Space Arks in Ukraine, the DNA of Gilgamesh, and “Cylinder Seals” in Iraq: The real cause of wars in the modern world

It’s a more likely scenario than the one provided to us by the governments of the world, the real cause of the war in Ukraine, and why Russia felt it needed to invade.  According to many sources outside the mainstream news, there are two Space Arks, leftover vessels from the original seeding of planet earth by multiple life forms who visited a long time ago, and that the real fight over territory there is to control the technology that is known in those vessels.  I can even give you the exact spot where they are at 46 deg 35’19” N 33 deg 03’01” E, which should put the explorer right in the Oleshky Sands National Park in Ukraine.  The other Ark is in the mysterious hill in the middle of Kyiv, buried because of time and massive erosion over many thousands of years.  I have often said that the war is a direct provocation by the Biden administration, representing globalists from the World Economic Forum to push NATO expansion, largely funded by the United States to impose globalism on the rigid Nationalists in Russia.  Oddly enough, we are supposed to support Ukraine even though they still have a very aggressive NAZI presence there.  And, of course, as I’ve explained before, the NAZIs were started as a secret society from the Thule Society before World War II.  And the real fight in Ukraine is over control of this technology.  It has also been widely reported that Russia has its own version of one of these Arks in the north of the country.  But there are others all over the world, including one in New Mexico.  According to reports, these Space Arks are where the original flood stories morphed out of, where colonists came to earth over a vast sea of space and settled to start a life away from where they came from.   We get bits of these stories from epics like that of Gilgamesh and the Noah story from the Bible.  People in those days lived a lot longer than they do now because they had DNA that had evolved under different planetary environments. 

To the slow-minded, this all might sound whimsical, conspiratorial, and even saturated in tin foiled hat, voodoo belief, but having Space Arks in Ukraine is a much more believable story than what has been given to us by the media that Russia just woke up one day and decided to invade Ukraine over some territorial dispute.  Throughout history, we have come to know by looking backward with analysis that secret societies usually cause most major wars that use their connection to the government to satisfy their beliefs and occult practices.  In the case of the occult, many believe, as revealed in many esoteric writings, that our gods of mythology were colonists from all over the galaxy and that the unsettled ramifications of their antics are still perpetuated conflict to this very day.  It’s only a conspiracy by the lazy who refuse to read the information for themselves.  And the panic by the current Deep Staters, who think they are destined through some divine intervention by their dedication to Lucifer, to Baal, to the Mother Earth goddesses of modern Isis and her husband Osiris, also her brother, that by bending the will of the world to their beliefs, they might inherit more ancient technology from the gods and use it to control all mankind.  And that Vladimir Putin has figured out how to use the technology from the Space Ark in Russia to his advantage, which has provoked this race to control the other two in Ukraine. 

It’s not like this is a new problem.  Hindsight reports from both Gulf Wars have revealed similar motivations, these coming from people who served in Iraq under both of the Bush presidents, Daddy Bush and, of course, the younger who professed that the reason for attacking Iraq under the control of Saddam Hussain was to confiscate weapons of mass destruction that were hidden there.  Then, of course, we were all surprised that none were found when we invaded the country after the 9/11 attacks, even though Iraq had nothing to do with the attack.  Everyone was scratching their heads at this attack strategy.  What was all that about, really?  Oil?  America has plenty of oil.  Why did we want to control that region so intensely, much like America is throwing so many resources now at Ukraine?  It doesn’t make a bit of sense if you listen to their official narrative.  Government lies all the time.  They lied about the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.  They have lied about the origins of Covid, which only shut down the entire world for no apparent reason.  Why would we suddenly believe them about the two Iraq wars, or any war for that matter?  They don’t have a very good track record for honesty. 

It has also been reported that the real cause of the Iraq wars in both cases was to acquire an ancient technology called “artificial portals,” kind of like stargates from the television series.  And that the military was seeking to extract “cylinder seals” that contained the information for developing artificial portals and that there were natural portals in that ancient river valley that could still be used.  These cultures predate what we know of the Sumerians by many thousands of years, where our known history was built upon the remains of what came before.  Many tens of thousands of years earlier.  Additionally, and oddly, one of the first target acquisitions when American troops took over Bagdad wasn’t some terrorist bunker, or communications stronghold.  It was the Bagdad museum and the fabled DNA of Gilgamesh that was supposed to reside there.  Why would a country want the DNA of Gilgamesh, a half God, half man whose claim to fame was the pursuit of immortality?  And that there are occult secret societies who know very well about all these things and are causing wars all over the planet so they can acquire the technology for their use because nationalism gets in the way of their objectives.  This is the first time in history where these Deep State occultists could attempt such a thing.  In previous centuries there wasn’t communication or transportation ability to conduct such planetary endeavors.  But now that there is, they use the governments to dance from their fingers to unravel ancient technology, which gives them god-like power over the masses, the oldest motivation in the history of all lifeforms.  And once that’s understood, it all doesn’t sound so crazy.  When the motivations of Ukraine are considered, the Biolabs that were put there by our own American government, just as the one in Wuhan, China, was influenced by Americans operating in a Deep State motivational way, there is a lot more to the conflict in Ukraine than what the official narrative is.  Those who have flown Ukraine flags in support of the United Nations’ attempt to use the conflict to destroy the concept of all borders by destroying Russia’s concept of national pride have been seduced into a trap.  The real motives for the war, and the cause for that matter, reside in much more mysterious objectives than just a fight over borders or resources.  It’s usually over history, and who controls the knowledge of it, and what the truth of mankind’s origins indeed has been.  Why, might you ask?  Well, because human beings have locked within them the desire to rule over others, most of the time without having to do a lot of work.  And when people and bloodlines can prove some ancient heritage and technology that comes from it that proves it, then they can make some rightful claim to superiority over others.  These are not the kind of people who want a republic form of government and democratic election processes.  They intend to rule through fear and use history to apply that fear to rule the world.  And it is pretty much as simple as that. 

Rich Hoffman

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Anybody Against the Bible is Up to No Good: The way to defeat the strategy of evil

I’ve never been what anybody would call a “Bible Thumper.” Although I have read the Bible since I was very young, I generally respect other people’s religions to the point where I keep my opinions to myself. But I have studied comparative religion since my twenties, to the level where I could do a professional service out of it, so I am quite well aware of what other people believe and why. That includes the Koran, the Book of Mormon, the Mahabharata, and many others. I don’t see religion, as many do, as the study of a way to arrive at the afterlife. Instead, I see all of them as an attempt to grapple with the here and now and the designation of good and evil. The Koran especially has many of the same characteristics as the Bible does, and the focus is on living a good life, and who could argue with that? Well, knowing a lot about these religions and what they intend to do for the person reading from their texts, then it’s quite obvious to understand what is happening when you see coaches and others getting in trouble in public settings for quoting the Bible. There have been several cases these past several weeks where high school coaches, or even NCAA coaches, have been punished for giving their players inspiration from the Bible, which reveals the real game that is in front of us, and why I have decided to talk more about the Bible and other religions as a direct result of this very social assault. We have a very real enemy in front of us presently who is clearly trying to destroy us, and they seek to replace the values people have with a new religion of government serving as the new God and to do so, they are using the excuse of separation of Church and State as the means to remove people from any sort of social values so that they can replace them with a reverence for big government.

