Covid is a ‘Return to the Primitive’: Government attacking regenerative science so they can stay in control and imprison society at large

Government Returns to the Primitive

Well, if there was ever a great example of Ayn Rand’s book Return of the Primitive, a compilation of articles she had written in the 60s, the Biden speech on Covid was it.  So, you get tested, then what?  You find out you have Covid; what happens next?  How is testing a proactive measure by government in any way?  What is the point of testing?   Essentially, all testing does is give the media something to talk about in case counts.  But it does nothing to solve the problem of Covid.  The government assumes that once someone has Covid, they should sit around in quarantine for several days to avoid spreading it to other people so that we don’t have hospital staffing shortages?  The whole approach is one of the finest examples of government stupidity that there has ever been, and sadly, many people have been caught up in the shell game in negative ways.  What we have with Covid is a government-made cold that was tampered with by Dr. Fauci in partnership with the Chinese, who used all this panic as a means to alter the election of 2020. Now they are stuck in the perpetual lie that they have to maintain to cover up the original sin.  It’s really pathetic in the scheme of things.  For authoritarian types, those who like to do government work because they want to boss around other people, the temptation to always regress to the “primitive” is always there and is the most dangerous aspect of modern society. It’s not the virus that is dangerous with Covid. It’s the dumb government that has created many artificial policies to deal with it. 

In that Ayn Rand book, she points out the paradox of the space race and that the Woodstock music festival happened within a month of landing on the moon for the first time.  We saw the best that human ingenuity and imagination could achieve in one case.  Then we saw the reaction of the below-the-line thinkers, hippies, communists, and scum bags who wanted to listen to Jimmie Hendrix play a guitar. At the same time, the participants did lots of drugs, wallowed in the mud naked, and had sex with whoever happened to come along.  Those music festival participants essentially wanted to climb back to a time in the past when humans were subservient to the weather, to the seasons, and the village chief.  And essentially, we still have those same elements playing out before our eyes.  On the day of this article, Christmas of 2021, the James Webb Space Telescope was launched to peer into the distant universe.  Space X is poised to test out their Super Heavy rockets for the first significant step into colonizing Mars, either for the first time or to return there from some distant past long erased from memory.  Then you have these government idiots telling us to run and hide from a silly virus that they made and funded essentially to manipulate political circumstances so that they could be the village chief.  But to be the boss, they have to cut off the feet of all the villagers effectively so they can’t run away from them.  To paralyze people with fear over Covid has been one of the most destructive things that any government has ever done to people, and the results have been pathetically ridiculous. 

Long-time readers here know about regenerative science.  There is essentially no reason ever to get cancer or get sick about anything.  Almost everything can be fixed at the level of a DNA strain.   Suppose we had a government not trying to crawl back into the past campfires and control vast amounts of our economy with government regulation and intrusion. In that case, we could really empty our hospitals by fixing the people who are stuck there rather quickly.  The truth is, and we can see it with Covid, the government wants people in the hospitals.  They want people sick.  They work like K-Street pimps in whoring out the pharmaceutical drugs because those are their donors, and an unsuspecting public awaits!  The government does not want regenerative medicine because it takes away their power.  There is power in fear, and when people are afraid to die, they seek the village chief, just as all primitive people have.  But it’s all by choice.  Real science says that we can fix anything in anybody at any time.  In fact, one of the latest Elon Musk projects is Neuralink which will allow paralyzed people to walk again, like usual.  There really isn’t a problem the human race can’t solve.  There is no reason to get sick and die unless it’s by some freak accident.  The governments of the world want people in a weak state to control them and their economies.  And that is all that Covid ever was in all its variants. 

There are solutions right now in hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin that can contain the virus outbreak but make sure to note that the governments and their pawns, Big Tech, corporate media, and other distributors of misinformation want to steer people away from anything that doesn’t make massive profits for their pharmaceutical donors.  The government pays Big Pharma then gives away the medicine for free to build a mandated client base for the drugs for the virus that the government made to control all those people. It’s the most significant sham ever tried, and its mission statement is regression, to take mankind back to the campfire, not to the distant stars of the universe as a species.  The government doesn’t want solutions to the problems they caused because they want the issues to steer society in ways they desire, which is profitable as authoritarians.  When Biden gave his speech to the nation without a plan on putting society back to normal, it was an insult.  All he could utter was some babbling talk about testing without a plan to get rid of the virus and make society normal again.  Instead, all the government wanted to talk about was some method of listening to their tainted leadership for safety and an endless list of nonsense that would keep people in a depleted condition forever. 

But despite all that government tampering, science has evolved the state of the human being, and to this very moment, there is no mystery as to some problem that can’t be solved, not with humans themselves or the greater world around them.  All cancers could be solved, every disease has an answer, and biological improvements are there for us to pluck off the tree of life like a ripe apple ready for our stomachs.  It’s all there for us if only we would reach up and just take it.  But the government is that snake that says, “no, don’t leave me behind. Don’t eat from the tree of immortality.  Eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, as defined by evil! Don’t take Ivermectin to kill the virus we made to make you love me. Don’t solve the problems I gave you to be together.  Stay with me in Hell, forever, because I love you so much.” It sounds pretty crazy, doesn’t it?  Yet that is precisely what Joe Biden and his government losers were saying in his address to the nation over Covid.  It was pathetic, a declaration of the primitive, and a lie in the face of real science, which is yearning to bust free of government clutches and do good work for all humanity, well into the future.  A future the government would instead sabotage than endure because that future means we would need them much less.

Rich Hoffman

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Ray Dalio Misses the Point: Wealth is created by risk-takers, not a compliant society

The Looted Wealth of China

I enjoy all books.  I like books much better than people in general, even though people write books.  I figure that if someone works hard enough to write a book, they have thought their thoughts through enough to have some respectful consideration.  But I don’t like small talk and just yacking with people over nothing.  If a conversation is not the most epic philosophical consideration in the history of mankind, then I don’t have a lot of use for it.  So instead of wasting time with lots of people talking about nothing, I spend my time reading books, even by people I disagree with, such as Ray Dalio.  He has a new book out, which I pay attention to because I have enjoyed his other works. I’m afraid I have to disagree with Ray Dalio on much, especially this latest offering.  Ray has a lot of problems, he’s a globalist, and he has bet against America with his many billions of dollars, and things aren’t going to work out for him like he thought they were.  I think you’ll find me disassembling this globalist view of the world more and more because, in this global war for which we are all a part, I see the tides changing in favor of an America First agenda.  I just received my membership card to the America First Policy Institute on the same day that I received my monthly magazine for the NRA, and it was a good day for me.  I see great catastrophe for Ray Dalio and his fellow globalist billionaires from where I view the world.  That doesn’t mean I hate Ray.  I actually like him, but just because he has billions of dollars, that doesn’t mean he’s beyond reproach.  His new book was essentially a remake of the grand globalist book I refer to a lot, Tragedy & Hope, which was a globalist point of view of the history of the world. Ray’s book is the same; only he’s trying to sell computer model simulations on human behavior to justify his massive investment into China, which has now pretty much announced itself as an enemy of America.  And people like Ray have been handed the detonator for world destruction, and he’s trying to convince us all why he must push the button.

