No More Kings in the World: The light at the end of the tunnel to end all known conspiracies

I have absolutely no reverence for bloodlines, kingships, or family rights to the efforts of previous generations. When we talk about the leaders of the Deep State being a global cabal of the Illuminati, with the mask of the World Economic Forum, the 13 original families, 10 of which came from other planets leaving 3 to develop on earth, the Krupps, the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds, I have zero sympathies for their task at ruling over others. Whatever their beliefs, whatever their history, I see it as entirely irrelevant. They have no right or obligation to rule the earth, its people, its nations, its companies, anything. They have no right to black budgets, self-rule, or a vision for the future. All they have is a corrupt understanding of the past and a love of Lucifer, their sun god, the villain Baal from the Bible. The real solution to peace and goodness in the world is to end the perception of entitlement that they have as kingly roles as history has now shown us a vast chronicle. In America, which I think was created as a false flag event to suppress kingly functions in Europe, for a competing bloodline conflict for power within those original 13 families, the idea of decentralizing the kingly role took hold, and now they can’t put it back in the bottle. And it was quite an accident that people learned that they liked the idea of self-rule instead of the compliance to authority that has always constrained society. This is, of course, the central theme of the politics of our present time, the original bloodline families want to remain in control, and most of the world wants to be free of their power. Now that we have the internet, open communications around the world, and can get around the world in less than a day, that power structure is collapsing fast, and the rulers behind the curtain have found themselves exposed in ways they aren’t comfortable with.

It’s all about decentralization; ruling families do not have the bandwidth to deal with a human race that needs to grow. They can only hold power by holding down that growth, which is precisely what we are seeing playing out in global politics presently. Suppose you really go back to the root cause of the Holocaust, for instance. In that case, there is still very much hatred of the Jews that goes back to Mordecai not bowing to Haman and how Esther convinced king Xerxes of Persia to allow the Jews to destroy all their oppressors in books like The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which was written by an anonymous writer out of Russia intent to convince opposition forces that the Jews were plotting world domination. In truth, the conflict goes back to the original bloodlines in conflict with the rebel Israelites who defied those ruling classes, which culminated ultimately in the story of The Book of Esther. The Protocols, as I’ve said before, have been used to create conflict for a very long time, including being passed around the recent Caliphate movement in the Middle East as recently as yesterday. But who writes these books, and who distributes them, and why? The answer to that is those who want to continue to rule as a centralized power where the world centers around them. If there is anything that has held back civilization, its this ridiculous notion of power and control over others from the beginning, likely starting with those original bloodlines and carrying through to this present time, where the pressure of decentralized government, decentralized economies, decentralized academia, is colliding with necessity in violent ways that are all too obvious now. 

As bad as things look today, in these election cycles, with international conflicts, I see one thing happening for certain: the birth of the human race as it is breaking free of these kingly shackles. In America, we had a brief period of independence from those ruling families where the colonies were too far away from the mainland of Europe to control. But it didn’t just start there. The secret societies allowed for some discourse if it gave them revenge over the kings of Europe and the Church for their massacre of the Knights Templers purge of the 1300s. I’ve told the story of Friday the 13th, 1307 before, which drove that whole Gnostic tradition underground, where it stayed. They plotted the downfall European kings and were successful well before America came along. But America was the bright idea of revenge for the whole plot. But it only lasted until immigrants from  Europe brought with them their tradition of love of kings and being ruled by a centralized authority. Once global communication became possible, and flight, and the world shrank, we were destined to have this very modern conflict that would erupt over self-rule instead of centralized rule.   Rule by kings only worked so long as people couldn’t share information and weren’t very smart, to begin with. Or the people were smart, but through their education systems, made ignorant in order to let those bloodline families stay in power the way that slave owners from the Democrat south in America would cut off the feet of slaves to keep them from running away, or would deny them the ability to read so that the slaves would never figure out how to free themselves from the authority figures in their lives. We see the same trend in every corporate environment, every cubicle, every cry to work from home, the desire of all humans to either rule or be ruled in the traditional ways of the bloodline descendants, and the fantasy of the few to rule over the many. To make themselves single-point failures for the purpose of control and nothing else. 

I remember watching Oliver Stone’s movie with Kevin Costner, JFK, with great interest at the obvious allegation against the FBI and CIA and their role in the assassination, which we now know in 2023 was a CIA operation; our own government took part in the killing of an American president, and a popular, and powerful Democrat from an influential family. We watched over the years as members of that family were systematically killed off or encumbered in many accidents that forever tarnished their public image. And we could tell similar stories of mystery and mayhem regarding 9/11, election fraud to remove Trump from office, Nixon’s innocence in Watergate. The Tik Tok UFO that has been shown so much. The billions and billions of dollars that have gone to Ukraine for mysterious reasons while Biden traveled there on Presidents’ Day of all places, as New Palestine, Ohio, suffered from a major train derailment. I would offer in the wake of all these massive tragedies, and the bombardment of all the crazy news that looks like Armageddon is upon us, the Book of Revelations is happening now, and we all play a role in its outcome; I would offer that the wheels are coming off quickly for those original 13 families, the inevitable reality is blowing up in their faces, and they are pulling every string of chaos to attempt to stay in power, just as the corporate executive does in their feeble attempts to hold a corner office as young challengers seek to knock them out of that office and the prestige that goes with it. We are seeing the great undoing of that power structure and all the conspiracies they have used to stay in power. Mankind is doing more than walking on the moon, it is reclaiming its rightful place as a creator within the universe, and the power structure of kings, which is more ancient than ancient history itself, is falling apart and coming to an end, which is why our times are so violent and chaotic. But fret not; there is light at the end of the tunnel, and something new and better is just beyond. We won’t be able to experience it until the kings are out of the way and not trying to funnel the efforts of human imagination through their limited means to grapple with the pressure of innovation and imagination. And once they fall and their roots into the past to preserve their rights to dominate all society have expired, we will find a new day filled with great optimism and a chance for a future that has never been contemplated in all of human history.

Rich Hoffman

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