The Hidden Menace of the Chinese Spy Balloon: We do not have control of our military from the White House

I can say with a lot of certainty that of the many objects shot out of the sky since the Chinese spy balloon was destroyed over the coast of South Carolina that it isn’t aliens, even though recently there have been a lot of sightings. A wasp nest of aerial activity is currently underway that is certainly more than usual. I think it’s a combination of things, people are looking up more than they usually do, and they are finding that a lot is flying around, as there always is. Our airspace is quite busy, and visitors from other places in space would not be out of the question. We are discovering these days quite rapidly that a few big secrets have been concealed behind our assumptions of religion and our institutional sciences that were wrong from the beginning and that our past is very much our future. It didn’t always involve just earth. There are lifeforms from all over the place doing what has been in their self-interest, and the start of human civilization was undoubtedly part of that. But as far as shooting down any of these visitors, no, there are too many agreements and technology exchanges for something like that to happen. We’re just talking about a bunch of balloons here, and strategically, the enemies of America have been empowered to test the fences under the Biden administration. Yet, in the end, we will all find that most of the problems in the world are not caused by other countries or planets but by a few ridiculously simple-minded occultists with a lot of money who are the root cause of most trouble. And once you understand that, they are pretty easy to beat.

The first spy balloon that caused so much trouble when it first flew across the United States, entirely before the military was allowed to shoot it down, was interesting and revealed a real menace that nobody has been talking about, something I would call the root cause of our problem. Because it started in China and Biden did not have it shot down, it was embarrassing to the administration because of his ties to China which has been revealed on the Hunter Biden laptop. And it was a large balloon, not something from a carnival. It was two hundred feet tall and was carrying a payload under it of several thousand pounds. So it was significant, but not so much that it couldn’t have been originally shot down over Montana or Alaska. However, if China wants to spy on us in America, there are a lot better ways to do it. Most satellites can zoom in on your watch from space, so it’s not like they will discover people hot tubbing in their backyards and violate their privacy.   They have already done that, and they don’t need a spy balloon for that or to look at ground troops at airbases across North America.    Rather, the spy balloon was most valuable to the Chinese in how people reacted politically because of it. What Biden did and when, how the media covered it, and what political fissures were caused by it. Those kinds of things were far more valuable to the Chinese than what any instrumentation on the spy balloon could actually record while drifting slowly across our nation unmolested. 

Then under significant criticism from the American public, the balloon was shot down, and since then, many more similar balloons have been destroyed. There was one over Lake Huron that I found very disturbing as it is near a lot of very commercial airspace; Detroit is nearby, as well as Mackinac Island and Canada. It’s not exactly a remote part of the world, so sidewinder missiles flying around and not hitting their targets is a problem. Because of the first balloon, people are looking up more, and they see things that were always there. And the radar noise is being taken more seriously because so many people were embarrassed by the news coverage, and of course, they are going to overreact. And there have been many reports that similar balloons flew over America during Trump’s administration, and he didn’t shoot them down either. But that’s where the real problems start to emerge, and Biden alluded to it when he indicated early in the process that he gave the order to shoot down the Chinese balloon much earlier than it was. As it turned out, the military didn’t do what Biden wanted; they waited until they felt like it and did so after the balloon had drifted out over the Atlantic Ocean. And when it came to Trump, the military didn’t even tell his administration of the threat because they were concerned he would act irrationally. So we have learned something very important here that we have always suspected. Our military does not report to our Executive Branch; they treat that position like a cosmetic Christmas ornament and do not take seriously the commands that come from the White House. And getting caught in that quandary, they have now resorted to overreacting to every little threat to cover their discretions.

What we have in America is an out-of-control military that is not regulated by civilian concerns. We do not elect people to control our massive, and expensive military endeavors. We don’t have George Patton running these militaries these days. Instead, we have General Milley’s and cross-dressing psychopaths who are reporting to other interests traditionally defined as globalists instead of the tax-paying public. Once the stories of criticism over the presidential role in deciding what gets shot down over American airspace were revealed, there was a quick commitment to showing the public that the president was really in charge, and other balloons were shot down. Even the leak of possible UFOs was added to consideration because nothing would unite the world like a possible alien invasion, especially now that people have realized Covid was a bioweapon attack and not a medical threat traditionally considered. If beings from other worlds were involved and had better technology, there would be a lot of boot-licking, and not warfare, because the military wouldn’t want to lose face to them in public. So they would be making deals to have friendly encounters, much like they have in other places around the world with other countries. With all that in mind, China certainly learned about the American reaction to their low-tech poking of our airspace with their spy balloon.   Everyone learned a lot more about the general condition of our politics that was far more valuable than some naked pictures of people in hot tubs enjoying a sunny day. But China already knows that the American military doesn’t listen to the Commander and Chief and that other forces run the global Military Industrial Complex. That’s why they don’t worry about invading Taiwan in China, and it’s also why these globalist forces think they can poke a war between Russia and Ukraine to conceal all kinds of bad conduct by those ruling few and get away with it. Many of the wars previously were for things other than the stated objective, such as the Iraq Wars. It wasn’t about oil; I can tell you that. Think “cylinder seals” left behind by the ancient Sumerians. There are lots of secrets in that region that have shaped our current global religions, and maintaining control of what people know is far more critical strategically than alliances with oil-rich countries. And with all that is a subtle veil that has been punched through just a bit with this Chinese spy balloon. And you can bet that it’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

Rich Hoffman

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