Trump is the Alternative to Violence: The government essentially gets one more election before the powder keg blows

No, this isn’t how it works, where Republicans live within the rules and are peaceful while Democrats instigate violence and mobs against those they disagree with. There are two primary reasons for the creation of President Trump, which Fox News is still trying to figure out, and that is the fiscal recklessness of both parties in state and federal governments. But much more than that is the position on violence when threats arrive against ordinary people, and there is no representation to meet those threats. A perfect example of this just occurred, where a report on NPR radio obviously provoked trans people to go out and buy guns, which looks to have influenced the latest school shooting in Nashville. NPR could easily have been blamed for stoking the fires of that killing of six people. But then there was a picture released by the Trump campaign of the President holding a baseball bat with the District Attorney of New York in the other picture looking as if it was a threat against the law. Trump said the picture was taken from a “buy American” campaign and didn’t imply violence. But everyone pretty much took it that way because Alvin Bragg has been trying to get a grand jury to essentially indict a ham sandwich and torpedo the Trump run for President in 2024 by abusing the law and weaponizing the legal system for purely political purposes. Personally, if Trump had intended violence, I thought it was appropriate. But the rest of the world was apocalyptic about the picture, especially Brit Hume on Fox News, who said it was inconceivable that Trump could think he could get away with such a threat and still be President. It was funny to watch the reactions of these so-called political pundits. They are clearly off from the sentiment of the rest of the country, which brings up some very interesting topics that need to be understood by the political mood of our country presently. 

Trump is not the leader as Brit Hume and the Fox News people want to think the world operates. This anti-Rino trajectory has been going on since before Nixon was President. But the public, in general, never really got over the assassination of Kennedy by CIA involvement, then the same level of involvement and the extreme abuse of the judicial system that removed Nixon from office. Other than Ronald Reagan, who was never quite the same after an attempt on his life failed to kill him, all the rest of the years before and since have essentially been CIA assets influenced by foreign instigators who have insinuated violence against people who do not pick their people for leadership. Most people feel, to some degree or another, that our politics are corrupt, and they have been looking for fighters in their representative government to fight back against it. If it hadn’t been Trump, it would have been someone else. That trajectory has been going on for at least five decades, and those planning the destruction of America through all kinds of influences have not accounted for the real anger of the American people. They assumed that, like a flock of sheep, they would all just go to the slaughterhouse, and that’s clearly not what has been happening. People want to fight against corruption, and denying those types of fighters from being on the political stage was never going to work, just like denying free speech on social media platforms was never going to contain what people actually believed. The belief was that people could be controlled in such a way as people were controlled in China and Europe. But psychologically, those nations accept a level of political suppression that those born within America simply don’t have any expectations of maintaining. People have been patient and hopeful that our government can work if they elect the right people. They have not just gone into passive-aggressive mode as seen in other places around the world without an American Constitution, where corruption is assumed. 

Trump is an expert on branding and marketing, which is why he is the current pick of the people. He understands how they feel, which is why he feels it’s appropriate to push back against abusers of authority. That’s also why he was effective on the world stage. The world’s tyrants assume that their opponents will lie down and let them run all over them. There aren’t supposed to be any men left in the world like Trump, so they aren’t prepared to deal with one when they meet one. American voters get what’s going on in the world, even if it’s just superficially. And that is why Trump does what he does and is the leading candidate once again to be President. To answer Brit Hume’s question about how Trump could expect to win over more people to his side by advocating for violence against George Soros-supported district attorneys who have taken over our legal system and weaponized it, it’s very simple. People want to fight, and they expect their representatives to fight back. Obviously, many people like Brit Hume and the Fox News crowd still don’t understand the anger out there. People aren’t going to be destroyed like processed meat at the slaughterhouse. They will do it themselves if they don’t have fighters in their representative government. And Trump understands that market and offers himself as an alternative to violence. Not as a provocateur. 

Essentially this current government gets one more election before a powder keg is about to explode in America. Voters are willing to let politicians do political things so long as they have a job, bank account, and home. If those things are threatened, and the advocates of destruction show their teeth, then the American people are poised to punch them in the face and worse.   They aren’t going to put up with another rigged election that keeps a foreign asset like Joe Biden in the White House to perpetuate the destruction of our country and threatens those essential needs of Americans. If it is then realized that Americans don’t pick their own representatives in government by the masses, then the separation of belief and facts will spill over into a violent reaction. But it should never be expected that Antifa and leftist thugs helped by a government military are going to go door to door and impose their will on the American people for complete compliance. It didn’t work with mask mandates, and it certainly isn’t going to work on other things. And the political class does not rule over people in America. It represents people. And Trump represents people’s anger toward an out-of-control government. The political class should be grateful for the information. But controlling it, as Brit Hume and the Fox News crowd believes is possible, they are way off. The only satisfactory ending would be a positive outcome from this next election that all sides can believe in. Make sure there are reps available to count the votes and confirm the results, whatever they may be. But if people think they had a rigged election, and they end up with four more years of Joe Biden or some other Deep State asset in the White House, then people are going to be mad, and they’ll want to fight back another way. And that wouldn’t be good. The Deep State is not in charge. People want to rule themselves, and if they don’t have representatives who honor that relationship, then they will turn away from politeness, and things will take a turn away from law and order.  But justice will find another way to manifest in a social context. 

Rich Hoffman

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