the trappings of success but by focusing on the power of the message, much more good can get done, and that momentum is happening as we speak. And the most important signs of good things to come are in the American Supreme Court ruling against the power and control of the EPA because it’s a significant blow to the administrative states of the world. When they lose power, the rest of the world will find its way in a good way, and based on that; there is a lot to be excited about regarding the future of politics.   History will remember who did what, and it will be worthwhile. Don’t concern yourself with the Administrative State’s awards because as long as they can make you care about such accolades, they ultimately control what you talk about and why. By being a ghost, you take that power away from them and can then do much good in the world in a way they can’t stop, no matter how hard they try.

Rich Hoffman

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