Defund the Deep State: Why does the CIA need black budgets over a trillion dollars a year

The situation is out of control; it’s not patriotism to allow entire branches of government, such as the CIA and the FBI, to operate independently of public oversight. They have been using the scam of safety for too long, the same tired argument that was used to mask the bad behavior of school teachers behind a union firewall, power-hungry radicals have infested these branches of government, and they need to be regulated back to civilian authority, as they always should have been. It used to be assumed that these branches of intelligence agencies were red, white, and blue unquestionable patriots, but no longer. They have shown, especially after the Trump presidency, that they do not work for the flag-waving efforts of America or the idea of free people governing themselves. But they work on behalf of globalists, centralized control of government to rule over everyone, and they intend to use force and the fear of it to control society. Their recent activity was bad enough, but since they were created, the FBI and CIA, and other such intelligence agencies, it is obvious that as organizations, they cannot govern their own behavior, and the power has gone to their heads, and they are willing to kill to preserve that power. Recently classified documents show that the CIA was involved in killing JFK, for instance, which is no longer a conspiracy theory. They were involved in the Nixon impeachment, which was a less bloody way of getting rid of a popular American president. Then, of course, we saw what they did to Trump right in front of our faces. So these days, I’m all about defunding them. Suppose there are things in the world that America needs safety from most of the time. In that case, they are less dangerous than these American intelligence agencies’ power over private citizens; we would be better off without them.

In these days of out-of-control alliances with Big Tech and ballooning national debts of 34 trillion dollars, it has been reported often that the CIA by itself has over 1 trillion per year in black budget spending , and we know this because of respectable declassified reports released from the fiscal years of 1998, 1999, and 2001. Remember the 9/10 speech by Donald Rumsfeld when he said that trillions of dollars went into the DOD that nobody could account for? Yeah, well, neither does anybody else because on the very next day, 9/11 happened, and everyone turned their focus to global terrorism in Afghanistan. And when they finally did kill the terrorist Osama bin Laden, his body was dumped at sea, and all the American people heard about it was a news report. There were no photos or videos. We were just supposed to take their word for it. And speaking of taking their word for it, what was the report for the cause of Benghazi? Remember, Mrs. “What Difference Does it Make Now” It was an insulting YouTube video. And on 9/11, why did Building 7 fall down? Back to those black budgets for the CIA, which were granted to them by Congress in 1949, for the years specified, it was 1.7 trillion in 1998, 2.3 trillion in 1999, then 1.1 trillion at the end of 2000, right before Bill Clinton left office. Where did all that money go? Those are in dollars from over twenty years ago. Imagine what those black budgets look like now. Most budgets, such as the one for the Director of National Intelligence, DNI, are 85 billion, or in that ballpark. How does the CIA have over a trillion dollars? And what do they spend that money on? 

I’ve been skeptical about the CIA most of my life. I have viewed them like many people do, as necessary for the defense of our country. But if they are only causing trouble that causes problems around the world and are killing people out of national security, when we see that we have open borders, spy balloons floating across our country, and we have members of Congress getting caught sleeping with Chinese spies, and nothing is done about it, then why do we need a CIA? Why do we have an FBI? Especially if they see the evidence on the Hunter Biden laptop and then provide disinformation to the public to help rig an election, such as they did in 2020.  51 members of intelligence, including top-level CIA people, lied to the American people and blamed the entire laptop on Russia, hoping to start a war to cover up for other things? It kind of makes you look differently at other events in the past and wonder with new eyes. It makes me realize that we don’t need those people because they are making America more dangerous than less. I think it’s beyond time to consider what these people do for us, and is it really worth the money. What does having a CIA really do for us if they are going to rig elections and support an out-of-control Deep State? What good is the FBI if they will arrest Trump supporters in airports and kick down their doors but let China have its way with our intellectual property and let spy balloons spy on people hot tubbing in the backyard? 

I hear it all the time, “if they will kill an American president, don’t you worry? Don’t make yourself a target.” And that is precisely why nobody calls these losers out on their behavior, because they are afraid of them. But, just a reminder, this is why we have a Constitution and a Bill of Rights and why during the foundation of this country, there were serious concerns about having a standing military that would spiral out of control with too much power. We created the FBI during a wave of big progressive government and did the same with the CIA, the Central Intelligence Agency. And they never have been effective in making America better. Instead, it’s obvious they’ve made it worse, and that includes people at the top, to the bottom, the people who push the brooms. And they need to be defunded, they need their black budgets removed, and America needs to focus on getting out of debt spending. What we don’t need are big government branches that work against America, and what we’ve seen from the FBI and CIA is that they are as worthless to an optimistic America as a rock on the beach. They aren’t worth millions of dollars, let alone trillions! And it’s not like we have to go to war with them using the Second Amendment to protect our rights from them. All we need to do is put them out of business. Get fiscal oversight of their work, and manage it. Get rid of the black budgets, and defund them. Take away the money that feeds them and let them shrink out of existence. Because of those actions, we will find out that the world is a lot safer place. And we will likely finally solve the War on Drugs pouring in from the Mexican border. The CIA has been involved in that business for a long time. How much of their trillions of dollars have poured into Mexican drug cartels? I would bet a lot. And if you want to put an end to all these bad characters, then take away the money that feeds them. That would be a lot more effective than a physical confrontation with a government force that has lost civilian oversight. And the effects would be much longer lasting.

Rich Hoffman

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