It’s All About Anger: The Fed messed up America, and people have a right to feel the way they do

Of course, people have a right to be angry; they have a right to be very angry. As it has turned out, many of the crazy conspiracy theories over the past twenty years have turned out to be true. We have learned through Trump’s presidency because they have come out of their concealment to get rid of him and have abused our laws and political system to such an extent that we know there is a Deep State of global members who function outside of the world’s governments to run a money racket that is very mob like. It’s a criminal enterprise at best and has been working in the background taking advantage of the good nature of people for a long time, and now it’s all exposed. It took layers of peeling back all the trouble to see them, and now that is where the world is, protests in England, Paris, Brazil, Hong Kong, everywhere, people are mad, and populism is gaining steam because the Deep State has been caught doing a lot of bad things. And protecting them has been the Administrative Class, the layers of college-trained managers that have created woke culture performance standards and prevented proper legislation to facilitate a functioning government. If all governments were bad, nothing would work, pushing people to accept poor performance everywhere. It’s not just a problem in the United States; this is a global problem and has at its root cause the open border organizations that have dissipated people all over the globe in an attempt to overthrow national governments and push corporations into accepting extremely liberal approaches to business outlined by the communist aims of Karl Marx. Then at the core of all this trouble has been wealth redistribution, in stealing money from the rich country of America and giving it away to these bandits and thieves, and the mechanism for doing that was the Federal Reserve. The Fed was always something Americans should have been suspicious of, and now the truth of the matter has been revealed. Quantitative easing has destroyed the American economy, and the value that was once there has been feeding the power of the Deep State all along. 

When Trump said during a March 25th rally in Waco, Texas, that the Deep State was going to destroy America, or America was going to destroy the Deep State, he was putting his finger on the larger problem of this particular 2024 election. I’ve been talking about it for a while, but now we know we never had control of our government, not for several decades, and the Federal Reserve has been purposely wrecking the fiscal policy of America and distributing that value like mobsters to hostile global powers. And they have been using our own intelligence agencies to do so. Control the money; you can control most people in the world. That has always been the danger of an idea for the Federal Reserve. Once foreign interests were able to control those independent banks that make up the Fed, it was over for a rational outcome to be considered. I would watch the Federal Reserve meetings at Jackson Hole, Wyoming, every year, and the writing was on the wall. Most of the bank reps were well-intentioned, but it was all over once woke rules were poured into their minds, and group consensus drove their independent logic. This was the topic of a very good book called The Lords of Easy Money that came out a while ago and told this story of the broken Federal Reserve well, in ways that normal people can understand. If you have listened to the crazy liberal lunatic Janet Yellen over the last several weeks, the problem becomes obvious. 

Janet Yellen is the current Secretary of the Treasury for the inserted President Biden. She has served as the Chair of the Federal Reserve, just as Jerome Powell does now. Going back to what many considered the good days, those of Alen Greenspan, politics has been the overriding quality of the Fed Chairs. Even with all the efforts toward big things at the annual Jackson Hole meetings, they are just people easily influenced by global politics. In the case of the American Fed, the mob of the Deep State has most controlled their decision-making process. Greenspan was an Ayn Rand fan of the classic Atlas Shrugged, but he found it challenging to part government and business partnerships that were so embedded in politics, so he essentially started the process of quantitative easing to assist investment and pump up the economy during the Reagan years. That was certainly the problem with Ben Bernanke when he attempted to stop the bleeding of the collapsed housing market in 2008 with a policy of endless quantitative easing and to give that money directly to Wall Street; specifically, Larry Fink of BlackRock, who then applied his membership to the World Economic Forum to buy up the world’s boards of directors with fake government printed money to impose on them social governance, which is how we have ended up with all these woke policies we are seeing today. And the Deep State mob is going all in on the ridiculousness now because they know that people know. Their efforts are no longer shielded by the white wine and cheese Republicans who think the Fed chair people are brilliant economists. The beer-drinking chicken-winged public now wants to know why their dollar has lost much of its value. A beer that used to cost one dollar now costs three, and now they are being told that they’ll have to give up their pickup trucks in place of some fancy golf cart so that some polar bear can sleep on a block of ice somewhere. Who made those decisions for them? Our government, the Fed, and their radical liberal views are the essence of Janet Yellen. Larry Fink, the guy who controls over 10 trillion in asset management with BlackRock, when he would have instead have been a political activist coming out of college? They all got caught thinking people were too stupid to see what they were doing, and now their bad policies have robbed people of their wealth and very lives, and people are pretty well upset about it. 

They were smoking crack to all the political analysts out there who thought that Ron DeSantis would be an offering to MAGA so that the Deep State could continue to rule from the shadows. They obviously do not have a hold on reality. This upcoming election is not about policy, whether or not women have voting rights, or which side in the Civil War politicians took regarding racism. Racism has been a weapon of the Deep State to distract the public from the money they were stealing from America to fund countless wars, destroy borders of nations, and implement a communist philosophy in every corporation that sells stock in a public forum. And the ruse continued until President Trump revealed the depth of the Deep State during his presidency. And since then, in attempting to use every tool of corruption at their disposal to keep him from running again.  Ron DeSantis never had a chance.  The Deep State encouraged him to run so that they could get control of the MAGA movement, thinking that people would be attracted to a Donald Trump-lite offering. But this election is about more than that; it’s about destroying our entire civilization, starting with our monetary policy. And now that we all know what has happened and are discovering more bad stuff day by day, people are getting very angry. And that anger is poised to go out and vote for Donald Trump. And this time, the Deep State won’t be able to hide behind a manufactured virus unleashed on the world to manipulate our elections. Now the wrath of the world is headed for the places where the Deep State hides, such as behind the Fed. And there isn’t anything anybody can do to stop that anger from spewing because the bad guys have been caught.

Rich Hoffman

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