College Has Been A Waste of Time: Polling shows that attitudes are changing because the Administrative State has been a dismal failure

I hate to burst the bubble of a lot of people. Most people I know went to college. My wife and I went. I deal with people who put a lot of effort into college, and they hold master’s degrees and PHDs, and in some cases, multiples. But the statistics are showing now what I have been saying all along, that the college experience was a scam and was simply a device of the Liberal World Order for their eventual control and the establishment of the Administrative State where bureaucrats and experts would rule over the classes of people who did not become rulers from that Administrative State. And a century of lies and manipulation to that end is crashing down now. Much of what we see happening now is very ugly and scary for people who have built their entire lives around the rules created by the Administrative State, which, I have explained, were agents of the Deep State.   The window front of all this activity was the World Economic Forum, Socialists International, and the long march of open communism straight from the pages of Karl Marx since the middle of the 19th century. They always planned to run our education system, and the purpose of a college education was never to make a smarter, more adjusted person, as they sold it. But to make a compliant bureaucrat in a class system, and a centralized government that controls them. And the barrier to entry was a college education. College was only good really for that first interview for that first big job in the Administrative State. And from there, promotions were controlled based on the proof that a college education was obtained. It was the same dumb scam that came from precisely the same people as a Covid vaccine card. 

The goal was to convince corporations to play this game, just as they tried with Covid vaccine passports, and the exchange was that corporations would get a nice, compliant worker who would put an emphasis on compliance and staying in their lane rather than bucking the system and interrupting corporate culture with variables. There have been several polls released recently that show a clear change in attitudes about college, and obviously, this is consistent with the destruction of the Liberal World Order as it is coming unraveled before our eyes. While it’s true that we will be a very different culture due to all this failure, I would not say it’s bad. A majority of people no longer view college as a step up in life, as a key to getting that house with a white picket fence and a retirement by age 55 to a Florida condo. People have a vastly different role of what the expert class can provide now that they’ve seen the devastating effects of the “expert” class after the Covid invasion and the massive failure of an ever-expanding government that required a college education just to play ball in those bureaucratic fields. It’s also obvious that the college-educated are resistant to President Trump as the representative in the White House, while those who did not go to college most support the MAGA movement. This has provoked the ill-advised anxiety of the education class calling the “uneducated” class “stupid” for supporting the MAGA movement when I would say that it’s the other way around. The college applicant is typically trained to suppress their true feelings to appease a liberal college professor, while the non-college voter has not learned to compromise their beliefs with social norms. So it is much easier for the non-college voter to see the reality of something than a trained seal who has learned in college to keep their mouth shut so that they can make a reasonable amount of money in the Administrative State.

There is a reason why liberals are mostly all you get from the education class because that was how it was designed, to make liberals who would be the gatekeepers of all social norms.   Colleges pushed out conservatives from their teaching profession and promoted liberals to sustain the goals of the Liberal World Order. Those goals are clearly outlined in the book The Naked Communist by the former FBI agent Cleon Skousen who had to defend America from the threats of Russian communism during the 1950s. The Administrative State, as the college system was built to create, was always a communist goal, so it should come as no surprise that liberals run it for the goals of liberalism. It’s not intended to make people smarter or more intelligent, as it was sold. The college system was designed to make a compliant society that was willing to exchange a high income for their own opinions. And that is what we see in Trump supporters among the college-educated as opposed to those who didn’t attend college. It’s not a measure of intelligence but of compromise. The college-educated learn to accept compromise, they must compromise their beliefs to get good grades, so they are willing as grown adults to compromise to accept the failures of the Liberal World Order. 

Yet the biggest mistake of the Liberal World Order was to destroy the possibility of a better life that a college education promised to provide. With so much college debt, no fancy homes to buy, or the desire to have a family, the political left has destroyed their own argument. And now people who might otherwise go to college are now trying to figure out if they can be the next YouTuber or just live off the government so they can stay home and play video games all day. Because the Deep State had to accelerate its plans for global domination and destroy the idea of a class system led by the college-educated that would give them more financial power over their peers, college is now considered a waste of time. So the Administrative State has undercut its own argument for going to college to refill their cubicles in government offices, and as a result, there will be more people supporting the MAGA movement by nature of the loss of more liberals from the lives of normal people. Not every conservative who goes to college becomes more liberal, but most of them do learn to contain their opinions for all their adult lives because their college experience compromised them at a critical point in their young lives. They may like conservative ideas, but socially, they don’t discuss them because what they did learn in college was not to have strong opinions on a matter. After all, college taught them to be more open-minded, which is not what people in that age group should think. They should be finishing themselves off as complete people, not undoing themselves by introducing a liberalized indoctrination center that costs too much and does very little toward real-life skills. Instead, hard work and perseverance are the best attributes that still make a country great, not just America. And that’s not what is being taught in college. But corporations, just like the suckers learned who tried to apply vaccine mandates, believe that the workforce is more valuable than compliance with the dumb rules of the Administrative State. College did not make America great, it made it worse, and that is now obvious to more people, and that relationship will be changed forever. And I think that’s a great thing that might save many lives in the process. Ultimately we will all be better off from the experience of this mistake, and our culture will have an opportunity to be better than ever.

Rich Hoffman

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