It’s All About the Kiss: We are not all one country and we will never get along

I’ve had to give the story hundreds of times since Joe Biden gave his State of the Union speech to the country early in the year 2023; what are my thoughts on it, and what does it mean for the country? Well, there were lots of sloppy discussions in it about the United States coming together and that we are all playing on the same team. Lots of droopy talk that nobody will ever agree with, talking about the state of the economy, the merits of foreign policy, taxes, and racism, which was meant to suppress the information that Democrats were the slave owners and Republicans freed the slaves. Yet, Democrats are trying to erase that history with government giveaways that just make modern slaves out of people through policy. Transgender Biden staff, the expansion of the intelligence agencies’ ability to keep Democrats in power, there was a lot to talk about. But for me, the essence of the entire speech came down to the kiss between Jill Biden and the husband of the Vice President Doug Emhoff on the lips in front of the world. People were outraged, and those who weren’t perfectly exhibited the differences between us all, and it really set the stage for the political differences that we have in America. And those differences aren’t bad. It’s not like those differences evolved organically. They are the result of liberal policy, and over time, some people have been suckered into it, and some have stayed off the fence. And those that the nectar of collectivism has seduced have very different ideas about government than those who don’t kiss people on the lips in public, conservatives who would rather not be touched by other human beings who aren’t intimate acquaintances.   

We just discussed this topic in Lakota schools in my home community in Northern Cincinnati. We learned about the sexual life of the school superintendent through a messy divorce and came to know about a network of adult swingers who have very different values from the conservative trend of Butler County, Ohio. We all know that there are people like that, but we often don’t learn about those traits in regular interactions around town. But nothing advertises it like kissing people on the lips who are not your spouse. My rules are fist bumps and handshakes. I’m not much of a hugger, even though I recognize that many people do like that exchange between human beings. I tend to like separation from such intimate exchanges. Conservatives respect other people’s personal space and want their space respected. Liberals tend to be collectivists, so their emphasis is to break down barriers and unify with fellow people as much as possible. And those kinds of rules are never more obvious than in swinging parties where spouses are swapped like baseball cards. And in the Biden family, there are obviously low personal barriers. There are plenty of video clips of Joe Biden sniffing children’s hair and talking about his hairy legs. Through his son Hunter Biden, we know that sexual perversions are part of the family business, and we know that Biden’s daughter showered with him, even though the FBI tried to cover it up with harassment. Why would we be surprised that Jill Biden would kiss other men on the lips? At this point, I think we would expect it. 

When conservative people in my neighborhood learned about the loose sexual standards of the Lakota administration, they were noticeably outraged, for all the same reasons people were outraged by the Jill Biden kiss. To her, it was business as usual. And to Democrats, who are all about collectivism and hiding their public timidity behind an altruistic veil of charity and compassion, don’t understand what the big deal was. Yet they are proposing policy for society through rules and regulations that embody their personal philosophy. In Lakota schools, the same people who were spending their time in bi-sexual Craigslist sexual adventures were the same people telling kids to wear a mask and to follow the CDC guidelines on Covid without question. As if all of society were some recessive at the hands of an S&M bondage session, and people would be OK with that. I look at deviant sexual behavior not as an expression of love but as an indication of insanity and something people need to manage in their lives. Giving in to every sexual temptation is weak and reckless. It’s not something that should be surrendered to. And that difference in opinion comes down to fiscal policy. The people who are fine with a handshake when meeting people are probably the same people who think the government should live within its balanced budget. But the people who want to trade wives, let kids rub their hairy legs at a swimming pool, and have same-sex encounters with middle-aged people are the same kind of people who want to spend endlessly from the country’s credit card and then demand that we pay our bills with more debt. 

These are probably not Trump supporters

I’ve watched people on Duval Street in Key West at the Garden of Eden above The Bull & Whistle Bar flood the place on a Friday night. It’s a clothing-optional bar where people can walk around fully naked. I don’t get it. There is nothing appealing about that kind of life at all, yet there are a lot of people doing it. And every year in Key West, they have a Fantasy Fest where people show up and walk around naked in the streets while drinking and showing themselves off to other people. Where do those people come from? Well, we learned that we have several in the Lakota school district. We know they are in the White House and are members of the Biden family. We know they work in entertainment and media in general and see nothing wrong with such public expressions of sexuality. And I think they are insane. If they have the desire to be so expressive in a public way their sexuality, it’s a free country. But I don’t want those kinds of people in my government. Not running a public school or running the White House. Sex, if it doesn’t involve making children, is a waste of time, and those who don’t see things that way shouldn’t be making fiscal policy and human rights decisions. Suppose they are kissing people who aren’t their spouse on the lips and wanting to walk around naked at a bar or party with swingers at a wife-swap encounter. In that case, they shouldn’t be in government and are not equipped to make decisions representing me, who thinks that a fist bump is oftentimes too intimate of personal exchange. We are not all one country, so long as those kinds of people are in it. And we certainly aren’t going to agree on much. Such people can’t get along because that often means that the prunes, like me, have to give up value judgments to get along with those types of people. And for the country’s sake, we can’t allow that to happen. It is good to have places like the Garden of Eden in Key West to allow the wrecked minds of adult society to go and express themselves. But once we lower our standards, then soon they’ll be in the White House, embarrassing us on the international stage. And to those with standards, they will never get along with people who kiss on the lips in public and think that it’s perfectly OK. 

Rich Hoffman

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