The White Noise Conspiracy: How terrorism and the real-life Ohio train derailment can hide attacks on America’s infrastructure

It’s the world we live in now; we have watched governments all over the world lose credibility after their massive failure in dealing with Covid, so now the aftereffect is mistrust in everything they say.  This is the root cause analysis of the train derailment in New Palestine, Ohio, where all kinds of mismanagement occurred at many levels, leaving the public understandably upset by the results.  The official report says that a wheel bearing overheated, causing the train carrying dangerous chemicals to derail and spill, causing massive risk to the town itself.  Then quickly, the rail company decided to burn off the hazardous chemicals by putting them into the air, supposedly hoping to keep them from contaminating the groundwater with a large concentration.  All the political figures of our day were put on the ropes because it was an unusual balance between protecting industry infrastructure and the rights and needs of voters, which were not aligned, just as things weren’t with Covid.  It was an unfortunate situation that left a lot of people unhappy and will likely be deadly with cancerous agents for many years to come.  In all reality, the train derailment in New Palestine, Ohio, was a complete disaster in every way a disaster could be.  Given what has been happening all over the country, with similar disasters, it looks to me like terrorism, the kind that the Weather Underground used to perform.  So the conspiracy theories have been trying to fill in the gaps from all the misstatements that have been made in the wake of the tragedy leaving many to put two and two together to see that the derailment in New Palestine was way too similar to the plot of the new Netflix movie, White Noise, which was filmed in the same area with Adam Driver as the star, and a clever cast to tell the bizarre story of a book written in 1985. 

Ironically the book White Noise which the 2022 Netflix movie was based on, is all about how crisis management in people’s lives prevents them from seeing greater realities outside their bubble of experience.  Written by Don DeLillo, the book and movie explores not just the reaction of a mass public after a train derailment, almost identical to the one that actually happened in Ohio, but the more significant problem of social stagnation in a consumer-based economy where public reaction is often measured off social sentiment and the mandates of personal schedules.  In the movie, Adam Driver did a particularly good job of showing the crises of a father, husband, and academic who has uncontrolled elements of chaos enter his life in ways that he can’t see or refuses to see because they simply don’t fit his schedule.  He has expectations about how his typical day should go, so problems with his wife becoming a drug addict, train derailments, or challenges within his academic circles, where he is a teacher of Nazi history and has a particular obsession with Hitler, keep him from solving the real problems in his life until the whole world falls apart in a catastrophe forcing him out of his comfort zone, and into the world where all the real problems are.  It is an interesting commentary on how most people live their lives and why they simply can’t see the solution to many of their problems.  I was a fan of Don DeLillo before the movie came to Netflix, and I thought the movie was good and had some interesting things to say.  And the train derailment portion of the film was just a small part of the plot; it certainly wasn’t the movie’s climax.  The tragedy was just the trigger that set off all the events that drove the plot.  But people couldn’t help but see how similar everything was to the movie, as the train derailment in real life occurred, and the public behaved precisely the same. 

As far as the government participation in the conspiracy, I don’t think the level of Mike DeWine and the political class as we know them would be involved in such a plot to make the movie come to life as a deliberate terrorist attack to punish Trump voters which are who the town of New Palestine was made up of.  Joe Biden and the White House had no desire to spend time with people who were not their target voters for the future, and that became grossly obvious as the tragedy unfolded.  But I would not be surprised to see that Deep State assets who work so maliciously in the background didn’t get terrorist ideas from the Dellilo books and hope to trigger a modern Bernadine Dorn or Bill Ayers type of terrorist roaming around in the background of liberalism in America to perform a terrorist attack.   Typically the makers of movies all have jobs to do so that they wouldn’t be involved in a mass conspiracy.  But the film’s producers and investors from Netflix might be so inspired.  Barack Obama, after all, is involved with Netflix, so the conspiracy theories spawn from that connection.  And there is no question art can inspire real life.  If a root cause analysis were really desired after many mass shootings, burnt-down warehouses, and train derailments, we would discover that popular culture, video games, books, and movies inspired terrorism.  And the Deep State’s desire for terrorism then can come from entertainment in general to inspire a silent army of terrorists who drugs and media would trigger to conduct their social warfare on an unsuspecting public.  And that could certainly be the case of White Noise inspiring terrorism in the real-life New Palestine train derailment. 

And how would they expect to get away with it, just as such acts of terrorism have been occurring all over the United States, obviously trying to destroy America’s infrastructure, and slow down its GDP, since China is struggling due to its investment in Covid?  Well, the Adam Driver character in White Noise tells us all how.  He also tells all the would-be terrorists how as well, how people won’t see what they do because the terrorist acts happen outside of the experience of the victims.  The movie, as seen by many, is a rather bizarre thing, and many people watching from the comfort of their living rooms find it hard to believe that the characters in the movie could be so asleep to the events of the world around them.  But that is because the consumer of media is used to the God view, where they get to see all the characters of a story when it is told and how they all connect.  But in our real lives, we often only see what concerns us and miss what is happening to others.  This is a kind of theme in most of Dellilo’s books, which is a valuable social commentary about how to live in an industrialized existence.  But it does give the bad guys ideas, and if they want to get away with a crime, a movie like White Noise will only give them confidence in getting away with it.  So did the movie predict what would happen in Ohio with a real-life train derailment, where reality inspired fiction or was it a warning from Netflix of things to come, just as was the case with Covid, where all the realities of the pandemic were rehearsed on Netflix before it happened in real life?  Whatever the case, we should learn something from all this: the answers to things often occur outside of the storyline, no matter who is telling it.  And terrorism these days happens everywhere, and people aren’t looking.  And it is there that we will discover our villains. 

Rich Hoffman

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