What I Learned from Cookie, The Rodeo Clown: Liberals don’t have a chance

I have to thank Cookie, the rodeo clown, for a great night at the rodeo in Cody, Wyoming.  One of my sons-in-law suggested we go to the rodeo as a family while doing some extensive travel out west.  On our way to where we were staying for the night, he pointed out the big arena dedicated to nightly rodeos during the summer months, complete with mountains and vast desert in the background. I’ve been to rodeos in the past, the kind that comes to towns like Butler County, Ohio in a fairground setting, or some of the big ones that come to the arena in downtown Cincinnati. Still, I can say that I had never had the opportunity to see one in the west, where they usually do them in town.  There, they are the centerpieces of social activity, and this open-air arena in Cody was meant to hold thousands of people, of which it was filled when we arrived.  The sun was setting, the air was chilling, and it was just about a perfect day.  The crowd was filled with real Americans, and we were about as far away from Washington D.C. politics as we could get, and it was refreshing.  Many F-Biden flags were blowing from the tailgates in the parking lot, which was an otherwise reminder of what was happening in the world outside of Cody.  Nowhere did we see a corrosive liberal, which made the hotdogs and concession Cokes taste so much better. 

The Rodeo in Cody, Wyoming

When you hear stories like the one from this week of New York prosecutors harassing Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg over accusations of tax dealings, we all know it’s purely political; how the political left weaponizes law enforcement to impose social will on all participants in society.  That was one reason I was on a trip out west with my family, which consisted of over 5000 miles by the time we were back home.  I wanted to see lots of open places where there were few people so that I could get right in my mind the fight that we had before us.  I don’t live in a big city like New York.  Cincinnati has all the good things of a big city and all the good things of a rural community, so I’m pleased with it as a place to be.  But it is on the front line of the greater global battle that is going on between global progressives and traditional conservatives.  And when I need a vacation, I more need to be away from the people causing all the trouble than really embarking on a regional endeavor.  I knew where we were going, but I was a little surprised by the height of the mountains crossing Wyoming going to Cody, next to Yellowstone, followed by a vast desert between the mountains and our destination for the night. 

Arriving in Cody, Wyoming, founded by Buffalo Bill, a person who has had a significant impact on my life over the years, it was like a mirage that just arose out of the harsh countryside.  I know of Buffalo Bill because of my exposure to the western arts over the years, specifically the Annie Oakley Festival in Darke County, Ohio, every year.  Annie Oakley worked in Buffalo Bill’s show, and that was what that celebration honored, was a tribute which I often participated in those Buffalo Bill Wild West Shows.  So, for me going to a town founded based on Buffalo Bill was quite a pleasant pilgrimage.  Just visiting a place like that was enough for me.  When we decided actually to participate in the culture of that town and go to a rodeo at the capital of rodeos in the world, well, that made a special night spectacular for me.  While driving through the desert to get there, I was thinking about the problems back home, in the political world.  I was wondering how anybody ever thought they were going to get away with election fraud, and how they were going to try to divert everyone’s attention from the crimes of the century with Covid, and mass voter fraud, the phony prosecution of the Trump Organization, Rudy Giuliani himself, Sydney Powell and many others.  Justice had to be enacted toward the vile despots who had to take over our government, and I was thinking about how to do that as we arrived.  For me, Cody, Wyoming, was like a nice drink of cold water when I needed it most. 

Enjoying the atmosphere

A rodeo is often made or broken based on the rodeo clowns who work the night entertaining the audience while corralling the animals after the sets are completed safely behind the scenes.  They have rodeos like this every night all over the west; I saw advertisements for them in Deadwood, Cheyenne, even down in Vernal, Utah.  Conservatives were entirely in their element; there was likely no Democrat who voted for Joe Biden anywhere close.  Probably the government workers at the National Parks and down in Jackson, Wyoming, but all other places were strong Republicans who were still very supportive of President Trump.  Cookie, the rodeo clown, knew that as he told jokes during the show.  I have included an example here for review.  Most of the audience members were not from back east; this was an everyday ritual for them.  But for me, it was much needed after a rough year of politics.  Where I live, the Biden presidency is like a cloud over everything in life, primarily because I am politically active.  Not everyone pays as close attention to these kinds of things as I do.  But for the people of Cody, Wyoming, all they knew of Joe Biden was indicated on those flags flying from those truck beds.  They had no tolerance for liberals, and I had an answer to a question I never really thought of asking until I went to that rodeo.  There would never be a political insurgency in America.  There was no threat of these coastal liberals taking over the country.  I had at that point seen enough of the country to know that these were not a conquered people.  The only reason there wasn’t an all-out war between conservatives and liberals was that the distances of land kept them far enough apart to prevent the conflict.  But there was no risk of liberals taking away nights at the rodeo like I was watching.  Most of what we saw of that fight was just a Truman Show-like setting that existed entirely in media.  It had no grip on reality.

Cookie, the Rodeo Clown, wasn’t trying to change the world; he and his partners were doing their good and honest thing.  They were undoubtedly Christian soldiers who were deeply committed to a conservative lifestyle reflected in their jokes of the evening.  After the show, I talked to the rodeo clowns. I noticed that they had crosses on their facepaint indicating a religious foundation for the performance of each of them, including Cookie.  I appreciated that because it let me know that these were not people who would be pushed around, the way progressives on both coasts thought they could get away with doing.  Where the rubber hit the road out in places like Cody, Wyoming, there was no yielding to evil.  They were more than ready to go to war with it, and on that night, I saw just how hard of a line of defense we had in America.  America was far from broken.  Liberals had no idea what kind of fight they had picked and how far toward a loss completely they were already on.

Rich Hoffman

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The Answer: Rebranding is just the start

Rebranding is just the start

I appreciate everyone’s patience with the Overmanwarrior’s Blog site changes. It’s been time for a while for some rebranding, the Overmanwarrior name.  It is so blacklisted all over the internet that it has only been accessible through direct emails. I’ve been thinking of changing it to something more appropriate for today’s problems, so I finally did it to accommodate the next steps in front of the freedom movement.  Way back when I started the blog site over 11 years ago, I knew there would be conflict because we had been dealing with education issues, and with that came teacher union intimidations.  I knew there would be doxing and mob attempts to crush any opposition to them directly, so the Overmanwarrior name was appropriate for the conflict that was coming.  But things have changed a lot over the years, and I would say that the blog site was very successful in doing what I intended it to do.  Now, parents are standing up to their school boards and are finally sticking up for themselves.  The truth about what the free government schools were always about is finally coming to light. It is gratifying for me to see many parents now fighting for their schools in their districts the way they should have always been.  But hey, it’s better late than never. 

Now, after the 2020 elections, we have a new kind of fight that must be endeavored. I’ve taken some time to think about it appropriately; since the election, I have traveled over 10,000 miles in my RV with my wife and family to see America and make sure I understood the problem.  As I have been saying, I’ve been working on a book titled the Gunfighter’s Guide to Business for a few years now. Still, after the election, it became clear that the strategy guide I worked on for businesses could be directly applied to this new kind of insurrection.  The corporate buy-in to our current government, where a hostile takeover had taken place in picking Biden by them and getting rid of our guy, Trump, was easy to exploit.  Trump, after all, was fixing things which this new corporate government didn’t want to see happen.  It’s something our country had not seen before, where a conglomeration of corporate interests looking to increase their coverage for their products meant an alliance with the 1.3 billion people China had under their control.  To get there, they’d have to get rid of the power and might of the United States.  It was a new concept to all of us that the corporations like McDonald’s and the NBA would so actively work against America that we didn’t have a place to understand what was happening. 