Now, I have no intention of making peace with evil. I have always been interested in fighting evil wherever evil decides to show itself, which is why I enjoy religion so much. Not just Christianity but all of them. If I see people learning values in the fight between good and evil, I’m on board with whatever religion gets them there. I haven’t read a religious book yet that I can’t find some good with. It’s when government gets involved to attempt to pit them against each other for social controls they’d otherwise never get that you start to see the work of evil. For me, it’s not a matter of the truth of a religious text but whether it works for the mind. And I think there are a lot of Bible passages that are fantastic for people seeking intellect, such as Isaiah 57:3-5 “But draw near hither, ye sons of the sorceress, the seed of the adulterer and the whore. (4), Against whom do ye sport yourselves? Against who make ye a wide mouth and draw out the tongue? Are ye not children of transgression, a seed of falsehood,  (5) Enflaming yourselves with idols under every green tree, slaying the children in the valleys under the clifts and the rocks?” I think that is absolutely wonderful, a beautifully written passage. Who in their right mind would have a problem with that? How could a coach, a teacher, or a business professional get in trouble for reciting something like that? 

It’s quite clear to me, and this is why I am talking about the Bible and religion more than usual because it’s my conclusion that these villains in our society now are easy to beat. They have more than shown themselves of late. In these post-Trump presidential years, the many interactions on social media, even the social media debate with the First Amendment at the heart of it, a battle strategy has been made clear to me. The Bible is the heart of it. I have never seen the Bible as a book of peace, which is one of the reasons I like it so much. It’s very judgmental about the nature of good and evil, which I greatly enjoy. I like the concept of making a footstool out of my enemies, as it is often referred to biblically. And I have seen it work on several cases over many years, most notably recently, in many local issues. It’s no longer just different opinions we are dealing with here, it’s a fight against the evil that is in front of us in our time, and it’s up to us to win that fight. And evil knows that if a society is a point of reference in judging what it wants to do, then they are particularly vulnerable. Evil only thrives if it can reside in the shadows and convince people that value judgments are wrong. That is why there is a push in the media, in Hollywood, and in all governments to remove biblical references such as these cases with high school coaches so that people will be left vulnerable intellectually without any foundation of goodness to stand on. Making people easy to destroy from the inside out is clearly evil’s objective. The same people who are telling us that transvestites are normal and perfectly OK, which is the position of the Biden administration, are the same losers telling us that quotes from the Bible are dangerous and must be separated as a matter of church and state. 

I see this all as an easy battle to win; mankind has won these battles before in different ways. But this current rise of evil in the world is, for the first time, a global push using mass media as the means of destruction. The good news is that their position is weak if people have a point of reference for goodness, such as that Isaiah 57:3 passage. The Bible isn’t for getting to heaven, just as none of the religious texts are necessary for such an objective. They are to live a good life as a good person and clearly define what good is. Most interpreters of religious text miss the point; they were taught wrong from the beginning, and that failure cascades into philosophy, generally. I find value in all religions, particularly when it is considered that government wants to become the new religion because there is power in controlling what people believe is the work of evil in the background. So I’m going to talk about these things more because they, for one, interest me. But for another, I see that evil is particularly vulnerable and can easily be defeated if the light of judgment is cast upon them. Religious texts could be works of fiction and still be the word of God. It’s the exploration of thought that matters. It’s not whether Joseph Smith found gold plates with the Mormon religion written upon them and was the direct word of God, that matters. What matters is exploring an idea that distinguishes good and evil in a social context and can free people from the bondage of authoritarian rule. This is why China does not like religion, and for those who want to copy the China model of using government to replace religion for a one-world government where the deity in charge of civilization is a worshiper of mother earth, then the best way to defeat that attempt is by having a relationship with religious work. The Bible is particularly good, as are other intentions from many religions. But once good and evil are distinguished, the work of evil is much easier to defeat. And as bad as things have been with evil showing itself with increasing audacity, it only succeeds when people lose their way, and by reading from books like the Bible, they can find their way to goodness rather quickly, which is the best way to defeat the intentions of evil, which is the most important task of our time. 

Rich Hoffman

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Using Kids to Shield Bad Adult Behavior: Why Lakota has moved to a larger school board meeting format

It’s an old trick at Lakota schools; I remember how it was back in 2012 when they couldn’t pass a school levy; I was a part of that, too, so I remember it well. They moved to the same auditorium at Lakota East and encouraged the teacher’s union mob to come in and drown out the opposition at the podium. The goal then as it is now has nothing to do with safety, as the Sheriff’s department recommended due to the size of the school board meetings being so heavily attended due to the controversies of the last year. Usually, school board meetings are boring, and nobody attends except the teacher union element. But normal people have not been going for a long time because they really don’t care about school business.

In most cases, their kids have grown up, and they really don’t care about Lakota schools so long as they don’t look at the amount of money they pay for their property tax. But when it comes down to the kind of topics we have had at Lakota since Darbi Boddy was elected very popularly by the public, she easily beat Kelly Casper in the vote count, and due to her popularity in the community, she would do better now than then. I know many moderate-minded people who are not crazy, over-the-rainbow people who are happy Darbi is on the school board because they see she is asking questions they don’t want to ask themselves. So because of Darbi, the meetings have been more heavily attended, but the school board itself isn’t happy about it. They want the good ol’ days when nobody was paying attention. They certainly don’t want to deal with all the public speeches. So using “safety” as the excuse, they moved the meetings to the largest possible location within the district, hoping to pack the house with intimidating school board supporters from the teacher’s union, to drown out the lone voice on the board with such an ominous presence, and to do what they weren’t able to do in federal court, shut down public comments because they have been making them look bad. 

There is another element as well to the move to a larger format; there are two board members who are up for election, Lynda O’Conner and her good friend Julie Shaffer who has her own history of behaving poorly in public settings, which we will get into the details during the official campaign. They don’t want rival candidates using the school microphone to make campaign pitches, so moving to such a large format makes it much harder for normal people to speak in front of such a large crowd. Public speaking is hard for many people, and the size of the format makes it much more difficult. This move to such a large auditorium is a veteran move by the sitting school board members who can use the rules to help their own re-election chances. The last thing they want is more Darbi Boddy types making campaign pitches at school board meetings to preserve their chances in the upcoming election. Of course, these moves by the current school board, blaming it on the Sheriff’s department for the action, have nothing to do with safety or overpacked crowds at the previous venues. It has everything to do with controlling the messaging at Lakota in the wake of their superintendent controversies, the teachers who are sending shirtless pictures to students, in the constant seduction that goes on between students and teachers that are out of control. What we hear about on the news is just the very tip of a very deep iceberg. What did people think would happen when society lowered the bar of sexuality and mixed teachers in their twenties as employees with a population of kids in their teens and low barriers to entry for sexual predilections? It’s been a disaster, and the school board doesn’t want to deal with it. 

