Governor Mike DeWine is Paying his girlfriend, Amy Acton to stay Close: What $236K per year can buy in the whorehouse of Ohio government

There are more ways to use a whore than with sex, sometimes men purchase a woman as an escort for the girlfriend experience, which mostly means he wants someone to pretend to like him, talk to him, and pander to him like a new relationship would. When relationships become old and crusty, men often seek in a prostitute, or an high class escort girl companionship more than just the raw sex much of the time. And clearly when Amy Acton, the Ohio Health Director who resigned from her intense position under great scrutiny, it was clear that Governor DeWine had fallen for the companionship Acton provided him and he couldn’t stand to part with her, the way many men do when they fixate on a certain kind of escort or a stripper they see topless at a “gentleman’s club.” What happens in these cases, and it seldom involves sex, is that the girls are nice to the lonely man, and he thinks she loves him, and he becomes possessive and starts coming to see the girl all the time thinking that her niceness means more than just doing what he’s paying her for. I knew a friend once who was so in love with a local stripper that he paid over $23,000 to her just for her to tell him about her life, and to help her pay a few semesters of college. He never had sex with her as she milked him for everything he had at the time. So it wasn’t hard to see that was exactly the relationship that Governor DeWine had with the departing Amy Acton when it became known that her golden parachute that had been percolating in the media was in fact a giant gold nugget, a consultant job paying her $236,000 per year just to remain close to the Governor.

It was a good question at the 40 minute mark by Jack Windsor from WMFT TV in Mansfield during Governor DeWine’s press conference on Thursday June 18th 2020 when he asked why Amy Acton was given a new position created for her while cuts to all departments across the state were happening, particularly in education. In essence, Jack was asking how the government could afford to pay Acton so much money when she had in fact resigned. The optics were not good. But as I have said from the beginning, the Covid-19 thing was a scam, and in DeWine’s case he was infatuated with Amy Acton for all the reasons that a man falls in love with a woman he’s working with. It looks like DeWine went out of his way to get her in the first place and once he had her on stage every day at 2 PM she was filling out the “girlfriend experience” for him, being there to listen to him and to be that girlfriend he never had. DeWine after all had a wife whom he has known since she was a little girl, so now that he has a top executive job in government, one that he has been thinking about all his life, Amy Acton was able to be a member of his staff, and to be that girlfriend DeWine always had wanted. It wasn’t about stroking his junk in a smoky room next to a bottle of $200 wine under a table covered with a jacket in case the cops came in, it was about talking to him and letting him confide in some female figure other than his wife who had lived with him for more than 50 years and knew everything about him, perhaps too much to satisfy his ego as a new, and all powerful governor.

It’s important to talk about because I would contend that much of the reason Acton was given so much raw power to shut down most of the economic activity of Ohio, which paved the way for other states to follow, was because DeWine was showing off for Acton demonstrating how much power he really had. It became obvious when DeWine just a week into the shutdowns moved against a judge who had ruled that the Election for the primary could not have its date moved from March 17th to some later, undetermined time, but DeWine did it anyway. Since then most every case that has been put before a judge has been found to show that DeWine and Acton acted illegally during the shutdowns taking away rights from private people and businesses he had no right to trample on. But for DeWine, it was never about saving America from a hidden virus, it was about getting access to a strange new, flirty female. And DeWine was using public money to stuff her purse so she would talk to him and make him feel young again. Walk into any strip joint and that old, fat bastard stuffing $100 dollar bills in the panties of some 19 year old stripper in the corner and you’ll see why Mike DeWine couldn’t stand to let Amy Acton leave, but instead overpaid her to answer his phone calls and talk to him any time he wanted.

I’ve explained also before why men and women in very powerful positions are prone to hire some bondage dominator to tie them up and demean them. As someone who has worked with bullwhips for 40 years of my life, I often would get requests to be that guy, which I always declined. People hear about bullwhips and they naturally think of sexually charged bondage. I have known women, very strong women who have very pronounced professional careers who would beg to hire someone to beat them with a bullwhip in the way only an expert can, and to call them names like “dumb bitch,” “whore,” and “scank” and they’d pay anything to get that treatment. The reason is that they wanted relief from the pressures of being in charge. That is why perfectly logical businessmen who look and act tough during a deal will walk away from professional contacts during a high priced dinner where they were the alphas during the conversation and get back to their hotel rooms while on the road and hire a dominatrix to come to them and beat them with a whip and call them all kinds of nasty names, even dressing them in a diaper as if they were a child that needed to have it changed by a mother figure. I personally think all those needs are dysfunctional and are symptoms of psychosis, but they are surprisingly common in most powerful people with high pressure jobs.

Mike DeWine would never admit that his relationship with Amy Acton is mostly a girlfriend experience for him, and that he has abused all Ohioans and the budget of his office to satisfy that fantasy. I’m sure his wife understands, as long as his little ass isn’t crawling all over her at night, she’s happy he’s getting that emotional support from someone. And his kids will likely refuse to see it, because daddy is rich, and they want to stay in good esteem for all the obvious reasons. And his church doesn’t want to see it either because they don’t have any emotional mechanisms to deal with those kinds of psychological needs, which is why so many priests are in abusive relationships. A 2000-year-old collection of stories can’t tell a person how to act when they want a woman to dress them in a diaper, put a tit in their mouth and call them dirty little bastards. So they end up doing all sorts of illicit things to satisfy the hunger that rages within them. In Mike DeWine’s case, he paid his girlfriend a lot of money to at least stay close, so he could get what he wanted from Amy Acton, even though she resigned—officially. For DeWine, Covid-19 was a way to get close to a forbidden fruit and now that its over and the checks are due, DeWine can’t stand to see her go, so he stuffed $236K into her metaphorical panties in the corner of a dank and stinky room just to keep her close. How about that for government abuse!

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Mike DeWine’s Girlfriend, Amy Acton, Resigns: Their role in the international “Plandemic” isn’t over

The media made Amy Acton a star, the now resigned health director of Ohio who started the chain reaction of business shutdowns in the nation. And the great ratings for Governor DeWine, her boss in this exchange was also a creation of the media, because he did what they wanted, they being the “liberal, activist, press.” But what those two did together was against the law, several judges hearing some basic Mickey Mouse cases thus far have started to admit to. Government can’t take private property without due process and everything that Acton did and DeWine let her do during the Covid-19 lockdowns was wrong. The media loved it of course and did what they do by fanning the flames with fake poll numbers and flowery news coverage, but the actions by Acton demand a response that is not so friendly by the people impacted. It looks as if she understood a bit about what was coming and she got out of Dodge to put it lightly when she resigned as director in Ohio late last week. To get a sense of how serious the trouble is mounting against her, and against Governor DeWine listen to some key players call into the Bill Cunningham Show on 700 WLW Friday June 12th, 2020 during the last two hours of the broadcast at the link below.

There are a lot of people who are terrified of their own shadows out there, and they never got over moving out of the house with their parents, and they have replaced government with their parental childhood experiences. I would call that a psychosis, not a healthy political affiliation. There is something wrong with people who enjoy being scared all the time so that they can have a parental figure in their lives telling them what to do, “wear a mask” “stay in your homes” “socially distance from other people by 6’,” You can see who they are, they are the ones who voluntarily wear masks around, they have bought the Covid-19 nonsense hook, line and sinker. It was they who the media put on television and polled with fake statistics showing DeWine at something like an 80% approval rating—yeah, of course 80% of a room full of dumbasses wearing masks because they think the coronavirus is going to get them like some villain from the latest horror film will pad the fake news stats. The media told the story as if those losers represented all of Ohio, and they didn’t, and the hippie chick turned doctor, Amy Acton learned just a bit of that during her tenure under Mike DeWine. But not harsh enough to discourage politicians like these to avoid such a thing in the future.

