Media Examples

Who am I? Well, before there was a Trump, in the heat of the Tea Party movement, I did frequent radio spots on Clear Channel Radio, WAAM, and The Blaze regarding education and other freedom movement topics–mostly locally concerned to the state of Ohio where I live.  Once Trump entered the race, and the White House eventually, I focused more on business and political consulting behind the scenes rather than doing media appearances on the front of issues.  However, once we witnessed the year of 2020 and the corporate influence of our political system it became obvious to me that the way to solve those problems was in the same ways that we solve problems in business.  I had been working on a book to help business leaders do just that.  As it turned out, the same skills needed to make a business profitable are the same in solving the management needs of our government and its interaction with the world.  I hit the road in 2021 and traveled over 10,000 miles all over the country to finish the book I had been working on which is how The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business was born and is an offering now. 

Below are some media examples from the past. There are many more others, these are a few samples:

Fire Whips on the News
On CNN to talk about the Firing of James Comey and the FBI Corruption
Fighting School Levies
Bullwhip Economics
What makes a good society
Teachers Make too Much Money
Cutting a can in half with a bullwhip
Bullwhip Fast Draw
This was before cancel culture was a thing
This was the Real D 3D event. I was a stunt double for the actor popular from the Twilight series. Everything with fire was me.
A nice radio segment
Putting out a candle with a whip. Something that is talked about in The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business
An Issue 2 ad in Ohio
Bullwhip Economics

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