When people talk to me about it, I tell them I tend to only go to those dumb meetings when someone needs to be defended. I went to one last year to stand by Darbi. What’s nice about her is that she doesn’t need much defending. She is perfectly able to take care of herself. But as far as hoping to change any minds at Lakota schools from a public comment perspective, the school board has shown no interest in hearing from the public over the years. They are heavily politically motivated and resent the tax-paying public, who tend to be very conservative. That’s why meetings from the past were so poorly attended. But when controversies get out of control from them, as I was a part of in 2012 when they were trying to pass a school levy for the fourth time, and I was in the way, or this time when they are trying to suppress evidence of CRT, and a progressive political agenda in general that Darbi is trying to expose, then their only defense is to attempt to use peer pressure from the masses that they control to drown out the criticism. And that’s what they are up to now.

What they really hate is when you remove from them the mask they all hide behind as a school system. I remember an event Julie Shaffer and Lynda O’Conner were involved in where they did to me much what they have been doing to Darbi Boddy. It happened not over the school levy issue but when I was the spokesman for a group we had formed called Yes to Lakota Kids. They like to hide behind kids to validate their existence, and because they couldn’t pass the levy, they were taking away sports programs and busing to punish the public. In my group, we raised money to take that fake sentiment away by paying for the fees Lakota was imposing, which took away their cover. That’s when they became most vicious and went on a crusade of personal destruction toward me in unforgivable ways. It took Lynda many years to get me to speak to her, with her trying hard to win my trust back. But now, what she has done with Darbi, she has lost a decade of work for all the same reasons. We’re dealing with some really broken people here, and the reason they want to control the message, to stop public comment, is to hide their use of children to justify their social liberalism and to control the campaign platform of the political opposition that is very intense going into an election year. So many people want to run that we are having the opposite problem that we had when Darbi and Isaac were running. Sorting through everything has been challenging, but people are upset. We need the “right” people to run. But they don’t need to attend the school board meetings to make themselves known. Nobody really cares about those. It is not smart to attend school board meetings when political rivals control the ground you are fighting from. It is much better to take your voice away from their control and take it into the community where they can’t defend their position with silly tricks, as they have now done early in 2023, then tried to blame it all on “safety.” So many bad things happen in the world that is blamed on “safety.” And this Lakota meeting format is undoubtedly one of them.

Rich Hoffman

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The Real Isaac Adi: ‘Thriller’ is alive and well at Lakota schools

The first thing I thought of when I heard Isaac Adi and watched the video of him laughing at me when Darbi Boddy brought up my name during a Lakota school board meeting was that a demon of some kind had taken over his consciousness. And that conclusion would match his behavior since the campaign the year before, where a very different person spoke to me, a very sincere and godly person who I would never think would behave in such a way. Many people don’t have room to think about those things, so making such a statement is a bit wild for them. But Isaac’s behavior toward Darbi and others as a school board member has perplexed many people regarding the change. He has been making fun of the opposition, who supported him initially; he’s been caught on camera pushing people around and losing his cool in embarrassing ways, and when confronted with evil, he has a severe reluctance to look at the truth. He has been especially caught on the premise that there is no CRT in Lakota schools because the nice old teachers say there isn’t any CRT.   Surely he’s not naive enough to believe they have been telling him the truth and that they have been playing him for a sucker by hiding it in plain sight. That’s why Darbi went to look for it on her own; she didn’t trust what people were telling her. Both of these new school board members were people of God when they started, but only Darbi has been able to rely on that faith as a backstop for her convictions. Isaac, from the start, seemed too enchanted by the soothsaying of the opposition, which then became grotesquely obvious during that school board meeting when the person I saw on stage was nothing close to the person I had come to know during the campaign.

A lot of people had asked me since that school board meeting if my feelings were hurt by the way people laughed when my name was brought up. After all, I have been good friends with Lynda O’Conner, the school board president. Frequent phone buddies are more like it, and hugs when we see each other at political events, more than just casual acquaintances. To see her play along with the mob of laughter would be hurtful to many people, and that was the hope people had that I would be devastated at the social rejection on such a big stage. Then there was Isaac, a guy I have said so many good things about and had such high hopes for, leading the charge on stage. I remember taking a picture of him and Jim Jorden at a big event with the GOP, and he was such a happy and optimistic guy with such great faith in God and the good he could do with the community. Of course, my political enemies would assume that I’d be devastated, embarrassed, and hurt beyond repair to see a good person like Isaac joining the dark side and becoming like Michael Jackson in the famous video Thriller as one of them.

Just another member of the zombie apocalypse. The nice guy, the man of God being pulled into the woke mob of anti-Christ warriors, colored hair, upside down crucifixes and all, and abortion supporters who deep in their hearts want to have a mass social sacrifice to the biblical God Baal whose soul-eating hunger cannot be quelched with logic, or consensus building. It was almost as if they were saying to me, look what we have done to your good people. And when they laughed at Darbi and at me, it seemed most appropriate to look to the jealous malice of the spirit world for the true intentions and detect their plot to convert good people into agents of destruction intent to spread evil to every crevice of our lives for the ill scheme to make maniacal lunatics out of all the world. But rather than be angry about it, I found the information extremely valuable. I’d rather know the truth about people than not, and in such formats, there is a lot that can be learned, which nobody would know if Darbi hadn’t brought up my name. What you see might hurt because you desire good things for them. But when you are trying to figure out motives under pressure, then there was a lot valuable that was revealed during that meeting.

Yes, I believe very much in demons, devils, villains from the 8th dimension, and characters of malice that reside in the back of our minds who are at war for our souls. But you can’t discuss them in a modern context without the veil they use to hide behind, making you sound like an insane person for talking about them logically. Instead, we have invented the field of psychology to explain these things away in a way that the Liberal World Order has deemed appropriate, which is acceptable in a case like this and just as effective. But for those curious, yes, demons and malicious spirits are very real things that most people believe in once they quiet their minds. And some people are more prone to attacks by them based on bloodlines, from their ancestors who may have been host to demonic spirits hundreds or thousands of years in the past. Those same characters look for those blood types and seek them out as hosts, completely unsuspecting. The host may not know such characters are guiding them, but to the outside world, it’s as obvious as the sun at noon on a beach in Florida without a cloud in the sky. But for this case, the psychological explanation will suffice to explain what has happened to Isaac Adi. It’s the desire to be liked by your peers, which is the classic gateway that governs so much evil in the world, that we see at fault for the conditions we have witnessed at Lakota. 