I felt at the time that my strategy guide would be effective in this new age of passive-aggressive combat by a new kind of insurgency.  But I needed to see for myself because that’s how I solve problems.  I might have an instinct that is correct about the matter, but I need to touch and feel to work out an issue, and that’s just what I did with my family.  I turned off the news and hit the road spending a considerable portion of 2021 traveling and seeing America for what it is.  As a result, I am sure of the solutions, and I plan to share them with everyone with a rebranding of my Overmanwarrior.blog site. It is now called Gunfighterguide.shop not just for the distribution of my new book, but the strategy support center that this new fight will require and be a one-stop-shop for those wanting to fight back but are unsure how or why.   It was not easy to do; I have over a decade of branding with Overmanwarrior that people enjoyed.  When I finally pulled the plug on the domain name, I heard from hundreds of people who were zapping me with texts worried that the blog was gone.   It was never gone, but the problem was that the overmanwarrior name was so blacklisted that people couldn’t get to it any other way without a direct email link.  I don’t have any illusions that the blacklisting will stop now with a name change; the cut is a fresh start to work toward a more productive outcome.

I’ll talk about some of my experiences in postings to come. Still, a recent visit to Mt Rushmore and a rodeo in Cody, Wyoming, were two places that gave me a clear picture of what the post-election strategy of 2020 needs to be, and I’m going to contribute a significant amount of my efforts to that observation.  I wouldn’t say that those events changed my life, but rather that they reaffirmed what I had already been thinking about with direct evidence. I’ve seen America directly, and they did not vote for Joe Biden.  Out of all those miles, I have seen hundreds if not thousands of campaign signs for Trump all along the highways, even in blue states.  I have not seen a single one for Joe Biden.  The United States people did not elect Biden; he was put in place by corporate control, which has now overtaken our present government as they eye global influence for their market expansion. It’s a short-sighted goal typical of most middle managers in a corporate structure, but it’s the villain we must deal with in our modern republic. I am confident that now that we’ve identified the problem, there are reasonable solutions. 

As I said in the video above, this corporate problem in balance with the rules of our republic has constantly threatened to be a villain.  I mean, with Apple alone having more value as a company than the GDP of most countries, the temptation toward corruption will always be present for all but the best minds; we only compound the problem with Facebook and Google along with many others.  But we cannot just ostracize them out of existence and surrender the contributions toward GDP, so they must be dealt with tactfully.  And I don’t mind saying so.  You cannot kill the cancer by killing the patient.  We must remove cancer and save the patient, which I am proposing with this new branding change.  If our problems were previously to identify the issues of our republic, our new goal is to use what we know to restore that republic.  And we must accept that villains will always be present, so our focus must incorporate such knowledge.  With that said, I appreciate everyone’s patience. I’ve been working hard on solving some of these problems intellectually and devising some means of communicating them to those upset about the loss of their country to hostile foreign forces.  It’s not enough to point at the problem, we must also solve the problem, and at this point, I think we can do that without destroying everything in its wake.  Also, I think we owe it to ourselves to have a little fun along the way.  I do not feel desperate about the state of our union or the Biden presidency.  Seeing people all over this nation firsthand without the news telling me what they are thinking has convinced me that the heart of America is alive and well. It’s the corporate takeover that is in jeopardy, and the news represents that attempt.  And if that were all you saw of America, you’d worry too.  But our situation is much better off than they’d like you to believe, and we’re going to have a lot of fun exploiting that issue at their expense.

Rich Hoffman

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So You’ve Played Red Dead Redemption 2 and Loved it: Be a gunslinger in real life, join the Cowboy Fast Draw Association

As much as I talk about other things, I am not completely lost like a lot of people my age might otherwise be on the magical world of video games and their relatively new impact on global entertainment. But let me just say to my usual readers, its big business. I finally finished the story mode of Red Dead Redemption 2 after around 100 hours of game play, taking my time when I could and I have to say that I was absolutely amazed by the result. The game is such an astonishing technical achievement and it is by far the best thing that could have ever happened to the entertainment format of the American Western. As a story and experience it really is like taking a real-life cowboy experience like the movie City Slickers and placing them into a 1960s spaghetti western with all the high drama of something like Game of Thrones. It is big, bold and beautiful in so many ways. And I knew that as I completed the game and all the epilogue missions that there was going to be a Red Dead online coming at the end of November. I planned to revisit the game at that time but wasn’t expecting much. But let me say that I have been pleasantly surprised. It looks like as massive as Red Dead Redemption 2 is as a game with sales well over a billion dollars already and something like 20 million copies sold before the Holiday season, that the purposed of the online play is to use the game as a kind of training experience for the online world that they have created. It is just vast and ultimately never-ending in what it allows players to do and interact with one another.

I couldn’t help but think as I was playing missions with other people the other day, most of them much younger than I am, that this game is really their only experience with a real American western and for many they are very touched by it. The game itself is a very moral story about good and bad and the many quandaries of the critical decisions that went into exploding life across the American frontier. But at its core it’s about gunfighting and is clearly one of the best arguments for the real-life problems of the Second Amendment. A lot of young people may not be paying attention to the real political problems going on in the outside world, but they sure care a lot about earning enough money in the game to purchase upgrades for their guns and dress in the coolest gunfighting outfits. But I couldn’t help notice that many of them probably didn’t know that they could do all the things they are doing in Read Dead Redemption in real life with Cowboy Fast Draw as seen at the following link:


Belonging to the Cowboy Fast Draw Association is one of the groups I am most proud to affiliate with, they are really a good group of people who meet all over the United States to compete in real life fast draw competitions using real guns. It’s what I think of as one of the coolest sports in the world right now as other countries are trying to participate but have too strict of gun laws to actually do it. But in the good ol’ United States it is much easier to participate in. Yet I have noticed that most of the members are well over 40, largely because guns and holster rigs are expensive so it takes a little upfront investment to get involved. But once you do, it is infinitely rewarding. I enjoyed the original Red Dead Redemption enormously and getting my own fast draw rig was always something I had planned to do. But raising a family every last dollar that I made went into family needs, a car was always breaking down, a kid always needed a school fee or band instrument. Someone needed braces of a family member across the country wanted us to visit them, so there was always something for like twenty years that kept me from getting my own fast draw gun rig.

I ran across a substantial amount of money for a big job I had been working on so I treated myself to my gun rig and have been practicing at Cowboy Fast Draw for several years now, and am getting pretty good at it. After probably 30,000 to 35,000 shots at a fast draw target, I am starting to feel good about my speed and accuracy. It did take a while. It was something that had been on my mind well before I ever played the first Red Dead going way back into my twenties when I was going through a really tough time. Westerns and western music really kept the zest for life alive in me. On their most basic foundations westerns are about the meaning of life so they always had great appeal to me so when I grew up I wanted to be as much of a gunfighter as society could endure. Ironically, I had acquired my gun rig and some advanced fast draw skill before Red Dead Redemption 2 came out which had even more meaning for me because of the new hobby I had.