Ray and the gang, let’s call them the “Davos Crowd,” essentially believed that the global economy would shift into China.  They know the globalist’s game; corporations have a quarterly mandate to always show increases to their shareholders and to everyone’s point of view, America was a saturated market.  There are only 300 million people in America, and they can all only buy so many cars, tennis shoes, and hamburgers.  So the globalists want new markets to exploit that ever-present need for upward trends of profit forecasts, and places like Africa, India, and China look like that next untapped well.  While doing media for his new book, Ray himself has said that China has over 1 billion people increasing in median income year by year.  That is where the expanding middle class is, not in America, so that has been the focus of investors like Ray. America’s middle class is dying because many of the jobs that made it up have been transferred to places like China and the minds of people like Bill Gates, Ray Dalio, and Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire class, that is an investment into a bigger house.  The middle class in America can only grow so much.  But there are many more opportunities for wealth generation in China among a larger country with a much larger population, 3-1.  So that is why the markets of the world turned toward China for the next great gold rush of expanding markets.  Only, there is a problem.  China is a communist country, and these billionaires have been caught tampering with global politics by using Karl Marx’s philosophies to move market value from one place to another, leaving behind the criminal underclass to control all their wealth as the curtain everyone sees.  And now they’ve all been caught, and the sentiment is flipping back to America.  What China did with the coronavirus in partnership with Dr. Fauci and the NIH was reprehensible.  It was much worse than when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, and now China is a villain to the world, and all the investments that people like Ray have made there are in jeopardy. 

You have to understand wealth creation, which I explain extensively in my own book, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business.  The middle class is not a finite creation.  Wealth just doesn’t happen, as Ray often alludes to in his books when he talks about the cycles of civilization.  Wealth is made from risk, and when a nation produces lots of risk-takers, then it can be said to be wealthy.  When a nation produces many compliant people, as China does because of their communist government, you will have perpetual stagnation.  There is currently an expanding middle class in China because that wealth drives it to be stolen from American capitalism.  It’s just money that was moved to a bigger balloon, but the wealth generated is finite; it’s limited to the air in the balloon.  What makes the air is risk; what expands wealth is not compliance and order, the way all corporations would love it to be, but in reckless investment for the gain of capital off innovation and diligence.  Inventors don’t stay up all night writing code or inventing a new concept so they can turn it over to the state for redistribution.  They want to get rich, just as people will sit at a poker table and gamble on a pot of money, hoping to win it.  The game generates wealth because it inspires risk to win it.  Elementary economic stuff, but it’s what’s missing in Ray’s books, his graphs on human nature and the history of the world, and all those like him in the billionaire class who obviously feel guilty about their own wealth and aren’t sure they deserve so much power over others because of it.

China’s rise to power is over; their trajectory to be the new example of markets is deflating as we speak.  Oh, sure, many governments still think China is the future, but they don’t understand the basics of wealth creation even though they may be personally wealthy themselves.  America is a culture of risk, and that is why it has been and will continue to be wealthy. America’s wealth is not present because of policy, politics, philosophy.  A centralized authority can’t control it.  It’s not something that is managed by the global Davos crowd. They’d love to control it, to loot off it, to ride it for their ease and comfort.  But stealing America’s wealth and giving it to China as they have been doing from behind the face of governments won’t make China wealthy and expand their middle class in the same way it did in America.  Because to create wealth, you must have risk and ambition unleashed in a free market and society.  And China isn’t and will never be free.  The number of people happy with a car, a house, a spouse, a few kids, and an iPhone that can track you in everything you do is not enough for many people.  And for the people it is enough are not the types who make extraordinary wealth.  So when Ray puts up his computer models about human behavior to justify billions of dollars in investments he has made into China, he is always missing the most critical thing in a society that wishes to be wealthy, that there are plenty of risk-takers who are willing to stay up all night and work through the weekends to invent a new market.  And it is with them, and only them, that an expanding middle class is born, and there are people to buy hamburgers, go to amusement parks, and buy tennis shoes.  Centralized authority always kills wealth, and in this case, Ray and his friends will lose many billions in their gamble against America for the great nothing of China’s rise to power.


Rich Hoffman

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Yes, FDR Knew Pearl Harbor Would Be Attacked: It’s the same game then as we see now

Never Forget Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor Day isn’t as celebrated as it used to be, and I think that’s sad.  People need not forget what it meant for a surprise attack against America, which drug us into World War II.  We didn’t want to be in the war; Americans didn’t want to be in World War I either.  And when we refused, the Japanese attacked us anyway, forcing us essentially to answer the call and join the world war to end all wars.  Then in the wake, we were known worldwide as the new empire, and socialists around the world tried to demonize us into the territorial conquerors and second coming of the British Empire.  Most of us have forgotten history or didn’t learn much to start with, but for me, thinking about Pearl Harbor Day, knowing what we all do now, looking back, the hindsight is quite clear.  I would refer to one of my favorite books, The Way of the Fighter by Claire Lee Chennault, the general of the famous Flying Tigers. I am quite confident that President Franklin Roosevelt knew that the Japanese would attack Pearl Harbor.  He kept the carriers at sea and only put noncritical battleships in port in the harbor there in Hawaii.  Things that big don’t happen by surprise, but FDR wanted to drag America into the war, like all progressives and globalists desire.  It wasn’t the first time, and it certainly wasn’t the last.  We also know that the FBI knew about the terrorists of 9/11, and I said of Covid that it was the launch of World War III.  China was attacking America with a virus they created with American money and partners of our own government for a globalist agenda fulfillment in the same manner that the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor.  No, that’s not a conspiracy, we have the records that show it all, and now that we do, we can say with certainty that FDR purposely allowed for Pearl Harbor to occur because, to him, it was an effort at the “greater good,” as he saw it.

It is clear, especially after the “Red Decade,” where communism was very much alive worldwide, especially on the political left, that the Roosevelt administration supported its growth worldwide.  As a progressive, like Woodrow Wilson from World War I, when the results of that war almost put Americans into the League of Nations, the global desire for a one-world government would not disappear.  As I have said before, it might be remembered that while France, England, and America were dividing up the spoils of the world at the Treaty of Versailles, Hitler was created there.  And so was Ho Chi Minh, who would end up being the communist insurgent in Vietnam, which caused the war there.  Few people know that Ho Chi Minh was a busboy at a local restaurant near Versailles. He tried to get an audience with Woodrow Wilson to plead with him to relieve Vietnam of French influence as it was a territory at the time jealously guarded.  Globalism was always a thing; those efforts never went away; they only got worse as technology made the world smaller.  The spirits of the perpetrators were always vicious.  Ho Chi Minh was inspired by the American Revolution and wanted to free Vietnam from the French with American help.  But, Woodrow Wilson had no intentions of bringing harm to the claims of his friends, the French, so Ho Chi Minh, as a very young man, was swatted away.  So he went with the communists down the road, who welcomed him with open arms.  Several decades later, we had the Vietnam War.