Most of us are good people who trust the people we vote into power not to abuse it for some personal affliction. In DeWine’s case, I am quite certain he was in love with Amy Acton. He may not have been boinking her, but I think she was the girlfriend he never had. After all, he married his wife right out of high school—a lot of people his age did that kind of thing—and he knew her as a little girl when they were kids. So DeWine doesn’t have much experience with other women in a sexual way. He went out of his way to nominate an Obama activist as Health Director and immediately sought to make her job a much more important one than such positions typically are. Even to the extent that he sought from the legislature dictatorial emergency powers in March of 2019, one year before Covid-19 had national shutdowns of their economies, DeWine was seeking to make Amy Acton an all powerful medical activist well before the actual problem was on the horizon for most people. Of course, these people will lie about their feelings and intentions, but life experience helps us piece together the monstrosity of it all. Governor DeWine had a mental crush on Acton and he wanted her to be flirty and close to him. She knew what Dr. Fauci and many others were preparing to do in the medical community. After all, Hollywood was in on it, there was going to be a manufactured crises of some kind to unite the world under Agenda 21 objectives, so she had knowledge of the “Plandemic” from her international collaborators at the World Health Organization, the same places Doctor Fauci was speaking with. And to do her part, she could seduce the Governor who was a very willing participant.

When people in powerful positions are caught in a lie, they attempt to conceal it with perpetual emergencies. That is actually a strategy revealed by the famous Harvard Law paper on Change Agency by Kotter that is extremely well read. But even more so, they seek to hide crimes and mental malfunctions behind their title, and when Nino Vitale explained to Bill Cunningham a conference call with the governor on the matter of Amy Acton, DeWine started cussing and carrying on in an intimidating way. I had a friend who was also there in the room when Nino heard this and I was told the same thing weeks ago, so I know Vitale is telling the truth. This is the Mike DeWine that most people don’t see. But a half a million people did hear it for themselves when DeWine’s wife told on Bill Cunningham for talking about Amy Acton on 700 WLW weeks ago and she had the Governor call to defend his health director with very aggressive language on the air. So Governor DeWine was on his best behavior, but he does attempt to intimidate and harass people into compliance which I find funny for such a little guy. That kind of stuff never works with me, so I wonder how nobody has kicked his little ass after all these years. Somebody should have challenged him a long time ago so he wouldn’t have been so cocky during his first terms as Ohio governor where he used a crises of Covid-19 to be close to the ta tas of Amy Acton. As a man and someone who knows people very well, I am 100% sure that DeWine’s unconstitutional actions over this coronavirus was because he was trying to impress Amy Acton, the girlfriend he never let himself have. And Amy Acton, like a common street whore was willing to do anything for the cause of more liberal medical expansion and to play her part in the coming “Plandemic.” The media did their part by making heroes out of these idiots, and the rest of us were caught flatfooted and wondering what the Hell happened.

For all that many laws were broken and people were severely let down. Amy Acton and her emotional boyfriend Mike DeWine think that the pain will go away if she steps down, it won’t. I always tried to warn those two that there would be a day of reckoning, and that’s where we are now. Hell is coming to roast them legally and spiritually and it doesn’t matter that she has stepped down. She cost Ohio literally billions of dollars, likely more than that, over her role in the international Plandemic which was planned by her friends at the WHO and the CDC and someone must pay. Which of course her face was plastered all over everything, thanks to the media that screwed her over the same way she did Governor DeWine. And fellow Republicans let down DeWine because at some point, even though he’s a 70 something year old man, someone should have taken DeWine to a strip joint so he could learn that the girls talk nice to everyone, if they are tipping. Girls like Acton will flirt with the best of them for a good job and a chance to unleash their political activism. Every man and woman who finds themselves in a powerful position at some point in their life needs to understand the nature of other human beings, and clearly when it came to Amy Acton, Governor DeWine wanted to be fooled the way a schoolboy does with those first girlfriends which he never had leaving him extremely vulnerable as an adult to insurgence of progressivism who seek to destroy our rules of law by emotional sentiment and fear.

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The Idiot Amy Acton of Ohio: When a lunatic finds themselves in charge

When mainstreamers like Bill Cunningham of 700 WLW start to “get it,” that’s when you know a tide has turned. Maybe for Cunningham it has been the Covid-19 court case in Lake County that brought him to the light, or perhaps it was the graduation cancelations. For him, and people in his age group, graduating from high school and college is a big moment, an initiation into adulthood type of ritual. Whatever it has been, Cunningham has lately been doing some good work on the coronavirus shutdowns and exploring just how stupid they were. An example of one of his most recent broadcasts on the subject can be found below on a podcast after the interview with Marty Brennaman as they discuss whether or not there will be any Reds baseball this year. Think about that, we are almost in the month of June as of this writing and nobody knows whether or not there will be baseball this year. How stupid is that? Anyway, as I have been saying for months now, I recognized in Amy Acton a screwed-up person who was put in charge of Ohio’s economy for lots of mysterious reasons. For instance, what is a holdover Obama activist and abortion cultist doing in a supposedly Republican anti-abortion administration? It makes no sense why Governor DeWine picked Amy Acton for the job of Ohio’s Health Director, and its an even bigger mystery why he asked for dictatorial powers from congress in March of 2019, one year from when he would need it for Covid-19 shutdowns. But what we do know is that Amy Acton is an idiot, possibly a complete retard—screw the political correctness. We know it because of videos like the one that follows where she is speaking to a group of latte sipping Cleveland Plains Dealer reporters. Listen up:

I could tell by her body language that Amy Acton was a screwed up person, I knew it the first time I saw her, and for those who were upset that protestors showed up at her house with guns—anger knows no discrimination. It doesn’t matter that she’s a woman, and she certainly doesn’t get a free pass because she is one. She doesn’t get to cause grief and misery to millions of Ohioans and destroy our economy without feeling the heat. DeWine has tried to shield her almost like a father protecting a daughter, or even worse, an adulteress protecting a mistress. I have my doubts that Mike DeWine is sticking anything into anybody these days, but that doesn’t mean his heart is not set on Amy Acton in some truly dysfunctional way that usually influences the way men treat women of their desires. What does matter is the content of Amy Acton’s character and the way she has been propped up by the media, the same kind of losers sitting there in that office watching the Ohio Health Director act like a buffoon of hippie nonsense, and cheering her on.

But it doesn’t stop at Amy Acton, you can find people just like her at almost every level of government. I would contend that Lois Lerner would have been just as crazy if caught at a wine tasting party in the backyards of Georgetown. Or any of the Obama era radicals plotting against Trump. Stupidity is equally applied to men and women; it does not discriminate. Yet our mainstream culture has empowered people like Amy Acton to behave as recklessly as they might fantasize about, because their womanhood is a mask meant to shield them from judgment, due to the values of progressive society, where actions are not measured, but skin color and sex is. That behavior alone has allowed for many Amy Actons to be promoted into important jobs which has thus, started to wreck our society from the top down. Anybody with a mind can look at that clip of Amy Acton and see that there are major problems with her. Yet DeWine hired her because he thought she was the best for the job? There wasn’t anybody better to pick from? I could see it in her from the first time I heard her talk. Why couldn’t DeWine use better judgement?