Traveling around the online world it has become very obvious that many young people are deeply touched by Red Dead Redemption 2 and likely would like to have a similar experience as I have. So let me put this little invite out there. If you are unsure of how to get involved in Cowboy Fast Draw because you are enjoying playing Red Dead Redemption but would like to take everything up a notch, don’t hesitate to ask me. I can help you get started on something that would be infinitely rewarding. While my regular audience here is much older than the people playing Red Dead Redemption 2 I would personally love to see more young people getting involved in Cowboy Fast Draw. It really isn’t any different from what you do in the game, but that it never ends. While the content of Red Dead Redemption does eventually run out, the challenges in real life never do.

In the Cowboy Fast Draw Association, you get to dress up as a gunslinger for real, and have a reason to do it. You have a reason to buy fancy guns for real and learn to take care of them. And the scoring format is safe and fun. Its one of the most satisfying things I’ve done in my life and I would recommend it to anybody. I had been thinking that membership in the cowboy sports may just flicker away because new generations just do not have many positive western entertainment venues that are cool enough to hold their attention, that is until Red Dead Redemption 2 came along and inspired millions of people to live in that world quite authentically. And for those who just want to climb into the world of Red Dead Redemption for real and live it in real life I’d point you to the Cowboy Fast Draw Association at the link shown here. If you have any questions, just ask. I’d love to help as many new people get involved in the sport as possible. While I personally love the world of Red Dead Redemption, it is no match for having a real fast draw rig on your hip which is an experience I have every day. And wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

Rich Hoffman

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“Interstellar” Epiphany and Soundtrack Review: A 50th Anniversary at Virgin Galactic’s first space resort

I had an epiphany that my wife and I were stepping off a Virgin Galactic vessel into the first hotel of their design floating above the earth with the horizon spinning outside of a massive lobby window. It is Virgin’s first hotel in space established as a resort location rivaling the Atlantis vacation destination in the Bahamas complete with an indoor water park covered with large glass windows looking out into the vastness of space. The lobby was lush and expensive with exotic restaurants all offering outrageously epic views out every window. The moon is always full and casts a constant—haunting shadow through every object and mixed with the brilliant light shining off the earth is a bluish hue that has never been replicated by any light on the home planet. It’s our 50th wedding anniversary and we have a $5000 bottle of wine to mark the year of this writing to celebrate our first week-long vacation in space. We have worked hard and deserve to pamper ourselves with a very expensive outing that will mark many years of persistence. In the lobby is playing the old soundtrack to the classic 2014 movie Interstellar, which has by then become the standard of music referencing space. It was that award-winning Christopher Nolan movie that changed it all and set the tone for the second world-wide space race causing Hilton, Marriott and Virgin Galactic to build the first space stations catering to tourism. Virgin was the first to achieve it.

The majestic views out of the multiple windows demand the music of Interstellar because nothing else would be sufficient. The hotel operators just play constantly the old Hans Zimmer soundtrack to help alleviate the shock of being grounded so firmly to the floor as the view outside swirls around like a marry-go-round. It takes some getting used to for some people; some actually throw up with the disorienting effect of the earth’s horizon spinning around so rhythmically. There are trash cans stationed along the pathway toward the check-in counter large enough for visitors to dump their stomachs in the most graceful way possible. A cleaning crew quickly removes the contents so not to alter the smell of space—that rusty metal odor mixed with the fragrance of lobby vegetation that is intended carefully to greet guests as they step off the shuttle from their journey below.

We walk to the counter as track 7 on that enchanting soundtrack plays with organs chiming to the tempo of a clock’s second hand—the earth still swirling, the light from the moon and sun moving around the room casting shadows in all directions hauntingly. Bright overhead lights on the ceiling between more large windows cast stabilizing light so that the lobby looks to be the only stable element of a universe in chaos outside—which adds to the otherworldly sensation of a species raised on a planet where the sun rises and falls every 12 hours and the horizon is always fixed. Here, the sun is always out, the moon is always full, and the horizon never stills—it spins perpetually so to provide an earth like gravity for the visitors—some who are already in their swimming suits and heading for the massive domed Water Park behind the check-in counter.

My wife and I aren’t sick; the music brings our minds to ease with a familiarity that we know well. We have listened to that soundtrack every week for the last 25 years and know its notes by heart. Before checking in we just listen to it while we sit in one of the lobby seats and watch the Virgin Galactic shuttle pull away from the docking station and head back to earth with its navigational thrusters silently pushing it back into a declination orbit to Spaceport America—our home launch point. In another three hours that same ship will be back with more visitors and within 30 minutes another ship will arrive from Spaceport America and fifteen minutes after that, one from Space Port Japan, then one from Spaceport Europe. Because Virgin Galactic has brought the Internet to Africa—they now have one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Soon they will have their own spaceport in right in the middle of the Congo.

My wife and I head to our rooms and prepare for dinner. We spend five solid hours drinking our expensive bottle of wine sitting on our hotel bed watching the world turn—literally. And we cherish that this event has finally been made possible after many years of dreaming. The whole time we listen to our well-played soundtrack for the several hundred thousandth time—Interstellar, as we have always loved it and likely always will.

That soundtrack actually only came out a few days ago, on November 17, 2014, so my son-in-law rushed to Barnes and Nobel to get it for he and my daughter the moment it was unloaded from the delivery truck. They spent their evening listening to it while eating Chinese food from their favorite restaurant—and they gave me a copy. They have already seen the movie twice and are looking for ways to see it many more times. In what’s being touted as a first-of-its-kind promotion, Paramount and AMC Theatres are offering movie patrons in North America the chance to see Christopher Nolan‘s Interstellar as many times as they want, for one price.

As with any deal, there are rules. Those who want to participate must be members of the AMC Stubs program, which has an annual fee of $12.

The unlimited tickets will be available for sale to AMC Stubs members at 330 AMC theater across the country, including AMC Imax locations. The price will range from $19.99 to $34.99, depending upon the location (currently, the average cost of a movie ticket price in the U.S. is $8.08.


Interstellar requires for most people many viewings just to understand everything that is happening. Many critics of the film on their first viewings were used to a more conventional film experience and didn’t know what to make of some of the sound issues. As I said in my review—I think I was the first and only one to date to point it out—the sound in Interstellar was entirely on purpose. Christopher Nolan wanted there to be times where the events overwhelmed the sound made by the actors—because in real life—that happens often.

“I’ve always loved films that approach sound in an impressionistic way and that is an unusual approach for a mainstream blockbuster, but I feel it’s the right approach for this experiential film,” Christopher Nolan said, speaking for the first time in detail about the use of sound in his new film.


It is because of this approach to sound that the Interstellar soundtrack was so exceptionally good—and is why it will become the inspiration for all that I described above. When my kids gave me the first copy of the soundtrack and I played it for much of the day on Tuesday and Wednesday listening to it many, many times—it was easy to conclude that it was a masterpiece. I remember the music being great during the movie, but listening to it by itself, it was simply phenomenal as it steps up and well beyond anything that’s ever been attempted. The closest that I can think of is Philip Glass—but the Hans Zimmer approach comes with a much bolder, and narrative link to the future by drawing so historically on the past.

Blasting through the track on the soundtrack titled “S.T.A.Y” all that I began this writing above occurred with the epiphany. Many of the world’s problems seemed so miniscule and the minds that made them that way even less relevant. I could literally reach out and touch that future space station/hotel as if I were there, as if I could smell it, taste it and walk across its vast floors with Richard Branson still alive and standing in the corner welcoming his guests with long flowing locks still beyond his shoulders with a smile from ear to ear.