Yet that was the warning Claire Lee Chenault had in his famous book. If we did not stop the communists coming out of Russia into Northern China, America would be drug into fighting the communists in the wake of World War II in the East perpetually. Of course, many years later, with Covid, he was correct.  We had a war with North Korea, which is still a political problem.  We had a war with Vietnam which the world was quick to proclaim that the American Imperialists lost, of course.  We have a very real economic war with China now and their desire to take over Taiwan and destroy the economy of America for daring to challenge them with new trade deals, which Trump was successfully implementing.  They had to get rid of him, to knock him off the great chess game these globalists had been trying to play for over 100 years, since air travel and telephones became possible to shrink the world.  It all started at the end of World War I. By the time World War II was provoked by the same characters, poking Hitler, molding him then once the war was over, taking those Nazi’s and making them Americans for the space program, the game in the East was to deplete Japan and China into collapse so that the Chinese communists could grow into power.  This is what happened just four years after World War II, and the United Nations was created to keep the world from ever fighting again.  It was kind of like what we did with the Patriot Act after the 9/11 bombing or the Covid protocols in 2020 to set the course for Democrats to conduct legal election fraud. 

We’ve seen this game over and over.  The point of World War II, by the globalists at the time, Neville Chamberland and the Royals of England were not stupid; they worked with Hitler to help him and force the world to unite to defeat him.  And in the wake, communism, socialism, and the United Nations would be created.  And whenever the nations of the world needed to unify, they would come up with some new war to steer our opinions, like the Gulf War, the war with Iraq, or Afghanistan.  Once those wars had done their public relations, the globalists would just turn off the machine and get back to the global agenda; global communism disguised any way they could sell it to the public.  So there is no question, given all that, FDR knew what he was doing; he did what all progressives in his position have done for the last century, George W. Bush included.  They played the globalists’ game and did what the Skull and Bones Society at Yale said to do in their lobby, make “War” in the world so that social progress could be aligned to those who intended to rule us all.

Americans had to drop their sense of independence and had to be kicked into World War II, and FDR was going to play his part.  He sacrificed a few to go after what he and many considered the “greater good.” Just as Joe Biden, Bill Gates, and Dr. Fauci are doing now, not with tanks, planes, and guns, but with control over the medical industry and our very health.  Why kill people with bullets when you can kill them through a doctor or control them with their medical history?  Yes, we don’t want to forget about Pearl Harbor.  Our government knew about it and killed their own soldiers to drag America into a global alliance with other nations who didn’t want to be our friends.  They just wanted to cut us down and bring us under their control.  And they still want to do it today.  But we have more clarity with history than we did at the end of World War II.  This time, people are on to them.  This is why studying history is essential, and those who have, know all this all too well.

Rich Hoffman

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The History of Communist Attack in America: We are most vulnerable where we work, and they always knew it

They Attacked Through Where we Work

It’s not just Karl Marx around the 1850s who launched the idea of communism globally, but more popularly, the novel, Looking Backward: 2000 – 1887, which came out in 1888, which provided the battleground playbook for the next century.  The goal was to destroy, to stop the culmination which was evident in the world during the 1840s where America was growing in frightening ways away from the homeland of Europe, and the losers of the old world wanted to cripple that growth.  So they attacked Capitalism because it threatened to grow away from their control.  Historical context must be considered to understand.  Not only did England lose the colonies to rebels in 1776, but they were also defeated a few years later in the War of 1812.  When the Spanish American War failed to stop the growth of America but instead expanded it rapidly, the world worried that it was growing too fast for them to compete with.  Thus came the government-backed works of Karl Marx, long after his death, to stop Capitalism from growing western cultures, and that attack vector would proceed for the next 150 years.  Of course, we had an internal war, the Civil War, to destroy what was left of European aristocracy, which the American South, specifically Democrats, deeply craved within the institution of slavery.  Republicans ended slavery, then off where the shackles toward Manifest Destiny.  World War I was a created war hoping to make a League of Nations in the aftermath.  Americans rejected the idea of such an arranged marriage with Europe.  So they tried another war, World War II.  After that war and the gross atrocities meant to end all wars, Americans finally signed up for the United Nations.  We had more wars fighting communist ideas worldwide but were tethered to this United Nations concept which greatly limited the scope of success.  As we were distracted by these wars, the United Nations promoted globalism and corporate expansion, and thus, entered into the legislative lives of our great American companies.  By this method, they intended to destroy America once and for all because all their previous attempts had failed so badly. 

MANY WERE PERPLEXED when I was writing my most recent book, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business.  I was an expert Lean practitioner who knew all kinds of inside business tricks that many found extremely useful.  They didn’t understand why I wasn’t just cashing in like everyone else was and making a lot of money off being a consultant and letting the world go where it would go, oblivious to the direction.  I would say that the next attack on American sovereignty was coming from our companies and that I wanted to stop that from happening.  Of course, I would get eye rolls and charges of mass conspiracy. “From whom,” they would ask as if baiting the question for a laughing response.  But I had seen the attack vector and was a frequent target all through my adult life, sometimes in ways that are preposterously crushing.  I was a target of cancel culture well before anybody had a name for it. Indeed, before, there was a Donald Trump in politics.  But I had read all the books, and I understood the motivations of the political left, which were measured in European centuries rather than American decades.  And this was how they were sliding their attempts of communism under the doors.  They weren’t planning to fight us with guns and troops.  America had more guns than any nation in the world; that would be a stupid idea.  Instead, they planned to attack us through our human resource departments, crush us with rules and regulations, and get us to commit economic suicide, all in the name of compliance.  I planned to write a strategy guide for people to defend themselves from that kind of attack, which has turned out to be right on the mark. 

I would have been met with extreme scrutiny if I had said all this even a year ago.  I certainly had that reaction from my publishers. But the Biden administration has shown their cards, and their Covid vaccine mandates have led to what I have said to be true.  The fight of our times would not be in the streets and fields of the world on battlefields of orthodox.  It would not be an individualized fight. Instead, this new kind of war would be in where we make our livings.   Our domestic economies would be attacked, and our means to an income.   That is how to make a mass of people capitulate and take away their means to make a living.  Take the food off their table and their ability to even make a family.  That is the ultimate goal of the global communists, which set their intentions in apparent motion in 1958’s The Naked Communist, which I have covered extensively over the years.  But even then, the attack was well in action.  In her many books, Ayn Rand tried to warn everyone about these plots, most notably The Fountainhead in 1943 (right in the middle of World War II) then Atlas Shrugged in 1957.  For people who don’t read a lot of books, they likely wouldn’t have noticed.  Much of academia was in love with the socialist book Looking Backward, which became the source of why our modern media is mostly all in on the game.  They all want the same thing, the end of America and the birth of a state under the socialist United Nations.  It would be easy to miss all the clues unless you read a lot of books. 

