DeSantis at the Butler County Republican Party Lincoln Day Dinner: For 2024, its still Trump, Trump, and more Trump

It’s all about the Constitution. The only trouble these days are governments who violate it unlawfully.

It’s all about the chaos; in fact, the political fights we are fighting are not the ones we think we are, and that has been a harsh reality for the Republican Party. We’re not looking for a fair fight against a battle of ideas but a resolute cage fighter with an addiction to winning and destroying the enemy, which is the key behind the 2024 election. Because the enemy thinks it knows Republicans, and they want them to play by the rules they control. And as long as Democrats and a liberal world order control those rules, they control politics, which is why Republicans have always been on their heels and acting as victims when they hold the majority opinion. It’s been a trick that the political left has utilized against conservatives for most of the last century, and it’s time to put an end to it. And that was obvious at the 2023 Butler County Republican Party Lincoln Dinner at the Savannah Center, where a line of attendees wrapped around the building to see Ron DeSantis speak as the guest. Anthony Munoz was in line behind me, along with many other influencers who came to unite over a nice meal, even though their politics might be spread across the conservative spectrum to various degrees. Everyone intends to have the right ideas about things, but as is often the case in life, there is usually only one correct answer. And finding it can be a painful process with many hurt feelings. But it was good to see many friends gathering together to discover common interests at a fabulous event by many good people. I enjoyed the company, the food, and the atmosphere. But at the end of the evening, as I spoke to everyone I could, the question most asked me was, is it time to consider Ron DeSantis as the Republican nominee for President of the United States? And to that answer, which I gave repeatedly, was an emphatic no.

It’s not that Ron DeSantis and his very sweet wife didn’t present themselves as the best that Republican politics could offer. Ron’s speech was great, it was good to see him in person, and it’s good to see he has a functioning relationship with his wife, who was just fantastic. But this 2024 election isn’t about such good people or policies. It’s about a radical global plot to destroy the dollar and America with it. It’s about massive election fraud controlled by foreign investment and a full push from Chinese communists to take over all commerce in the world under the tutelage of the World Economic Forum. Republicans have underestimated the world’s villains because they think we are still dealing with elections as a domestic matter. But that is not the opinion of the hostile nations of the world who are looking to overthrow America without firing a shot. China has invested in espionage, deceit, election tampering, and undermining cultures from within. That is how they fight, and they have an army of billionaires helping them with their plans, people like Ray Dalio, George Soros, Bill Gates, Larry Fink, and his BlackRock money management firm. We are dealing with some really nasty characters who have invested heavily in the destruction of America, and they expect a return. Canada just was found to have had their elections rigged by China tampering. The same certainly was the case recently in Brazil. The pattern for China is to support some beat-up old man who is compromised and would otherwise be in jail and have them loyal to whoever puts them in power. That’s certainly the case with Biden in America. And that is obvious in Brazil with Lula (Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva). That communist insurgent was in jail, and they let him out to run for president. The election fraud system in key districts did the rest of the work. 

As I moved around the room after the DeSantis speech, I was genuinely happy to see around 50 to 60 different people I have a long history with who greeted me with lots of hugs and fist bumps. It had been challenging in Butler County; not everyone has the same conservative commitment and understanding level. But we treated each other with respect, which was really good to see, even with people I had been sideways with in a big way during 2022. But I was concerned as I talked to them, and they were still elated with Ron’s speech. I told them I hated to see Ron DeSantis ruin his brand in a conflict with Trump when the real enemy was foreign investment into America, not just at the banking level but our election system. Trump was the only one who could run in 2024 because he was the only one willing to tackle the real problem, but he had the financial incentive actually to perform the task. And if DeSantis got caught in the crossfire, it would ruin him for 2028 and 2032. I kept saying to everyone that Republicans need a ten-year plan, not just to be looking at 2024. America is literally under attack, and this was no time for happy talk about reaching across the aisle to Democrats. Democrats, at this point, are assets of Chinese aggression, they are communists, and they want that for America, and we have to deal with them in that fashion, with the same vigor that we approach the trans issues in public schools and the destruction of our children with CRT learning. This is not a time for middle-ground politics.

I thought it was great that we could have had some of the debates in the Republican Party and still shake hands at the end of it and, in many cases, exchange a warm embrace. And after 2024, that will be the case in national politics, and I really want Ron DeSantis to have a place in it. But first, the rest of the country needs to see what authentic leadership is at the governor’s level. States need better governors; they need to focus on good, conservative secretaries of state. And they need to get control of their elections, especially in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. As long as massive election fraud is a way of life in Milwaukee, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Pittsburg, and Philadelphia, the election fraud network, which is controlled by Chinese infiltration and money, will not allow a Republican in the White House. That is the actual fight, and as of this election, the only way to beat the cheat is with a Republican who can generate over 75 million votes on election day. And it’s not suburban moms who are going to get Republicans there. It’s the beer drinkers, the monster truck drivers, the immigrants who came to America for an opportunity, who ran away from socialism and communism in their home countries. They need to go out and vote when they otherwise might not. But they will vote because of the Trump brand. If he were the nominee, DeSantis would only get a vote count in the 60 million range, just as Barack Obama had.

Only people educated on the matter will vote on election day, which is typical. Republicans in 2024 need and overvote much more than usual to overtake the cheating in those key battleground states who still have radical Democrats in their Secretary of State positions. And that is why I have been saying now, especially to the critical influencers in the Butler County Republican Party, its Trump, Trump, and more Trump, and only Trump for 2024. DeSantis was great at the Lincoln Day Dinner. I want to see a 10 to 15-year plan that has him in it and eventually in the White House. But we have to get there first, which requires understanding that we are in a global war with China, and they intend to control international elections to suit their cause. And that is the battlefield of 2024 and is something everyone must deal with in their own way of understanding.

Rich Hoffman

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