At dinner in my epiphany there was a guest who played in the center of a vast dinning hall with a clear picture of the moon out the distant window—again spinning around with rhythmic precision upon a large glass piano lit from beneath with blue lights that made it look like it was made out of ice. That guest was an elderly Hans Zimmer playing the Interstellar soundtrack live with a deeply personal concert, graced too with a smile from ear to ear knowing that it was his soundtrack that helped build this palace of achievement in defiance of the earthly stupidity which attempted to shackle man’s ankles to earth forever. His music helped free those shackles to usher in this entirely new age of dreamers, fortune hunters and lovers of science and possibility. It was and would be the best dinner of our lives. Happy 50th Anniversary to us—and it was.

Rich Hoffman


Allen High School Spends $60 Million on a New Stadium: The truth about school sports

Keep in mind before I say what will surely infuriate many that I spent much of my previous Friday evening listening to the pre-season football game between my favorite NFL team The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and The Miami Dolphins. I enjoy the combat of a football game. I understand the drama of sporting events. I have known, and currently know many people who memorize sports stats and pour a lot of personal time and energy into sports as their premier entertainment. I know many people who spend their Friday nights going to football games for their local high school in the fall; have block parties in their cul-de-sacs on Saturdays when Ohio State plays Michigan, then tail gate on Sunday down at Paul Brown Stadium for The Cincinnati Bengals. These same people will rattle off statistics of sport players with great conviction, but couldn’t begin to tell you who Rob Portman is–the State of Ohio Senator who has been a potential candidate for Vice-President of The United States. They drink a lot, and take great pride in losing their senses to drunkenness, and in spite of those human faults, I still enjoy the fanfare of sports.

In Texas, as displayed to the outside world quite wonderfully in the film Friday Night Lights, high school football is the centerpiece of small town entertainment, and it does bond the community together in ways that defy logic. I could write books on why this is destructive in that it shows a tendency toward collectivism that is ultimately disparaging, but for the sake of simplicity, let’s just say that small town politics in the state of Texas loves their Friday night football. It’s an obsession really, so much so that tax payers in Allen, Texas passed a bond package with 63.66 percent of the vote from the booming suburb of north Dallas worth $119.4 million dollars, $60 million of which was designated to building a state-of-the-art stadium for their high school football team.

For the kids who play football in Allen they will play under the Friday Night Lights for their community in a stadium that rivals what many of the stadiums for professional teams play in. 8,252 people signed up for season tickets ranging in price from $40 dollars a game to $8 and they plan to sell out several of their games in the 18,000 seat arena in a town that has a population of 84,236, which is smaller than the Lakota School District in Cincinnati. The demand for football in Allen is so intense that 1 out of every 4 people plan to attend football games at the new stadium.

The residents of Allen have a median household income of $100,843, which is about $10,000 more than the wealthy area of Lakota due in large part to all the businesses that are locating to the area because of Texas pro-business attitudes. Many of the jobs that aren’t in your town because of intense regulation and high taxes are probably in Texas or thinking about it currently. And when people have plenty of money in their pocket they tend to be generous by passing tax increases on themselves without a thought of future sustainability. The people of Allen have the money and they wish to spend it on a football stadium for their local high school, and that’s that. This has led to severe criticism from people outside of Allen who don’t understand why the people of that Texas town will spend so much money on a football stadium when the state of education is so poor in America. Well, the answer is rather harsh, but must be understood in order to be truthful about the real nature of support a community has for their local schools when discussions of tax increases arise. People like to watch violence and mayhem. They love to see gladiators on the battlefield punishing other players in a quest to score a point. Those same audiences do not show up to watch some kid take a math test.

All public schools and all large college campuses use their sports programs to drive their funding models for their education institutions. “Jocks” are treated as special in schools because the school acknowledges the gladiators as the life blood of their existence. Without the Friday Night Lights, without football, schools are boring places of history, art, math and science. Only a few kids in each grade class excel in those categories and go on to become esteemed world-wide scientists or mathematicians. Most parents would rather give birth to the next Payton Manning rather than Albert Einstein and it shows in schools by what parents support. In Allen, Taxes they are just being honest about their priorities. They are not functioning from illusion. When it comes down to it, people do not care about educating a bunch of inner city kids on how to bake a cake in home economics. They don’t care if a 1000 nerds score a perfect 2400 on their SAT scores. But they do care if a kid is 6-4 and weighs 280 pounds in his junior year and can play as a guard on the offensive line protecting the team quarterback. In essence, they care about their own entertainment on a Friday Night, because once the game is over, they are back to their own lives looking forward to the next game.

On a typical Saturday during football season most men will sift through the political section of a newspaper and read intently the sports stats from the game on Friday. On Monday morning he will be able to go into his workplace and impress his co-workers with his vast knowledge about the tackles that 6’, 4” 280 pound kid had in Friday’s football game. He might even claim to know the boy’s father hoping that such a revelation will impress his co-workers with is access to celebrity. But nobody sits around the water cooler talking about how a kid from their public school won a spelling competition, or won an academic scholarship to Yale due to academic excellence in high school physics.

Schools are very aware of this leverage they have over the community. Locally, around the Cincinnati area the closest thing we have to the Texas Friday Night Lights experience is Colerain Football. Already, the band leaders in that town are letting it be known that if residents don’t pass a school levy this November that there will be cuts to the football program, and the band that plays for them. They know as school officials that the community cares about sports, but not about the positions of assistant art teachers, so the threat is directed and quite intentional. At Lakota in my home district, after three failed levies, the district cut off its nose to spite its face threatening to hurt the parents of the district by charging players $550 per sport for each player in order to force levy passage which has ended up backfiring. Lakota isn’t Allen, Texas; people are more indifferent to their Friday Night Football. If it’s there, fine, if not, they’ll go to a movie and out to dinner instead. The only parents who really feel passionate about football like they do in Texas are the parents who are hoping their kid wins a scholarship to college which will save them tens of thousands of dollars in college tuition. Lakota took bad advice from the classes the school board attended at Levy University in Columbus, Ohio that the OSBA puts on every year. In that class they learned that to pass tax increases that public transportation and sports are what motivate voters to throw more money at a public school. If those things don’t work, then nothing will. At Lakota, to make up for picking the wrong strategy in winning the hearts of the community, they have had to spend $160,000 on public relations to attempt to win back community support, which they won’t get as long as 1500 kids are being charged $550 to play sports.

Penn State covered up the sex crimes they all knew about because they understood that it was Penn State Football that drove new enrollment, and therefore revenue to their university. It is sports that drive education, not academics. In Allen, Texas at least they aren’t trying to deceive themselves in being so high-brow to not wish for the blood lust of violent impacts under the Friday Night Lights of their new $60 million dollar stadium. Nobody really cares about “education.” This is well-known, it’s just not publicly acknowledged. The people of Allen are not going to pour $60 million dollars into a program to help the poor and needy. They are not going to give it to a bunch of fools who want to build solar panels and wind mills. They are not going to give it to a bunch of socialist teachers who want to save the world with world peace. In polite conversation the tax payers will utter support for such things, but when it comes time to put their money where their mouth is, they spend it on blood, broken bones, and drama on a fourth and goal. Everything else is a waste of time and that is the key to the education funding structure. Without the Friday Night Lights, public education is just another stale experience that could easily be replaced with online classes.


