The Twitter Conspiracy: When they all come true, then what?

It is an amazing time, and as terrible as things look today, much of the reason is that for first-time in history people see things for how they really have been.  Since the start of the television era, people have wanted to believe what they saw on television and trust the commentators there. They heard people speak on the radio and wanted to believe they were authority figures who knew what they were talking about and wouldn’t lie to them. Then, of course, we had a whole generation of thieves and crooks who figured out how to game such a system. They moved into legal professions and PR firms to assist the criminal in dressing up their public image with a con job that would make even the most proficient pickpocketer from yesteryear blush by the audacity. The temptation to abuse the relationship that people would have with mass media was too tempting not to exploit. The worst people of the human race migrated to that field of endeavor for that very reason, to exploit an unsuspecting public through a new media consumption device. Unlike a newspaper, where you had to work to get the information, television and radio gave you the information and the interpretation of its merit. All you had to do was look at it. Then, when the next media revolution came along through the internet, we should expect more of the same on a much broader scale. This is precisely what happened, and all this came to a smashing stop in 2020 when those scandalous characters in the media made a power move that was the ultimate abuse of authority; they tried to make an alliance with big government to sell the lie that was Covid-19 and that disguised behind the virus released from a Chinese lab in Wuhan to bring about the Great Reset from the World Economic Forum, which consists essentially of all the world’s biggest media corporations, they stole an election so they could get rid of a president they didn’t like, and the evidence of all that is in the Twitter files that were released after Elon Musk purchased the company and opened things up for everyone to see.

When Elon Musk recently said that all the conspiracy theories about Twitter turned out to be true, he wasn’t speaking in riddles or trying to be funny. People knew there were problems with Twitter and they had never seen censorship China style in America on that scale before, which was shocking. It was stunning to see them remove an American president from that social media platform the way they did and to ban others who were very influential in the MAGA movement. We had never seen Twitter make such a move in other places in the world, especially the various color revolutions or even the caliphate movement in Egypt, where the museum of Cairo was being ransacked, and the efforts were coordinated on Twitter. Or when Antifa took over cities with violence, and Twitter was the information carrier. Twitter had built up a reputation as a free speech platform, so people had learned to trust it; then, we saw the truth during 2020 that Twitter was only free speech as long as they were driving a political agenda they agreed with. For political opposition, they would become active in destroying them, which is exactly what Twitter did to members of the MAGA movement. I was undoubtedly on that list, so when conspiracy theories formed about the relationship Twitter had with the government, I found them credible in the context of the evidence being concealed from us. 

And because Elon Musk purchased Twitter, he was able to do something very unique, and that was to reveal all the information that had been suppressed, such as in learning that Twitter was essentially an intelligence agency manipulation tool that the CIA could use against political parties in America to stay in power. And why wouldn’t anybody think that would have happened? Did they think they could trust these people not to abuse their power? When in history has such a temptation been managed? I would say never. If you give anybody too much power over your life, they will abuse it 100% of the time. It’s just the way all minds think, even artificial intelligence. It’s the nature of the power-hungry to protect themselves from the judgments of others. So corruption will happen 100% of the time, and the only recourse is the judgment of peers in the matter. I was never surprised by what Twitter did and how wrapped up they were in the corrupt nature of American intelligence agencies like the FBI and the CIA. Twitter made their jobs easier, so the temptation to abuse it was way too enticing, and they did. There is no dispute now whether abuses of power occurred or how much. The conspiracy theories about Twitter and their motivations are no longer concealed, and a unique problem has been placed in our lap for the first time since mass media emerged. Before, we might have rationalized that it was all too big for us to do anything about; we wanted the illusion, so we fed the mess. But now we have proof of our greatest fears regarding big government and what it expects out of us, and it has scared people.

Then, consider that Twitter is just one little media company in the scheme of things. The same conspiracies were formed about Facebook and all of Google, showing the same behavior trends with Deep State actors from the global Administrative State. For all those who chastised those who ushered conspiracy theory as a response to the emergence of Big Tech, I would refer everyone to the story I told while on the set of a film project in 2008, while at the catering truck. There were a bunch of actors there; Peter Facinelli was there as well as his wife from the popular show Beverly Hills 90210, a football player from the Carolina Panthers, an actress fresh off the set of Pirates of the Caribbean 3, and many tech heads and producers from RealD 3D who were working with Jim Cameron on camera concepts for the new Avatar film that was coming out soon. And the push at that table where I was talking to all these people was to get on the hot new platform called Facebook, and everyone was mystified that Mark Zuckerberg was a billionaire at the ripe age of 21. Many of those actors were solicited to get on the platform to lend credibility. And I told all of them that Facebook was an intelligence operation that was being created to gather up private information on billions of people. Otherwise, how would a free service to the public make a dating app into a multibillion-dollar company so quickly and make one of the wealthiest people in the world out of a kid? I told them I wasn’t going to get on it, and they all laughed and rationalized that I was just a conservative from Cincinnati who would catch the Hollywood trends ten years too late. That the future was happening right then and there, and they were all excited about it. They meant it all in good fun when they called me a conspiracy theorist. Well, who turned out to be right more than ten years later?

Rich Hoffman

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