Joe Biden, President of the Destruction of America: Of course, the global terrorists love the job he’s doing, and they want him to keep doing it

The Biden presidency only makes sense from one perspective: the globalists who want to see an end to America. They don’t care how old he is, how compromised, how perverted, or even what his health condition is. All they care about regarding Joe Biden is that he will do precisely what they tell him to. He does not report to the “American People”; he is an asset of globalists, specifically the Chinese government, who then work for the Desecrators of Davos and the borderless world losers who have been working to collapse the world for many years. Biden is their reelection dream. He is the result of their rigged election, and they like him just the way he is. Yes, they want him to finish the job of destroying America. They want him to run again, even if they must push him out to a stage in a wheel barrel. The whole point of the Biden presidency was for the New World Order globalists to flex their muscle and break all the election traditions America so favorably valued. Biden was selected by those who control the election apparatus. That’s why they knew Biden could run out of the basement and would not have to campaign with an actual ground game. Everything was for show. Many of us knew it back in 2020, but now the evidence is piling up with the prospect of a second term, where Joe Biden is in even worse shape, leaving people perplexed as to why he’s running at all. Because the globalists want him to, they want a destruct button for America in the White House, and in that regard, they think Joe Biden is just fine. They love the job he has been doing, and they want him to do more of it. 

But to see all that, you must be willing to admit that our country is under attack by globalist forces who want to see an end to us all. And many people just can’t get there in their minds. Indeed people aren’t that evil? Is nobody that cruel? Elections couldn’t possibly be rigged? Well, of course, they are. Elections are rigged worldwide, and our reliance on technology has only fed that temptation. Look what these same globalist forces did to Bibi Netanyahu in Israel. They tried the same ouster that the precise same people are doing to Trump now. There are many people in the American government, many with communist sympathies, who are much more openly communist today than they were back in the days of the McCarthy hearings, which were 100% true. Hindsight tells us a lot on the matter. Those people did not want President Truman to support the 1947 resolution to formally recognize Israel as a state in the land of Palestine. And that classic fight between Baal and Yahweh continues to this very day in the world of politics. Then President Trump actually had the nerve to put an embassy in Jerusalem, which even more formally was a recognition of Israel by America. Of course, Trump had to be brought down. Of course, America was going to be the target of terrorism. Of course, the campaign of terror would have to be modified into something more effective than running planes into buildings and inspiring some marijuana-smoking kids into a mass shooting at a local school. There are many bad guys working in our current government who think the Bible should be out of the schools, openly worship the modern versions of Baal, and hate the concept of Israel with every cell in their body. 

But what’s the new terrorism? Look what they did to Bolsonaro in Brazil; they literally tried to kill him. Then in this last election, they obviously rigged the election to throw him out, just as they did Trump in America. This is the same game plan by the same people all over the world. And we don’t name the evil because we assume we have national sovereignty, that we run our own elections. Not anymore, not in this internet age where you can put money in the pocket of a Joe Biden or a Mitch McConnell and fill up their bank account. And once they are compromised, they would be powerless to say anything about any quiet attack on America by flooding the border with possible terrorists who would bring violence to the streets of American cities and deliberately try to crash the welfare system and blow up the American economy. Who would facilitate the poisoning of America’s youth with drugs from the border, helped along by the CIA and other agencies who want to prop up the chaotic power of the drug cartels paralyzing border sheriffs and ranch owners with the prospect of open war and violence from those gangs of thugs, endorsed by the Biden administration? Then when they are caught in America, plenty of Soros funded district attorneys will put them back on the street for the continued terror of the American public. And George Soros isn’t alone as an anti-America terrorist, as someone who resents the power America has had as a Christian nation that supported the creation of Israel and put a stick in the eye of all Arab nations and their thoughts of a caliphate against Western civilization. 

You bet your ass they cheated in that last election; they wanted Joe Biden. They want America filled with tens of thousands of such compromised figures, and they intend to lie, steal, and cheat right in front of your face. They have American elections rigged. They have paid off the media whores with easy money and lucrative New York jobs that are enticing for the compromised and unethical. And they have the lazy CEOs of the world licking their lips with hunger at a communist international alliance that makes those challenging boardroom presentations easier if the shareholders think that ESG is the new value, not traditional profit. Many of these hostile forces against America in our own country want Joe Biden. He is the president of the domestic terrorists, the godless heathens, the global terrorists, the drug dealers, the sex traffickers, and the violent thugs killing people over turf wars in American cities. When Joe Biden says, “finish the job,” he means the end of America, and only someone as dumb and unethical as him could tell it to the American public with a straight face.   Yes, those types of people love Joe Biden, he is the president of the destruction of the United States, and they are happy with him, so the conversation about Biden running again or why there aren’t any more Democrats better than Biden who could or should run. Because the system is rigged and run by globalists, who have complete control of all we see and hear, and they are showing off now how much control they have by parading around this fool and watching us argue over him as if any of the conversations was relevant. The globalists are in control, keep their people in power through election fraud, and don’t think anybody can stop them. And in that arrogance, we see the signature of many acts of terrorism against America and its people.  

Rich Hoffman

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