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Jerry Sandusky Trial: The pain of doing the right thing

Over the years I have gotten into a lot of trouble righting wrongs that in my view were pure evil. Sometimes in these conflicts the other side does not survive the worst case scenarios and sometimes the decimation of the wrong doer’s public persona is worse than death to them, because they care so much what others think. Sometimes the wrong doers are single advocates of terror, and sometimes the terrorist is a large organization. But as I reflect back on my life at this moment I can honestly say that even with all the pain it’s caused, with all the conflict, with all the broken hearts that follow—I am proud to have never turned away from a situation like Mike McQueary did when he walked in on Jerry Sandusky raping a young boy in a shower. McQueary did what the law says you should do, and that is report the incident to a higher authority. The trouble is, when our world is laced with massive amounts of self-serving corruption, and weaklings of spirit, such authority cannot be trusted. No, in reality by the rules of the human race, McQueary had an obligation to that little boy to save him from the domination of a much older man—but he didn’t. He took the weak way out and left the responsibility of justice to the mob of collective campus politics where it was swept under the rug at Penn State.

Of all the adults I know, most talk tough one on one over lunch, or at the local pub, but when it comes to action, they are often afraid to act on their knowledge of justice just as McQueary did. Only Darryl Parks at 700 WLW seems to have as much conviction over the Jerry Sandusky trial as I do. I believe what Darryl says in this broadcast seen below from his Saturday show because Darryl has taken a similar stand on school levies, which exploit children to pad the pockets of public employees, and he often goes on bold crusades against wrong doers calling them out by name on the 50,000 watt flamethrower known all over the Eastern United States as the Big One. He does those things because often it’s the right thing to do, and these days very few people feel secure enough with themselves to take a stand of any kind. And this has led to the kind of evil that occurred at Penn State for a very long time where hundreds, probably thousands turned away from justice in blind servitude to the might of Penn State as an institution. Listen to what Darryl has to say on the matter.

Right now, there are children who are desperately looking for adults to emulate, to show them that becoming a man or a woman is not a cheap suit of depravity. When a child is being abused and it is well known, yet good people turn away from the situation then evil is allowed to rule and goodness has lost. It does not matter if it is a beloved sports franchise, a business, a neighbor, a boss, even a parent. If evil is allowed to rule without being challenged, then the word “good” has no meaning.

Darryl is right. Mike McQueary should have beaten the living shit out of Sandusky on the spot when the rape was occurring. McQueary should have turned Sandusky into a bag of broken bones, which he could have done. Without question McQueary probably would have lost his job, he would have been sued; he would have been castigated in the sports community and may not have found another coaching job. But he would have saved that little boy and perhaps many others over the years. He had a moral obligation to that child, and he turned away from it trusting “the system” to do the right thing for him—which of course did not happen. Everyone in “the system” chose purposely to do the wrong thing to save themselves and their careers. In the sporting world, every person that knew about Jerry Sandusky’s rape of children is guilty. And many did know, because as Darryl pointed out, nobody offered Jerry Sandusky a job after he left Penn State, because they didn’t want the baggage. Nobody will ever admit it in the light of day, but they knew which was revealed in their silence.

I’m sure Mike McQueary like many people in his position wish they could go back and do it all again. I’m sure he’s played it out in his mind thousands of times what he “should have” done, but didn’t. When people ask me why I’ve taken the positions I have, or said the things I have, or done the things I’ve done to people who have done wrong and accuse me of being extreme, and over-the-top, I would point to issues like this situation at Penn State. I will not have on my conscience the kind of torture Mike McQueary has experienced. Lucky for me, I’ve had court judges who think of these matters similar as I do, and could have put me in jail many times over, but didn’t because they recognized the situations for what they were. But that doesn’t always happen, and some of those old judges from my past are long retired and have been replaced by lifetime ambulance chasing lawyers just looking for steady work, and have very little ethics. So it is possible they might throw the book at a freedom fighter just because they can, so they don’t have to feel the guilt of their own decrepit lives by equal measure.

Right now, many reading this know of some little tyranny in their own lives that they are doing nothing about, and they are letting down the innocent with their inaction. They eat, they watch too much television, they rent too many movies in a hope to push those thoughts from their minds, but it doesn’t work—does it? No amount of alcohol or any other drug can fully push it from the mind once the imprint of a coward makes its mark. And that makes them diminished human beings incapable of running their own lives, raising children, running businesses or serving as politicians. In fact, my hatred of most politicians is over this very issue. Most of them are cowards who are seeking to redeem some little Mike McQueary moment in their lives by serving on a school board, or becoming a township trustee. But what they bring with them to the table is more of their cowardly behavior and they seek to make deals with other cowards because like minds think the same, and soon they have made victims of thousands instead of just a few leaving behind destruction and psychological mayhem in their wake. No amount of tax money stolen from the tax payers can purchase their ticket into heaven making up for the sins of their past. There isn’t enough money in all of human potential that can erase the sins of inaction once they’ve happened.

I won’t lie to you dear reader, life is much easier if you just turn away from the tortured children of the world, or avoid the punks, the losers, the dirty politicians who at every turn seek to make a new victim at the hands of their aggression. But in the act of turning away, your mind records it, and you will never forget the pieces of you that are lost by each transgression. It is not just depleted cellular growth that makes people old; it’s the pieces that fall away as we must remember all the times we’ve turned away from evil to save our own skins leaving another to perish at the hands of a monster. So personally speaking, there is much less damage in kicking the shit out the monster right then and there and letting the chips fall wherever, because the inaction will cost you more in the long run.


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Reds Pitcher Aroldis Chapman Arrested: Behold the Superman

I listened with a level of fascination to the public outcry over Aroldis Chapman’s recent arrest for excessive speeding and driving without a license after being clocked going 93 miles per hour on I-71 on his way to the airport to pick up his girlfriend. The very same people who sit in the stands and cheer the Reds relief pitcher throwing fast balls up to 105 mph and is nicknamed the “Cuban Missile” because of his national heritage, turned their backs on the supposed reckless antics of Chapman during his late night run across Ohio to meet the flight schedule at the airport.

I can speak with complete authenticity that I understand Chapman’s situation, as I have been in precisely the same circumstance many times. As I’ve discussed here many times, I love to drive fast. In fact it’s the subject of my upcoming novel Tail of the Dragon, and the theme of that novel almost mirrors exactly this situation with Chapman. So I have to comment on this issue which I feel very passionate about.

Many of the weak and timid minded—the types of people who lobby to create some of these ridiculous speed limit laws in the first place think that 90 mph is fast—and it’s not. It’s only fast compared to their slow, cumbersome minds. I drive that fast in our family mini-van, and I don’t think anything of those types of speeds, and I have not come close to crashing in over twenty years. So with a car of the quality that Chapman was driving, a Mercedes built easily for speeds of up to 150 mph, 90 mph is not a problem. While behind the wheel of a car like that, Chapman is in no danger to anybody, not even himself. I’ve driven faster than that for many of the same reasons, and I find it appalling that people are making such a big deal about Chapman’s need for speed.

This arrest of Chapman is a great example of how the laws of our society reflect the level of tyranny politicians have injected upon the human race. The speed limits are set to the soft minded of our people, of the lowest skilled, and pander to their slow reflexes and timid natures. Our laws do not encourage such types to think faster, to become better to adapt to the world around them—the laws pander to society’s weakest links in the same manner that everywhere in our modern age there are parking spaces reserved for the handicapped and physically ill. The intentions of such laws are out of compassion to the collective whole, and the average of that collective is brought down to a ridiculously low level of tolerance because the weak links of society bring down the standards for all of us and that simply isn’t fair or representative of freedom.