When I refer to “latte sippers” as I have during school levies where the mad moms are put on stage to advocate for all the things kids need and use that emotion to pass tax increases, the same strategy was applied to the Covid-19 shutdowns. These are types of idiots who came up with the stupid 6’ social distancing nonsense. And the wearing of masks to protect others from you. What it comes down to with these people is that they are emotional disasters and they look for social causes to fill their empty lives with meaning, which they steal often from free people just trying to live their lives. It happens in every school levy campaign. In every push to erode away the Second Amendment. And it was present here with this vaccine push to shut down the economy until a cure for Covid-19 was discovered. In previous times in the past it was the Brown Shirts—the Hitler Youth who tried to harass change in their cultures to a more socialist state where big daddy government could put its big hands around the world and save everyone from everything. You can hear the same kind of crap out of Amy Acton who thinks of herself as saving all Ohioans from this deadly virus, which if she was really a good doctor, would have known that Covid-19 wasn’t so deadly. I was one of the first in the country to say so, and I put it down in explicit writing. If she was so smart, she would have known too. But worse than that, maybe she did know, but was so power hungry that she used it, and the goo goo eyes of Mike DeWine to advance her progressive agenda for higher office anyway.

We have allowed people like Amy Acton to gain a great deal of power because we got caught feeling guilty about the accusations of the past, such as limiting women’s rights, so we gave them a seat at the table of power out of guilt. Bill Cunningham is certainly one of those people. On most issues, he and I don’t agree about much. He is far to the left politically as opposed to a person like me. Yet I wouldn’t call myself a radical right-winged extremist. Just a traditional American that enjoys the values of westerns as opposed to television shows like Seinfeld or Friends. But you must have value judgements to see the scandalous and Amy Acton was oozing it before she ever took office. And anybody with a brain would have been alarmed by her behavior if they felt allowed to have such opinions. But even people like Cunningham have their breaking point and its good to see he has hit it. Like I said, when mainstreamers start admitting to themselves that the system has failed, we are in our first steps of solving the problem. We can’t just give dangerous people like Amy Acton a free pass because she is a woman who has been educated. Based on her behavior, we should question the value of her education, because she obviously isn’t very smart. Its hard to believe someone like that even made it through any reputable education system, and because she did, we should question everything about the system that produces people like her. Which stands additionally for every person in every position that shares views such as hers. We can’t ignore them because its politically incorrect to pass judgment. Rather, we should pay more attention to them than ever before and let them feel the real pressure of performance when they have important jobs that could destroy everyone’s lives if they screw up. Which in Amy Acton’s case, she did, and we are all paying for it gravely.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Finally Republican Law Makers are Standing up to Dummy DeWine: When leadership is cowering in fear, the destruction is much, much worse

Watching Governor DeWine’s terrible handling of the Ohio Covid-19 situation, what the communist leaning World Health Organization calls a “pandemic” I am increasingly convinced that any and all politicians need to have some basic business experience before they can qualify to run for any office. The lack of managerial skill that DeWine has displayed as an executive has been mind blowingly terrible. It isn’t stunning that he and the Kentucky governor have been getting high polling from the same sources that are always showing President Trump running behind Joe Biden. The high pole numbers for DeWine and his health director the Obama loving, abortion advocate, Amy Acton are because they as politicians are doing what people who want to bring harm to America want them to do, shut down the economy, teach people to obey authority with draconian “orders” and expand the role of government in everyone’s lives. But dummy DeWine thinks he’s actually going to be popular after all this and he believes the media polls, he likes getting invited on CNN, and MSNBC to help them usher in the destruction of America—not bad for a simple kid from Yellow Springs, Ohio who married his first girlfriend and thinks an exciting day is eating her cookies. The power and showers of praise from the media on every draconian measure have made him drunk on the power he has and its time to rip that power back.

Its good to see that finally some GOP lawmakers are starting to stick up to DeWine, particularly Speaker Larry Housholder, Rep. Bill Seitz, Rep. Paul Zeltwanger, and Rep. Nino Vitale who are presently making moves to take back the runaway emergency powers that DeWine has been abusing and setting the stage for the politics that will come after Covid-19 is over. Of course President Trump’s own version of Wormtongue from the classic Lord of the Rings books—Dr. Fauci wants Covid-19 to re-emerge in the fall for a second wave, as does Amy Acton. The scam of flattening the curve was just another way of saying, make it last longer, because these idiots have a day of hell waiting for them when the full brunt of this reaction to the Covid-19 outbreak makes its casualties known. Three of my kids have personally been devastated by our state’s reaction to the virus, I have a daughter who is literally losing several hundred thousand dollars out of this year because of the ridiculous voodoo science of social distancing. Her business will have to be rebuilt again which will take years of recovery. She is so mad at DeWine that she’d probably be in a lot of trouble if she met him face to face. Just the name of DeWine sends her into a rage. Another one of my daughters is an artist and she had planned to sell much of her work at the various shows that go on at convention centers in the Tri-state area and those plans were wrecked costing her many tens of thousands of dollars in opportunity cost. No government is giving out checks for opportunity cost, but its as real as anything else. Then of course I have a son-in-law, a hard working one who is out of work with no projection of a recovery. Those are just three lives impacted who are close to me.

Further, I have seen five people on my street have their cars repossessed over the last two weeks. Several other neighbors have moved into formal divorce, they have had too much time together. The misery index caused by our government’s reaction to Covid-19 has been horrible and the costs are just now becoming known, like a category 5 tornado that touches down in a town overnight. People know it hit, but its only when the sun comes up that people see how much destruction actually took place. The Ohio economy has been leveled and DeWine seems completely oblivious to it. To make matters worse he knew he picked a liberal Obama supporter in Amy Acton as his health director and he has consciously placed all our futures in her hands which was the most irresponsible thing he could have done. If Ohio picks a Republican governor, they don’t expect the economy to be run by a major liberal Democrat. Its not that Amy Acton was pretending to be something she wasn’t, although I’m sure she said what she needed to so she could get the job. Ultimately, as DeWine says, “the buck stops with him.” Well, yes it does and that’s why the other branches of congress need to take away DeWine’s power and start proceedings to replace him with a real Republican.

Listening to Jon Husted has been painful, the Lt. Governor. He’s supposed to be the business guy who gets it, yet he wouldn’t make it five minutes an the kind of business meetings I’m used to. He sounds like a child when it comes to the economy and what makes business work. I don’t know who he has been talking to which have been giving him all these unanimous votes on new normal policies such as wearing masks in businesses for all employees, but they were all smoking crack and telling him what they thought he wanted to hear just to reopen. Its obvious that those people are disconnected from their own businesses which Jon should see if he’s so smart, yet what has ended up happening is that we have a re-opening by committee in Ohio that only government could think was productive. Some of the things they have been saying are literally some of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard. It’s a shame it has taken Householder and Seitz so long to get their guts going, but I guess its better late than never. Now that people in Ohio know that the Covid-19 virus was a scam in the way it was sold to the public as the next death of civilization, they want their money back, and their lives and somebody is going to have to deliver. It’s a shame that its an election year and the Republican party would like to unite behind Trump and DeWine, but both have global activists in their administrations and people are going to hold them responsible for that, and its not going to be pretty. Trump has Fauci and DeWine has Acton.

