Why Hollywood is so Liberal: Selling vaccinations knowing how dangerous they are

Covid, for all practical purposes, is long over. And to say it was a plot to change the way authority is distributed worldwide through the white coat administrative class is evident at this point. Yet it’s clear that the plan never considered American sovereignty of any kind and that Constitutional protections from an out-of-control government would not be a factor. It’s obvious the vaccine given as a result of Covid has significant problems and is far from harmless. There is quite a lot of evidence that it’s dangerous for some people, maybe all people. And most people allowed themselves to be convinced through government pressure to take medicine they otherwise would not have considered, and there is a lot of guilt about it now that people don’t want to talk about it because it’s embarrassing for them. But we are seeing young people dying all the time, especially in sports, from heart-related failures, and the statistics are mounting up across the world from pre-covid analysis. Knowing all that, you’d think that the push for further vaccinations would be going away to some extent. Instead, we are seeing all the same menacing characters, like Klaus Schwab, almost in a panic to convince people to go out and get vaccinations to protect them from Covid. Now we know much more about Covid than we did during that first year in 2020, when the media was telling us how deadly it could be, and we all hid in our homes like cowards because the government told us to in order to stop the spread. And we happen to know that Covid was created in China by human hands for obviously menacing purposes, so there is still all that to deal with. But we know now that other medicines treat Covid much better than the vaccine. Yet, nobody still is talking about them in the media circles or from the obvious attackers of American sovereignty. 

I had a friend look me up a few years ago, right before Covid hit, who asked me when I would start making movies as a producer and director, something I have talked about doing my whole life. I had come close to getting into that business several times and have, at times, been able to work with bit-time actors, producers, directors, and finance people, in ways that most people never are exposed to. And I found it disheartening to learn not only how liberal they are, as a culture, way before woke politics showed itself to be so corrosive to the corporate world, but from a business side, it just was not a viable model. The movies I loved growing up were not going to be made for a long time in Hollywood; the industry would have to collapse completely, and the unions would have to implode as they did in the automobile industry, where upstarts could function without unionized labor. And now, with streaming services being what they are, making movies for theater productions isn’t viable as a business model where you get investors and can promise a payback. The movie business, more than ever, is a gambling endeavor. Sure, some people hit it big, but most fail miserably. I explained to my friend that I was going to wait out the storm and see how the market matures. That was, of course, before Covid, and in the aftermath, Hollywood is worse than ever or more unstable than when I explained those market conditions to my friend. I have several projects that would be interesting, but the release to a theater is just too unpredictable, and the streaming revenue doesn’t make sense to me. So at this time, I’m a hard pass. There are many more things to do in the world than make movies. 

But the exposure I had to the inside mentality of Hollywood was very valuable in understanding why actors and other Hollywood types are still pushing the vaccinations. I once shared a trailer with a young lady fresh off the set of Pirates of the Caribbean 3, and I thought she was very nice. It was an awkward arrangement as the producer had not brought in enough trailers for their production, and we were asked to share, which is something you just don’t do in Hollywood culture. But we shared a trailer, and I was able to hear from her just how desperate most actors are for their next project. They stress about it constantly, even the big A-listers. Choosing to be an actor is a very hard thing to do, and integrity is not a value producers have regarding actors. Actors are paid to do what other people tell them, and personal traits are not valued. I saw from Hollywood that finance and the producer class were captured by woke culture years ago and they simply did not hire actors with strong personal opinions about anything that was unimportant to those producers. Everyone is a pretty face in acting, so it’s easy to trade one out for another. Women know that if they want to work as an actress, they will have to take off their clothes at some point to make the producers happy; otherwise, they won’t get a job for anything. And men learn quickly that the best way to get their next job is to take on liberal causes and attract attention for them. That’s how they get a call to be in a new film because of their social activism.   Hollywood went full ESG years ago, even if Wilshire Blvd took a while to catch up among the agents. 

So it’s not surprising to see actors still trying to sell the Covid vaccination to the public, which comes across as odd at this late date when the rest of the world wants to move on from Covid. To have them talking about Covid still indicates the deeper plot that is so much attached to this origin and how it connects to Hollywood liberals from the finance class who are plugged straight into the Desecrators of Davos strategies for a Great Reset from Covid panic. It was a strategy they had all invested in heavily, and they just can’t bring themselves to the conclusion that it was a failure and that the vaccination has significant liability concerns. But to answer why Hollywood celebrities are still trying to pressure the public into getting the vaccination, it’s because they have to; otherwise, they won’t work in Hollywood at all. It’s the same reason many people believed the media and got the vaccination under Biden’s illegal executive order. They wanted to work. The Hollywood I came to know was not the place of my youth where imaginative people made movies and got rich doing so. It was a radical place captured by extreme leftists, and the actors in those projects only survived by doing precisely what they were told and checking their personal beliefs at the door. Who controls what those beliefs are then becomes the hidden menace, which then is more evident under pressure, which we are seeing now. The malicious intent from the beginning is easy to see now that rational minds have survived the Covid push. Yet the brain-dead utterances coming from actors to get the vaccination of an obviously dangerous medicine shows that the perpetrators went all in on Covid. And they will likely never admit to themselves their complicity in the ordeal, which is why everything they say cannot be trusted. Actors say what they are told to say, just as it is when they do an acting project. Real-life emulates fiction much more than most people realize.

Rich Hoffman

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