I have never been able to live within the speed limits of society. I find the limits the rest of civilization places upon itself to be mind-numbingly dull and ridiculously slow. The complaints I heard about Chapman were that he might have killed someone, and that he was behaving as though he were above the law—and each of those statements drove me closer to an eruption of anger that I haven’t felt for a number of years. Those who complained about Chapman’s speed and behavior are the same kind of people who have pushed for the overly regulated world that we currently live in. Government serves those docile personalities who are too lazy or apprehensive to compete in the rest of the world with those who are better than they are, who are faster, and who are stronger. It is those complainers of Aroldis Chapman who have brought socialism to the United States pushing capitalism into a dark corner of our social tapestry.

Many athletes find it very difficult to turn off their superior reflexes and talents when interacting with the rest of society in normal life. On the football fields and baseball diamonds of professional sports fans pay their tickets to see these superior human beings compete on the field of battle and they are cheered on for being who they are—for being what God created them to be to the maximum limit of their talent. That is why they are being paid such large amounts of money because the professional athletes are the first handers of society; they set the pace everyone else strives to achieve. The second handers are those who sit in the stands and watch the players play their game, they are the ones who cheer on the superior athlete to accomplish what they as second handers cannot.

In sports it is the fence that protects the second handers of society from the first handers on the field. Or on TV, it is the TV screen, or the radio that protects the masses from the superior men and women of athletics. When I heard the panic reaction from society about Aroldis Chapman’s excessive speed, I heard fear from society in wanting the assurance that they are protected from the interaction of the first handers. They want assurance that the laws created to protect the second handers will protect them from the superiority of Aroldis Chapman and the other superior minded human beings who stand above the rest in talent and intelligence.

When looked at in this way it is obvious why society has so many laws, and that is to protect the life of the second hander from competition. When I have passed by other highway drivers at double their speed I can feel the hostility from those drivers as they peer at my disappearing vehicle. They wonder why I can’t drive as slow as they do. What do I have to do that is so important that I can’t wait in line on the highway like the rest of them? Why am I so important? What makes me better than they are? For me, I drive fast to leave these types of mentalities far behind because there is nothing worse than a long trip staring at the lumbering tendencies of a second hander, a weak, “socially conscious,” broken link in the chain of society. The sight of them is not something I wish to observe for long periods of time, and I seek to move out ahead of them.

Why should Aroldis Chapman spend an extra 40 minutes on I-71 driving from Kentucky to Columbus, Ohio because the laws of the socially average wish protection from the superior driving skills of people like Chapman? It’s not Chapman’s task to restrict his God-given talents to live within the limits of the physically slow. It is the task of the physically slow to improve themselves and strive to be better. It is their task to recognize that a man of superior driving ability is coming up behind them rapidly and they should move out-of-the-way so not to cause an accident. It is the job of the inferior person to yield to the superior person. The superior person should not rub the nose of the inferior person in the muck of their own existence. But the superior person should encourage the inferior person to help them become better. The task of the superior person is not to be less than they are in society just to be “fair” to the second hander. That simply isn’t fair to people like Aroldis Chapman who is clearly one of the supermen walking on the earth presently.

This week the Ohio Highway Patrol is cracking down on seat belt violations and charging thousands of dollars in fines generated by the courts. DUI checkpoints are set up to alter the freedoms of individuals with impunity and all those laws were initiated to make the masses of society feel, “safe,” to pander to their fears and insecurities. There are simply too many rules, and they greatly restrict a free society in unnecessary ways and defy common sense. I’m not saying that there should not be speed limits of any kind or rules of any kind. But they should not be set around the parameters of the weak links of society. In Ohio, 65 mph is simply too slow. The speed limit should easily be 85 mph. I would argue that the only reason the laws were created in the first place were to appear to satisfy the whims of the panicky voters, the second handers so that revenue could be generated by the fines for breaking the law. The politicians will point to the fearful public and profess that the laws were created by request, but the real motive is to generate additional tax revenue for the state. That is the reason for all these laws, not the protection of its citizens.

Aroldis Chapman is not just a superman because he can throw a 105 mph fastball and has hundreds of strikeouts to close out victories for the Cincinnati Reds. Chapman even though he is a young man has learned to disobey certain laws in society so that he is not confined to a mundane existence. Chapman was born in communist Cuba and had a chance to compete in the Beijing Olympics but was suspended for attempting to defect from his tyrannical home country of Cuba. President Raul Castro met with Chapman personally and gave him a second chance because the second handers of Cuba wished to use the strength of Chapman to win sports awards for the nation of Cuba and gain world-wide respect, so Chapman was allowed to play in the World Baseball Classic. While participating in the World Port Tournament in Rotterdam, Netherlands Chapman attempted to defect again, to escape the communism of Cuba, and on his second attempt he was successful. He quickly established residence in Andorra and then petitioned Major League Baseball to be granted free agent status. The Cincinnati Reds jumped at the chance, and signed Chapman to at six-year contract worth $30.25 million. To gain all this it cost Chapman his relationship with his mother and father, two sisters and a girlfriend who had given birth to a newborn baby.

If Chapman would have followed the rules, he would still be a prisoner of communism allowing Cuba to loot his talent for a fraction of the cost he is able to get playing for the Cincinnati Reds. He left behind everything to gain everything and it’s his recognition that risk would buy him freedom that allowed him to become what he is today. It’s his tendency to break the rules that earned him freedom his parents could only dream about, and Chapman took the step to take it for himself, which will ultimately benefit his entire family much more than if he allowed himself to be picked apart in the best years of his life by the looting communists of Cuba.

Without question, Chapman sees this situation with the speed limits in The United States the same way. All he wanted to do was pick up his girlfriend at the airport. But he found himself arrested and thrown in jail by the second handers who are attempting to turn The United States into Cuba with more and more laws every day. And the same people who cheer Chapman on the pitching mound turned against him during his arrest, because they see in Chapman a superman that escaped the safety behind their televisions and radios and was functioning like a superior man in the world of the meek, and it scared them. It was not Aroldis Chapman who is in the wrong, he’s simply doing what he’s always done—it’s the weak-minded second hander who created the pathetically low-speed limit in the first place not to protect their lives from danger, but their minds from the reality that they are simply second handers and socially worthless next to the likes of a first hander like Aroldis Chapman.

I like Aroldis Chapman more than ever now. I was a fan before, but now my respect has doubled. I may actually go out and buy one of his jerseys to declare my support of this fine young man who is being ridiculed in society for being too “big” for the average standards of the political class and their pandering mobs of safety seekers.


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Redistribution Plan of the Obama Looters: Reds beat the Yankees on a Sunday Afternoon

I spent a great deal of time outside this past Sunday working on the yard. During this endeavor I listened to the radio as I often do when working in and around the garage and I noticed that from noon till 6:15 PM that same day, I heard nothing but news coverage for the Reds baseball team. First it was the pre-game report that discussed various pitching match-ups and hitter percentages. Then there was the actual game against the Yankees, of which the Reds won. Then for two hours after the game there was post-game talk. I enjoyed the game but I wondered about the type of men and women listening that cared about all the statistics of those individual players who are technically only kids playing baseball on a Sunday afternoon. The amount of attention given to baseball was bewildering to me especially with the kind of things going on in the world. As this Reds broadcast filled the airwaves with entertainment my friend Matt Clark was doing his own radio show trying his best to bring some alarming statistics to the minds of his listeners.