DeWine’s biggest failure was in the lack of leadership during the whole Covid-19 outbreak. Sure the media loves him because he led Ohio over a cliff, which is what they wanted—fear ruling over logic. But it was DeWine who just took everything Trump did and go several steps further by letting Amy Acton guide the administration policy. For a comparison, sure its safer to go get your mail out of the mailbox of your house dressed in a helmet and knee pads, but is it practical. Just going safer isn’t leading—its yielding, and that is what DeWine did. He played things safe to save his own ass, and in so doing he ruined the lives of everyone who should have been following him. These politicians keep calling themselves leaders, but all I have seen from them is followers, governors following World Health Organization directives which the CDC adopted, and legislators following those governors with no checks on power by allowing emergency powers to continue infinitely as their minds were captured by fear. Maybe now that people see the hoax of the numbers regarding coronavirus they’ll start showing some leadership. But the lack of it up to this point has destroyed so many lives because they trusted politicians to make the right choices, and as we can all see, the people of Ohio were let down by Republicans who sat on their hands and chose not to do the right thing when it mattered most.

Rich Hoffman

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Mike DeWine’s Administration Supports Pro Abortion Activism: On a call with WLW, the Governor lets out the truth

I had suspected it for a long time, even going so far to articulate the details, but it was this week where Mike DeWine himself spilled the beans without meaning to about his relationship with his Ohio Health Director and why he made a monster out of her to ruin Ohio’s economy. I doubt he’ll ever admit it, but I think he likes Amy Acton’s “ta tas” and she is the girlfriend he’s never had. After all, he’s been married to Frannie his entire life, they’ve known each other since their school days, and here is this younger woman who kisses up to him, flirts with him in all the ways a man likes to be talked to, and he’s into her. He thinks she’s brilliant because she flirts with him. And because of that he ignored her pro Barack Obama radicalism and very pro-abortion stance. Most of that went unsaid until April 30th where Bill Cunningham was talking about the article that came out in December of 2019 discussing Amy Acton’s history as a pro abortion supporter even going so far to use her position under the DeWine administration to help abortion clinics out with scandalous behavior. Fran, Mike’s wife was listening to the radio broadcast as she was driving around that day and reported to the Governor that his friend, Bill Cunningham was talking about Amy and that set him off to call into the station to set the record straight, only what he ended up doing was opening up a whole new list of questions. You can hear the very interesting discussion at the 12:45 minute mark of the April 30th podcast (Cunningham and DeWine back and forth) shown below.

Now, at the heart of the issue is why Mike DeWine is allowing Amy Acton to have so much power over the Ohio economy under the umbrella of safety. The kind of flirting that is going on between Acton and DeWine is something the Governor would deny until his dying breath, yet his actions tell another story and his wife Fran is in on the act. So much so that the DeWine family monitors WLW radio in Cincinnati to see what people are saying, and to control the message. After all, there are some noisy members of congress in Southern Ohio, Bill Seitz and George Lang who have the ear of Larry Householder, the Speaker of the House and the Governor knows he needs to keep them at bay in order to keep this fun little thing with Amy Acton alive. You have to remember, Mike DeWine is a little fella, he’s been in politics all his life, he’s made a lot of money, he’s very religious and has been a pretty uneventful figurehead doing as he was told to get where he is, and for him, its nice to be in the top job picking up the phone and calling the president, and to have a flirty cabinet member reporting to him licking his boots the way he has in the past. Only because she’s a girl, it feels better and makes him feel good. Those are all human emotions and it’s his business to keep them in check, except when he makes us all compliant to the enterprise by dragging us into it with the Covid-19 nonsense.

So Frannie calls the Governor, Mike DeWine then calls Bill Cunningham to defend his Health Director’s reputation from the scrutiny that 700 WLW was placing on her. DeWine insisted that Amy Acton was beholden to him and that the “buck stopped with him” as to the responsibility for what happened under the state lockdowns over the coronavirus. Only DeWine never answered the question that was asked of him by Cunningham, “did you know about her abortion background when you appointed her to the DeWine administration?” DeWine’s two major concerns he wanted to address by calling in was to throw the public outcry over Amy Acton’s tyrannically leftist activism in shutting down the state and to place that burden on himself just as a boyfriend would defend his girlfriend in a traditional way, then it was to defend his administration from any accusation that it had an abortion activist on its staff.  Of course, after the Governor called into the show, Cunningham does what he always does, and that is change direction and double speak. He after all doesn’t want to lose his friendship with the Governor over the matter. Cunningham went on to defend having Democrats on Republican administration positions so that other sides could be heard and that all parties should work together for Ohio’s future, and all that kind of nonsense. Yet the smoke that was still in the air that nobody addressed, which was critical to the entire exchange was the state of Amy Acton’s abortion activism and how she managed to end up in a very pro-life administration.

The controversy over Acton working under the DeWine administration is that she granted a license to a shut down abortion clinic in Dayton that used to be called the Women’s Med Center of Dayton. That center had gone through 4 years of litigation which culminated twice in the Ohio Supreme Court refusing to hear an appeal to deny the facility an abortion license for failing to meet the licensing requirements. What Amy Acton did was to step in and help the facility operator, Martin Haskell change the name of the facility to Women’s Med Dayton with a little paperwork shuffle and grant a new license under the changed name. So when Mike DeWine says that members of his administration serve his prolife agenda, he obviously must understand that this is what his Health Department Director is up to—under his watch. The question is why? I offered my opinion based on experience with these kinds of things, and normally it would be his issue to deal with. Relationships and friendships are between him, Amy, and his wife in whatever context they convince themselves has merit. But when a pro abortion activist, a registered Democrat and former Obama activist is in charge of the Ohio economy and all our lives essentially even down to how we dress are part of the story, well that’s a problem and DeWine knows it. By calling in to the station that day he was trying to get in front of the story before it took a life of its own. Yet the question remains, how much did he know about Amy Acton before he appointed her. I think he knew everything, including her abortion background. I think he picked her not for her brain, but because she might become the girlfriend he never had. And that’s a problem.

So long as Amy Acton is on the DeWine administration roster in any capacity, the Governor cannot be said to have a pro life approach to anything. If Acton is helping abortion clinics the way she did with Women’s Med Dayton, she is trying to undo prolife measures and is not serving the needs of DeWine’s administration. It takes more than going on prolife walks and talking about it to be considered prolife. You must live it, and so long as he has Amy Acton on his staff, he is empowering the pro-abortion movement with legitimacy and activism. And he’s putting up with it for all the reasons men put up with trophy wives, expensive girlfriends, or any type of scandalous relationship. Its not always about sex, most of the time its about power and it becomes our business when they inject their relationships into our lives directly, which they have done. Why else would DeWine call in to Cunningham to defend Acton when its obvious she’s destroying the state and he’s been letting her do it. Does he really think its all for our own good, or is it about what makes him feel good? The answer is obvious, but what isn’t is why DeWine is willing to put up with Acton’s pro-abortion activism, even under his watch, and look the other way if he is really so prolife? Well, if you listen to his voice, you will hear a man caught in a scandal and trying to put the lid back on it while he still can. And that is not the kind of person we should be listening to when billions of dollars are at stake and all our lives are in jeopardy.

And Mike, this First Amendment means of communication is a way to fight what you have done to our state.  You have personally cost my family hundreds of thousands of dollars and many people I know millions, and millions, and millions of dollars that you can’t pay back.  I’ll happily fight you in the front door, the back door, the side door, the door from another dimension.  I’ll fight you legally.  I’ll fight you in a cage match.  I’ll fight you and your administration anywhere you want because you are not acting as the Republican I elected, and you put us all in jeopardy with appointing an Obama activist into an important position.  What you do as a person isn’t my business, but when you inject yourself into my life, then you carry the responsibility for that imposition.