It’s easy to fall in love with the people you are working with and managing, and good managers learn to think beyond such impulses. At the same time, inexperienced managers hope that they can control people through friendships and favors. And school board members are managers of their school districts. So it’s to be expected that when positions of power are acquired, every loser, sexually deviant, lazy, overpaid psychopath will seek the favor of the new power, which Isaac won during that election. But in that moment of insecurity during the initial day and year of such a service, it’s easy to fall in love with all these new friends who suddenly want to appease you. And to keep that feeling from going away, you stop looking at the truth that might bust that bubble of goodness at suddenly being such a popular character doing important work in the world. This is precisely how the OSBA teachers and school board members build consensus in community settings. They get so good at it that they don’t even realize that they do it to all the relationships in their lives, not just the professional ones. And when those relationships are standing in the way of good management of a taxpayer asset, then we should all be concerned. But to put it simply, to allow peer pressure to make rational decisions based on friendship and sentiment is the path of evil. People inexperienced in these kinds of things tend to fall for them. And I’m not inexperienced. So what Isaac did wasn’t a surprise. It is valuable to know what a person can take and how they function in a social setting. What their motivations are during a behavioral change? And what we saw at that meeting on March 6th, 2023, was necessary. Hurt has nothing to do with it. But the truth is all that is interesting, and we saw plenty of the truth, for which we can then make decisions based, which is very valuable to know.

Only strong and resolute people can withstand the evil of the “Thriller.”

Rich Hoffman

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Losing in Blackjack: What the Silicone Valley Bank failure means to our economy

The failure of the Silicon Valley Bank is just the start of something much worse that is about to happen in America, and nobody can say they weren’t warned. It’s much worse than just banking management that are entangled in risky practices, but these are the effects of a Cloward and Piven attack strategy that has been in play for some time and is at the heart of ESG measurements. When a bank like Silicone Valley Bank lends money to a lot of business startups based on sex, skin color, orientation, nationality, and minority status, then those businesses fail, then obviously, the money will have been wasted. Nobody pushing ESG, including in the stock market, ever figured out how monetary value would be replaced by social scores because there is no value in sentiment. Only in actionable behavior are the efforts of productivity measurable. In that regard, Silicone Valley Bank is not the first, nor will it be the last. But it will be one of a series of failures based on the toxic ESG values that have been pushed on the finance world for several years now, and the results are in these monstrosities of sentiment resulting in horrendous results. The scam was never going to work, and if this is the best that a college-educated society can produce, then nobody should have dared to crawl out of the stone age. Because what’s the point? It’s not a mystery as to the cause, as many are now considering runs on the banks to gather up their wealth before it all disappears. Just remember before you do that this is a similar situation as we saw with Covid, a purposeful attack on the American infrastructure to bring down the economy of America by hostile foreign characters, and this failure was a planned occurrence. Not an accident. 

The ultimate game was to collapse the stability of the dollar and then prop up that value with government bailouts, which is precisely what Janet Yellen of the Biden administration is proposing to do. Why do you think the former head of the Federal Reserve has been so active in World Economic Forum activities and even a figure involved in Ukraine? Why are these people making secret trips to Ukraine in their positions, Janet Yellen, Merrick Garland, and those with no jobs related to anything in Ukraine? Anybody with the haircut of Janet Yellen coming back from Ukraine and asking for more financial aid to that strange country and its politics is just as dumb as the person who wants a haircut as she has. Who could think that a haircut like she has is a good idea by choice? Yet such an assumption is just as foolish as trusting her with any financial advice. She did during her role as head of the Federal Reserve as they all do; they ran the Fed recklessly and as a big government stooge printing money with quantitative easing that effectively wrecked the economy. It started before the collapse of 2008 when bad loans to the housing market crushed the industry. At that point, a unique relationship with Larry Fink, who would go on to make BlackRock one of the most influential companies in the world, would buy up that bad debt, and the Fed would print fake money and flow it into Wall Street, with an arrangement to Fink, and they would buy up the assets and use all the funny money to take control of the boards of many corporations, to impose these ESG scores on them and change the value for which they operated. Gone were the profit and loss statements of tradition, but now it was all about how many gay activists were in management, how many minorities, and whether men could suddenly have babies and would have to go on maternity leave. With such values, what did anybody think would happen?

The way these banks have been lending has been like the gambling addict at a casino late into the morning from a crazy night of drinking and whoring around mindlessly, playing Blackjack. Who in their right mind would bet all their money through every round, thinking they would hit 21? Hitting 21 in Blackjack, of course, is the ultimate goal. For finance, it would be like loaning money to the next Google startup company and having them all become gloriously successful every time. But unfortunately, in reality, there are not many Googles out there, and in Blackjack, hitting 21 is an extreme anomaly. Usually, you can get close with a 17-20, but you rarely hit 21 without going over. An aggressive player trying to impress someone from the opposite sex will constantly hit over 21, and they will lose all their money rather quickly. This has essentially been the strategy of this new ESG market. But I would not say it has been stupid, just as the dealer in Blackjack always has the ability to play the game after all the other players have played their hands. The House statistically wins the most often, and in this banking game, the House is the Federal Reserve. And they are not loyal to the American economy.

In conjunction with the government, the Fed has allowed people to conduct their lives with risky behavior so that they will become trapped and need the government to bail them out. Then once that happens, people will give up their independence from the government to get out of the mess they put themselves in. Like the Blackjack player who spends their life savings betting on 21 at the table only to find out that they have lost all their money, but they still want to play, they borrow money from the House to continue playing. But the House can print their own money, so it’s no skin off their back. Meanwhile, the gambler just keeps getting deeper and deeper in the hole until they lose their personal independence for the rest of their lives because they are so far in debt. And that is the military strategy against the American market, which was purposeful. It was designed to destroy value and replace it with sentiment. The banks, hoping always to hit 21 just like any mindless gambler might, bet on all the wrong risks based on all the wrong values, and of course, they have lost far more than they’ve won, leading to these banks collapsing.

Meanwhile, for those who have lost their life savings, the Fed, with indirect means of supplying money, is just printing money and giving it out like candy. And people will take it because they don’t want to face the destructive facts. In such a desperate state, they will continue to support an all-powerful government because only such a government can back the money they have printed to stay in power. And in this way, Republicans and Democrats find themselves united at the Blackjack table, hoping to hit always 21 in desperation because it’s the only option they have as a result of ESG values that have changed finance into such a devastating industry run by thieves down on their luck and trying to hide it with quantitative easing. And after years of such behavior, we only see the beginning of such failure.   The government gains power, while the individuals lose their freedom and become slaves to those they are perpetually in debt.  

Rich Hoffman

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Eating Ice Cream and Defending Lawsuits: Lakota should have never tried to use the China model of social communism to drive a narrative

I was vacationing on Mackinac Island in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, having a nice ice cream with my grandchildren as a horse and buggy strolled by, the scene looking like a Norman Rockwell painting from a century ago when my peeps from my home district of Lakota were ringing up my phone with new information on the superintendent problems we were having there. The report was that I was going to be sued by that very progressive public employee and that I had big legal trouble on my hands. A group stoking the flames was “Rinos for Lakota,” who were throwing my name around as a blowhard who had it all coming. They hoped the superintendent would sue me into oblivion, destroying me once and for all. The people telling me all this were obviously people who cared for me and wanted to give me a heads-up. At the same time, my granddaughter wanted to show me a cool picture of a horse she had just drawn on the ice cream store napkin. I noted the information and quickly resumed enjoying my family and the island itself. It was a world away, and I was enjoying it. I pushed down my anger for that moment and would deal with the trouble when I returned home. And as is always my practice, I never forgive a transgression. Even if it takes decades, when someone shows ill will toward me, I make it my mission in life to make a footstool off their metaphorical carcass. But I also never let those ill intentions ruin my life. At this point, I’ve heard all this before; I am very used to ill intentions. But like most things in life, intentions and execution are different things, and a lesson that should be learned by now, especially at Lakota, is that ill intent pushed in my direction doesn’t go well for them. And that would undoubtedly be the case with this very political situation in 2022.