My point was to set my book before this socialist/communist incursion, to the point in time where Capitalism was working and doing great things not just for America, but the world at large.  And if any company wanted to be profitable, it had to fight off these globalist ties to their board of directors and CEOs.  Because the first thing any company must do if it wants to be profitable and productive is to get independence from the world’s aggressions.  The fight for freedom is not with individual people this time.  We already have our independence represented in our Bill of Rights and various constitutions.  No, what we need now is a declaration of independence for our companies and set free corporate America to share our individual independence with the places we utilize to make our livings.  In this long military history of communist thought, they attacked where we were most vulnerable.  They didn’t come in the front door where we had dozens of guns pointed at them, but through the back where our companies had rules against guns and self-defense to provide a “safe” work environment for others.  It is in our corporate charters that communism was slid into our American culture, and the gains of the many outweighed the needs of the independent.  And that is how wokeism was born in our nation and then used to do what the nations of the world couldn’t do, attack American Capitalism and force companies to bend the knee to the fear of mass protests and revolts as Karl Marx had outlined.  And in that way, the vast evil of communism could be unleashed to the world and united under the United Nations in ways all the previous wars of the world couldn’t have ever imagined.  The book I wrote helps teach people how to stop that process. 

Rich Hoffman

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Peter Navarro’s ‘In Trump Time’: Dr. Fauci must pay for his criminal conduct with Covid and his part in the Great Reset

Peter Navarro’s Book Has the Goods

I’m sure the plan by the characters of globalism articulated in the Quigley book Tragedy & Hope thought they had all the bases covered for a communist takeover of the world during the 2020 election season.  They had Dr. Fauci on board, a sponsor, Bill Gates, and many other billionaire types committed to the cause of complete insurrection of sovereignty into global compliance.  They worked with China to hatch the coronavirus in the Wuhan lab to ruin the world’s economies and use election fraud created by the chaos to destroy the Trump presidency.  The plan was to usher in the Great Reset that the Davos crowd was heavily invested in.  They had control of the corporate media, they had most of the corporate culture on board with wokeism, and they certainly had complete censorship by the Big Tech companies to control the message.  They were all in on the worst military attack known to the human race in 2020 when Covid-19 was created by people in a lab and allowed to leave China to start a chain reaction of destruction that we are still suffering from.  But one thing they didn’t count on was that the plan would get out despite their tight media controls.  Books from Trump administration officials like Peter Navarro would get out and be unleashed to the public.  For instance, Molly Hemmingway’s book Rigged was recently released, articulating how election fraud occurred in the 2020 election.  But the behind-the-scenes decisions about how everything transpired were eloquently told with great bravado in Peter’s book, In Trump Time, just released.  And what an injection of truth and fortune it was demanding action toward the criminal conviction of Dr. Fauci himself. 

By the end of the book, I arrived at two main conclusions, which any sane reader would also reach, the election of 2020 was rigged at many levels, not just at the presidential level, but all the down-ticket races as well.  By all practical accounts, the Democrats do not have actual majorities in the House or Senate.  The American people support nothing they are doing presently, and many Democrats feel that pressure.  What occurred in the election was a party coup, and the Trump administration knew it.  But they were up against the clock and didn’t know how to get the information out as fast as it needed to because they needed time to assemble all the pieces.  I understood that and reported as much along the way.  I knew it would take years to prove the election fraud, so it was challenging and frustrating for people like President Trump and Peter Navarro.  They knew from the inside out that there was fraud, but the system was built against them.  The Davos crowd bet on the clock to run out on the legal issues and planned for everyone just to shut up and comply halfway into the Biden administration, so they could have cared less what Trump or any of his supporters thought about it.  But they didn’t account for a free press of alternative media such as books and new social sights like Gettr to bypass their controls on Twitter, Facebook, and Google. 

I remember how it was, so it was nice to hear how the insiders at the Trump White House were dealing with it.  I had said early in the process, March 16th, 2020, that Covid-19 was like a terrorist attack, more like 9/11 or Pearl Harbor than an accidental viral outbreak.  The globalists, the Davos people, the characters of Quigley telegraphed all their movements with Event 201 in New York just months before, so nothing about Covid surprised me.  But what I did learn from Navarro’s book was how right I had been from the start, even before Rush Limbaugh had caught up to where I was.  At that time, I think I was the only one to figure out what was happening.  Other commentators like Candice Owens came to things faster than Rush did, but at the time, most everyone thought Dr. Fauci was some saint from the NIH who was a god to the CDC, and our lives were all linked to every decision he made without question.  I knew from the very first day that Fauci was a fraud.  I said it here.  I said it everywhere.  And Peter Navarro knew it too as early as January 28th, 2020, when they had a meeting at the White House to discuss travel bans from China to contain the effects of the virus. 

Well, now we know that on that very same day, January 28th, Fauci received an email letting him know in writing that Covid-19 was created in a lab and was unleashed out of China.  So, he knew that a travel ban would have been wise in the meeting with Navarro and Trump.  But he wanted the virus to get out of China.  And he continued to withhold that information for many months after, lying to the American people, to the president, perjuring himself before Congress, Fauci committed many crimes. Because of it, many people died and suffered trillions of dollars of losses in the process.  Those who didn’t die were ruined in other ways.  Dr. Fauci, the highest-paid government employee who just received a raise and was promoted within the Biden administration for a job well done, is the perpetrator of the worst crime of death and misery ever conducted upon the human race.  And he must be held accountable.  That is what is most apparent about Peter Navarro’s book, In Trump Time.

I often call Covid-19 a scamdemic.  Or a “plandemic.” It’s obvious who the villains were; Google was in on it, much of our government was, many other nations recently at the G20 Summit were.  Anyone attached to the United Nations idea of a “Great Reset” was part of it.  Anybody who talks about “Build Back Better” was in on it.  It’s not like it was a secret.  The apparent giveaway was that they didn’t want to talk about treatments to Covid, like hydroxychloroquine.  All they wanted was to use the virus to alter election law and to sell vaccinations, or the concept of centralized government control of viral outbreaks, which in this case, they created so they’d have a reason to advance the crises.  It was a fake crisis, but the virus was real.  I still have not recovered my sense of taste after two years of likely having Covid several times.  I have never thought of Covid as anything more than a cold, but some people have experienced severe reactions because it was not meant for humans.  It was meant for a bat.  They engineered it using gain of function funding from our own NIH to attack humans and create this crisis, which we are still dealing with.  The damage that followed in the wake is not just economically, which is a massive number, but in millions of people’s health and well-being.  And ostentatiously criminal.  Many people need to be punished for what they did, and Peter’s book only provides more proof to my previous opinions.  What is different with this book is that it comes from someone on the front line of the crises, and now he gets to tell his story.  And it’s a story that was not part of the plan for the Great Reset.  Thank goodness we still have a free market press, where there are publishers who will give people like Navarro a chance to tell such a story that demands justice before we do anything in the future.  We must deal with Dr. Fauci and his criminal class of bureaucrats and global cutthroats for what they did to all of us.