Rich Hoffman

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The Legal Problem with Ohio Abortion Radical Amy Acton’s Face Masks: It’s about activism, not action

So here’s the problem with Amy Acton’s face mask policy in Ohio, and in general the whole CDC recommendation from a position that has major legal problems. Aside from there being no science which states that a face mask will actually slow the spread of a virus from person to person as either a recipient, or provocateur, as Amy Acton stated in her 4.29.20 2 PM statement that Governor DeWine lets her pontificate her hippie chick view of the world daily, the purpose of the policy which has never seen the light of day of a legislature is purely rooted in sentiment, not fact. As stated by Acton herself, the purpose of the masks are to protect other people from you, not you from them and she arrived at this conclusion through her “world travels” and is essentially copying communist cultures and other Asian societies in their policy on masks. In essence, and she also said this in that same press conference shown below, the masks are about change agency culture here in the United States. It has nothing to do with coronavirus or anything else regarding the medical industry, but is everything about changing culture in America from one where people are concerned about their individual needs and shifting the focus to collective association. It is a preparation of thought evoked by our government paid health officials in the CDC to sell the American public on Chinese communism, which ironically is where this Covid-19 virus originated. On that grounds alone, there are many problems constitutionally, as I would offer that they have designated themselves domestic enemies as defined by the oath we all take to protect the legal documents and procedures of our constitution, state and federal. And the only reason they are getting away with it now is because we have a modern society that doesn’t read nearly as much as they should and they were all too trusting. That is why people like Amy Acton are taking advantage of so many people’s stupidity, including our elected officials like Jon Husted and Mike DeWine. We’ll get to them in a minute.

The legal problem with Amy Acton’s face mask policy is this, and I say its her policy because its obvious that Mike DeWine has surrendered thought and logic over to her, by wearing the mask it is an admission to the world that you recognize that you are a menace to others as defined not so much by the CDC, but these radical health department global citizens like Amy Acton specifically. As we said, there is no science to the face masks, just as there is no science to the social distancing or the shelter in place policies that have been destroying our economy. These global citizen types are everywhere these days, trained in our schools to put the world first instead of America. A country is just a series of ideas, the concept of a border that protects some ideas from other ideas is something that the global citizen movement has a real problem with because it takes away their goal of getting all people in all corners of the world to essentially think the same thing. But as we know, some ideas work better than others, and I don’t know about you dear reader, but I like the ideas in our Constitution and am willing to fight to keep it whole. I am not going to surrender it to Bill Gates, another global citizen type, or Amy Acton. I’ve traveled the world as they have and I’ve read many of the same books so I know their thoughts. Likely, I’ve read a lot more books then most of them combined, so I feel quite confident in understanding their position on this matter and in sounding the alarm as to their true intentions. This isn’t a conspiracy theory about face masks, its stated in their own words and actions. They just count on people being too gullible to see what they are up to.

By following Amy Acton’s “orders” about all employees in Ohio for instance to wear face coverings at their jobs every human being under the force of an unconstitutional directive by an unelected bureaucrat is admitting that they are a danger to others. Once a mind accepts such a proposal then the way to more extreme considerations is paved and things get very bad from there. Once you start living to the whims of other people’s fears, then you open the door to all types of problems that will eventually only be sorted out by a massive central government, such as the communist one in China, or Vietnam. A person may be scared of toxic masculinity for instance so that might provoke that a scary person not dress in clothing that looks overly masculine. Or a person may be afraid of blond hair making all people with blond hair to cut it off or change the color to something socially acceptable. Once you allow other people to determine individual behavior the door is open to anything so that makes this whole mask wearing policy a major danger to the American way of life, which of course is the goal of Amy “Activist.”

Tired old men like Mike DeWine are not up to this level of deceit. I would expect more out of Jon Husted who is talking out of both sides of his mouth, but is clearly playing along with Amy Acton’s activism for reasons that are obviously beyond his understanding. He thinks he can walk the tight rope between health directives and constitutional law, but what he’s finding is that the rope was cut before he ever started walking across it. These actions were well in place and openly challenge the premise of American sovereignty in favor of the global citizen movement, and that kind of thinking has not been part of their concern. They see and hear Amy Acton and think of a nice lady who seems genuinely concerned about the lives and welfare of all people. But so does communist propaganda coming out of China.

Now that it’s obvious to these global types, the world citizen movement, that the American economy is going to open in spite of their efforts. President Trump must get the economy back for his own election needs and he’s been suckered enough by his own versions of Amy Acton at the federal level. So there is a bit of panic from the global citizen movement to invoke whatever change agency they can as fast as they can which is what this face mask policy is all about. They are hoping that people will adopt the policy and that it might stick in America as it currently does in Asian cultures so that the door might be opened in our minds to think more like communists and not like individually based capitalists. And that process starts by them tricking us into taking the responsibilities for other people’s feelings and then building a brave new world around the orgy porgy of a massive central government. Yeah, go read that book and you’ll see what kind of world Amy Acton wants for America, (Brave New World) It’s the same world that Dr. Fauci wants, Bill Gates and his loony wife Malinda, Dr. Birx, the communist revolutionary running the World Health Organization—they are all in on this attack by sentiment of America and they are all thinking the same way as they were all trained in the same socialist places. The path to such communist societies starts by destroying the laws of a sovereign nation which is what all these Covid-19 directives were designed to implement, and then shifting the burden away from individual rights to collective ones. It’s in that subtle shift that so much evil has been done in the world, and clearly that is what is happening in Ohio under the lack of intellectual defense of our elected representatives who are petrified to have a thought about the matter for fear of the scrutiny that will follow them the rest of their lives. Wearing a face mask in public is an admission that you are a danger to the world, and once you provide that confession, they have you on the record for what comes next.

Rich Hoffman

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Dummy DeWine and his Pro Abortion Girlfriend Amy Acton Ruin Ohio: While the world burns, they mandate masks for a purely political viral outbreak

The worst thing about the mask debate from Dummy DeWine and his runaway government of doom is that its obvious he has no idea what he’s doing. Its one thing to think such a thought, but with all the resources available to him, he has no idea how businesses work and what kind of effort it takes for an employee to do anything enterprising. That was most obvious when he couldn’t provide a date for restaurants to reopen. As a lifetime government employee, he clearly has lost touch, like a lot of politicians have, of what puts a dollar in your pocket. He thinks truly that hard work is a few hours at a desk of a government job where no matter how bad you are, you get paid, and paid well. He’s not used to a performance-based world, he’s a politician who has skimmed money off the top for years, as a public servant, he’s worth 28 million dollars. He doesn’t know what its like to live pay check to pay check, let alone think about what decisions have to be made to earn money. He got rich off public service and has been doing it so long that he can’t even relate to the people he’s supposed to be representing. Its obvious in these daily press conferences that he’s not even remotely dialed in to the needs of people, so it made perfect sense to him that by mandating everyone who wanted to work that they had to wear a mask while doing it, that he had no idea what he was “demanding.”