When I returned, I had good memories of that ice cream with my grandchildren and was in a good mood. Then, of course, history tells the rest of the story and for all those people who wished bad intentions on me, to see me destroyed in court and have my life turned upside down because they decided to move into my neighborhood, then bring with them all these dumb, liberal ideas from all the garbage dumps they moved from, and expected to change me. Well, life has dealt them some much-deserved blows. I don’t get upset about those kinds of legal threats or the postings of a bunch of RINOs because we have this little thing called the Constitution that I know holds up very well in court. And so long as you follow the Constitution, you will win your court cases. People who don’t understand the Constitution, the Bill of Rights specifically, make dumb statements like those in the Rinos (Conservatives) for Lakota had been making regarding the devastating situation that Matt Miller had put himself in as a public figure, paid for with taxpayer money to perform a very public role. We have a First Amendment to provide a check on power and the abuses that often happen. It’s critical to the maintenance of good government, and clearly, Lakota had bet everything on a public relations-controlled show that was not rooted in sound legal merits, which is why they get sued a lot themselves, and they lose or settle those cases. They assume that the rest of the world is as legally ignorant as they are, so they think that threats like what was made to me might have some impact. For me, I didn’t even pause in eating my ice cream. The news was as worthless as the ice cream I was eating, as it would soon be melted and at the bottom of my stomach. The only good thing to come from the ice cream was in the joy of me eating it. And as it would turn out, because of their ill intentions toward me, all the bad news that has happened to Lakota and continues to happen is a joy for me, just as consuming that ice cream was.  

My kids are grown, and my grandkids are being homeschooled. The only reason I care about Lakota is because they are an institution of liberalism that is paid for with my property taxes. It disgusts me that I have to give one dollar to them. I would just as soon give that dollar to a homeless person shooting up drugs on a street corner. I don’t see anything good coming out of public schools, especially Lakota. I warned them years ago about the Chinese exchange program they had by sending teachers and administrators to China to “learn” from a communist country. They didn’t listen, of course, because they thought they knew better. And here we are in 2023 with the entire government school and all their ignorant supporters assuming that the media can be controlled just as they do in China. And they hate that a pesky blogger is reporting on the bad things they do, and that I likely know more about the law than most of the lawyers they could hire. But all of them have forgotten that “they” are not in charge. They never were in charge. And they owe the public openness so we can see what they are wasting our hard-earned money on. And what exactly they are teaching these kids in our community, and why. What they are learning now, too late, is that the courts support such positions. Just because the government schools and their loser supporters assume a reality to be something, it doesn’t mean that it is. 

This is not China, America will never be China, free speech will continue to be protected, and all the methods that the government school of Lakota has used to attempt to intimidate people into submission were illegal, just as they are going to learn in the coming months as they try to use public forum debates as a way to limit opposition opinion and shape for public relations a fake community dialogue. When they hire bad employees who bring bad values to our community and intend to teach bad things to our young people, that’s on them. Then to hope that some kind of social peer pressure by very stupid people will alter the course of public life in the district is an assumption built on ignorance. It might work in communist China but not in freedom-loving Liberty Township.   And I was in Liberty Township before anybody was in this debate. And I think knowing all that is more attractive to new residents than a deterrent. The Rinos of Lakota can all pack up and leave and take all their Latte Sipping Prostitutes with Asses the Size of Car Tires and Diamond Rings to Match with them, and Liberty Township will still sell its half-a-million-dollar homes to people fleeing broken, liberal areas seeking refuge. The truth of the matter, a lesson they are learning now, is that they are a small minority. This upcoming election will show them the truth, just as it did when Darby Boddy was voted in. They may have won over Isaac, which made them think everyone lacked resolve equally. But all it’s done is strengthen the opposition’s determination, which wasn’t a very smart idea on their behalf.  They brought all this on themselves.

Rich Hoffman

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The WHO is only a Front for Big Pharma: When government serves only corporate interests and ignores the will of voters

In many ways, I’m grateful for the incompetence that the Biden administration has displayed because it has revealed aspects of government that I have been pointing out for a long time but were hidden behind the protocols of polite society. It’s the cost of incompetence that is often at the heart of every debate about further taxes and burdens on innovation that are held back by a government that is so large and incompetent, and slow, yet insists on controlling society to satisfy their egos of domination over others, that they deserve the ridicule they get. And I knew what would happen as I watched President Trump and his wife, Melania, walk from the Capitol Building to the White House as many worldwide protested. The bar would be raised for governments everywhere in the world, and they would be angry about it. Those people would get out their unread copies of Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto or Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals dedicated to Lucifer, and they would be upset and want to protest. And we ended up with many people showing their below-the-line thinking, the negativity screaming at the top of their lungs for the right-to-be losers. Then with Trump removed because of FBI activism, Big Tech manipulation, voting machines built to sustain the power of the Liberal World Order, election laws written on the back of a napkin because of a virus created in a Chinese lab meant to destroy the American economy, purposely released to destroy the Trump administration, and anybody in the way including elderly people in nursing homes. A media culture corrupt beyond anybody’s wildest dreams, then we had the Biden administration, the party of the Deep State. He was a loser forced down our throats without a chaser, and people could see just how bad the government of these losers really was without good Republicans to hide behind to validate their existence. For the first time, these globalists, these Lucifer worshipers of the God Baal from the Bible, were exposed for what they always were, and people now have seen them naked. And they don’t like it. That has been a good thing. If applied to biblical sentiment, the feelings would be like Yahweh in the books of Isaiah and Jeremiah. That’s where people are now regarding their governments.

We have ended up with a government run by lobbyists that no longer represent voters. They represent those who can write the biggest bribe checks. The evidence is everywhere, from Mitch McConnell to Joe Biden, and his five houses that were bought off a senator’s salary. Give me a break. And the media lets them get away with it because there is a lot of money in playing along. Big Pharma, the same people who are behind the lobbying efforts of politicians, is throwing a lot of money at media companies. Big Pharma buys a lot of advertising, and media companies have their hand out, and like a common street whore, they will do anything for the right price. And when someone like Tucker Carlson comes along, or a James O’Keefe, or Julian Assange insists on doing some honest reporting, of course, the system of corruption wants to get rid of them because it’s not about good government. It’s about building a corrupt government that acts as the face of corporate power. And now that the evidence is flowing freely now in the wake of Covid-19, we can see just how much power Phizer for instance, always had over our lives because they essentially controlled not just the United States Government but the mechanisms of the United Nations as well.   And when I speak about Julian Assange, I am pleased to say I went to see him at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. After going there, my family and I had a very nice shopping experience at Harrod’s, just a few feet from where Assange was trapped because of his Wikileaks news, which threatened the world with the truth they desperately wanted to keep contained. That was just a few weeks after Trump moved into the White House, and there were protests all over London. It was quite an experience to see all this up close. Yes, I knew this day was coming, even back then, in the winter of 2017. 

