The Train Derailment in Ohio: The fire behind the smoke politically that is very dangerous for the Biden Administration

I wasn’t going to say much about it because I think there’s a lot more to the story that hasn’t been uncovered yet, but the train derailment in New Palestine, Ohio, has taken on a unique political perspective that has all kinds of things wrong with it. Personally, I think the deeper problem is that we have a modern version of the Weather Underground terrorist group going around the country and sabotaging infrastructure purposely. Burning down food processing plants, destroying power plants, using complicated electronics to shut down power systems on helicopters, and of course, multiple train derailments, such as the really bad one in New Palestine, which was unique because it’s Trump Country and in the wake of the tragedy the Biden administration clearly targeted them as a purposeful victim. These are the kind of people the Biden administration and globalists, in general, want to destroy. So if a train derails in their community and poisons them all with toxic fumes, there are members of society who would be happy about that, including many in the media who hate Trump, hate his supporters, and would love to destroy all these little towns and force people to move into blue cities where Democrats can control everyone. Other than those elements, however, I viewed the tragedy as a basic catastrophe, much the way a tornado or hurricane would be viewed, and didn’t think there was much of a story to consider until reporters on Fox News and other places started making everything about a contrary argument against environmentalism. The victimhood is a trap that Republicans always fall for, such as why are all the globalists so worried about climate change flying around in private jets? Or, in this case, why is a massive chemical spill that could cause cancer in the entire town not a concern of the liberals so concerned about environmentalism, yet they will destroy entire economic projects to help a turtle cross the road in California to protect the little creature from extinction? These political activists act like they want the people of New Palestine to go extinct.

Well, of course, they want the people of New Palestine extinct, we are witnessing a government that knew all about Covid before it was released, and they allowed people to die ruthlessly to drive home a political narrative, one about climate change and the other about government-controlled health care that would rule over everyone’s life. They had to kill people to scare them into submission, to get them to wear the mask. So, of course, Biden isn’t going to visit New Palestine and will avoid emergency relief to the town even though the entire world has been watching the news coverage of the purposeful burning off of the spilled chemicals by the rail company. The optics looked horrible, yet the Biden White House showed its contempt for the Trump voters there in ways that certainly didn’t surprise me. But it apparently did for everyone else. DeWine is not MAGA country Republican, I don’t consider him a Republican in any way, but there wasn’t much he could say to convince people that the drinking water was safe when obvious evidence of chemical residue was seen in the local creeks and the local pets were dying from some mysterious airborne killer, that might just be slowly killing off everyone in the town. DeWine tried to assure everyone that the water was safe to drink; their local processing plants could make it so. J.D. Vance was there to support the town, as he should be. President Trump is committed to a visit because they are his people. The train company itself has done a pretty good job cleaning things up. In the end, they are inspired to leave things better than they found them. There is plenty of criticism to go around, but in a few months, nobody will remember anything about this train derailment, and it will pass into history quickly. 

But yet, there is more to the story. Quickly the people of the town went from being normally compliant to being ostentatiously vocal about their condition, which we don’t normally see from people in MAGA country. If this had been a police shooting in a blue city, there would have been riots in the streets over something much less severe, as the locals would complain about police violence taking full advantage of the media coverage. Normally Republicans don’t say much when bad things happen to them, but this time they did. And nothing the government offered to do, or the train company would be good enough for them. They would voice their opinions about their dissatisfaction, which is something different. The news coverage took on a whole new meaning in the wake of the Biden classified documents, the Chinese spy balloons, the inflation rates, and the attempts by Covid to make a political comeback as a terrorist weapon of the global left. There was something new present in all this that was dangerous for the established order of things.

The level of defiance from New Palestine was clear; these were people who were not over all the lies of election fraud they had been exposed to. And the massive lies and cover-ups regarding Covid were still on their minds. And instead of taking the tragedy the way they might have in the past, not complaining about the drinking water, and trying to move on the best they could, now they were deeply skeptical of anything the government had to say, no matter who was saying it. It didn’t matter if it was Governor DeWine or the Biden administration; there was a general assumption that everyone was lying to them, and they were going to talk about it. Before the government cried wolf on Covid just a few years prior, these same people likely would have said very little about the train derailment. But in the wake of the mandatory lockdowns, the forced vaccinations, and the known election fraud, we are living in a completely different world, and the government has lost all credibility on just about everything. And the open war is not such a secret anymore. Trump voters do not like Biden’s administration, and the Biden insurgents don’t like them either. If anything new was revealed in this massive tragedy, it’s this inconvenient information that the normally peacefully compliant are no longer so peaceful. They aren’t happy, and they are going to let everyone know it. People are tired of being victims of government problems. When the EPA didn’t act quickly on the matter, people quickly noticed the difference in behavior and exploited it in political ways that were damaging to Biden’s administration. It’s not just a level of incompetence that we are talking about here. It’s a purposeful intent to destroy traditional America small town from small town, and these people of New Palestine weren’t going to go quietly in the night. Again, I think the train derailment was an act of sabotage, and time will prove it out. An overheated bearing is being blamed now, but there are just too many of these things happening for them all to be an accident. But something different happened this time, people made their voices heard in ways they haven’t before, and the established order of things wasn’t sure what to do about it. There is an uneasy volatility brewing, and the political class will find they don’t have the tools to fix it.

Rich Hoffman

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