The Revenge of the Nerds: Google A.I. and the need to prosecute the tech tyrants for murder

I’m much less concerned about Google’s revealed artificial intelligence creation than I am in the tyranny itself of the tech tyrants. It was revealed recently by a Google engineer that the company had developed artificial intelligence with the mind of a seven-year-old and that it was conscious of God and its own life.   In my book The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, I speak about artificial intelligence and how to deal with it in the future and in business in general because it’s a certainty. We have to acknowledge it, but I don’t think it’s something we should fear. I don’t see artificial intelligence surpassing human intelligence because software engineers who write the code and create the platform are missing lots of elements of existence that go well beyond the 1s and 0s that computer programmers work with. Computation power and actual intelligence are very different things. I see A.I. as a manageable condition, not what many science fiction offerings have proposed: humans will at some point be subservient to our own lives to the machines we have created. But what we should be very wary of are the companies who have built A.I. like Google who has participated in mass exterminations of entire populations, such as what we saw with Covid, and allowing them to have too much power to use their technology to destroy the world in ways that A.I. will never be able to achieve on its own. The human hosts are still and will remain much more dangerous.

It’s clear that Google participated in suppressing information that could have saved lives during the Covid pandemic, which was created by governments for the purpose of governments, to gain more control over people’s lives and centralize all authority so that machines could eventually manage it. The end game of Covid, besides committing massive voter fraud in the 2020 election to get rid of President Trump because he was a threat to the New World Order of globalism, was to implement vaccine passports which would have given companies like Google a window into every human being on earth to “Google Map” us all with centralized controls. It was clear just a few months into the pandemic that there were medicines that could fight the effects of Covid, such as Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, that Bill Gates paid a lot of money to suppress with phony articles in prestigious medical journals discouraging their use because the intention from the beginning was to stop society from functioning as capitalists and to resurrect the entire world into socialism, and to use mandated vaccines as the vehicle to deliver a mass monitoring system. Google and other tech tyrants participated openly, knowing the details from the outset, and worked to use their power to suppress valuable information that could have saved lives, and they must be prosecuted. For every YouTube video that was suppressed during the Covid pandemic based on corrupted science driving the world to a preset result, decided by Bill Gates and others like him who see the human race as a threat to planet earth and wish to stop that threat from the perspective of a radicalized religious fanatic. Google continued to use its power in the world to steer a political narrative regarding Covid that destroyed lives, actually killed people, and cost the globe trillions of dollars in lost economic value. And that isn’t forgivable. 

Google wasn’t alone in this Covid behavior. Facebook and Twitter also contributed to the misinformation, then captured the term for their own use to call anything that was not part of the Bill Gates paid for narrative a threat to the order of the world. That is what we must worry about because it’s these people who are also writing artificial intelligence. So if they are writing the programs we call A.I., there is a real threat to the world, and it’s not coming from Russia, Iran, North Korea, or China.   It’s coming from Google, Facebook, Twitter, and anybody running around bragging about the Metaverse. That was clear in this year’s World Economic Forum by the Desecrators of Davos. Clearly, by their plans, they visioned the new world economy as one where everyone stayed home like in the Steven Spielberg movie, Ready Player One. While that was an interesting movie, and while virtual reality is kind of a cool technology when it comes to video game playing, this notion that human beings are going to give up all interaction with the real world in trade for a virtual one is centrally controlled by the class of people I call, The Revenge of the Nerds types is unfathomably stupid and incomprehensibly naive. According to them at the World Economic Forum, these are the smartest people in the world. No, people will not give up wanting to see a real elephant in trade for a virtual one. People will still want to visit Rome; they won’t be satisfied with a virtual reality program where you can’t smell, touch, or buy a souvenir. The truth of the matter is that even the smartest people at Google aren’t that smart to encompass all the aspects of human need, or the necessities of life in general. But, they intended to inflict their small-minded assumptions onto the rest of us with force and even murder, and for that, we must teach them a lesson they will never forget. 

These tech tyrants, like in the old 80s movie, presented themselves in a way we felt sorry for them, and so long as they created companies that made our lives easier, like Google Maps does, or the products of Microsoft have over time, we put up with these Nerds. But deep down inside, there is a Revenge of the Nerds aspect to their characters; they were picked on in school, they didn’t get the hot dates, and they grew to resent society at large and, due to their massive insecurities, sought to remake the world into computer code they could deal with. So behind all the World Economic Forum strategies are essentially a bunch of socially awkward nerds who wanted to reel in the entire human race into something they felt comfortable with. They want revenge against the world because they never felt comfortable in it. As newly rich people, they found that their money could buy them all the respect they never had as kids, so their minds have left them and presented us with menaces to the world who will kill and ruin lives to bend the world to their comfort level. And that isn’t acceptable. And to develop artificial intelligence with these kinds of ideas in mind, to impose on the world central authority through vaccine passports, to put chips in all people so that every person can be regulated in some way or another, is essentially the Revenge of the Nerds plan to make the world into something they can deal with. And their intention to use artificial intelligence to do just that very thing is a threat to humanity. It’s something we cannot take lightly. It’s not the A.I. itself that is the threat. It’s the people writing the code and why. We have seen their intentions; they showed us how they are playing the game during Covid. And knowing that, we must punish them now instead of letting them get out of control again before they do have weapons like artificial intelligence to use against us and to subsidize their personal security problems with the assistance of computers to give them the power they’d otherwise never obtain. If there is a lesson we should have all learned from Covid, it’s to what extent these people mean to destroy the world and everyone in it.

