Its All About Space Force: Why Trump will be the nominee again in 2024

You can tell how worried Rupert Murdoch from Fox News is now that we’re in that final stretch that after all the efforts he and many other Never Trumper types, like Paul Ryan, have asserted against President Trump, that when the smoke clears, it will still be Trump at the head of the Republican Party.  DeSantis is making his moves with his book tour in Iowa, and he’s even coming to Butler County, Ohio, in a few weeks to soft-land a presidential platform—he, along with several other challengers to President Trump.  I read Ron’s book the day it came out, and it’s good.  It is undoubtedly the story of a great governor in Florida, and it shows that many opportunities are forming in the future of politics for a redefinition of what a good governor and a good president looks like.  We are not the same country that we were in 2016, and there has been a less obvious war that the media tycoons like Murdoch have not been reporting, even though the impact on the world is much more severe than anything experienced during World War II, or any other global conflict and that is the fight between the Deep State and the desire for globalism across the world, as forecast in the book Tragedy and Hope, which I have talked about before, and a republic like what we have in America.  More than all that, I would say the top campaign issue for 2024 will be Space Force and nothing else, which many media types and political people have not yet come to realize.  The path to economic recovery is in space, and its at the center of all geopolitical discourse, the actions with China and Russia, and agreements with Saudi Arabia and Iran.  A lot is happening across the world that has not been discussed because of the distraction of Ukraine and the general failure of the Liberal World Order everywhere.  And the only way there hasn’t been a run on global governments, whether in France, Hong Kong, or Brazil with waves of populism, is that the media conglomerates, like Fox News, run by the Murdoch family, have not been covering it. 

The Straw Poll at CPAC in 2023 tells the whole story; people get it; Trump won 62% of the vote, DeSantis had 20%, and Nikki Haley was at 3%.  Everyone else went down from there, which is how it will be in the upcoming primary in the end.  The Never Trumper types have filled Ron DeSantis’ head with their dreams of him dethroning Trump, it’s their last gasp as members of the Republican Party to fulfill their objective, and they are starting to worry.  I think the obvious cracks that have always been there can actually be seen in the Kellyanne Conway divorce from her long-time Never Trumper husband, George Conway.  The hatred of internal politics is most evident in those kinds of public relationships, and Trump’s reaction to it was very appropriate.  He has no love for George Conway, and it’s obvious that Kellyanne’s husband, or soon to be, “ex-husband,” is very jealous of Trump.  That is generally the case for all Never Trumpers, including John Kasich in Ohio, and they all have the same fate coming for them.  They may not like Trump, but they certainly don’t represent what the Republican Party has become.  Without question, Ron DeSantis is to the political right of Trump.  But could DeSantis get voter engagement from 75 million people like Trump can?  Not even close.  Hard conservatives might really like DeSantis, but one of the biggest successes Trump has had was his ability to pull over Democrats to the Republican Party, to get minority voters to support Republicans over Democrats.  And that is something none of the Never Trumper, country club types of Republicans were ever able to do, so of course, they hate Trump.  Trump has his own country club.  He has his own fundraising reserves.  Trump has his own social media.  Trump is the media, and without him, nobody has a chance.  So the fissures have formed along those jealousies, and in the end, people pick their people, and they love Trump and will continue to.

The Deep State is very much wounded; they have been caught with their election fraud tampering around the world, and they also have their hand in Covid and the many deaths that occurred.  And people have revenge on their minds.  Many of the occult leaders behind the Deep State have fled for places where people aren’t and are trying to go underground to avoid the wrath that is coming.  That is most obvious in the Covid case moving through congress presently.  People want to know who, what, why, when, and where regarding Covid, and that was never supposed to happen with the Deep State’s role in it.  They had gone all in out of desperation to get rid of Trump, they were not ready for their global lockdown strategy, and people revolted against their controls, and now the facts are coming out.  Fox News might not be covering it.  CNN clearly isn’t interested in covering it.  But remember the Georgia Guide Stones that were destroyed this past year.  The globalists are running for the hills.  When history looks back on this period, it will be obvious that it was Space Force that they were all against, why they wanted to get rid of Trump, and why they committed the massive crimes they were caught in.  And now they are running and hiding, not pulling the strings of power as they have been doing for several decades. 

This will not be an election on policy and success as running a state might otherwise be.  This is a fight for control over free elections and Deep State manipulations.  And Space Force is the biggest threat to the current Deep State.  This is why Elon Musk has shifted his political position and is now rooting for Republicans.  There has been a lot going on away from the Fox News-controlled news coverage, which I would consider far left to where most of the world is.  Tucker Carlson has been doing good work on January 6th, and the Never Trumper types are upset about the coverage because it shows the truth about who lied to whom.  But that is really just a distraction at this point.  The coup to remove Trump during his last term in office is far worse than any of that, and people understand it.  It’s nothing against Ron DeSantis or anybody else who thinks the water is warm enough for them to swim in regarding a Republican nomination for president.  Unfortunately for them, they risk damaging their own brand along the way, which is unfortunate.  Candidates like Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio never recovered from their presidential runs; that is how it will be for Ron DeSantis.  He should be pushing to be Trump’s VP, not fighting against him on behalf of the Never Trumpers.  Because people will remember that, and DeSantis will lose all the tremendous political capital he currently has.  The 2024 race is about one thing, Space Force and using it to defeat globalism and the controls of the Deep State that has been controlling everything from behind the veil.  And who created Space Force?  President Trump, which is why he will be the nominee once again in 2024. 

Rich Hoffman

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