Rich Hoffman

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They Killed James Bond: A warning to us all that nobody escapes from progressives

They Killed James Bond

Studios were surprised in Hollywood when the new James Bond film No Time To Die didn’t blow the doors off the box office over its opening weekend.  Like every other underperforming fool these days, they wanted to blame Covid, which governments created to commit election fraud, not that they killed James Bond in the movie.  Who thought that was a good idea?  After 60 years of narrow escapes, they found a way and a time for James Bond to die at the end of No Time To Die. They probably should have taken their own advice given to them in the title. It was just another disappointment that we are all getting used to strong, white, male characters that progressives think they can kill in stories and replace them with women or people of color for the sake of the visual aspects of things and that people would accept it.  Over the last two years, as we have waited for this movie to come out, the rumors of the next James Bond being a woman, a gay guy, or all kinds of other things have been discussed openly.  When the movie finally opened, enough people had enough.  It leaked out that this Daniel Craig James Bond was going to die, and people weren’t exactly in a rush to see it happen.  It’s not enough to make a technically good movie; James Bond is one of those special cases where he’s a hero who always gets away, like Bugs Bunny.  But then again, Bugs Bunny is pretty much banned these days too.  Any strong characters without obvious flaws in the mind of progressives are a danger to their politics, so they look to get rid of them and replace them with flawed, mortal characters who are easy to control by the government. 

This isn’t unique to the Bond film franchise.  I have written many hundreds of thousands of words about the failure of Disney to handle the Star Wars franchise.  It was astonishing that given all the great resources they had in Star Wars left to them by George Lucas, that they screwed it up so badly.  Yet when I saw The Force Awakens back in 2015, it was clear that when they decided to kill Han Solo, the plan was the same as Bond.  Kill off Anglo-Saxon white men in the public’s minds so their rule over mankind will end, starting with stories.  Then replace them with people of color and women, and make them like it.  That was essentially the goal of the new Star Wars films, and people rejected them so severely that the brand is now permanently damaged.  Disney has a new CEO who has been brought in to fix things.  Lucasfilm is also moving people around who like Star Wars to repair the brand, which will take years if possible.  I think they’ll make things better, but the damage is already set.  Some things you can’t tamper with.  If a character has a special place in people’s minds, you better treat them well and not take them for granted.  Otherwise, don’t expect to use them to drive box office results while at the same time appeasing all the anti-capitalist radicals who have infiltrated leftist thinking for communist domination of the world. 

Star Wars is an easy one to see because it’s so obvious.  As big of a company as they are, Disney never understood why people liked the film franchise.  Some of the plotlines they have introduced then rejected over the last several years indicate that Kathy Kennedy never understood why the films she was invited to produce worked, like the Indiana Jones films and all the Steven Spielberg projects she was a part of.  Because she thought she could interfere with what the public liked and that as long as space creatures and spaceships were flying around, that people would buy a ticket to her liberal propaganda.  Well, as it turns out, that’s not how things work.  People want heroes they can believe in.  People worth watching who manage to outsmart the bad guys. That’s why people buy a movie ticket.  Reality is tough enough.  When people enter a darkened theater, they want to see hope. 

I think movie box office results are some of the best votings there are.  People truly vote with their feet.  It’s not easy for Democrats to cheat the vote because they still can’t control what people like.  Ultimately people decide what they like and see and if they don’t want to see James Bond getting killed.  Then they won’t see it happen.  They might catch the movie on cable later, but they aren’t going to pay money to see it happen.  One of the clear political strategies that China has in mind for America and all the Davos insurgents is to rob our culture of hopes and dreams and instead show that even James Bond eventually gets it in the end.  Filmmakers seem to want to praise those types of people at cocktail parties rather than being blamed for being just another capitalist producer who put profits over the party.  The ultimate check on that power is to reject those films at the box office, which happened with the new James Bond film.  They killed Bond.  And the box office reflects that people didn’t want to see it happen. Just as Disney killed off Han Solo and thought they could replace him with some Dora the Explorer character, and they’d still make money.

Yet to continue to hide these things from the public, every time they get caught, Covid is used to hide the incompetence of the participants.  No Time To Die was supposed to be released in early April of 2020.  It has had its release date pushed back many times, finally hitting theaters in October of 2021, really at a terrible time for a Bond film.  This is what the Great Reset looks like, folks.  Incompetent people release their movies that used to be valuable to the public.  The public forgets about them and moves on to other things, and when the results don’t come out the way stakeholders expect, well then, they blame Covid.  Ultimately, governments have interfered with the marketplace, and the bootlickers have wasted more time appeasing them than actually trying to make a movie people want to see.  The governments are the new audience to appease, not the popcorn-eating public, and these projects are flat and boring.   And coming out of a disappointing time when governments tried to completely take over our healthcare with a made-up crisis in Covid, built in a Wuhan lab in China by Dr. Fauci NIH funding, movie producers are trying to take away anything that might be considered good in our movies and entertainment.  Their message to us is, “see, even James Bond gets it in the end.  Not even he can escape our power.” It shouldn’t come as a surprise to any of us, given what we have seen from authority figures in 2021.  The bad guys wrote this latest James Bond film as propaganda for the future they want to control.  That understanding makes me proud to see that people didn’t get suckered into it and decided to stay home.  No Time To Die didn’t come up short at the box office because of Covid.  People are starving for reasons to get out of the house.  They aren’t scared of the virus.  No, they don’t want to see one more icon of western civilization killed in front of their faces, which was the intention of the woke James Bond of this modern age.  People voted in a way that Democrats couldn’t steal, and it shows in the box office ultimately. 

Rich Hoffman

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Netflix Propaganda Trying to Prop up Joe Biden: Turning Point 9/11 and the War on Terror

Netflix Tries to Help Joe Biden

To say the least, the new Netflix movie Turning Point: 9/11 and the War on Terror was one of the worst pieces of propaganda that I have seen in a long time.  It was essentially an explanation of the Biden administration pulling out of Afghanistan so recently that it covered all the current events of August 2021.  It was as If community organizer Barack Obama had been whispering in the ear of Joe Biden after all, telling him and his administration precisely what to do with Afghanistan, letting him be the face of it. At the same time, Obama and his Nantucket friends worked on this documentary for Netflix to sell to the public.  The documentary series, which is five episodes long, sounded like a speech written and performed by Barack Obama.  It was an utterance of progressivism in all its despiteful colors.  But it’s worth watching because it’s always good to understand how the other side thinks.  After showing the history of 9/11, before and after the event that eventually gave so much power over to the federal government intruding American privacy forever, the series went right up to the scripted withdrawal of American troops by the Biden administration.  It was an attempt to whitewash the troop exit by blaming every conservative president over the last 40 years, including Ronald Reagan.  But the Democrat presidents, such as Bill Clinton and Barack Obama get a free pass which led to Joe Biden having to clean up the whole mess with a message that ended the program with a solution.  If only people loved each other more, none of the terrible things that happened with the war on terror would have occurred.

