Proof of CRT in Public Schools: Accuracy in Media has gone undercover and exposed this massive problem in schools like Lakota and many others

I don’t blame Isaac Adi for not seeing Critical Race Theory in Lakota schools. The first-year school board member ran on a platform of driving CRT out of the government school from a northern suburb of Cincinnati but found once he was in office, things were a lot harder in reality than they are on the campaign trail. People lie, and many people guilty of committing CRT with students have not been honest about what they have done, and for good people like Isaac; that is a harsh reality. His first year as a school board member has been tough. As a good, honest person, he has found his path to goodness barricaded by many deceitful characters. Because he does not stray from the truth, he believes people, even when they don’t deserve it. And for those people, it has been kind of a cat-and-mouse game to discover what they are up to. In truth, the only way to see CRT in public schools is to get up from your chair as Darbi Boddy did at Lakota and see it for yourself behind the union firewall that protects radical leftist teachers from public opinion. After all, that caused all the mess with the Matt Miller situation, the recent superintendent who just resigned due to a lot of public pressure for actions discovered in the process. Radical, purple-haired people eater types of liberal teachers who want to be the next candidates for a Sam Smith music video are not going to tell the truth about what they want to do to our kids hidden away in the classrooms. The way to catch them in their lies is to get up and go see what they are doing for yourself. You cannot take their word for anything.

But this isn’t just a Lakota thing; it’s a big problem all over the country where radical Democrat-minded activists are intent on rewriting the history of America and corrupting our young people while they feel protected from the public with heavy security put in place out of fear of school shootings. The more protected “public” schools have become, the worse the problem has evolved. Darbi gets it; she knows what the real fight is about and has been doing a good job in Lakota schools. Her former friend joining her on the board has had a tougher time. He wanted to get along with these people, and they’d been playing him for a sucker. That happens to nice people. I think it says a lot about him that he is so trusting. But when it comes to discovering the truth from many very deceitful characters, those are not traits that will help him.

On the other hand, Darbi caused a lot of stir and had many hostile elements wanting to eradicate her.   Which I would say are all the ingredients for a good school board member. Parents should be able to trust that their school board members are protecting their interests and listening to what the ill-minded are up to, and believing them, doesn’t fit that criterion.   But it’s not just Darbi who has been unraveling this not so concealed mystery. There has been a media group called Accuracy in Media, connected with Project Veritas in several ways, who have gone undercover and recorded the little game teachers and administrators have been playing against parents. And it’s in several schools in Ohio that they have recorded the evidence as discussed on 55 KRC with Brian Thomas. And Southern Ohio has been one of their biggest areas of investigation in the schools surrounding Lakota schools. And what Accuracy in Media discovered is that CRT is typical, not unique and that the teachers think it’s a game of radicalism that they are entitled to play on taxpayers out of spite for a social agenda they are far more committed to than teaching kids how to read, write, and do basic math.

To determine CRT as a reality is simple; if teachers are promoting racism among the population, if they are teaching a revision of American history, they are teaching Critical Race Theory. CRT is meant to undermine an entire generation in their belief of goodness regarding their country, and it’s dangerous on every scale. Its been around for a while, my wife and I could both tell stories from our own college days where college professors would want a report done on the Whiskey Rebellion, for instance, but the report would need to be done on the impact on slaves from the time period instead of the emphasis on the evolution of government standards in a free society. Back then, 30 years ago, they tried to disguise their efforts. But these days, it’s all out in the open, much like Sam Smith’s devil-worshipping forays in front of millions of people at the Grammy’s, sponsored by Pfizer. To continue denying what they are doing in public, they count on good people like Isaac Adi to give them the benefit of the doubt while manipulating everything behind the scenes and often bragging about it. But that’s where personal verification comes into play, such as the media group Accuracy in Media, and goes undercover to reveal what’s really going on. And what they have discovered is that the problem is even worse than I have been saying it is. 

We are not living in an honorable society; if we were, Isaac Adi would be the perfect person for it. Instead, Darbi Boddy, a young lady with a lot of experience in how the human race can fail, knows that you can’t take the word of radicals when they say they aren’t doing something like CRT. When Darbi got into a lot of trouble going into two Lakota school buildings to take pictures for herself, you would have thought she was performing an exorcism among demonic spirits demanding that they bring Christ into their lives, and their heads were spinning backward, and they were fully spitting explosive vomit. Darbi captured images of gay pride artwork that was proudly displayed where very young people would see it, and there were plenty of references to CRT, where racism was being defined in the minds of the school as a reality shaped by politics and not by real history. If you want to really teach black history in America, they will talk about the Republican Party and Abraham Lincoln, who freed the slaves. And how Ulysses Grant tried hard to integrate the freed slaves into American society, but Democrats were violently against it. The KKK wasn’t a bunch of Republicans; it was southern Democrats who were fighting against reformation. That’s the real history, and what they are teaching with CRT is a version of history that breeds Democrat voters by denying the past. And by corrupting the minds of millions of young people behind their parents’ backs, Democrats who run these labor unions hope to sustain themselves as a political power in the future by erasing their complicit past. And when it all comes down to the truth behind the menace, that’s all liberals care about, power at the expense of intelligence. Yes, CRT is being taught in all public schools. Thank goodness we have school board members like Darbi Boddy to expose it. And media outlets like Accuracy in Media to do the work all media should have been doing all along, and that is exposing these dangerous elements that are so corrosive to young minds. 

Rich Hoffman

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