Rich Hoffman

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Corporate Selfishness: They don’t respect our time, or money

They Don’t Respect our Time

It’s not enough to talk about the Constitution as it applies to the government and the people who elect it. One of my concerns about the purpose of my Gunfighter’s Guide to Business is to more appropriately define the relationship that corporations have with society and government in general. This has essentially been a problem since the Jackson administration, where Cornelius Vanderbilt first exposed the cracks of corporate power in the years that followed. Now, of course, I’m not a believer in heavy regulation, and I do not think the government can manage power well at all. So they are certainly not capable of controlling corporate governance and shouldn’t even try. By nature, they always need money, and corporations all too easily buy them off with donations, which is why most of the corruption we see these days is happening. Corporations do not care about the Constitution. I have never been in a business exchange in all my years where business people suddenly said, “oh, that might be unconstitutional.” They simply will say, “well, if people want to get paid, they’ll put up with it.” That is why Biden attacked the vaccine mandates the way he did. The American Republic is most vulnerable through its corporations rather than through Constitutional mandates, so this is a long-time problem that needs a very modern solution. I have started to tackle this need in my book, and I’m sure many discussions will spawn from the continued necessity. 

So it is in that context, I say, especially among the new tech companies, that corporate America does not respect the people they do business with, and that needs to change dramatically.   It is a good thing that all companies should cherish to have a customer. But, corporations, whether it’s McDonald’s, Disney, network television, Wal-Mart, etc., have evolved over the years under government protections to disregard the customer experience. With more and more technology emerging, they have really come to abuse their relationship with consumers. And consumers have accepted this abuse by default because it’s coming from every direction so fast and furious that we haven’t really taken the time to understand what is happening to us. This is most obvious in the complete disregard of our personal time and freedoms concerning our corporations. Corporations, by their nature, are like only children; they assume they have exclusive access to the attention they want without considering all the other elements that are competing for the same time and money. For instance, McDonald’s isn’t thinking about the time and money that P&G is committing to new shampoo when it comes out with a new fish sandwich for the season of Lent. But the consumer only has so many hours in the day and so much expendable income. So when all these various elements seek selfishly to consume every waking hour of a customer’s life, there are lots of adverse effects that cascade off the experience that has a negative impact on the nature of our government in general.

For instance, I’m a Call of Duty player. I’d play it a lot more if I could, but I sleep about 7 hours a day these days. The rest of my 24 hour day is carefully planned in 15-minute increments. I do not have “free time.” I have lots of managed time, but I do not have empty time that is filled by random behavior. So I maybe get a half-hour a day to play Call of Duty which I consider a luxury. Now when you are in the Call of Duty world, or the platform of PlayStation in general, they make it so that you could easily spend 24 hours a day playing their game and their game only. It is quite a culture of game players, and I can see why many people who want to be good at it would easily stay home and play that game all day, all night, for seven days a week. There is enough content to really just live in the Call of Duty world. No wonder our employment numbers are so low now that the government has taught people that they are willing to pay people to stay home. I look at the number of people playing Call of Duty with me whenever I am playing and think a lot about all the lost productive time spent on that game. Sometimes, if I worry about something and can’t sleep very well, I get up at 2 AM and play a few rounds, and there are always thousands and thousands of players in the queue ready to play any game I pick within the Call of Duty environment.   But it gets even more complicated than that. Call of Duty is just one game out there; many other games are just as popular, such as the Madden games, Fortnite, and many others, all that have their game bases filled with people willing to spend their time and money on those products. But, time in a day is not infinite, so there is a management problem that we have to deal with as a modern consideration. And the corporate influence is committing the same problem they always do. They assume that the consuming public will put 100% of their time into their product in the same way that an only child expects their parents always to be available to them. 

But, while we are trying to find all our passwords to all our media accounts, and playing all these games, and are under pressure constantly to update our media accounts and to read all the legal agreements with each one, people have no room to figure out the origin of Covid, or the FBI tampering in Michigan with the Whitmer case, or the paradox of Ray Epps and the FBI attempting a false flag on January 6th, as they usually do when the government needs to make a political case beneficial to them, there is no time for people to give to these subjects because they are too worried about what their password is to their Diseny+ account. Or their bank is changing their account number because they are doing a system update. And at work, people might have an account for Microsoft Teams, their inventory systems, their clocking systems. Everywhere people turn these days, there is some technological incursion for their time that is not being managed, hurting the American family and their productive output. I would say that the solution is not more regulation, but is more like I say in my book, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business. The way to punch back at corporate selfishness is to hit them where they genuinely care to protect, in their self-preservation. Right now, they assume that consumers will always be there for them whenever they decide they want them. But by applying constitutional concepts to even corporate culture, as it should have always have been from the start going all the way back to the Jackson administration, many of these modern problems could have been alleviated. Consumers could still be consumers, but they would be more than that to the world of corporate America. And that’s what’s missing now, is that people are people who should be respected first and foremost, starting with their time and money. Because just as every only child must learn at some point, they are not the only things in the world that matter. And to truly be balanced in the world and good, they must learn to deal with the rest of the world respectfully and with excellent quality.

Rich Hoffman

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