They Hate Trump Because He Recognized Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel: The ancient evil at the heart of everything

Of course, there is more to the extreme hatred of President Trump than just that the Liberal World Order can’t control him. There are some really evil people out there, many of them have embedded themselves into our government taking advice from past trends of known history, and they hate Trump because of the high bar he brings with him. The level of expectation that a person like him from the capitalist private sector imposes on the communist central government types who strive to be professional bureaucrats who do very little all their lives but expect to make small fortunes off the taxpayers. No, it’s much more profound than any of that, and it essentially goes back to the beginning of known time, when the God Yahweh had an ancient battle of rebellion against the Mesopotamian God Baal and his ensemble of detrimental deities, Moloch, Ishtar, Marduk, and many others. If you know your biblical history, you know that Abraham was born in Mesopotamia and was picked by God to inhabit the promised land, which became the land of Canaan, named after the seed of Adam, the famous Cain. God picked this land as the territory that would contain the eventual descendants of Israel, and the rest was history. The fight over this particular stretch of land which goes back tens of thousands of years, much longer than traditional historical dates have recognized, and it essentially embodies the rebellion of Yahweh to wrestle control of the region away from Baal. To biblical purists who think of Yahweh as an all-powerful god who created the universe, the context is that God was very frustrated with his chosen band of rebels whom he rescued from Egyptian tyranny and handed through great force and bloodshed the land of Israel, which they never seemed to appreciate. Every time God turned his back, it seemed like the people of Israel were always cheating on him with the worship of Baal, which continues to this very day behind the backdrop of Middle Eastern politics.

If you read the Quran, it becomes very obvious that it was written around 610 AD as an Arab response to the Christian Bible put together by the Council of Nicaea 325 AD to create the Bible as we know it today. Clearly, the Quran was putting their own names and stories to the Biblical characters to hijack the rebellion that created Israel and to inspire their people to continue the ancient fight over the land of Canaan, specifically the reverence to the Kaaba stone in Mecca that dates to the stories of Adam in the Garden of Eden. Behind all this is the worship of the God Baal, who wears the mask by the name of Allah in the Quran, Alif Lam Mim, the (All-Knowing). I don’t know anybody else saying that; I say it based on a tremendous amount of research and working out this problem over several decades. But to take a lot of circumstances and to place it all within a framework of understanding, this is a strategy that we see happening currently behind the movement of radical Islam, the efforts of the World Economic Forum, and global politics as we interact with it. When we ask the question, why do people hate each other so much? What is the difference between Western and Eastern civilization? It all points back to this essential element. Israel and the founding of it became the foundations of Western civilization. But it didn’t come first; it evolved out of rebellion, of Yahweh rebelling against the other pantheon of ancient gods such as Baal, Moloch, Ishtar, and many others, Earth’s first inhabitants. And the trend and desire to shut down that rebellion and to put the world back into the control of those sacrificial gods of destruction and mayhem. When we look at Jerusalem’s history, especially at the Temple Mount, and see how the Islamic faith currently occupies it with the Dome of the Rock and threats of war at any moment over the claim to that fame, we see this ancient rivalry in full play as it always was. 

Islam is an oriental religion, essentially, where the emphasis is on collectivism and the worship of all the old pagan deities under the umbrella of Allah. For instance, the strategy for the U.S. government to embrace radical Islam but reject Christianity is rooted in this essential difference. Western civilization developed the individual and even created a savior in Jesus Christ to be placed equal to God during his time on Earth, which is an appropriate metaphor for all of Western Civilization, especially America. Where the goal of Islam is to find reverence in the muddy middle, never to elevate one’s mind to such a lofty perspective. For the world’s governments, this is what they want in the people they want to rule over, compliance, meekness, servitude. So, Islam serves tyrannical governments much better than Christianity. But essentially, if you look at the world, the gods of the Indus Valley, going all the way over to China, Indonesia, Polynesia, the early Americas, South and North, the pagan gods are all essentially the same, and they all expected out of mankind the same type of cult of sacrifice and reverence. It was that crazy lunatic Yahweh that decided to break away and create Western civilization out of a land he decided was the promised land which then became the land of Israel. 

With all that in mind, then it could be understood that there was a lot of consternation in the world when fresh out of World War II, and sympathies were very high because of the terrible mistreatment of the Jews by Hitler, to give those poor people a state of their own. So, Harry Truman, a fan of the Bible, went against many of his advisors and supported the United Nations’ resolution to create the state of Israel in 1947. Of course, this greatly angered the Palestinians, who have been at war with the concept of Christianity and the laws of Yahweh for many thousands of years. Then lining up with the Jubilee calendar in 2017, President Trump did what no other president had done: further recognize Israel as a state of its own, but that he acknowledged Jerusalem as the capital. Then, to make matters worse, Trump also put an American embassy there. This was an act of war to the rest of the world, and for those behind the Muslim radicalism of terror campaigns to turn the world away from personal courage and back to the worship of Baal behind the mask of Allah, this was devastating. So, we have seen since a radical campaign of all-out war against Western civilization because of the reality of Trump recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel an intense hatred and globalism strategy toward the destruction of all traces of such support. Israel is the defining symbol of Western civilization and the stated efforts of the God Yahweh. And now, Trump and Trump’s presidency have shown the world how quickly Western culture could dominate the old pagan beliefs and scare them. As ugly as it is these days, the thing to know is that it’s only that way because President Trump stirred up the bee’s nest by recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and that Western civilization is far from being destroyed, and the old gods of Baal worship are not close to being implemented on a global scale. America still stands in defiance, and Trump represents that ancient defiance in ways that the Eastern cultures don’t understand or appreciate. Yet to understand it for all its true intentions, Islam is only a mask for Baal worship which has always been the villain of all civilization, everywhere, throughout all recorded time.    

Rich Hoffman

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