The Island of Misfit Toys: A government built around failure can’t be successful

Before we move on from the State of the Union speech by Joe Biden for the year, we have to talk again about the vast differences between Republicans and Democrats.  It is more noticeable in business than politics because, typically, in the horse race of political campaigns, the measures of success are all wrong.  We judge the winners and losers by the popularity contest of a vote by society and not the psychology of why people vote for who they do.  And when Democrats are in office, especially where the room is divided up in such a way, and there is such a terrible president in the White House, the differences become obvious regarding political ideology.  Those who clapped for what Joe Biden was saying and those who didn’t really could be divided down a line of thought known in business called The Oz Principle, a favorite book of mine.  Some of its concepts I have taught for years, and what’s specific in this book, is the clear division between “Above the Line” thinking and “Below the Line” thinking.  The line being talked about resides along the razor’s edge of positive thinking and negative thinking.  Positive thinking people are always trying to find a way to talk about how full a glass is, for instance, while negative thinking people are looking for the glass to be less than half full and for the contents to be excuses for why things cannot be done.  When Republicans are in office, Democrats tend to be able to hide in the background and hide their general negativity about all things in the world, using Republicans as a kind of shield from reality.  But left on their own, when they are in charge, their negativity is something they can no longer hide, revealing to the world who they really are. 

Watching the people who supported Joe Biden during his speech was like watching the old Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer show about the misfit toys, all the broken stuff that nobody wanted to play with.  And that’s fair.  Not everyone in the world can be a blistering success.  Not everyone is a beautiful person or intelligent.  Some people are just lazy screw-ups with square wheels in life, and you can’t have a society where they find themselves thrown away and useless to the world around them.  The Democrat Party, in general, is made up of those broken toy types.  But under Joe Biden, who was obviously put in place by a corrupt and overfunded Deep State, protecting itself from the reforms of an angry public, the island of misfit toys was much more obvious.  The Democrats felt empowered to display all their negativity that is outlined in The Oz Principle, as if spending money in government could support their Below the Line thinking with dollars spent.  All the negatives in life are their utilization of articulation; the “I don’t have times” and the “I can’ts” are supported with inflated budgets and wars around the world meant to hide their lack of ability.  And it was never more obvious than in Joe Biden, a messed up old man who takes showers with his daughter, has a drug addict for a son, was put in place by illegal means to protect the crimes of the century with purposeful Covid terrorism.  And all he can hope to do to cover up his massive failures is to stoke a world war between Russia and Ukraine to hide the fingerprints of all the acts of globalism that have destroyed so many lives and are looking for a diversion from mass opinion into their many crimes against humanity. 

Putting all the broken toys in charge might be seen as an act of compassion, but it won’t result in a successful society.  And in all endeavors, we measure success by results, and the Democrats can’t show any positive results.  All they have done in the world is find a home for all the misfit toys of Below the Line thinking that often holds people back from success.  In business, such identifications are meant to be destroyed; otherwise, you cannot have a successful enterprise.  The leadership of an organization must be committed to thinking Above the Line in a positive way that resolves problems.  Not in a Below the Line way that allows problems to continue.  And that was essentially the entire political platform of the Democrat Party in 2023’s State of the Union speech.  The State of the Union was about justifying Below the Line thinking, the excuses in life for why there are misfit toys, to begin with, and building a country around all the broken stuff.  And that just isn’t the kind of message that people who live and come to America want to see.  While the Republicans sat in their seats for most of the speech, the Democrats clapped enthusiastically over very negative observations meant to be covered with massive amounts of spending, hoping in the back of their minds that the country would be destroyed before anybody figured out what a bunch of frauds they are.  The differences were clear, as they usually are in cultures where the negative Below the Line people are in charge or have too much influence in their culture.  Their lack of success and appeal often means more money wasted and less productivity utilized, whether the endeavor is for a business or a country.

The evidence is right there at the State of the Union speech for anybody looking for proof of election fraud.  The American people did not vote for that island of misfit toys, the trains with square wheels, or a “john in the box” instead of a “jack in the box.” People naturally feel sorry for the Below the Line types who have an excuse for everything in life.  But they don’t want to lose in life because all the broken toys are in charge, and thinking negatively about everything.  The Democrats were there because of a corrupt system that is protecting their own negative assumptions in the world.  Like most companies where Below the Line people are continually trying to sabotage a positive message, we have in our current government a negative message that has been inserted over a positive presidency, and the results are less than enchanting.  And the disappointment in people can’t be hidden with cable news polls sampled in Paul Ryan’s bathroom and hope that it represents American’s hopes and dreams.  What really makes the world work is the difficult task of thinking Above the Line while the rest of the world wants to be lazy and negative and think Below the Line.  And when you build an entire political party around negative Below the Line thinking, then success will be in short supply, which was obvious at the 2023 State of the Union message.  It was a clear contrast that Republicans and Democrats couldn’t be further away from each other, showing a truth that isn’t so obvious any other way.  What Joe Biden proposed was to spend trillions and trillions of dollars and to go to war with Russia in the hope of hiding all their negative positions, which they know Americans will reject, gay rights, union rules that make America less productive in a global marketplace, inflation, the Hunter Biden laptop, an FBI that is essentially an arm of the Democrat Party serving a Deep State that wants to destroy the world.  And nothing was positive about anything on the Democrats’ platform, only excuses and Below the Line thinking, which was much harder to hide when they were the only ones on the stage.


Rich Hoffman

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