Vivek Ramaswamy Enters the Presidential Race: It makes MAGA better and impossible for Democrats to compete

My general rule for weather is that I don’t care “whether” or not it exists; I do what I’m going to do regardless. I had time to shoot the video above about Vivek Ramaswamy entering the presidential race for 2024, so I did my usual thing and started talking. It happened to be that there were tornados in the area at the time, and the weather was actually quite bad. But as it has been in my life for all of it, I don’t bend the knee to nature. Rather, I find a way to do what I’m going to do regardless of the environmental conditions. I rode a motorcycle on the harshest winter days with many inches of snow on the ground for many years. I rode bicycles when my wife and I could only afford one car to work every day, while I worked two full-time jobs during the day, and we had a paper route on the weekends, and I never called off work due to weather. I have the same rule for sicknesses, which is why I found the government policies on Covid so revolting. Science is meant to be conquered. You don’t yield to the weather. You make it bow to you. So if I have something to do, like film a video on Vivek Ramaswamy’s presidential announcement, I’m going to do it and see how the equipment held up. In this case, it was mostly good, so I kept it because it was enjoyable to do, and I think it said some unique things about the situation. But there were a couple of times when all the rain that was falling filled up the microphone holes on the camera and made it hard to hear, making this one a unique presentation. 

But it’s a topic I must discuss because I like Vivek Ramaswamy; I know him a bit and enjoy his books. I think what he is doing with Strive Asset Management is one of the most critical strategic commitments in the world at the current moment because the follies of our day from the political villains is tied directly to the woke efforts of BlackRock and other money managers who have found the ultimate way to attack our country, through our 401K plans, with us financing our own destruction. Vivek is providing through Strive an alternative to that massive strategic imposition which, in the end, I think will literally change the world. BlackRock, who is essentially transferring wealth from America and building up China, as we speak, is being forced to rebrand itself primarily because of Vivek Ramaswamy’s efforts over the last few years, and that is something that doesn’t get talked about much on the various news pieces that Vivek does where he does a great job going onto all the big television shows and explaining all this to a public that typically glazes over when talk of finance is involved. That’s how woke companies with political activism in mind have gotten away with this massive imposition, is that people assume that it’s all too complicated for them, so they don’t pay attention to how the enemy has been attacking our American infrastructure through finance replacing ground troops. So I’m quite a fan of Vivek Ramaswamy; once history remembers these days, he will be one of the people credited with saving the United States and its financial system. So it was a proper metaphor that there was rough weather during my recording because that’s how it is presently. It’s rough out there, but the show must always go on. 

I personally think it’s good for people like Vivek Ramaswamy to be in the presidential race. I’ve been listening to all of Trump’s speeches and what sounded good in 2016 when he won the White House for the first time; it’s starting to sound old now. I don’t think anything hurts Trump for 2024, his voters have revenge on their minds, and they will vote for him out of sheer spite for what our government has done over the last five years, starting during 2020 while Trump was still in office with the impeachments, the investigations, Covid, election tampering through Facebook, the FBI, and crazy Covid rules that were not bound by Constitutional principles. Trump’s message of small government fighting against big government is a tired game, and he has allowed himself to be pulled into a victim state, and he needs to turn toward more positive messaging to gain those voters over the 30% threshold. No matter who is running against Trump, the president will keep his base support. Whether it’s Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley, Mike Pompeo, or Mike Pence, anybody who enters the presidential race will run behind President Trump, and Trump will be the Republican nominee. But I think Vivek Ramaswamy, because of his fabulous media presence, will help change the dialogue. I think the same about Ron DeSantis; he has succeeded in Florida. And there is a lot of positive governing to talk about. Like it always is, competition makes people better. I think these challengers for the presidential nomination will help shape the national dialogue away from so many negative things, which is perfectly justifiable, and put them on an elevated platform for an American vision. I see only good things happening because Vivek Ramaswamy is in the race. I also read Ron DeSantis’s book on Tuesday when it came out, and it’s quite good. It’s good to talk about all his successes in Florida as compared to the Biden administration. It’s a great continuation of the MAGA movement even as Trump has been exiled from Washington D.C. politics. But in the end, it won’t matter; Trump will be the nominee. But the competition will change politics on the national stage as we know it, all in good ways.  The best thing that will happen is that the political left will not be able to compete with the Republican messaging. These are not the same Republicans we had in 2016, where Trump outlasted many challengers. Largely these new Republicans are stars from the MAGA movement, and they have success stories to tell that were not present in 2016. It’s a very different political world now than what it was. If Vivek talks daily about money management and the dangers of BlackRock using 401K plans to destroy America with wokeness, or Ron DeSantis can show how liberal states have failed yet Florida has prevailed, the political left has no answer to any of these things, and they will be wiped out in 2024. They have no bench depth, only really old hippies from the 60s who are watching their drug-induced dreams fall apart in front of their faces. The media hasn’t caught on to it yet, but the cracks are more than evident. The Democrats will have a hard time dealing with these MAGA Republicans running for office, forcing Trump to redefine his message of the Power of Positive Thinking and restore to America what great possibilities are available under good leadership. And I can’t think of a better representation of that positive message than Vivek Ramaswamy. I think, in the end, Trump will be better off. Before it’s all said and done, I would personally like to see Vivek Ramaswamy in a position to restore greatness to our economy in some challenging days that will come because he is undoubtedly the best man for the

Rich Hoffman

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