And that’s pretty common of politicians, they don’t know that most of us work far more than 8 hours at our jobs. They rub up against someone’s leg and they get rich. They don’t know what it means to wear a mask for 12 hours a day to do a job, to breathe your own breath all day, to drown on your own carbon dioxide. They just know its exciting to them to boss people around with the power of government at their back when they are all of 5’ tall. Little people with little minds who got where they did in life by kissing ass and sucking wealth from one place and giving it to another. To hear DeWine talk, you’d think that government created jobs and that if we are good boys and girls he might let us have a job and to make a little money for ourselves. To people like DeWine, they think that government makes everything, which is a very un-Republican way to think. And it is sickening. When DeWine came up with the mandatory mask to work “directive” it was obvious that the old sap had fallen for Amy Acton. Of course he likes the cookies of his wife of many years, Frannie. But he wouldn’t be the first man to take on a mistress while still maintaining a wife that is several decades beyond menopause. And its not always about sex with these guys, men don’t always have relationships with other women for sex. Long after the testosterone has left their bodies and death is knocking on their door, they fall in love easily with younger women and will shower them with gifts. In the case of DeWine he didn’t buy her cars and condos like a lot of men do, he gave her the state of Ohio and let her run it like a lunatic just escaped from an insane asylum. And the disaster left in the wake goes far beyond the stupid directive to wear masks in public places, it’s the sheer disaster of the wreck DeWine has caused in Ohio.

In a lot of ways Mike DeWine reminds me of the mentally deranged Roman Emperor Nero, or even the North Korean dictator Kim Jung Un—a fascist of a different kind who thinks they are the best leaders the world has to offer and will dance in the streets even as Rome burns. Ohio has been burning, set on fire by Amy Acton over a global conspiracy that manipulated the death rates of Covid-19 because hospitals got more money for those cases. The CDC had the whole thing rigged from the start just as the World Health Organization had the coronavirus ready to usher in Agenda 21 United Nations goals and DeWine let it all happen to Ohio like some child who was just learning the alphabet. All these things were much too big for his tiny mind to grapple and being love struck with his health director, he didn’t want to think about the complications. He just knew the power felt good, the daily conferences with his new best friend and sweet lady who he handed the keys to the car only to have her slam it against a brick wall many times over. They didn’t care how many people were financially ruined in the process. They didn’t care who they put out of business. They didn’t care how hard they made it for those who have stayed in business. They were out of touch with it all, and when it came time to open in May, they were more concerned with people wearing masks for a fake pandemic than they were telling restaurants when they might be able to open, or when Kings Island might be able to hire people for their summer season, which is quickly disappearing on the horizon as an option.

I remember when I was at a meeting and we were talking about supporting DeWine for governor, holding our noses and voting for him because he called himself a Republican. And as out of touch as he is, he probably thinks he is a great Republican. But the way he has let Amy Acton run Ohio in the ground, he’s just as bad as the Pennsylvania governor who appointed an actual transvestite for the health director position. These governors couldn’t manage an average fast food restaurant, yet they actually think they have the power to run everything and force us to dance to their executive order antics with no due process and court activism to protect them from an angry mob that just wants to make a living. But it wasn’t Amy Acton that Mike DeWine screwed, it was us, and over this whole Covid-19 ordeal, it has only gotten worse week by week. DeWine never felt he needed to give dates for businesses so they could hire people and make investments. He’s rich and out of touch. Why would anybody want to know anything firm and secure about their lives? He never felt obligated during the entire process to provide that kind of leadership because he just doesn’t get it. He was too in love with the way Amy Acton spoke, her passion for climate change, for World Health Organization priorities which were global in nature. As she destroyed Ohio under his care, she talked about the Italian models, and the New York models, and her friends around the world who were all giving out bad information and he smiled and helped her get awards. Not for the kind of sex that a younger person may want, but for the emotional attention he got from her as an old man in love with a much younger woman and the devastation of Ohio is their child. Welcome to their creation!

Now, to speak what Mike DeWine doesn’t want to speak about. He appointed Amy Acton knowing her background as a pro abortion Obama activist, which of course leads to the question why. As much as DeWine has built his life around pro life activities, it brings to question if a cute young 50 something hippie chick formally named Amy Beech might cause him to put those sentiments on pause for an opportunity to work with her, what attribute was it that caused him to overlook her radical abortion background. Was it her vast…..”like”……intellect? I don’t think so. The bottom line is that when you hire people you hire their values, and she was clearly a major leftist who is now by DeWine’s decisions is in charge of our economy. And that is a major problem that impacts all Ohioans. It’s one thing to be diplomatic with people who are on the other side politically. But policy values are reflected in those political values. A pro abortion supporter of course is going to think like all Democrats, and be anti-capitalism, anti-freedom, and pro big government which is how everything got so screwed up in Ohio, because she is in charge due to DeWine’s bad pick. That of course brings to question, why her out of everyone available if DeWine is so prolife, was she picked? I think we all know the answer.

And DeWine, I’m happy to fight you in the front door, the side door, in whatever door you want as you challenged on WLW today. You idiots stuck yourselves in our lives and attacked our way of life, and someone must pay for that. I certainly didn’t ask you to, but you imposed yourself on us and that has a cost.

Rich Hoffman

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Calling Their Bluff: Go on out there, back to the world–its not as dangerious as they are telling you

The big secret that many of these politicians, both Republicans and Democrats are trying to hide about the terrible economic impact they allowed themselves to be tricked into believing over Covid-19 is that they need you to think that every dumb thing they did was for a good reason. Yet it wasn’t. That is the reason for the drive for testing after all, to justify their failure with some data that looks scary. And for all their idiocy in bypassing the state legislators into creating law through governor directives regarding social distancing and stay at home measures, all which were completely unconstitutional and massive intrusions on all our lives. They must justify all their failure by something otherwise we might just march onto our capitals and rip all their lame asses right out of their office seats. They need you to believe that reopening America will be dangerous and that you might “die,” if you do so too early and don’t follow the doctor’s orders—we might have a reignition of the virus outbreak and have to shut everything down again. All this fear has nothing to do with reality of course, it’s about control of the message and keeping people believing that all this damage that the politicians caused by following the World Health Organization to our dooms was a good idea. It has nothing to do with reality, but everything to do with justifying their panic. So the way to beat them the correct way is to not be afraid, reopen our businesses and prove to the world that we aren’t a bunch of chicken shits—and that the virus was never really deadly. We need to call their bluff. Life needs to get back to normal without social distancing, masks and social isolation—and we need to rub it in all their faces to drive the point home—because Covid-19 was always a scam meant to drive the world toward communism.

All this was of course reported in the great book Plato’s Republic with the analogy I use often of the cave. The doctors of our present society are the people in that story who have learned to predict the shadows on the cave walls and they want to keep that power over mankind. But some of us are free of our tied-up position where we must get our information by those experts, and we are free to get up and look around to discover what causes the shadows on the cave wall. If you know the story, you understand what I’m talking about, but for those who don’t, the story of the cave is a warning from thousands of years ago Greek society about listening too much to experts, because they are often wrong and crave to keep a people stupid and facing the cave wall where they have power in predicting what the shadows mean. That is what Covid-19 is all about, it’s a power grab to support Agenda 21 United Nations strategies from academia to force mass society to look at the cave wall where they control the images with fear, and the cost has been horrendous. They deserve what happens next, which is to challenge their fears with bold audacity.

If this information is unfamiliar to you dear reader then perhaps it would be easier for you to watch the great movie, THX-1138 from 1971 by George Lucas before he made the Star Wars series. It is essentially a futuristic version of Plato’s cave analogy, where the main character wakes up from his controlled state where the authorities of that time keep everyone overly medicated and focused on the efforts of that government completely. What the World Health Organization has been proposing due to the coronavirus are obvious steps in the direction of the concepts explored in that movie. It should come as no surprise that the leader of the World Health Organization is Tedros Adhanom who has in the past been a Marxist revolutionary, which is key to understanding what the real intentions of the Covid-19 reaction was all along, it was never that the virus was dangerous. But it was meant to control people’s thinking to the level where centralized change agency could take place and a Marxist revolution erupt once people’s daily lives had been conditioned to accept the authority of the state by eroding individual rights due to the actual fear of death. If you are trained to see the signs, which are abundant in literature, art and history, then anybody could see from the beginning what was behind the Covid-19 pandemic as the World Health Organization called it, to trigger what we have seen all around us, a surrender of capitalist values to those of outright authoritarian Marxism.