The series never addresses why the anti-capitalist terrorists of Osama bin Laden flew planes into the World Trade Center on September 11th, 2001.  Only, it insinuates that we had it coming because we helped Afghanistan fight the communists of the Soviet Union during the years of Reagan and that we had all that anger coming.  So, we were supposed to take our medicine and accept the terrorist activity instead of going into a rage against every terrorist we could find and torture them until we were satisfied. We could infiltrate every terrorist network in the world.  While it was true, America was attacked, and people expected someone’s head on a plate, and the government under Bush at the time had to give them one.  Someone’s ass needed to be kicked.  And kick it, we did.  The documentary questions the sanity of this approach as if defending American ideas was something that we shouldn’t do.  These are the same forces advocating for ANTIFA, for Black Lives Matters burning down cities, and for Marxism wherever they can get it.  These are also the same people who don’t want sports players standing for the National Anthem or even saying the Pledge of Allegiance anywhere.  We are dealing with radical America-hating tyrants here who made this Netflix documentary, and it should make anybody sick to their very souls.

As I explained recently, winning the war with Afghanistan or anything regarding the War on Terror has been impossible because we have many in politics who indeed are domestic terrorists who want to see the end of America and the rise of the United Nations.  They generally take money from George Soros or Michael Bloomberg and many other liberal billionaires functioning outside the election parameters of our republic, and their plans are already well established.  Our soldiers could fight in Afghanistan every day for the rest of their lives, and those domestic terrorists in our government would not let them win.  Many have open alliances with China, and China wants to re-establish control of a kind of Silk Road through Afghanistan to acquire mineral rights and the black-market drug trade.  And they want to leverage Taiwan, so they wanted Americans out of the region.  It’s Vietnam all over again; terrorists in America wanted communism and were undermining patriotic efforts at every turn to make it happen. It’s the same thing in Afghanistan. 

I used to watch interviews of John Wayne, who made the great film The Green Beret, to motivate the American war effort in Vietnam and see him so dejected throughout the war.  He made movies about gunning down enemies who were defined as villains.  But in the case of Vietnam, the enemies were political.  The soldiers did their fighting and were good at it.  But the objectives were deliberately kept obscure to allow communism to flow into the country and take over as the big industrial country of America was forced to yield to village antagonists and be embarrassed on the world stage.  That is precisely the same strategy in Afghanistan.  The Taliban loves their goats a lot more than their women.  They have nothing to lose, so they fight with no fear.  They have been radicalized to the extreme and politically poised to win by hiding in the mountains until America was defeated from the inside out. Of course, China was whispering in their ear.  And to swallow the whole thing altogether, Obama and Biden did what they always wanted to do, pull out of Afghanistan and attempt to blame it all on a Republican president.  And if anybody questioned them, they would scream, “COVID” and try to force everyone to put on a mask and hide from the world while they did their bidding. 

Whether intentional or by sheer stupidity, the true essence of 9/11 was that the CIA and the FBI screwed up.  They didn’t speak to each other and let the terrorists slip by to commit these monstrous acts.   And in the aftermath, just as we have seen with the Covid playbook, the government passed more laws, expanded the government, and made travel harder, all in the name of protecting America from further terrorist attacks.  But if the FBI had been doing their jobs in the first place, 9/11 never would have happened.  Based on what they did to the Trump campaign, the radicalism of their liberal ranks, it is believable that they might have let 9/11 happen on purpose so that our government could expand. They could usher in such a way some globalist utopia that the United Nations would manage in the way that Sir Thomas More imagined.  It sounds like a good idea when you are sipping wine in the backyards of Georgetown. Still, things get more confusing when trying to apply such things to real life.  Some people would vote for Trump as a solution in the future, and goats in Afghanistan have more political capital than a good-looking woman who they beat to a bloody pulp just for letting her skin show in public. Radical religious zealots and sheer stupidity caused 9/11.  And when Americans indicated that they were willing to give up some freedoms to have some safety, well then, the government thought it had a formula for world takeover working with communist governments, first in the Soviet Union, and now today, China.  This has left the rest of us to feel abandoned and confused as our government ran off without us to make deals not in the interest of the United States but by forces against us because that’s where the power of tomorrow they think will come from.  Like John Wayne from years ago, we couldn’t fathom the betrayal, the masks of evil we were presented with.  This is why until recently, we didn’t see it.  But now, even tricks like this documentary aren’t working.  People nowadays, enough people, see through it all to the truth. 

Rich Hoffman

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Rules are Made by the Lazy: Socialism with a mask of safety to hide it

Rules are Made by the Lazy

It’s interesting to see what woke terms are considered “hostile.” The video above talks about a recent posting there, which got me banned for a few days. It’s a quote from The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business that says, “never forget that the cheaters and the lazy made the rules of the world, so to make things easier for themselves, not to serve justice.” Well, it’s an accurate statement that is describing a condition that needs to be fixed.  Yet for the Linkedin crowd, it was too harsh, which came to my mind is an experience I had over a recent weekend, which I’ll talk about later that is a real problem in America in a post-Covid world.  And I say “post” because the coronavirus is over and has been for a long time.  But political exploitation of it for a whole host of reasons isn’t. They’d like it to go on forever for all the reasons we’ll talk about here.  But in truth, I expect to get flagged, especially on social media, a lot.  It has been happening to this blog site increasingly for years, and when it comes to the book, well, I meant it to be as honest as possible, and there are many bad guys out there profiting off dishonesty.  So, of course, they won’t like it.  Yet it doesn’t change the nature of the comment, that the lazy are usually the ones who make all the rules the rest of us are expected to deal with.  You don’t often see the best in a field making many rules because they are good at doing what they do.  The rule-makers are the ones who are looking to handicap the good to give the weak a chance to win. 

In a perfect world, competition would determine who wins and who loses.  The objective would be well defined, and various parties would fight it out to see the best.  Someone would win, someone would lose, or a whole lot of people would lose.  The losers would know if they could practice and get better for the next competition, and in that way, everyone would get better, and the world would be a better place as a result.  However, and it’s certainly out of the bag now for mainstreamers, socialism and a mixed economy have taken their toll on our intellects over the years.  So much so that we no longer know the purpose of competition.  In the quest for equality, we have given rise to a society of rule makers who are always seeking to penalize the winners so that the losers in life can win more often.   Worse yet, the value of winning has been so much attacked that many don’t even want to win anything.  They don’t want to be targeted for various social attacks and the stigmas that come with it.  Granted, these positions are not innate to the human being.  Humans all want to strive for the best they can get in anything. Still, the social pressure to embrace meekness is incredible and has given us a society of lawmakers who enjoy controlling the mass of humanity with equality measures meant to cripple the best to prop up the worst. That has given us many of our modern problems. 

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Of course, the excuse for rules makers to always make more regulations is always the pursuit of safety.  The socialist always looking to conceal their loser tendencies wants desperately to take away opportunities for danger to avoid complex discussions about their timidity.  So rules and regulations in an overly litigious society are the perfect cover.  Under the undeclared socialism of our times, the banner of equality takes precedence over victory in every way, meaning that a safe society preserves human life in one fashion only to destroy them in thousands of other ways.  But for a community of rule makers, the more rules there are, the more value that losers have in the world.  I can think of a few blue pill examples of this kind of thing that most people would understand.  In the video above, I give a few examples of the NFL in how socialism has been generally accepted to make the game appeal to the overall mass audience of the product itself.  In 2003, after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers won the Super Bowl, there was a change to their invented Cover 2 defense against the Bump and Run rules.  The Buc defense used to be able to manhandle receivers constantly on their routes, but after that year, it was changed to 10 yards of coverage; the hands had to be off.  Now it wasn’t the Bucs who proclaimed this trend to be unfair.  They had just won a Superbowl.  The rest of the NFL was upset that the Bucs had such a dominant defense that caused the rule change.  And as a result, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers didn’t win another Super Bowl until 2021. That’s just one small example out of hundreds of thousands of similar rules tampering quandaries that we all deal with every day.  But in dealing with them with such frequency, we have forgotten what a life with many fewer rules looks like and how much better our society could be without those rules. 