Matt’s broadcasts shown here warning Americans of the collective salvation that Obama and his minions of looters are attempting to inject upon the American people are a whole lot more sinister than a baseball game. The same mind that listens to the sports statistics of specific players should be able to analyze the tremendous amount of evidence that there is that President Obama is at the front of a collectivist movement to eradicate all Americans with wealth redistribution. What’s great about Matt’s broadcasts is his frequent use of actual clips depicting the dialogue these collective looters are implementing.

The work of the Obama gang is a clear case of what Ayn Rand would call the “second handlers.” These are people who initiate no work or productivity on their own, but instead are completely dependent upon others to initiate action. This means that the “second handler” must take from a “first handler” in order to do anything. Obama’s basic economic plan as well as those of his friends are to make the entire world into a society of “second handlers,” so that each person is connected to another and this will foster peace as it’s termed by the hippie movement—because everyone is assured of their own destruction if they attempt to harm someone they are dependent on. A society of kiss-assess is the Obama vision.

However, this view of the world is entirely created for the benefit of the “second handler.” The second handler does not understand that it takes a first handler to create the things that the second handler attempts to redistribute to others. Without the first handler taking action, the second handler has nothing to do. A society of second handlers is worthless as an economic power, because second handlers not capable to produce anything. They can do work, but they cannot initiate the work.

I thought of second handlers a lot as I listened to the radio broadcast of the Reds game. It was obvious to me that the people who chose to pay attention to all these sports statistics instead of the statistics of their government are committing a crime rooted in neglect. By their political indifference, they are feeding the life of the second handlers by working, paying taxes, and blindly voting for the policies of looters like Obama without equal analysis as they commit to the pitching staff of the Reds baseball team. If they did, there would be no quarrel by me. Sports can be fun, and I personally enjoy them. But they cannot replace the logical management of our republic on the matters that truly count, which is what’s happening.

Matt Clark in the three videos shown here breaks it down clearly for all to understand. He has made it easy for the average person to see what is happening by the second handlers of our government. But let me make it even easier than he has. Let me put what he has said into baseball terminology, since that is apparently all anyone cares to pay attention to—Obama and his government of collectivists are not leaders. They are our governmental representatives, but they are not happy with that role and are attempting to pronounce themselves princes, princesses, kings, queens and emperors. They are attempting to do what every dictator, monarch and tyrant has done in the short history of the human race, and that is rule as a second handler—a person who requires others to live and will use their collection of pawns to prop themselves into power. And they are using the distraction of sports and popular culture to mask their sinister intentions of wealth redistribution and world-wide socialism.

On sports teams like the Reds, Joey Votto is a first handler. The team will live or die by his performance. On the other hand the manager Dusty Baker is a second handler. His only task is to reflect the philosophy of team ownership onto the field of play. Neither the ownership or the manager, or the token support players mean much without a Joey Votto—which is why Joey gets paid so well—because Votto is a first handler. The manager and most other members of the team could be replaced or changed without changing the nature of the team. But Joey Votto could not be replaced or changed without destroying the product seen on the field. This is the nature of all things.

The same with Obama and government in general, the government looter is like the management of Dusty Baker. They are well-intentioned and wish to believe they are in charge, but because they are second handlers they are completely at the mercy of the first handlers. In our nation the first handlers are big companies who produce huge amounts of tax revenue—such as “big oil,” “bankers,” and in general most of the organizations that Obama constantly ridicules. He ridicules these economic factions as a second handler attempting to take from someone else so that he can give to those who do not have—wealth redistribution. But at the same time he expects the first handler to continue working, innovating, and creating even though they get to keep less of their created wealth so that others can loot off their labor. This is the folly of our collectivist nation led by these looters of government.

Yet it is not the first handler who is wrong, even though they are made to feel that way, it is the second handler. We feel the same way about those people as we do with Rex Ryan who coaches the New York Jets. In that case, like Obama, Ryan is a second handler who wants to pretend he is a first handler and at an innate psychological level, we understand that he’s not. That’s why Ryan is the subject of public scrutiny because he does not understand that the team is not about him. With the Jets, the first handler there is the cornerback Revis. The team of the New York Jets lives or dies by the performance of Darrelle Revis, not Rex Ryan or Mark Sanchez.

The danger is when Americans allow the second handlers of our society to believe they have all the power, and we allow them to do this because our minds are on sports statistics instead of the very serious matters of the day such as politics. As Matt Clark pointed out in great detail with the broadcasts above, there has been a lot of manipulation going on behind our backs by a president who is attempting to rule as a second handler, and this is very dangerous. But the way to beat him is not with anger, or protests, but by taking away what he attempts to redistribute to others. If Americans took away the ability of the second handler to “handle” anything it would reduce those people to the task of becoming worthless, which is the biggest fear the second handler has in life. And this is what needs to happen to every looter who has their hands into your life robbing you in broad daylight while the sports statistics of children occupy your mind with clutter.

I know many people who take the sports statistics further than even professional sports and even pay attention to college stats and high school athletes. My advice to you is to give it up. Don’t try to live your lives through these children and surrender your country to the second handlers of Obama and his minions of looters. Pay attention to their actions the way you do with sports stats and many of the problems in our world would be solved, because you’d be able to see and hear what Matt is trying to point out, that we are under attack by the second handlers of society who are trying to obtain collective salvation on all of our backs, which is simply reprehensible, and diabolical for the long-term sustainability of our nation. If it continues, you will find that once we get to the ninth inning and are losing by 5 runs in America and are down two runs with two outs we’ll wonder how it happened. And the answer is that we could have fixed it, and won the game much earlier, but didn’t because we weren’t paying attention placing our value on all the wrong aspects of our lives.


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“Believe” in Eric LeGrand: The Tampa Buccaneers make a BOLD move that will change the world

When I first heard that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had signed DT Eric LeGrand to the 90 man roster my first thought was that it was in bad taste to appeal to the world and sell tickets to my favorite team for the upcoming season by exploiting a young man’s depilating injury. LeGrand was severely injured during a special teams tackle while playing at Rutgers and broke his neck paralyzing him at age 20 from the neck down. Doctors gave LeGrand a 0 to 5% chance to ever regain any feeling in the neurological systems of his body.

But Eric is a tough kid and shortly after his injury, he insisted to be taken off his breathing machine. Then he gained feeling in his hands. LeGrand worked every day to move a part of his body and now he can actually stand for periods of time, which is an absolutely tremendous achievement. Coach Schiano who was his coach at Rutgers when LeGrand went down with the injury has been helping the young man stay focused, along with the fantastic support of a mother who refuses to quit, and it is becoming clear what forces have helped give Eric LeGrand the inner strength to beat these impossible odds to recovery.

Coach Schiano is now the coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, a team that is loaded with talent, but lost their way last season with a lack of focus and leadership. My love of the Buccaneers stems from the ownership of the Glazer family, and how innovative they have been in their approach to the game of football, and the NFL in general. When they hired Schiano after many interviews with many coaches, some who had taken their teams to last year’s playoff games, it was evident they saw something special in Schiano that would resurrect a level of greatness that the fans of Tampa Bay had come to expect.