It would always be a collision course with reality, the fight to keep an open and free media from reporting the truth about the world governments who had sold their integrity away for the fastest buck. And essentially, that’s what the World Health Organization has become, a street whore from Amsterdam, the window eye candy for the reality of what was being advertised. The WHO is run by the socialist Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, who is the current director general, or the United Nations Secretary-General, the socialist Antonio Guterres, which gives them the proper front to be the face of corporate power that has adopted into their cultures communism and socialism that buys governments to wear like earrings so to distract the voting public from the fact that they are not in charge and can’t see what’s going on in truth because of all the glitter. The World Health Organization is nothing but a front for Big Pharma so that the drug companies can sell their products behind the force of government, which has been the government’s plan for most of the last century. They never intended to work for their constituents. It has always been for them about manipulating the public, using them to stay in power with illusions created by media, but their paychecks come from borderless corporations with no loyalty to God or country. And that is the harsh truth of our times.

In this unconstitutional treaty that the Biden administration wants to sign giving health authority to the WHO during the next pandemic, this is what is really going on. Big Pharma wants the power of the government to sell its drugs to an unsuspecting public by force. Pharma doesn’t want to earn a customer’s business; they simply want government, through mandates to force drugs on the world’s populations, all in the name of “safety,” the kind of “safety” that the mainstreamers in media sell advertising to establish. If you go back in time, this is what happened with the insurance industry; once the government started mandating insurance for the drivers of cars, insurance companies knew all they had to fight for was a piece of the state’s population because they were guaranteed some portion of it by legal enforcement, rather than insurance companies being the best option for drivers. Once insurance companies no longer had to work to earn a customer, their prices went up, and their customer service fell off a cliff because they no longer cared about the relationship with their customers; they could afford to abuse them by government mandate. That is the same practice we watched with Covid, and the government essentially became a drug dealer for Big Pharma. And that is all the World Health Organization is, a drug dealer for Big Pharma. A government seeking control of all nations so that their corporate backers can rule from the shadows unchecked, and with endless revenue streams coming to them without having to do the work of actually earning a customer. No wonder corporations have lost so much customer trust. But those corporate influences don’t need that trust if they have a government that can kick down your door and forces you to take their drugs and live by rules that only serve corporate interests rather than the voters who are supposed to be in charge. At least now, it’s no longer a conspiracy theory. People have seen all this for themselves and are acting in their best interest for the first time, which will make for some interesting elections over the next several years.

Rich Hoffman

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Its All About Space Force: Why Trump will be the nominee again in 2024

You can tell how worried Rupert Murdoch from Fox News is now that we’re in that final stretch that after all the efforts he and many other Never Trumper types, like Paul Ryan, have asserted against President Trump, that when the smoke clears, it will still be Trump at the head of the Republican Party.  DeSantis is making his moves with his book tour in Iowa, and he’s even coming to Butler County, Ohio, in a few weeks to soft-land a presidential platform—he, along with several other challengers to President Trump.  I read Ron’s book the day it came out, and it’s good.  It is undoubtedly the story of a great governor in Florida, and it shows that many opportunities are forming in the future of politics for a redefinition of what a good governor and a good president looks like.  We are not the same country that we were in 2016, and there has been a less obvious war that the media tycoons like Murdoch have not been reporting, even though the impact on the world is much more severe than anything experienced during World War II, or any other global conflict and that is the fight between the Deep State and the desire for globalism across the world, as forecast in the book Tragedy and Hope, which I have talked about before, and a republic like what we have in America.  More than all that, I would say the top campaign issue for 2024 will be Space Force and nothing else, which many media types and political people have not yet come to realize.  The path to economic recovery is in space, and its at the center of all geopolitical discourse, the actions with China and Russia, and agreements with Saudi Arabia and Iran.  A lot is happening across the world that has not been discussed because of the distraction of Ukraine and the general failure of the Liberal World Order everywhere.  And the only way there hasn’t been a run on global governments, whether in France, Hong Kong, or Brazil with waves of populism, is that the media conglomerates, like Fox News, run by the Murdoch family, have not been covering it. 

The Straw Poll at CPAC in 2023 tells the whole story; people get it; Trump won 62% of the vote, DeSantis had 20%, and Nikki Haley was at 3%.  Everyone else went down from there, which is how it will be in the upcoming primary in the end.  The Never Trumper types have filled Ron DeSantis’ head with their dreams of him dethroning Trump, it’s their last gasp as members of the Republican Party to fulfill their objective, and they are starting to worry.  I think the obvious cracks that have always been there can actually be seen in the Kellyanne Conway divorce from her long-time Never Trumper husband, George Conway.  The hatred of internal politics is most evident in those kinds of public relationships, and Trump’s reaction to it was very appropriate.  He has no love for George Conway, and it’s obvious that Kellyanne’s husband, or soon to be, “ex-husband,” is very jealous of Trump.  That is generally the case for all Never Trumpers, including John Kasich in Ohio, and they all have the same fate coming for them.  They may not like Trump, but they certainly don’t represent what the Republican Party has become.  Without question, Ron DeSantis is to the political right of Trump.  But could DeSantis get voter engagement from 75 million people like Trump can?  Not even close.  Hard conservatives might really like DeSantis, but one of the biggest successes Trump has had was his ability to pull over Democrats to the Republican Party, to get minority voters to support Republicans over Democrats.  And that is something none of the Never Trumper, country club types of Republicans were ever able to do, so of course, they hate Trump.  Trump has his own country club.  He has his own fundraising reserves.  Trump has his own social media.  Trump is the media, and without him, nobody has a chance.  So the fissures have formed along those jealousies, and in the end, people pick their people, and they love Trump and will continue to.

The Deep State is very much wounded; they have been caught with their election fraud tampering around the world, and they also have their hand in Covid and the many deaths that occurred.  And people have revenge on their minds.  Many of the occult leaders behind the Deep State have fled for places where people aren’t and are trying to go underground to avoid the wrath that is coming.  That is most obvious in the Covid case moving through congress presently.  People want to know who, what, why, when, and where regarding Covid, and that was never supposed to happen with the Deep State’s role in it.  They had gone all in out of desperation to get rid of Trump, they were not ready for their global lockdown strategy, and people revolted against their controls, and now the facts are coming out.  Fox News might not be covering it.  CNN clearly isn’t interested in covering it.  But remember the Georgia Guide Stones that were destroyed this past year.  The globalists are running for the hills.  When history looks back on this period, it will be obvious that it was Space Force that they were all against, why they wanted to get rid of Trump, and why they committed the massive crimes they were caught in.  And now they are running and hiding, not pulling the strings of power as they have been doing for several decades. 