That, of course, brings up the many rules of business and how rules are used to either crush competition or stabilize the best in dominating a market.  Once a company sticks its head up and shows itself as a contender of excellence, it comes to the parasites to either loot off the efforts or penalizes the company with more rules and regulations until they are worn down into complacency. That’s about the time that the management takes up their open collar shirts and deliberately shows the world that they aren’t so great because they hope to get off the radar of the rules and regulations class.  Too many rules inspire people not to play the games of life, and it is in the games that we find the most value for everything.  That, of course, is the point I make in the book, but on a professional site like Linkedin, you’d think that they would value such talk.  But then again, that’s what wokeness is all about.  Wokeness is about destroying the good and the best to make way for the average and the complacent.  It is just another byproduct of socialism, the quest for sameness, not perfection and dominance in a particular field.  Rules are sold to us through safety, but they intend to eliminate risk, which drives the world’s economies.  And once those who have acquired great wealth and no longer want to be challenged, they can then hire the rules makers of governments to prevent that competition from knocking them off their pedestal.  That is when rules and regulations are used to preserve the best and to allow them to become complacent because nobody is allowed to compete with them.  And that in itself is sheer evil that is allowed to be brewed right under our noses. 

Well, I’m OK with getting banned on all these various platforms. I’m going to do what I do, and the message does get out.  Maybe not to the extent that would be possible without all the rules and regulations tampering.  But the honesty of competition cannot be ignored.  When everyone wonders why the world has many of the problems that it does have, look no further than the impact that rules and regulations have on society as a whole, and you will find the beginning to your answer.   The way to fix any society is not with the burden of more regulators but with more competition.  Not in sameness but in uniqueness.   And once that idea is embraced, we will all see vast improvements in our social discourse.  The skinny jeans tech geeks who flag all these postings aren’t the arbiters of quality and performance.   Winning is. That’s how all societies grow and prosper, is in winning despite all the rules. 

Rich Hoffman

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It Isn’t That Trump Lost: Its all about the fact that Biden never won

Its not that Trump Lost, Biden Never Won

Here’s the problem with the election fraud, which is a significant problem now that we have an established order caught deeply committed to a way of life, as the public, in general, voted to reject that life.  The question is not whether or not there was election fraud or if there was enough of it to change the election.  I feel comfortable at this time to say that there was.  Joe Biden did not win that election of 2020 fair and square.  And as I’ve said from the beginning of Covid, the whole purpose of the new science protocols was to provide cover for a global desire to get rid of Trump, expand communism to the world, and offer cheating options.  It was always about changing the way we deal with natural viruses as societies.  It was about giving power to governors and health directors instead of resorting to a military option of global force.  These methods were passive-aggressive invasions against the American Constitution that progressives have always desired to “progress” beyond.  Progressives, globalists, communists, all of those types, have zero respect for the laws of America, and many of those people have infiltrated our government already.  So it shouldn’t come as any surprise that they care not at all about breaking any American laws.  The Chinese are not respectful of American law.  They intend to conquer us and change the laws to communism anyway, so none of the terrible things we have witnessed occurred by minds who feel any amount of guilt about it.  With that in mind, it would be best not to cry about it now and point to our laws and declare that they broke the law.  We all know that, and they don’t care.  Not one bit. 

But what they do care about, progressives, is that they came up with a philosophy based on Karl Marx way back in the late 1800s and have been soft-selling it to the public all that time.  And they hoped that from generation to generation, they would slow boil us all into the kind of communism they have in China.  Progressives want to preserve a type of European aristocracy and communism worldwide, giving them that option as a ruling class of bureaucrats.  That’s why progressives support Cuba, why they always have their hands in Iran, and why China has been allowed to be a global power.  The plan was in place even at the end of World War II.  American forces protecting China from Japan then were always intended to weaken the country for the communist push coming out of the North.  The plan was always meant for communists to take over in China at the end of the war.  Germany and Japan, in general, were nurtured by progressives in Europe to usher in the philosophy of Marx for the rest of the world.  That’s why Neville Chamberlain got caught pandering to Hitler, only to have it backfire.  This plan is ancient and is always doomed from the start.  But progressives have always thought, “if only” this or that happened, they would gain power, and they would rule the world.  That is how they got caught in this most recent bear trap and why they have eggs on their faces now.  Of course, they cheated in the election of 2020.  People picked Trump, they couldn’t deal with it, and they did everything—and I mean everything—to take away that choice because it was disruptive to their multi-century global plans to spread Marxism, which they would control, to every corner of the globe.  And at present, they pretty much control the rest of the world, every country to some extent.  But they do not control Americans.  They might influence American politics, but they do not maintain the spirit of the American people.   They slow-boiled their attempt to capture their minds, but with Trump, it proved that all those efforts had failed, so now they have gone as far as they can go, and now they have hit a brick wall.

Like most things that progressives do, they do not have a plan B.  They always planned for a takeover of the American way of life, but nothing else.  They weren’t looking for a mixed economy.  They wanted domination, and if it didn’t work, they didn’t know what to do.  We have seen attempts to explain this progressive way of thinking in dystopian novels like Animal Farm and 1984.  Ayn Rand tried to warn people, but in the end, it didn’t matter.  People in America were free, and as long as they had the illusion of freedom, they were pretty good with things.  But now, that illusion has been shattered.  Progressives know they are in danger.  They have bet everything on a change state that would use the promise of safety to push people into Marxism controlled by an all-knowing centralized government.  They couldn’t handle it because people voted for Trump to change that plan and did it twice.  The first time caught them off guard.   The second time, they planned to use Covid to cheat in the election, and when Trump was looking to win anyway, with 75 million known votes, it scared them, and they went all-in on the cheat.  The media was involved.  Most of our political system was in on it.  Our education system was in on it, they all shared a Marxist philosophy that they had been committed to their entire lives, yet the thing they wanted most, the approval of the American people, was denied to them.  They were hurt, malicious, and seeking blood for that rejection.  And now that they’ve gone as far as they did and have been caught, they are lost as to what to do next.  So they are clammering for more Covid terror to divert people’s attention from the massive failure of their multi-century incursion. 

