The Government Lies Again to Push Gun Legislation: How racism started and What Nazis really believe

Notice how quickly the shooting at the Allen Premium Outlets outside of Dallas, Texas fell off the front page. That was because there were a lot of messy narratives that did not give the political left their desires for more gun control allowing their out-of-control government to have more power over people’s individual liberty. Every time one of these mass shootings happens, I first look for evidence of intelligence agencies tampering with these kids more than a root cause for the actual intent because that is how low and manipulative these government workers are these days. They have a playbook, and they hope to use crimes committed by guns to inspire changes to the constitutional framework of our nation. But it wasn’t but hours after the shooting that a person of Mexican descent named Mauricio Garcia had killed eight innocent people before being killed himself was being painted by the media as a MAGA type of assailant. Again, suppose there had been a gun-free zone. In that case, somebody carrying a gun could have ended the killings much faster than waiting for a paid security representative in the form of a guard or police officer. But after the killer was killed, they discovered that he had a lot of Nazi tattoos of swastikas and similar references, so the media tried to pass him off as a “white supremacist,” which then became the whole story of the tragedy. Here was a Mexican descendant who showed Nazi sympathies and was living with parents that couldn’t speak English to the degree that they had to have an interpreter to understand what had just happened with their son. 

If we hadn’t seen it a lot before, we might have been shocked to see the media, and the government, so quickly trying to form a narrative around the Nazi tattoos. And then photos were resurrected showing him with a group of neo-Nazi types playing dress up in complete military outfits, and that by itself was supposed to convince everyone that the shooter was a representative from the MAGA movement and that some leftist fantasy about the motives could then proceed to provide ground cover for anti-gun legislation. And shockingly, the government soaked up the narrative and began pounding the drum for more gun control measures, seemingly not caring one bit for the poor, unfortunate people who had just been killed. The Nazi connection is a complete designation made up by the media in connection with Trump and has no place in the reality of everyday people. Here was a kid who had parents who were immigrants and couldn’t teach the young person much about the history of the United States. And like kids who come out of Mexico and connect to drug cartels, tattoos are rites of passage. And so are aligning themselves with social groups that appear to be powerful, whether it’s the drug cartels themselves or neo-Nazi types who celebrate power through historical references that had previously terrified the world. To young, insecure people not native to the culture of the United States, it can be hard to understand how to manipulate power for their own preservation. Many kids these days get tattoos for all the same reasons that Mauricio Garcia did, to express themselves in a confusing culture and assert themselves as tough. How a person goes from Nazi tattoos to a mass shooting is the real problem, and for that, I say that intelligence agencies have been caught blowing on the fires of discontent among disturbed youth many times, especially when those youth consume drugs like marijuana. But there is more to this Nazi narrative that many clearly don’t understand that is important, especially in this case. 

The attempt to make acts of violence a condition of racism is a trick of the left that they have used for a long time. But in this case, a Mexican Nazi has many misfit concepts that don’t fit neatly into that traditional narrative. When you think of a neo-Nazi, you might think of some white guy with a mohawk, slightly overweight with a half-shaved reddish beard, with skin that looks like he has eaten too many Cheetos.   Not some kid growing up in a drug cartel world where Mexican people try to appear tougher and more established in what they think represents aggressive world history that might scare off rival aggressors when their parents couldn’t teach them much history because they lived in a country where they couldn’t speak any English.   The idea of a Nazi to a young person without much understanding of history might seem like a good idea if you are trying to impress the cartels. But even the media had very little knowledge of the origins of Nazi actions in politics. They think it represents the MAGA movement which is far removed from reality. The Nazis were big government authority figures, whereas the American conservatives are small as possible government supporters who despise authority figures. Especially ostentatious ones like Adolph Hitler. 

Obviously, everyone needs a history lesson on the root cause of racism because it did all start with the Nazis. But not for the reasons that people think. The Nazi Party was created by the Thule Society, who believed they were interacting with aliens who seeded planet Earth. And it was their Aryan race that they thought was superior to all the other genetic experiments that were going on around the earth that created the five primary races. Hitler was picked as a spokesman for the Thule Society, which had a lot of support before World War II because their concern was the preservation of the seed of the gods being preserved from mixing with the other genetic experiments that the aliens had dispersed elsewhere, they desired to preserve that origin, alien, bloodline.   Not something they typically teach you in school. But that is the history of the Nazi party and why they were so obsessed with racism. And that message has been used by the political left so much that they don’t even understand the meaning anymore. Racism as a concern is all about preserving alien blood from a seeding species from other planets. And none of that represents what Trump supporters and NRA members in American culture represent. Instead, Nazi reverence is more common with lost kids who didn’t have a very good childhood and are concerned about being affiliated with cartel gang activity that might make them appear weak. The border violence, including this Allen shooting, is more a problem with border policy than political parameters. And that is what the Biden White House doesn’t want to discuss, or the media culture that keeps him propped up. But as usual, the narrative for this violent encounter has nothing to do with reality, and it was ironic to watch them attempt to paint a picture anyway. It showed to what extent the government is willing to lie and mislead innocent people for a power grab they are obsessed with. They are eager to exploit the government’s desire to have an anti-gun policy in disgusting ways, even if what they say to the public has nothing to do with actual history or reality. And for every media member who attempts to paint everything with a brush of racism, they have no understanding of how racism started and why, which is quite astonishing. 

Rich Hoffman

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