What Happens Next At Lakota: Let the labor union strike, quit, and take their six-figure paychecks with them–then hire better people

At Lakota schools, people have tasted what fighting for the right things can provide. With the community support that decided that they couldn’t deal with Matt Miller’s behavior as superintendent of Lakota schools ending with him resigning under tremendous pressure, there is a feeling of victory that, for many, feels pretty good. A few months prior, everything seemed pretty bleak; the system was rigged against the taxpayers, and we would be forced to put up with bad behavior while our kids were held hostage by the teacher’s union. But the community behind the efforts of their representative, Darbi Boddy, the first-year school board member, had a high standard that the employees like Matt Miller found they couldn’t live up to or simply refused to. So he turned in his resignation letter and complained about a hostile work environment, hostile because there were community members who just couldn’t deal with the sexual lifestyle he exhibited during a messy divorce, and against significant opposition, they could taste victory. So what happens now? We all hear the threats from the Matt Miller supporters, the threats that the teachers are all thinking of quitting. That Matt Miller’s friends and staff at Lakota are going to soon be joining him and leaving the district, and of course, the worry there is that nobody will want to work at Lakota schools, and the report card will be devastated from the state and if the school district goes down, so will the community’s real estate. If the school isn’t any good, then people won’t want to move to the area, and everything will fall apart, and it will all be Darbi Boddy’s fault! That’s what they are saying, anyway. So what do we do now?

Well, I’ve heard all this before, and all those fear tactics are labor union strategies that they worked out a long time ago when their pal John Dewey came up with the progressive idea for public education to begin with. They never intended to just teach kids about reading and writing; they were purposely intent on social engineering. They wanted to get kids away from their parents and reteach them how to be liberal-minded activists. They used to hide it more than they do these days, but that is what Critical Race Theory is all about, and why suddenly, sex education is so important to them as early as possible. Anybody who thinks about sex as much as these educators do has serious mental problems, and they shouldn’t be teaching anybody anything. But people in a community believe after years of propaganda that a public school is a key to their real estate value, so they turn a blind eye to these crazy liberal losers who run these palaces of deceit and mistrust and roll the dice hoping that everything will turn out OK. Well, I have totally different ideas about these kinds of things and how to manage them, and it’s taken a while for enough people to have the desire to try something different and they want to have more success, leaving them hungry for what’s next. To that point, I would say that electing Darbi Boddy to the Lakota school board was a great success for the kind of parents who want what’s best for their kids and want a really high standard for their community. Not some fake PR campaign that hires some radical leftist superintendent who gets a bunch of awards and national recognition for the same reason that Sam Smith got a Grammy for performing a devil-worshipping ceremony on a broadcast sponsored by Pfizer because they advance a liberal radical agenda that wants to support mask mandates and openly gay lifestyles in public school. I think people want real quality in their schools, and perhaps, for the first time in their lives, they can get a taste of what that might look like. 

Believe Sam Smith when he says he’s not here to make friends. Trying to be their friend is a waste of time.

To that point, we first need to elect more school board members like Darbi Boddy. I have learned about Darbi over this past year, aside from any political viewpoints, that she really cares about the kids of all families. Every time I have spoken to her, that’s the first thing she always talks about, no matter how crazy the events around her have been. She cares about our community’s children and wants what’s best for them. If only we could get a few more school board candidates like that, then I think we could get the band back together and run a campaign like we did when Darbi was elected the first time. But of course, the most significant opposition to that will be the LEA labor union. They have been very hostile toward Darbi. If there are more school board members like her, there will be trouble, a lot of staff and administrators will leave, and there will be drama. I would say to everyone that it would be great if they left. If they did, there would be room for better employees to join Lakota who genuinely wants to work for a quality district, and that quality starts on the school board. When a culture of quality is established, then the employees follow, and there are a lot of teachers and administrators who are forced to hide their conservative values, and they would love to work for a school board that reflects their personal values. So I think we’d end up with the opposite situation to the fears espoused by the union. 

Without question, there will be a standoff with a truly conservative school board during the next contract negotiation. The union will strike. They don’t care at all about the kids of Lakota schools; for them, it’s all about politics and a paycheck. They are not like Darbi Boddy and any board members that might be able to join her in a future election. I’ve been down this road many times professionally, and the roadmap for dealing with it is quite clear. Let the teachers strike and show who they really are. We’ve already had work stoppages due to Covid, so the parents will support the school board if they push the union into a strike. The most radical employees will leave and take their six-figure paychecks with them. That would be great. That would allow Lakota to hire younger teachers who make half as much money and don’t have all the liberal radicalism built into them after years of union activism. And Lakota could recruit truly better people who want to live in a conservative area run by a conservative school board and have teachers teaching the basics of education like math, science, and real history instead of how to put a condom on a banana in the first grade and how to be a gender-neutral satan worshipper jamming to Sam Smith in class while they should be learning things. Failure to do things like stand up to the Matt Miller types in the world will just destroy kids anyway, so there is no harm in shaking things up a bit and making a public spectacle of it so that word gets out across the country about what kind of place Lakota is, and the right employees will be drawn to it. And that’s what happens next. By getting more school board members like Darbi Boddy, Lakota could truly become an outstanding school instead of a fake one on paper while swinging lifestyles are taught to the children by the administrators who have loose sexual desires and a social value system that is in all actuality, reprehensible. Running liberals off won’t destroy the school; it will make it far more desirable than any zip code in the nation. Because the little secret that nobody talks about in real estate in the open is that the primary driver of all real estate transactions is due to politics, not schools. People move away from liberals and to areas of conservative value 100% of the time. And they’ll do it at Lakota once the line is drawn in the sand with a firmly conservative school board. It will help the school and community. It certainly won’t hurt it.   

Rich Hoffman

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