Jeff Sikkenga of Ashbrook College: Protecting America through real education

I promise you, dear reader, if you follow the American Constitution, all the scary stuff you see coming out of the media culture can be defeated. I read it often, for fun, The Federalist Papers and my favorite, The Anti-Federalist Papers, which were the foundations of the American Constitution which, I consider it one of the greatest works of philosophy the world has ever attempted, and I can say that it was designed to withstand times like we are going through now. What we see may be terrifying because we aren’t used to being challenged to the kind of globalist fight we are in presently. But if you follow the Constitution and develop a relationship with it, we will come through this better than we were when we went in. And I will say this; there are enough people who have shown loyalty to the Constitution that all the impediments of global communism will fail, even if they have a 90% majority. The small minority who use the Constitution to withstand the tides of a global mob intent on spreading communism to every corner will be defeated.   I am 100% sure of it. By sticking to the Constitution and specifically the Bill of Rights, all tyrannies that might otherwise overwhelm our great nation will fail. The bad guys out there have only one hope: to make Americans blink on their reliance on the Constitution. They have purposely dumbed down our society through a terribly corrupt public education system, a media machine that is filled with communist sympathizers, and a political class that has largely sold out to China. But to defend against all those efforts, the Constitution provides limits on government that will save our nation if only people understood their rights. 

Knowing all that, my personal relationship with the Constitution and the Second Amendment as I carry both the Constitution with me everywhere, all the time, but I also am always well armed in case some insurgent wants to impose mob rule on my free existence, and I would have to defend myself. I always consider carrying a firearm my obligation to protect the Constitution from those hostile toward it. It is, to me, a preservation of the rule of law. I sometimes get to meet others out there who are very dedicated to the preservation of the Constitution, and that was an occasion I had at the new hot spot in West Chester, the speakeasy called Tommie’s Place, where I met Jeff Sikkenga from Ashbrook College, which is dedicated to the Freedom Business since 1983. I’m a person who loves education, and the kind of teaching they do at Ashbrook College is what I think all colleges should be like. They are dedicated to an America First agenda. They are working aggressively to make sure that teachers understand real American history. I would say that there has been enough work by them to stop the trend toward communism that the American Democrats have been planning for during the entire last century up to this point. Other colleges like Hillsdale and Liberty University are also doing similar great work. But the work they are doing at Ashbrook is worth noting for their intense focus on American goodness and spreading that message to the rest of the population during this current crisis. I was able to talk to Jeff a bit, and I’m happy to report that people like him and the other executive staff at Ashbrook are doing this kind of work, even if it appears to be thankless most of the time. It was intimate in the setting I was in with Jeff and his staff. All the people there were power players from our community and elsewhere in the state. And seeing that group, it is evident that the enemies of America would lose. The media wasn’t covering the work that was going on at that meeting, so most people don’t know that there is even an Ashbrook College out there, but there is, and they are very successful and very dedicated to the American Constitution and because of that, much of the evil we see in the world today, will fall away to the efforts of goodness. And that will happen because there are people like Jeff Sikkenga in the world, which is what I told him at the end of his presentation, shown here. 

As far as I’m concerned, what they teach in all the state colleges and government schools is not education; it’s propaganda. It’s the communist China model, and I’ve talked about it for many years. But there are plenty of alternatives out there where if just 2% of society utilizes them, the push to turn America into China will fail. Jeff gets it, and he said as much during his talk with my group. If 30% of the population is committed to the cause of continued liberty in America, the tyrants on the other side will fall, which was the ratio of the American Revolution. Most people were not supportive of leaving the English colonies, and if we were with George Washington at Valley Forge freezing just outside of Philadelphia while all the English officers were partying it up with the majority of residents of that city, things looked a lot more hopeless than we are seeing today. The Trump MAGA movement is enough to stop communism dead in its tracts because they don’t have a plan B. 

The plan of Democrats representing the efforts of global communism was to capture 100% of society through a dumbed-down public education system and media culture they controlled. But they have been unable to do that and now have had to show too much of what they were up to. The Trump presidency forced them to accelerate their insurrection of America entirely too fast, and now they have spooked most of the population and are looking for answers. That is where colleges like Ashbrook come in. With the work, they are doing, giving out free Constitutions to people who are looking for a new relationship with it, and teaching people who want to know America’s true history, the long-established plans of the communists will ultimately fail. So long as there are options, communism always fails, so they try to eliminate competition wherever they experience it. As long as there are places like Ashbrook College out there and people like Jeff Sikkenga who run it, and many thousands of students attending, America will hold through these trying times. Remember, the Constitution provides limits on government power, which we are in the process of utilizing presently. Our media culture has no idea what’s in the Constitution, and many of the attempts we see today will be destroyed in the courts. So stay with the Constitution, know that places like Ashbrook College are actually teaching people the right things, and in the context of history, what we see now will only be a footnote. I know that when I read the Constitution personally. But when I meet people like Jeff and others who share in my understanding, it provides a refreshing certainty. We tend to think that the whole world is what we see on television, but in truth, there are a lot more people interested in Ashbrook College if they know it’s out there than in the failed education system that the government has endorsed for the purposes of more government power. The Constitution takes much of that power away, which is why they don’t want people to know about real education institutions like Ashbrook. But enough people know to stop the radical left’s plans, and that is very good news and a welcome reminder. 

Rich Hoffman

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