This will not be an election on policy and success as running a state might otherwise be.  This is a fight for control over free elections and Deep State manipulations.  And Space Force is the biggest threat to the current Deep State.  This is why Elon Musk has shifted his political position and is now rooting for Republicans.  There has been a lot going on away from the Fox News-controlled news coverage, which I would consider far left to where most of the world is.  Tucker Carlson has been doing good work on January 6th, and the Never Trumper types are upset about the coverage because it shows the truth about who lied to whom.  But that is really just a distraction at this point.  The coup to remove Trump during his last term in office is far worse than any of that, and people understand it.  It’s nothing against Ron DeSantis or anybody else who thinks the water is warm enough for them to swim in regarding a Republican nomination for president.  Unfortunately for them, they risk damaging their own brand along the way, which is unfortunate.  Candidates like Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio never recovered from their presidential runs; that is how it will be for Ron DeSantis.  He should be pushing to be Trump’s VP, not fighting against him on behalf of the Never Trumpers.  Because people will remember that, and DeSantis will lose all the tremendous political capital he currently has.  The 2024 race is about one thing, Space Force and using it to defeat globalism and the controls of the Deep State that has been controlling everything from behind the veil.  And who created Space Force?  President Trump, which is why he will be the nominee once again in 2024. 

Rich Hoffman

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What the 1.1 Million Award to Kimberly Edelstein Means: A first-of-its-kind case in Butler County that celebrates individual Constitutional protections

I think we’ll find, as our society matures and grows into an understanding of its place in the universe as an up-and-coming power that is recognized as such, that the American Constitution is one of the greatest works of philosophy ever produced on earth or any place else. That is why I tend to love judges and the idea of law enforcement. Not necessarily law enforcement itself, especially once human frailties are introduced that are tied to social predilections rooted in collectivist causes, but the essential beauty of the Bill of Rights and what the concept protects in the realm of human imagination and its potential as a fully developed individual. That’s why this case where the former Butler County magistrate Kimberly Edelstein is painful because everything is wrong with the struggles of life everywhere. Judges in our culture are the ultimate philosophers in that they adhere circumstances to the application of Constitutional principles, which isn’t easy when the demands of collectivism are applied, ancient beliefs in protection within the herd (civic memberships, fellowship on a bowling team, back-slapping at the company picnic) and the conflict with the development of individual integrity. And no matter how the judgment that a jury found against Judge Greg Stephens is viewed, the failure has not been captured by any post-court analysis, which is a shame. Representing herself, Kimberly Edelstein made a successful argument to a jury over a two-week trial starting in January of 2023 and ending early in February, where they awarded her 1.1 million dollars for religious discrimination where Stephens behaved in a retaliatory manner when Edelstein requested eight days off for Jewish holidays. And from there, their relationship deteriorated, the application of law and order in Butler County, Ohio, was compromised, and over what, religious differences? 

By the time the dust settles on this case, it will likely cost the taxpayers over 3 million dollars. And when you look at the law firms who have been involved, it’s clear that they are the only ones benefiting. The way the legal community operates in the background of all this money reminds me of a case I was involved in years ago with Todd Portune, who would eventually become one of the county commissioners of Hamilton County. But in a serious legal matter that I was involved in, he was an attorney who was also on the Cincinnati City Council, and he was representing both the aggressive party and the victim simultaneously. When I confronted him about this, he simply explained to me that was how it was. Those were the rules of the game. And that is the case in this Butler County legal case; when it wondered why the media puts a spin on the story that doesn’t capture the real essence of it, that’s because they all have the same legal firms working in the background. The interpretation of the law, as I stated, is so beautifully captured in our American Constitution, specifically in our Bill of Rights is not the same as the feeble interpretation that comes to the minds of the compromised people who have not evolved well as individuals and find corruption at the heart of their decision making. And that’s what’s unfortunate with this case between Judge Stephens and Kimberly Edelstein. Instead of them using their religious faiths as a background of individual development to uphold the excellent standards of Constitutional preservation, it has turned into a religious dispute that a couple of kids in the first grade might have over baseball cards. Stephens, a former pastor and apparently a very devout Christian, found the Jewish holidays not conducive to the kind of bench he wanted to run, and peer pressure with those involved added their opinions to the matter into what became a “disruptive” work environment. And after Edelstein requested her Jewish holidays off for observance, she was terminated just a few days thereafter, leading to this court case six years later. 

When I hear numbers like 1.1 million dollars, it sounds like a lot of money. And there are disputes within Butler County, especially the prosecutor’s office, that want a redo. They want to rob the jury opinion away from the award because it’s an embarrassing loss for them. Kimberly already successfully argued the case; Stephens was found guilty in the matter, and it’s unusual in the audacity of it because usually, people don’t defend themselves the way the former magistrate did in this case, but the legal parameters are quite clear. A jury of her peers found that Kimberly Edelstein was improperly terminated, her own Constitutional protections were violated, which any judge in the world should have known better, and it harmed her for further employment. When you study as a magistrate, your employment options are sort of limited to civil service. It’s not like the next job is right around the corner. It tends to be a very specific field with limited employment opportunities. So taking a stand based on Constitutional foundations is risky. But I would say that our society is better for it. The case law in this situation should serve as a warning on how to behave in the office. If people need to take time off for religious observance, that’s one of their rights. Manage your subordinates appropriately and be as fair as possible in the process. That’s basic management 101. But don’t use power and position, then peer pressure from the local lodge to attempt to undo an award from a jury. When a mistake is made, admit to it and move on. 

Kimberly Edelstein has lost a significant portion of her life and income to this Constitutional stand, so if you divide up the money awarded to her by the amount, it’s not very much money for the six years she has been fighting it. I will never understand religious disputes. I have read most of the major religious positions worldwide, and there isn’t much to indicate that religions should be at war in their texts. In all their cases, the religious texts attempt to elevate the mind by reading them to more significant concepts of existence. They should never decline in value to an argument over work holidays. An individual obtaining spiritual development, no matter how they get there, makes for a better employee in the workplace. Not one that has to pick between spiritual enlightenment and an oppressive boss that has the ability to control your paycheck. And among judges in the legal community, this basic level of sophistication should be part of the formula before they ever put on a robe for court. Such silly disputes should never occur, and if they did, everyone should be learning a hard lesson here. The real cost to taxpayers is in the mismanagement of the employees and the burden that parasitic lawyers apply in the background. That is the essence of this case. Mistakes by public employees, such as judges, and disputes over the merits of religion, especially one with common root sources, only feed the lawyers who influence everything in the background. And it took guts for Kimberly Edelstein to represent herself, to not further feed the legal system that is rigged against the taxpayers and the Constitution, and to win. All judges and prosecutors should be celebrating such an action because it brings the purity of law and order to Butler County for the good of everyone. But the anger that has formed in the wake comes over the ability of social groups, peer pressure application of collectivism against individuals such as Kimberly Edelstein, to apply free will to a living life. And behind that assumption is a very sinister position that is as anti-Constitution as an example could be found anywhere. This is the real cost of a case like this and a warning to all applications of a society that seeks law, order, and fairness for individuals, not a legal community that is blowing millions and millions of taxpayer dollars to preserve a system of corruption that is just behind the curtain of civic duty. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Great Leadership of Todd Minniear on 55 KRC: Standing up for good Republican government voters can be proud of