Schiano has not disappointed so far, he has made some fantastic acquisitions in the free agency market, and this year’s draft is considered to be one of the best in Buccaneer history. The team has managed to create some cap room to work with, and they have used it to get some really good players to fill the voids exposed during the last season. That is why it seemed like a publicity stunt to see that Schiano had put LeGrand on the Buccaneer 90 man roster. After all, there is no way that LeGrand will play DT for Tampa Bay in 2012 if ever. Even if he could gain the ability to walk again, there is simply no way that he could outperform the hoards of other athletes all competing for the same job who have not suffered a debilitating injury. That is the conventional wisdom of the stats and science in placing an NFL player on the field to win football games. But conventional wisdom does not produce exceptions, and in any competitive endeavor, it is the exceptional that tip the balance of power in favor of a victor.

Great players are a dime a dozen, and coaches, teams and fans are always on the look-out for those special individuals who display leadership in the face of adversity and overcome odds that are insurmountable, and LeGrand certainly exhibits these traits without even stepping onto a football field.

My personal feelings about injuries and the kind of things doctors tell us are well noted here. I believe cancer could be cured tomorrow but the pharmaceutical companies and FDA are more concerned about preserving the status quo for their retirement accounts than actually solving a problem that will change medicine. When it comes to spinal cord injuries and nerve damage, doctors often project doomsday scenarios tapping their patients into the local pharmacy promoting bags of drugs to return the sick to some semblance of a normal life.

I don’t trust much of what doctors tell me, because I find the limits of their medical understanding confining and their belief in the potential of the human body to be deficient. My own doctors and rehab specialists tried to guide me in returning my knee to full function after extensive ACL surgery. I had torn my ACL in a basketball game, and then further damaged my knee by tearing the MCL while jumping through a wall of fire performing a whip stunt. The grass was wet to protect it from being burnt, so when I landed my foot slipped out from under me because there was no ACL to support my leg, and my femur actually drove into the ground leaving a small crater. My knee-joint slipped so far out of socket the bone had no knee in the way to protect it.

Doctors gave me weeks of rehab as the prognosis once they repaired my ACL, but I worked hard to recover as quickly as possible. I had my surgery done on a Thursday; I was walking and back to work on the following Monday. I could have milked time off work for weeks if I wanted to, but that is not how I think. I wanted to recover, and get back on my feet quickly—and I did. I went to rehab every couple of days, and I felt they were wasting my time, like my appointments were simply to provide work for the rehab employees and had very little to do with my actual recovery. I stunned the staff recovering 6X’s faster than the average, according to them. When my insurance company saw my progress with the rehab clinic, they cut the payments to my rehab. And on that day, it was my last session. I wasn’t about to pay for something out of my own pocket that I could do better on my own.

As I was leaving my therapists warned me that I might lose my advanced progress if I did not come to them anymore, in fact, my leg might not be as strong. They were aghast that I refused to take any medication during this time and made it sound as though my leg would fall off if I quit therapy. Within weeks of walking out on my therapists because my insurance company would no longer cover the costs, I was running on my leg again, and jumping through walls of fire—doing what I love doing.

My wife had ruptured a disk in her lower back carrying my youngest daughter the rest of the way up a mountain hike and didn’t realize it until we got home because she had difficulty walking. We went to see a back surgeon and discovered that she was about to become paralyzed from the waist down due to the disk slippage, so she went through emergency surgery.

After the surgery she had lost a lot of feeling in her toes and parts of her leg and was told that those nerves in her leg had been severally damaged, and she may never be able to walk correctly. Well, to my wife, this simply wasn’t an option. She had kids to raise and things to do. We rubbed her legs and feet for hours stimulating the damaged nerves and gradually she regained most of her feeling, and within a month, was able to walk normally. Again, if we had listened to the doctors, she would probably still have problems walking and her body would most likely be addicted to some pharmaceutical product to this very day even though that was well over decade ago.

The injury to LeGrand is much more severe than either one of the injuries described above, but what he has that is in common is a will to recover, to conquer his debilitation and take charge of his own body and its functions, and that’s how it’s supposed to be. For that, Coach Schiano is wise to understand that by placing LeGrand on the very young Tampa Bay Buccaneers football team that the presence of LeGrand will inspire the other players to greatness, to be at the top of their physical prowess, because compared to LeGrand, what does anyone have to complain about. If LeGrand can work out with the Buccaneers players and they see what it looks like to recover from paralysis what does a healthy player have as an excuse to not strengthen a ham string injury, or a sprained ankle?

For the inspiration of having such a positive presence on the practice field, LeGrand is worth the roster spot, and will certainly earn the privilege of playing in the NFL, even if it’s just on the sidelines. Because like most games, the battles are not won just on the field of play, they are won in the mind of the participants before the contest even begins.

I believe that with the positive attitude that Eric LeGrand has, with the support of his very positive mother and mentoring of Coach Schiano, that Eric may very well take his first steps on the practice field at One Buc Place sometime during the upcoming football season. Once Eric is on the field around other athletes, that desire to compete will drive the cells of his body to his cause, and he will walk while in a Buccaneer uniform, and the world will shudder at the miracle. LeGrand will become a shock to the medical industry of the world as new hope will be given to all victims of paralysis. The medicine of positive thinking will begin to get serious reappraisal.

Further, I believe that by the 2013 season, Eric will be running again and will be able to practice on the field simulating plays with the practice squad. And because he will have recovered and worked so hard to come back to that point, he will be a superior athlete, far surpassing what most in his position have otherwise achieved, because he has had to learn to overachieve just to recover.

By the 2014 season Eric will be in the rotation of DT’s in Tampa and he will find that he has surpassed his previous playing ability with a ferocity that defies fear, because he will have a new lease on life and will know that he has survived the worse that can be thrown at him, and he beat it back and the world will gasp at his stunning performance on third downs.

By 2015, just 5 short years from his terrible injury at Rutgers, at the tender age of 27, Eric LeGrand will be the dominate DT in the league and will be the starter for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Many all over the NFL will be comparing him to Warren Sapp and Lee Roy Selmon but Eric will have done something nobody in the history of the world has done, he will have returned from an injury that doctors had doomed him to a life of paralysis to not only recover, but be bigger, stronger, and faster than ever before because he had knocked on death’s door and faced that ultimate fear at the brink, and that will make him unstoppable. And his never-say-quit attitude will carry the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a string of Superbowl wins that will dominate the NFL for a 6 year period up to the 2022 season. And Eric LeGrand will be known as one of the greatest players to ever play the game and he’ll not only change the game of football for the better, but will alter the course of medical science.

If you can think it, you can do it Eric.  (CLICK HERE for more info)

It will all come back to the odd decision of Coach Schiano and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to sign a paralyzed, but optimistic kid to their 90 man roster in 2012, a decision that will reenergize Buccaneer football in Tampa to a new decade of dominance and inspire the world to the unlimited possibilities of positive thinking. Once again it will be proven that the prizes of life do not go to the quicker, the stronger, or the largest man, but to the one who simply refuses to quit and believes that they can do anything once they set their mind to it and force their bodies to equal the quality of their thoughts.  The strength of heart simply has more value than the bulk of muscle, and is so rare that even if a person is in a wheel chair they can have more value than a whole busload of healthy players that are the best physical athletes of their age, yet lack the inner drive to achieve beyond expectation.  That is why Eric LeGrand will change the world, starting with the fate of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers!

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