The question is, what happens next?   Well, I am satisfied that I know.  I’ve traveled the entire country this year, and I am quite clear where Trump voters are on the matter.  Out of 300 million people, including children, there are well north of 75 million people who will not move off their position.  Progressives can’t change that with illegal immigration.  They can’t change it by trying to focus on racism which is only 13% of the entire American population.  They can’t do it with the fear of global warming.  The fear of covid.  The fear of anything.  Americans have freedom legally, they enjoy their freedom immensely, and they would rather fight than comply, which is evident after the so-called insurrection of January 6th, 2021.

Now with the election fraud results coming out of Maricopa County in Arizona, that alone are enough to change the results of the election and the massive fraud found in Fulton County, Georgia, the cover for progressivism has been ripped away.  Even if we don’t have a legal means of putting Trump back in the White House, everyone knows what people picked.  The world knows.  With all the tricks of big tech.  With the complete conquest of our schools, our children, our families.  With even the fear of death thrown in our faces, people still picked freedom over a big government to keep them safe.  And that was never the plan.  Progressives don’t have the guts to conduct an armed insurrection against us.  All they have are these passive-aggressive tricks they have been utilizing, all of which have been rejected.  So regardless of who sits in the White House, the knowledge of what people picked is laid open for all to see.  And it wasn’t the progressive offerings.  It was America First, and it will remain that way as the rest of the world wanting the same freedoms plan as we speak to do the same to their progressive governments.  And that dam is about to burst, as I explain in the video above. 

Rich Hoffman

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Trump is “Ghosting it,”: Defeating the enemy in the way they can’t defend

Ghosting It is the way to Beat the Enemy

It’s something I’ve been aware of as a management method for quite a long time, several decades now.  The publishers picked up on it in my new book, and through the editorial process, the term I use to recognize this method called “Ghosting It” has taken center stage as the cover design had just come my way for approval. “Be a ghost, be a legend, be successful” is what it says on the cover of my new book, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, and what we are seeing from President Trump is a perfect example of it happening in life in front of our faces.  When I first started fleshing out the concept that isn’t new, it was a new way of looking at the importance and subtleties of leadership; it was well before Donald Trump’s presidency.  As I said in the video above, another great example of “ghosting it” is Tom Brady, the NFL quarterback.  There are others, but Trump and Brady are both excellent and successful in life in ways that defy traditional leadership recognition.  I had used the method for years myself and started putting the book together well before Trump even announced he was running for an elected position back in 2015.  But once he was president, I shelved the idea because I felt people saw it happening in live time, the kind of leadership that truly made the world go around.  Traditionally, going well back into the stuffiness of Europe, it has been generally accepted that simple titles were all that was needed for leadership; once a title was obtained that people would follow them based on that social designation.  I have always said that the concept of leadership was wrong.  That leadership was much more obscure and powerful if only people understood it, so my term “ghosting it” evolved along those lines.  Once Trump had been successful as president, I saw that people needed to understand it as the various harassments started coming to be known a few years into the presidency.  So I resurrected the book idea and found a new publisher for it after the Parler debacle at Amazon. Now it’s about to be released, just in time to make a great point about what comes next in the freedom movement. 

We are making the rules up for this new kind of media as we go, so I don’t know if I am supposed to call the videos I do for this blog every day “podcasts,” vlogs, broadcasts, or what.  But early in the process, when it was apparent that Trump would not easily win the White House for a second term, people would need help walking through things.  I was never worried about what I was seeing because of my understanding of “ghosting it.” I always figured Trump could lead from his home in Florida and that the actual White House was irrelevant.  We had just witnessed some of the greatest crimes in history.  I reminded people from day one of starting my new Rumble account to host the videos that this process of sorting all the crimes out and pursuing justice over them would take a long time, at least a few years, perhaps an entire election cycle.  We were, after all, at war and have been for many years prior.  This was a kind of civil war where the enemy did not want to face anybody with guns in the street or fists to faces. Instead, they intended to kill our side with vague definitions of patriotism that would deny us a rallying cry of perceptual victory.  We were winning with Trump, with an excellent economy, with a renewed patriotic spirit, so the enemy, in this case, sought to deny us the definitions of victory so we would have no way of measuring how good things were.  Their complete strategy orchestrated from the shadows of government was to obscure the definitions of success so that we would not be unified behind the insurrection they were hosting against American ideas at the most fundamental level.  And for the enemy, they thought that by removing the title of president from Trump, that we would only be able to wallow in defeat, and that we would give up on this idea of freedom in our country and surrender ourselves to the mask police of global intent.

However, the curveball that America’s enemies can’t hit is the leadership ability of “ghosting it,” which Trump, after a lifetime of branding himself into a legend, was able to do.  And this past week leading up to the 4th of July for 2021, he has been doing it wonderfully, leading from the “ghost” position, which my new book explains in detail using metaphors of the Old West as the foundation for understanding it.  In many ways, Trump is much more powerful out of the White House than in it, leaving all the criminals involved in releasing the Covid virus and the election fraud that followed in its wake very vulnerable.  The pressure of Trump’s speeches on the 4th of July and his border visit during the same period has put a kind of pressure on the Biden administration they are not prepared for in any way.  And they are crumbling before our eyes.  When Trump told a group of visitors who had stood in the rain all day in Sarasota, Florida, that there was no mathematical way Biden obtained 80 million votes, notice how you did not see the Biden administration come to its defense?  Because they can’t, they know how they won that election; they had the help of many millions of people who made it happen, illegally, of course.  But they can’t dispute Trump’s claims.  All they can do is hope that people don’t notice or listen.  This is the essence of “ghosting it,” when they think they have killed you as a leadership rival, you take your legendary status, your hard-won reputation, and apply it like a ghost and terrorize those confined to the limits of the rules of life.  Live people have to live within walls and stairs to move around a house, for instance.  But a ghost can be everywhere, all the time, all hours of the day and night.  And they cannot be killed.  They can exist here, there, and way across the other side of the world as ghosts, which is precisely what Trump is doing to the forces that attempted to run him out of Washington D.C. as our representative by shoving him out of the White House and taking his nameplate off the Oval Office door. 

This criminal conduct would have just gone on longer if not for what happened in this last election, even with the inflation. The other damages to our economy, to get back to a foundation of law and order, we had to go through this process. We had to have a person in a leadership position like Trump who could fight this fight on a level the other side can’t understand or deal with legitimately.  The media culture that props up people like Biden has to be destroyed by methods they can’t understand, by rules they cannot live by because they are phony, most everything they embark on is.  They cannot win if “ghosting it” is applied to the situation because they live their lives to make it impossible for them to utilize.  I do explain all that in my book.  It took a while to work out the concepts to understand the obscurities of “ghosting it.” Still, I recognized early on that if more people understood the idea, even going back to 2012, we could advance the freedom movement, which has always needed a fresh approach. To return control of our government to the people who are supposed to be controlling it.  The same skills are required in sports and business, even in family management.  But for the people who want to maintain a constitutional republic in America, “Ghosting It” is the way to go.  If you don’t care about the titles of leadership but the results, then you can be like a ghost and can harass the enemies of America to the point where they will be terrified just at the mention of your name.  Trump can be president without the White House, and that is what he’s been doing lately, which will give us results that have never yet been tried in any country. But it’s happening now and to a significant effect.

Rich Hoffman

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