You might have heard the fantastic Liberty Township Trustee Todd Minniear on 55 KRC with Brian Thomas talking about the overwhelming vote from the Butler County Central Committee to censor 22 Republican representatives for working with Democrats to elect a much more moderate Speaker of the House, which in many ways was political sabotage. As it turned out, the BCCC voted to censor those Republicans by a tremendous margin, which joins many other central committees across the state and will help start the path of removing those representatives from office. The next time they want to run, this censorship will make it more difficult for them to seek office. And this is how it has to be in these RINO hunting days where Democrats simply put an “R” next to their name and misrepresent themselves to the public who thinks they are voting for Republicans. I’ll put that radio interview here for everyone to listen to again because it’s an important political step and shows outstanding leadership on behalf of Todd.

Additionally, I am including the letter I read in my own video podcast on the matter, which Todd Minniear sent to the Butler County Central Committee ahead of their meeting to vote on behalf of censor, laying out the arguments. It was a windy day and a tough thing to read, so I also include it here as an example of how good government looks and taking a bold stand in favor of a position and sticking with it. It is wonderful to see area Republicans standing on integrity, but even better, it’s great to see a Butler County politician, especially in Liberty Township, Ohio, showing such leadership when it would be easier just to keep his head down and hope to get an invite to the latest wine tasting ceremony and be a popular guy with the locals. It’s much better to express courage, judgment, and integrity, which benefits our community more than just another baby-kisser in ways that are measured best when leadership is sought and appreciated. 

To: Butler County Central Committee Representatives

From: Todd Minniear – Liberty Township Trustee and Liberty 21 Central Committeeman 

I am writing to encourage you to vote yes this Thursday to censure 22 Republican representatives who voted in favor of Speaker Jason Stephens, and to commend Representatives Creech, Gross, and Hall for voting to support the Republican caucus nominee Derek Merrin.   

I am a novice in politics.  Embarrassingly, I didn’t get serious about protecting our conservative values until Governor DeWine violated my constitutional property rights by shutting down my business during Covid.  In response, I sued the Governor and the Ohio Department of Health/Amy Acton.  My suit was successful in enabling my business to open fully and saved many businesses across OH. 

The Covid attack strategy also highlighted the fact that the number 1 job of ALL levels of government is to protect our freedom.  This greater awareness inspired me to run for Liberty Township Trustee in November of 2021.  Thanks to hard-working conservative campaign supporters (several of them on BC Central Committee) I was elected.    

I share that background as context for why I am motivated to send you this note today.  As you know, we need our Republican representatives to protect our lives and life by moving conservative values forward and fighting against Democrats who continue to move further Left. 

The 22 out of 67 House Republicans who partnered with all 32 House Democrats to elect the speaker preferred by Democrats betrayed the conservative Republicans of Ohio, severed the Republican supermajority, and most certainly made deals with the Democrats that will greatly limit the fantastic opportunity we had to move conservative legislation forward. 

Thanks to the Butler County Republican Women’s Club, I had a chance to sit in on their last meeting where House Representatives Carruthers, Creech, Gross, and Hall answered questions on this topic.    

Here are the headlines driving my support to censure.

·       The Republicans went into caucus and agreed to vote to select a new speaker.  There were several House Representatives in the mix and Derek Merrin won.  Merrin should have received all Republican votes and been the new speaker.  However, in a shocking move, 22 Republicans partnered with all Democrats to elect Stephens.  When two of our Butler County representatives were asked at the Women’s Club meeting if this was “dishonest on the part of the 22” they said “yes” – the agreement was to unite to elect Merrin, but they reneged.  You can see how this has divided our party.

·       It is clear, and our Butler County representatives confirmed, Merrin is significantly more conservative than Stephens who was elected by the Democrats and the 22.  Having a less conservative speaker, one the Democrats supported, means certain conservative agendas will not move forward. 

·       Stephens understands he will need these Democrat votes again to be reelected two years from now.  He must stifle the conservative agenda to earn the Democrat votes.    

·       Why do you think all 32 Democrats voted for Stephens?  The specific deals made with the Democrats will become known.  Three of our four Butler County Representatives said, “deals are always made.”

·       The State Central Committee properly censured the 22 and the last list I saw showed ~20 other counties in Ohio censured, I believe Warren County’s Central Committee had a unanimous 100% vote to censure.  Butler County should be known as one of these leading conservative counties.

·       The vote for speaker is not a piece of legislation where reasonable minds can vote differently.  It was mission-critical for our party to be united and put a conservative speaker in place.  The 22 wanted a more moderate speaker and they sacrificed the strength of our supermajority, literally handing power to the Democrats to get their moderate speaker. 

·       Most importantly we must send a formal message to 1) the 22, that they made a tremendous error, 2) the 45 Republicans who stood for the party, including Rodney Creech, Jennifer Gross, and Thomas Hall that we commend them, and 3) any future representative, that they must stay true to the conservative principles of the party and don’t ever make this same mistake.

I have great respect for the Butler County Central Committee.  We are one of the few political bodies that consistently stand and vote based on conservative principles – principles over all else.   

Todd Minniear – Liberty Township Trustee

Many people don’t know that Todd was one of the most courageous people when it counted most who sued the State of Ohio and the DeWine administration for the Covid lockdowns. He was successful and was able to reopen his business in the heat of Amy Acton, the Health Director at the time, trying to shut down all businesses on the latest CDC policy of mass social distancing as a means of treating Covid 19 which was being spread from China to mass populations to harm them, likely purposefully, during an election year to implement the World Economic Forum Great Reset. I’ve read enough about the situation to see that the evidence for such statements is more than abundant. But at the time, it wasn’t so clear, and it took a lot of guts for Minniear to climb out on a limb like that, challenge the DeWine administration in court, and win. But that should be a lesson to all others. If you stand by the Constitution, you will find that our entire court system is built around it, and you will win most of your court challenges. That is the case with Lakota schools. That is the case with Covid restrictions. That is the case overall of Free Speech cases such as the one recently where a magistrate won a judgment against a Butler County Judge, which will be a topic for another article all its own. The Constitution works, and it is great to see people in politics who understand that basic premise. But it takes leadership and courage to stand behind law and order sometimes, and under tremendous pressure, Todd Minniear has done so and continues to. His leadership was evident in the Central Committee vote and continues to express itself in ways that greatly benefit the residents of Butler County’s Liberty Township residents. I wish there were more like Todd Minniear out there. But I’m happy to see that there is just one. 

Rich Hoffman

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