It is the responsibility for instance of governors like Mike DeWine of Ohio to know these things so they can be leaders. He should know that these kinds of things have happened in the past, such as one demonstrator at the capital tried to point out about the Nazis in Germany. The protests in Ohio were not from Neo-Nazis which are always leftists in their gatherings, but from people concerned that Ohio under the directives of Amy Acton were following in the footsteps of Germany toward their Third Reich activism prior to World War II. And to answer the governor regarding the use of swastikas and the Nazis, it was abundant from indigenous tribes in Ohio to use swastikas often. It was the Nazis who copied the Celtic cultures of yesteryear who put a bad name to them with their own authoritarian abuses, its not the swastikas themselves that were the problem. Because the cultures of North America had a very intimate relationship with swastikas well before any formal European outpost was established in the New World. DeWine is supposed to understand history and art so that he could make good decisions about the present as a leader of the state and the Republican party. Instead he has shown himself vulnerable and shallow and easy for crazy radicals like Tedros Adhanom to exploit from the World Health Organization. Instead of a communist revolution with physical troops like Mao had in China, or Castro had in Cuba, or wherever your favorite communist erupted on the world scene, Adhanom controlled the message through health policy, which the American CDC picked up, whispered in the President’s ear with the exploitation of millions of lives lost. Then state health directors overly educated in Marxist colleges—and yes, Ohio State is one of them—so that people advising governors like Amy Acton could utilize Marxist strategies behind good will health advice to ruin the American economy.

It was always a military incursion hidden through the Trojan Horse of health concerns and to see it, we all must have an understanding of the past and the thoughts that emerged from them, or even the warnings of our artistic culture from films like THX-1138. It is unlikely that George Lucas would make that movie today, in many ways, he’s one of “them” now. Its just too pleasant to plug into the Matrix and enjoy life at that level of the celebrity in San Francisco. But as a younger person he saw authoritarian danger clearly and made a great movie about Plato’s cave analogy—which is exactly what the WHO and the CDC are using to attempt a global coup of capitalism in an election year to disrupt the direction of the world economy back to one where the communists stay in control. Nothing about social distancing, wearing masks in public, and house arrest was ever about safety. It was always and continues to be about controlling our behavior and breaking us like a horse to a new normal of environmental communism instead of our raw independence that we have known up to this point. Its all about messaging and to understand that, Plato’s Republic was written 2500 years ago. Yet its as contemporary as the latest Fox News broadcast. Nothing much has changed in human thought from then until now. And the same enemies are trying their tired old schemes, only this time they did change the approach. They used the literal fear of death to convince us to listen to them. And in so doing, give over control of our individual lives to maniacal communists in global organizations who truly and without pause, want to rule the world.

Rich Hoffman

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Amy Acton gets The Spirit of Columbus Award: She should be prosecuted for terrorism

On the same day lawsuits were announced against Amy Acton the Columbus Foundation gave her The Spirit of Columbus Award for essentially being an economic terrorist. Gotta’ watch why people give you awards. Often it is a pat on the head like a dog well behaved. That the Columbus Foundation would reward her in such a way says a lot about the Columbus Foundation and what kind of society they support. And to give Acton the kind of award that had previously went to great aviators like Jerrie Mock and author Michelle Alexander is that ultimate pat on the head for a job well done by a girl who went from homeless squatter to tyrant of Ohio’s economy to serve the needs of an ill defined greater good only now obvious when awards like this are given out as 22 million people across the nation collect unemployment largely because they followed her actions over a cliff to their doom. While Amy Acton could only take a back seat to the President of the United States and his defunct Health Department advisors who started this mess to begin with, it was Ohio who started the stay at home orders by first closing down restaurants early in the process, which governors across the country followed willingly. Acton led Governor DeWine down a path of utter nonsense exhibiting the ultimate fears of an out of control nanny state and for that she gets rewarded, even as lives everywhere are utterly destroyed and businesses eliminated from economic recovery all in making mistake after mistake with global models that showed Covid-19 being much more deadly than it truly was.

Each day since Amy Acton has preached like a bunch of religious fanatics at 2 PM from the capital hosted by the Governor demeaning messages of compliance, social distancing, and staying home to save lives and keep the capacity of our hospitals down to a bare minimum by wrecking our economy in the process it is astonishing that organizations like the Columbus Foundation aren’t furious with her, instead of giving her prestigious awards. The gesture is out of touch at best, but troubling once analyzed, because its obvious that the activism Acton displayed are those that the Foundation supported, a socialist takeover of our economy in Ohio and the state controlling the means of production. Karl Marx would be very proud; this was his dream after all, and it was Amy Acton who whispered in the Governor’s ear the entire time. It was Acton who attached Ohio to the mistakes the world was making with Covid-19 with its medical approach instead of allowing the innovation of America’s healthcare system to flex its muscle, it was artificially constrained with bureaucrats which has harmed the lives of many more people than that Covid-19 outbreak would have taken. As history looks backward at the actions of Acton and Dr. Doom from the CDC it will see a nation that had largely had Covid-19 as early as November and December of 2019 and had developed herd immunity, and that the surge that Amy Acton and many other health professionals were predicting was completely wrong. We know that now by the models, which always had social distancing as part of the calculous. The decision to follow the rest of the stupid world into staying home to slow the spread was an intentional act of terrorism to support liberal causes such as climate change and universal healthcare by placing administrative constraints on hospitals by federal and state government tampering that ended up destroying huge sectors of our national economy, and for that she gets a prestigious award?

As any good manager knows, capacity is limited not so much in machinery, but in willingness. Labor always talks about constraints when they just aren’t willing in manufacturing to work 24 hours a day 7 days a week. A decision to only work 4 hours, or 8 hours total, or like a lot of nurses do, work three 12 hour days and then tell the public that a hospital is constrained by healthcare workers unwilling to work more, or to hire more new labor because the rest of the staff wants the job security of a lack of competition is what I call an artificial constraint. At no time during the Covid-19 outbreak were Ohio hospitals overloaded with need. And the effort to take over convention centers in the three largest cities never needed based on the bad forecasts provided by Amy Acton. The entire time when Acton spoke of hospital capacity, she wasn’t talking about hospital beds, she was talking about the willingness of the workers to embrace the challenges of a surge in activity. It was essentially just another marketing tactic similar to a school levy plan to promote teachers as the heroes that save our children from ignorance by allowing labor unions and their socialist philosophy to destroy their minds with money stolen from our property values. I know a lot of nurses. I wouldn’t want to wipe the ass of sick patients and some of the other duties they perform, but they aren’t exactly the smartest people in the world. Even the best educated doctors from those hospital cultures aren’t the kind of people you want deciding what capacity is and how a state or federal government should address it. Heck, they are people who have difficult times figuring out what they are going to have for lunch. They certainly aren’t good at budgets, except to always ask for more. When someone like Amy Acton comes along to put a unique issue like Covid-19 on the table, its not for the actual danger it poses to society, but how much funding can flow into that ill defined capacity that the labor of healthcare workers are espousing is a limiting condition, limited by their own complacent efforts.

