A New Kind of War by a New Kind of Enemy: Covid was a bioweapon and its just the start

As a reminder regarding Covid, from the very first day, and it would be easy to go back on this site and see what I said, I thought of the Covid virus as a bioweapon. I have studied enough history and am familiar with enough different subjects to see the signs and when Covid was introduced, I knew right away what it was and said so. I was even ahead of Rush Limbaugh then, which was a very lonely position. But over the months to come, more people would join me in understanding what was happening, and now a few years later, a large portion of the global population is ready to admit that Covid was a military attack on the world by a new kind of enemy, and they are acting accordingly. It must never be forgotten what happened with Covid and how many people died because a bioweapon was created in China, distributed by people like Bill Gates, who was fully aware of what he was doing, and a small group of billionaires in the World Economic Forum attempted to completely change the way we conduct human life on planet earth by using that created bioweapon to paralyze the world’s governments all at the same time. Now that it hasn’t worked and people are calling the plan what it was all along, these enemies behind the veil are trying to move on from what they did, and they have succeeded to some degree because we don’t yet have in our human language definitions that we can measure the evil of their actions. So our task now is to make those definitions by calling Covid not a virus that happens but a weapon that was created to impose fear on the global populations for the same age-old objective that war is always concerned with, domination over others. 

In the modern sense of war, we will likely never see anything like the two world wars or the Civil War ever again. Tanks, planes, and ground troops will never be the means of fighting that our countries will use to dominate each other, as we’ve studied in history. And I would go as far as to say that our enemies are no longer countries but the financial class that benefits from various countries and the money that makes them work. Today, we have the nightmare scenario that Thomas Jefferson warned about with his constant arguing with Alexander Hamilton over fiscal policy. It was also what Andrew Jackson’s presidency was essentially about. And the efforts of the early American presidents who had the Bill of Rights in mind worked pretty well until the world shrank a hundred years later, and a new kind of enemy loomed on the horizon, one that could make China dance to whatever tune they wished to play. Or any country, for that matter. It’s a villain that goes beyond globalism, and we must embrace it entirely because it’s an evil many of the world’s religions have always struggled to understand. Yet that evil is on our doorstep, and this time it came to us in the form of the coronavirus, modified by humans for a takeover of global politics. It was one of the most malicious destructive endeavors in the world’s history. It’s so bad that no political system will dare call it what it is because to admit such a thing would be to admit their complicity in it, even if it were accidental. Yet almost everyone who failed to see Covid for what it was is complicit in its mass destruction and horrendous effect.

One of my favorite movies of all time is the excellent Spielberg movie Schindler’s List, which deals with the Holocaust of the Jews and is so wonderfully filmed to tell that terrible story. I think of it as a masterpiece. It’s not a war movie like Saving Private Ryan or some other film that involves graphics of war on the battlefield. Instead, Schindler’s List deals with the more obvious problem with war, people’s tendency to comply with a superior force. Why did the Jews allow themselves to be harassed by the radical Nazis? Well, because they hoped for peace and that if they just did what their oppressors required, they might live to survive the ordeal. But why did the Nazis feel the way they did about the Jews. And why did World War II happen at all? Or any war, for that matter. Usually, we find that all wars are caused by a few people here or there trying to impose their beliefs on others. In the United States, we made a formal declaration against the world to be free of that kind of thing, and it worked well until telephones and air travel shrunk our borders into almost meaningless barriers. The tyrants of history are alive and well, and they live beyond governments now, not as kings and emperors, but as financiers just as insane often, but with unlimited financial resources to impose their will on the innocent, just as the Jews were treated during the Holocaust and with the same indifferent reverence. All that has changed is the means of delivering weapons to a proposed enemy. Power players no longer need to take over nations to exert war. All they need to do is fund it.

And that was what we saw in 2020, America elected a president that was wrecking the liberal world order, and those forces that have so far been generally ill-defined sought to remove him. So they did use Covid as a crisis to stage an attack on the world and its economy. China was propped up as they always are to shield the actual attackers, but the intent was unquestionable. And the same evil that killed so many Jews in World War II was on display again, only this time on a much larger scale. On such a big scale, nobody had any previous belief system to see evil for what it was. A bioweapon is much more dangerous than a nuclear attack or some Red Dawn invasion. We witnessed, and are still experiencing, and likely will for the rest of Earth’s history, the way wars will always be waged in the future. Who needs troops and nations with large militaries when all you need to do to subdue an enemy is a bioweapon that could kill them effortlessly while they sleep? It’s not expensive compared to ground wars. It travels from person to person easier than a Trojan Horse. And it’s with us to stay; there is little that any country can do to stop this new menace in the world. But before we can stop anything, we have to admit that it exists in the form that is so threatening, which is where we are now. We suspect there is more to Covid, but we have not let ourselves think of the people behind it as evil as they’d have to be to do such a thing. Yet we have seen this kind of evil before. It was undoubtedly captured well in the Schindler’s List movie. But this is even worse because we don’t have the convenience of a Nazi party to point to and say, “that’s the enemy.” We can’t even do that with the Chinese, even though all evidence suggests that Covid was made there and distributed maliciously. Instead, the real villain is still out there, hiding in the shadows, and they have control of the most powerful weapons in history, the power to make people live or die without firing a single shot in aggression. 

Rich Hoffman

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