The Betrayal of Rock Ribbed Republicans: The faces behind the mask.

If Rock Ribbed Republicans such as what has been said about Senators like Bill Seitz are truly conservatives, then it is no wonder that our budgets are so out of control in government. If Seitz represents the best and most responsible of our state representatives then we’re in a lot of trouble.

I listened in disbelief to Bill Seitz on the Bill Cunningham show while the two of them spoke about how unfair S.B.5 is to the public worker. Cunningham has declared himself a supporter of the Tea Party and takes pride in the fact that he has spoken at rallies for the Tea Party. Yet his views, and policies are bewilderingly in support of big government, this coming from a man who has declared for over 20 years that Clinton is a fool, made a lot of fame calling John McCain and Bob Taft too liberal, big government politicians and is one of the first to call President Obama by his full name, Barrack Hussein Obama, so to remind Americans of Obama’s Muslim pride. Between these two men I heard two firm, establishment Republicans that love the old way of politics and can’t see the hard things that must be done to bring our government under control.

I was suspicious of Willie when he came out in support of the Lakota School Levy. Part of me understood that he was making a sound business decision, because it was well-known that Lakota administrators and teachers were threatening to boycott any business that didn’t support a school levy. Willie owning a sports bar in West Chester wouldn’t want bad things to happen to his business, and I understand. But I was disappointed when he came out openly on the air in favor of the levy right before the election. It seems that people like him are so in love with public education sports and all the ornaments of education that he is willing to overlook all the obvious problems surrounding education funding. At 10K per child who in their right mind wouldn’t understand that if you spend that much money on education, yet don’t see the results in the children, that something must be done and tax increases are not acceptable. Anyone that owns a business, and Willie does, knows that he could not afford to pay dishwashers, waitresses, cooks and hostesses $20 dollars an hour, because it would destroy his labor costs. He’d have to increase the price of his meals to pay for the wages. Yet from him, it seems acceptable to allow teachers, police and firefighters to make infinite amounts of money, because all you have to do to pay for it is to raise taxes. I can understand that people like Willie are in need of lots of police services and firefighters. I mean Willie is a guy that got stuck on his roof a few years ago, and could not get down on his own. So people like that represent a certain helplessness among people who will always vote for more and more safety personnel to save them from themselves, so their views are corrupted with their weaknesses.

But worst of all is Bill Seitz. Here is a guy that I watched stand on the steps of the capital building and demand Governor Strickland show leadership. He has over a decade in the state house and is considered a hard-core Republican. Yet, he believes that management should not be in charge of their costs. What is the purpose of management if not to regulate costs? The unions and management in the public sector are not equal, as he insists it should be!

This is troubling because people like me don’t even recognize the right of the unions to exist. If public money is involved, no union should be in place. If a private company wants one, and can afford one, they can have them. I can vote by buying a product from those businesses or not. But with pubic sector unions, I don’t have a choice. I don’t have a choice but to support a teachers union, which asks for too much. I don’t have a choice but to support a FOP organization, which will lobby to put more cops on the street than we need, and they’ll seek to justify themselves by setting up DUI checkpoints and speed traps. It’s a corrupt, bad system and I don’t want ANY of my money to go to a public union! PERIOD!!! End of the story! If those employees don’t want to work under those conditions, don’t take a public job. Now, people like the Senator and many media outlets that just accept blindly this whole idea that unions and management should coexist in some way, will call my views radical, or extreme right-winged. Those people are naive fools and have helped perpetuate this whole system of costly formalities that only serve to drive up costs to communities.

I listened to Seitz and Willie, both men seem intelligent, work in law, yet can’t grasp the basic principle that unions are a creation of people who occurred well after the Constitution of the United States, and the Constitution of Ohio. Those Constitutions were also the creation of people which we have all sworn to live by. Unions were not agreed by all. They just grew like weeds in a garden that nobody picked which rob the fruit of our labor from proper nourishment. They are an accident that should have never happened and were born of bribes and complacency, by people like Seitz that gave them credibility and lawyers like Willie that defended their right to exist. Such crimes as these are obviously difficult for them to admit in these late years of their life, because such an admission is simply too introspective. An admission would mean that everything they had built their lives around for over 50 years would be rooted in some small little corruption where deals were made at the expense of the public, and they played their part to a deep inner shame.

