A Coup in the Ohio House: Lessons to remember about Democrats, treat them like raccoons always digging through your garbage

There is an important lesson that everyone needs to take notice of regarding the Democrat coup in voting for Jason Stephens as Speaker of the House in Ohio. Republicans who hold a substantial majority in the Ohio House thought they had the Speaker role all mapped out, and it was going to be Derek Merrin. Being outnumbered the way they were in the newly elected body, RINOs and Democrats decided under the chaos of the Holidays to join together to “stop far-right policies.” The communist left sees them precisely as education issues centering around the “Backpack Bill” which allocates funding per child, not per district, which is a terrifying concept for education people. So while Republicans were busy with Christmas, the New Year, and family emergencies, 32 Democrats were convinced to vote for the moderate Republicans Stephens for the Speaker position, while 22 Republicans joined them to give them the majority. The drama over the incident was lost behind the national Kevin McCarthy debates, and it was too late when everyone found out what was going on. Republican Representatives in the Ohio House had been suckered and found themselves caught looking, just as a baseball player batting against a good pitcher stands at the plate expecting a slider or a curve ball and were planning their approach exclusively for those pitches. Then came a 90-mile-an-hour fastball right over the plate, the last thing that was expected. And the Democrats suddenly found themselves in power to protect their education policies and other big government union goodies extorted through years of bad government. For more details on this, you can hear from my good friend Jennifer Gross, a current Representative in Ohio, talk about it on the Brian Thomas show on 55 KRC. It’s a really good interview.

I’m sure Jason Stephens can be worked with, but it will make it much harder to do what many of the Republicans in the Ohio House had intended to do. The issue that remains, it will take several more sessions of Representative leadership to remove the premise of the 22 Republicans who are prone to be RINOs and work with Democrats who are essentially the same thing. They call themselves Republicans because they come from districts where people wouldn’t vote for Democrats strictly because of the name. So they pretend to be Republicans when, in fact, they are Democrats philosophically aligned. And the big union position has crossed many lines over the years; most people have friends or family who has benefited from union extortion, so it’s difficult for them to make a logical statement about them now. President Trump is a union supporter, which further complicates things for many RINOs. Suddenly the Republican Party in Ohio had in President Trump a person union members could vote for, so in the wake of his presidency, the old union problems are still problems, and they are doing everything they can to push reality off as far as possible. And by scheming to get Stephens in the Speaker role, the union types, especially the public sector unions, like those in the teaching profession, feel they can protect the money basket, that funding will continue to go to the wreck of the schools that we currently have, which don’t work and are filled with liberal propaganda. These people are going to fight to keep what they have extorted over the years, and when they saw how things were lined up with Merrin, it terrified them. 

Many from that side of things are calling anything to the political right of Karl Marx “far right,” when in truth, the facts are that everything else has been put in place through deception. Most of what Democrats have done over the years, including their relationship with public unions, has involved deception. And my distinction about union representatives is that all union concepts are socialist and communist in their positions, politically. I have known a lot of people, including family members, who were big union supporters. BIG union supporters, specifically because they worked at the Norwood car plant and Fisher Body in Fairfield, Ohio. Those manufacturing plants couldn’t deal with the unionized labor, and they never should. The Department of Labor’s position of being friendly and advocating for unionized labor penalizing companies who make big investments in communities only to have those investments controlled by union slugs talking about Karl Marx phrases as “workers of the world, unite” to always bring extortion to labor production unless the workers got what they wanted. That was always the radical left position, and they sold it to the public wrapped in the American flag as patriotism. But it was always a communist scam, and anybody who spoke against it was considered radical right winged. I’m okay with that, even with family members and their children who grew up thinking unions were “all-American enterprises.” I have always told them to read a book, then they would know better. Unions are not American and are hostile to capitalism. That makes them an enemy of the American economy and is detrimental to any concept of small government. 

And they have one play in the playbook, radicalism, deception, and cheating to keep any power they have acquired over the years. Once companies realize they won’t be able to run their own investments, that unions will, they shut down and leave, which is precisely what happened in Norwood, Ohio, Fairfield, Ohio, and many other Ohio facilities that watched the industry leave the state because of union activity. But that can’t happen in public education because it’s all attached to government jobs, and government never leaves. You can only make it smaller. And the issue in the Ohio House involving the Backpack Bill was a bridge too far for the radical union types. Once education funding starts going straight to the kids, and performance for that money is measured in the success of the end-use product, it’s over for the big union types who own and operate government schools. So they had to do something to protect themselves from reality.   And they did; under cover of chaos, they elected the RINO Republican Jason Stephens to snatch up the Ohio House Speaker position in a surprise upset while people watched the last Ohio State game and made New Year’s resolutions. I don’t think it’s the end of the world, but it was certainly a lost opportunity. Eventually, that opportunity will come around again because that is the trajectory of politics. Many of those 22 RINOs are only in those positions through some form of deception, and people are getting tired of it. They will be replaced with more conservative members in upcoming elections; that is the trend. Critics might call it “far-right,” but I would call it the America we have always loved and are working to get back to. Any other thought on the matter comes from people lost in the definitions created by the radical left anyway and has no merit in reality. Name-calling and deceit is no way to run a political movement, yet that’s all Democrats have. So they played their hand this time and won because nobody took them seriously. Well, take them seriously; they will do anything for power, and understand that while dealing with them. Don’t play nice with Democrats; treat them like the raccoons digging through your garbage late at night and assume they all have rabies. They are not your friends; they are diabolical representatives of Karl Marx and nothing else. 

Rich Hoffman

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