It is an insult to call healthcare workers heroes for being on the front lines of an artificially propped up labor crises exhibited by Amy Acton when the real heroes of society are headed for the unemployment lines based on bad advice from doctors who had a taste of power given to them by weak-kneed politicians. Amy Acton was there to promote the efforts of the healthcare worker with an ultimate goal of bringing more money in their direction. Labor unions in general have their many lobbyists in Columbus and for the healthcare profession, that is essentially what Amy Acton was—using a medical concern in Covid-19 to lobby on behalf of artificial capacity need by the medical community for funds not yet allocated, but are now certainly on the front burner. Teachers have their teacher’s union for similar concerns and funding need. But who is standing up for the real heroes who make society tic, the businesspeople who now have their lives destroyed by an out-of-control government who sat on them with a fat ass nanny state and crushed them into begging for help from that same government just to live. Who is giving them awards for trying to keep people employed and fighting to keep people from being just another unemployment statistic? Amy Acton knows what she has done, and she and DeWine have to play along with the danger of the Covid virus prevention with continued social distancing and steps to get our economy back together not because of any real threat, but so that people don’t see how stupid it all was from the beginning. And obviously many organizations don’t want to have such a thought of reality stamped on their forehead. So rather than prosecute Amy Acton for negligence, they are giving her awards so that nobody has to face the real music that Covid-19 was never really a threat. The most dangerous threat was the mistakes made by a tyrannical, unchecked government throwing due process out the window all because the decision makers were terrified losers—led by Amy Acton. That is a truth they can never face because if people start feeling that way, there will be even worse justice to come for those thus complicit. And nobody in power presently wants that fate.

Rich Hoffman

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Finney Law Firm Goes after Amy Acton: Politicians who ruined our lives over Covid-19 must pay one way or the other

I was very happy to hear that the Finney Law Firm and the 1851 Center for Constitutional Law have joined forces to sue Dr. Amy Acton and the Ohio Department of Health over the mandatory business closures that were imposed in Ohio due to the Covid-19 scare which was set forth without due process hearings. Of course the DeWine administration will say that time is of the essence and they had to act fast to save lives, so to Hell with due process, but it’s the kind of situation that must be fought out if not in the streets, then in court. The conflict must happen. I would say that getting Chris Finney and his law firm involved, which I have covered him on several other issues on this site over the years, is the best thing that could be considered a “next stage” enterprise. In previous cultures bad things might have happened to Amy Acton due to the way her decisions imposed themselves on the freedoms of all our lives. This method of challenging what she had done is far better than making a belt out of her, but let’s not forget, the basic tenants of the American Constitution require all people to be a bit combative when it comes to the enforcement of the law and the conduct of a civil society. As much as I’ve written over the years on these matters let me remind everyone, which is quite obvious on my profile page that explains why I run this blog site, is my love of literature and specifically the two main books that shaped our Constitution, the Federalist Papers and the Anti-Federalist Papers. I am never far from those two books and I refer to them often, along with the Ohio Constitution several times a week now for decades. I consider them beautiful works of art and the premise behind them is constructive conflict, and if there was ever a need for it, this ridiculous reaction that the United States had to the Covid-19 invasion is it. The ultimate costs of bad decisions by the politicians in charge is incalculable at this point and there needs to be some punishment inflicted. Legally is always better than with violence, but justice must be heard.

I’ve been saying it from the outset, the coronavirus shutdowns, the social distancing, the whole “saving the lives by staying home together” was a foreign attack on the American way of life, and we should have been taking up arms against it, not cowering in fear like a bunch of terrified children letting it ruin our lives. Maybe it was easier for me to see since I am a very avid reader with thousands of books in my wake. I’ve read everything from War and Peace, Finnegan’s Wake, to the Canterbury Tales—and enjoyed them. I would throw Atlas Shrugged in there as well, my son in law was just laid off this week from a very good job purely because of how politicians ruined our economy over the coronavirus and that book came to my mind—almost verbatim to the conditions of that story. Once you’ve seen the heart of mankind from such a god-like perspective as written works of art, it makes understanding big picture problems much easier to decipher. What was imposed on our culture was wrong, and it was completely un-American. The land of the free and the home of the brave don’t hide in homes terrified of a silly virus. And it is not our obligation to “slow the spread” to help the health care industry with their capacity. That is a free market problem and the health care industry needs to be ready for whatever comes, at all times because profit is their motive. Not a government that has overregulated the industry so that only complacent minds are left who follow orders too quickly without question and have lost their imaginations to solutions that Covid-19 actually required. Trump tried to use such ideas from the outset by seeing the problem, Covid-19 was spreading fast. So he suggested taking hydroxychloroquine and to get back to their lives. The doctors said, “no, we need more trials until we get a vaccine. Keep America shut down for the next 18 months.”

The insistence that a government bureaucracy knew best and that we were supposed to suspend our lives waiting for them to get their act together is the heart of any legal argument that will emerge from this dispute, for which the Finney Law Firm is basing as a foundation by the nature of the incursion. Amy Acton in this case is the target because Governor DeWine deferred the control of the state over to her and it was her decisions that made the problem much worse, the solution was far worse than the problem especially when she insisted on using global models from hostile foreign governments as her bases for the decision making process. Many of these governors, especially in the Blue states, which Ohio isn’t, but it behaved that way especially when DeWine overruled a judge to shut down the primary elections in March just hours before the polling places were to open—they don’t want what happens next which are many court cases where they will be lacerated due to their violations of constitutional liberty. DeWine isn’t a dummy to the law, he used to be the attorney general of the state and a prosecutor. He thinks he was functioning from legal ground due to the emergency powers afforded to him under the Constitution of both the federal government and the state. However, his inability to provide timelines is at the heart of the problem, and to continue to move the goal posts during the entire ordeal. Most of the governors of the United States abused their power under the emergency conditions and those are prosecutable offenses. Amy Acton may have been well meaning, just like an airplane pilot, but if they crash land an aircraft on a busy highway and end up destroying lives and money, they are going to be prosecuted for neglect. Amy Acton certainly destroyed many lives directly connected to her decisions and good intentions are not a defense. Many governors can see that bad things are coming for them and they’d love for this crises to go on forever, because the day to pay is coming and it won’t be pretty.

But we just can’t let this go, just as the DeWine administration declared that we would never be allowed to go back to a normal life until there is a vaccine for coronavirus—as if it is his mandate to protect us all from every danger that there is. In the legal world everyone sees what he’s doing, the setting the goal post way out there to protect his bad decisions and to keep legal entanglements wrapped in uncertainty to cover for his own Constitutional violations. That is why even as this virus scare is declining, the governors’ restrictions are increasing as people are now being pushed to wear masks in public to slow the spread, because the politicians need a boogieman to blame for why they abused their power, and overstepped their mandate. It has nothing to do with safety or concern for the public. Its to protect their own asses for overstepping their powers and ruining countless lives and placing the states in billions and billions of further debt. And because of that, the burden to challenge them falls on us through protests, court challenges, and other means of defiance. Laws are one thing that have been debated in congress and within our senate chambers, but made up crap from some health freaks who step over the legislature to enact laws that change our lives drastically, and bring harm to our economy are not acceptable and the due process that we are all promised is going to play out in some form. Court challenges are a good resort over physical violence, but we are talking about an either-or situation. And the longer governors try to hide behind safety, the more violent the protests will become, so it’s better to pay now than later, because things could get out of control quickly—especially when so many lives have been ruined by the dumb decisions of the politicians who were in charge.

Rich Hoffman

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