It must be terrible to view the world with such warped glasses so as to distort the true vision that is before us all. I can only speak for myself, I am glad that I am not corrupted with such distortions. It may be considered extreme by those that wish to see the warped fantasy of their lives and believe they have behaved ethically, but I am happy to have seen such weeds of thought for what they are, a corruption created from ineptitude and justified by the weak which chose to disguise their cowardly behavior with a shroud of conservatism when at their core they are no better than the collectivist oriented liberal.

That is why they don’t understand the intent behind S.B.5 and wherever they look they see “unfairness” because they are the types that find themselves stuck on the roofs of their homes needing help to climb down. It’s easy to talk tough and proclaim that one is a lover of freedom and propionate of self-reliance. It is easy to stand in front of a crowd and say we need a smaller government. But it is hard when you take money yourself or find yourself defending something that is inheritably wrong, because you have a past that benefited from that wrong, and chose to hide those evils behind patriotism. Those are the worst kind of people because they are never what they seem. Out one side of their mouth comes one thing, but out the other comes the despicable.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Bill Cunningham and the Hot Fudge Sundae: Betting on a S.B.5 Referendum.

Want to hear leadership? Listen to this interview of John Kasich by Bill Cunningham from 700 WLW. Kasich is defending the Ohio State Senate Bill S.B.5 from Cunningham who has taken a surprisingly soft stance against the bill, surprising because Cunningham has a long history of looking for leadership in elected officials that take strong positions; yet he is now siding with politicians like Jessie Jackson and Todd Portune, which is highly unusual.

One of the reasons that Cunningham cites he is taking a soft position on S.B.5 is out of fear that the labor unions will be encouraged to put the bill on a referendum to be voted on by the voters of Ohio. Cunningham believes it’s easier and more conciliatory to the unions to allow them to be a part of the negotiation process, and it may take the edge off and avoid a referendum.

I never had illusions that S.B.5 would avoid a referendum. After all, when it comes to union activity, they have a history of pushing and shoving until they get what they want, so a referendum that is well financed by the union is a certainty one way or the other.

So when that referendum happens, I am making the formal announcement that I will bet Bill Cunningham a hot fudge Sundae that the referendum will be defeated when the unions do collect all their signatures and place it on a ballot. Cunningham predicts a 60-40 defeat in favor of the unions based on a 1997 decision regarding workers compensation. What Cunningham isn’t taking into account is the presence of the Tea Party Movement that was not in place in 1997. This time when the unions send out teachers and fireman wrapped in the flag, there will be a counter to them in Tea Party members all across this state telling the truth behind the pro-union campaign.

Even though the numbers of the Tea Party are less, I will take the enthusiasm of the Tea Party over the rhetoric of union organization in a head to head battle between right and wrong any day, and I firmly believe that this new political element will swing public opinion armed with facts the opposite way that Cunningham predicts.

Cunningham has also stated that if Shannon Jones had not introduced S.B.5 in its aggressive form that all the protests and anger created by the unions would subside. But the truth is, Wisconsin attempted such a minor reform, and we see that the intensity of the protests are every bit as radical, so it does Governor Kasich no good to negotiate because unions have not shown any interest in the past of doing such a thing. Only now, with a Republican majority faced with a nearly 10 billion dollar deficit, are there any cries from unions to “talk.” Kasich knows it will do no good to “talk,” and I respect his position because it represents many in this state that feel the same level of frustration.

So the real battle for S.B.5 will be decided by the voters in the state of Ohio whether or not Kasich plays nice. Any reform attempted will bring on union aggression. It’s unavoidable, because the unions are a radical organization that only understands forward advancement. They don’t know how to give back once it’s realized that they asked for too much.

If I’m wrong, which is about as rare as an eclipse, I’ll be happy to buy Cunningham a hot fudge sundae from UDF. But my bet is that these new elements that exist in the political landscape will tip the balance of power in a new direction not to the liking of the public sector unions.

To display this argument I submit exhibit “A.” Witness David Letterman talking to Rand Paul and you can see how the world of yesterday “thought” and how the world of tomorrow will “think.”

Letterman said, “I think he’s wrong, but I’m just not sure why.” A referendum against S.B.5 is referred to in much the same way by Cunningham. His political instincts tell him that S.B.5 is wrong, yet there is a part of him that understands what the Tea Party represents. The truth will be revealed in the tax payer as they vote on the battle ground of Ohio’s ballot boxes, and it won’t be in favor of continued union control over the public sector.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior