The Most Powerful Weapon in the World: Yahweh as a rebel and representative government as opposed to dictatorships

I enjoy reading the Bible for reasons that aren’t typically discussed, primarily because it exposes what the enemies of America miss every time, which is our form of government. It’s common for us to complain about our government, which is part of its appeal because in America, government is a necessary tool, not a part of some ruling class, and it’s unique in that regard. I sometimes get invited to events at the Ohio Statehouse. I never get tired of thinking about the many hidden meanings displayed there for the various politicians who find themselves as part of a class to conduct the people’s business and witness the ornate décor that is part of the ceremonial structure of its Greco-style architecture. It’s a republic that all the statehouses around America represent, and our federal government in Washington is just a further expression of a lot of mythology and occult practices but a purposeful dedication to the purpose of government in America, something that started with the advent of western civilization and is the best weapon we have against tyrannical governments around the world, and that is our representative government as it evolved along the lines of biblical understanding and is without question the best in the world. Our government is meant to put on the breaks to hot ideas from those most power-hungry, and in that way, it frees up the ambitions of people to produce the most productivity. And whenever I am at the Ohio Statehouse, I am reminded of this very unique aspect of government from the American perspective. 

I was in the gallery for the State of the State speech for Governor DeWine early in 2023. Some people had gathered around me to hear a conversation I was having about the history of the Statehouse and what some of the symbolism meant. It seemed like a good thing to share with this audience, especially when every night we turn on our televisions, we hear only bad things about it. There is quite a push around the world to frustrate the American people with their form of republic government and to tempt them to abandon it in favor of corporate communism, which is the latest threat coming out of China and the World Economic Forum, who want strong CEO types of leaders to rule everything and for countries like America to get frustrated and give up their republic. That strategy was most apparent during Covid where the design of the bioweapon attack was clear, to strengthen central government, make dictators out of all the state governors abandoning the legislatures, and to use an emergency to completely change our government into communism because communism was quicker and more decisive. As I told my witnesses in that gallery that day of the 2023 State of the State speech, the ornate symbolism in the Representative chamber was purposeful to remind the participants that this form of government was there before they arrived. It would be there long after they were gone. And the place itself was a stark reminder to them to do good work, to elevate their game in the name of the law and the constitutions of our republic, and it’s just such a beautiful thing. 

The Bible is key to America in how forms of government evolved over time in purposeful ways, distinguished from the many failures at the time. As God picked his chosen people to be freed of slavery from Egypt, the rest of the world worshipped some form of Baal, which we can see is still happening. Those who were not the chosen people whom Moses freed by the hand of God from the clutches of Pharaoh in Egypt are today just as jealous and cantankerous toward the teachings of the rebel Yahweh. The Bible became a rebellion against many thousands of years of a failed government. Various societies ended up with strong kings or Pharaohs, such as Ramses, or Nebuchadnezzar, or Xerxes, but their influence was always top-heavy and prone to failure once they died, leading to a social collapse in their wake. What Yahweh did against the other religious influences at the time; specifically the long lineage of Baal worship that goes back tens of thousands of years, and was most recently spotted in Hollywood with the Grammys, both from the audience and from the Sam Smith performance, was rebel against that tendency. Behind those efforts is a real push to have centralized rule. But what Moses learned in the wilderness from his father-in-law Jethro was a new way of government that God tried to get everyone to commit to, a representative republic. Jethro explained to Moses that the way to rule so many people was to create judges and regional governors to represent him so that he wouldn’t have to hear the personal complaints of many thousands of people. That way, people could more easily get their needs met while distributing the responsibilities for leading people across many helpers, where Moses could then be a kind of supreme court and only deal with the subjects that could not be satisfactorily met regionally. America is unique in that it has worked to fulfill the biblical goals of a republic rather than a dictatorship, which is at the core of the Bible. 

You can always tell a culture that is choking on too much liberalism when they complain about supply chains and being too busy because everything is funneled through them. Moses had that problem too, until his father-in-law helped him develop a new kind of government. God provided the Ten Commandments to create a legal foundation for judgment, then judges and regional governors would divide up the labor of adhering to justice. And in that way, something new was formed that the Greeks and Romans touched on, but it was only the United States who successfully implemented it, a representative government that solved the needs of the people but kept tyrants from becoming single-point failures over their respective societies. That is the primary problem in China; after all, so much runs through their communist dictatorships that the capacity for social development is limited to the ability of just a few people at the top, which makes the people miserable and suppressed. This is a problem in every culture with too much of a top-down management style, and it’s the only thing our modern media understands because they have all been taught the wrong values. But in America, our greatest weapon against the world that has not made such an evolution themselves and is very jealous of how things are done in America, the Bible and its success is the best blueprint for good government, and those influences are evident at the Ohio Statehouse and other statehouses all across the country. I never get tired of visiting them and thinking about how different America is from other places that have not unlocked that unique form of government. The concept that in the Ohio Statehouse, or any statehouse for that matter, has personal representatives for the people of those states and that local government is so respected is a hedge against tyranny that has set America apart in the world in a way that no other country has yet figured out. And we take it for granted because we’ve always had it. But as we also saw with Covid and anywhere that we use the Constitution as the basis of our law, the best way to defeat our attackers is through the rule of law and, precisely, our republic form of government. Because the pressure on our rivals is forced through the constraints of their dictatorships, and it always proves too much for them to handle, and they collapse in the process. America’s greatest weapon against the world is in its government and not in its military power, which is why it is so attacked in the way it constantly is by those who don’t understand it.

Rich Hoffman

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