The CIA and FBI are a Waste of Money: Where there is danger and disruption, they are usually the root cause

It’s most apparent when we hear about stories regarding the various three lettered agencies of American intelligence and how they deal with UFO sightings that all those branches of government have little to no respect for the American Constitution and that it’s time for us to consider getting rid of them altogether. The sad truth is that the big enemies we face are not world powers intent on our destruction, like China. The real terrors we have are in our government forces who purposely use terrifying conditions to justify their grabs for power. That was never clearer than when President Trump went to North Korea to set foot there and expose the scam. If the goal was to bring peace to the world by reaching out and making friends, Trump got caught solving the problem, with North Korea, with Russia, and other places. But what we learned was that many of these threats were creations of our own intelligence departments provoked so to move our nation politically into a direction they desired, such as in the creation of the Department of Homeland Security, which was created essentially because the FBI and CIA didn’t talk and share information as they should have before 9/11.   Regardless of what conspiracy theory you might hear on the matter, government failed us with 9/11, and our reaction to it was to make the government bigger and more powerful, intruding into our lives even more. Well, if they failed the first time, what made anybody think they would do better if there were more of it? We have since learned a lot about our government, and after the first four years of President Trump and the obvious activism by the FBI to remove him from the White House, which is something they started as soon as the election was over, we can no longer claim innocence on the matter.   It’s time to admit to ourselves that our own CIA, FBI, NSA, and many other security agencies in America are more dangerous than the threats they pose to protect us from.  

I didn’t always not trust law enforcement. For many years I wore a hat that proudly displayed the CIA logo, and I wanted to believe in them. Yet too many times over the years, my personal experience with law enforcement has shown me that they are all prone to real human problems. They allow the drug trade to flourish because there is money for them. And power. They fail as people and cheat on their wives, using their power as agents of authority to provoke sexual encounters. They are prone to bribes, laziness, and corruption of all kinds, even the best of them. I think we need law enforcement in our society; we can’t have anarchy. But we also must have checks on their power, and the bigger they are, the more secretive they are, and the more dangerous they are because they are prone to all the corruption that other people are. But they have authority over our lives, unconstitutional authority that they frequently violate and shouldn’t have. My opinion about the FBI, the CIA, and others are based on watching them fail over time. I wanted to like them, but they have let me down a lot over the years, and it’s not a gleeful admission to say that they should be defunded and dismantled.

In many cases, these law enforcement agencies are much more dangerous than the enemies they are supposed to protect us from. We don’t need government agencies that kill American presidents, as the classified documents regarding Kennedy’s assassination clearly indicate. We don’t need a corrupt legal system driven by those same CIA types who ran Nixon out of office, which we now know was a complete political hit job no longer in the category of conspiracy. If the same criteria were applied to Barack Obama, for instance, he would never have been president the first time. And Biden would have never made it to the campaign trail. Time and history have not been on their side at the CIA and FBI. They aren’t that old, and their history has been terrible from the start. Then they were caught in a manipulative coup to get rid of Trump, which is now well-chronicled. If they don’t respect the voters, then who do they respect? Who are they working for?

When there are investigations into UFOs, they are always at the center of the conspiracy theories, the Constitutional violations of people’s personal rights. Suddenly the Constitution is thrown out, and national security is stamping all over people’s Bills of Rights, and suddenly law enforcement is kicking down people’s doors, putting them in quarantine, and concealing information. If a UFO crashes in your back yard, you don’t lose your rights to property and liberty.  But the way our military treats the matter, you never had any rights, unless they grant it like some fat king sitting on a thrown.  It didn’t just happen in Roswell, New Mexico. It happened in Missouri with a crash there. It happened over Los Angeles. It happened over Washington D.C. It has happened all over the place, and it’s quite evident in hindsight that we’ve had all the wrong people investigating these things and publishing all the wrong results. We don’t have these government agencies to be worse than the villains themselves. And when they get involved in killing off and destroying Presidents that voters popularly picked, we have a big problem. 

Just this year, we learned the 51 intelligence agency personalities who said that the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation lied to us. These were supposedly some of the most respected members of American intelligence. And we learned that Peter Stzrok and his lover Lisa Page were not unusual in their hatred of Trump and the voters who picked him. There was a culture, and there still is with Christopher Wray, of contempt for the American people in the FBI who think they are a fourth branch of an unelected government. And they believe they have power over the American people the way a king would over his subjects. They think they know better than we do and that they’ll decide what we know and when we know it for our own good.

Meanwhile, they attack political rivals and violate Constitutional protections without a second thought if they think they can get away with it. I don’t think there are forces anywhere on earth that are more dangerous than the FBI and CIA. No hostile country. Why has the CIA been so involved in the drug trade with Mexico? We know this has been a problem since before Bill Clinton was governor of Arkansas. We could go on and on with this. The bottom line is that American intelligence cannot be trusted, they have a history of not representing American values, but they fight for a globalist agenda, and they are too big and do entirely too much damage. And the real threats to America don’t come from Russia or North Korea.   Our government helps those enemies look much more dangerous than they really are, so we cleave to the CIA and FBI for protection. When most of the time, they are the cause of the original problem. We’ve certainly given them a chance to do the right things. But they have purposely behaved in a way that violated our trust. Much of their power is only a century old; from what we’ve seen, it’s time to scrap them altogether. I would go so far as to say they are worthless.   They don’t make America safer. They are the cause of most of the dangers, and it’s time to admit it to ourselves and to stop feeding that monster with more wasted tax money. They have made a mess of America, and it’s time to clean it up.

Rich Hoffman

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