Marriage is Between a Man and a Woman, Only: Global governments and their war against family

As the same-sex marriage protections were passed in Congress, one common theme essentially said, “you have a right to marry whoever you love regardless of the color of your skin or the orientation, and it shouldn’t be controversial. Our nation was built on the notion of individual liberty.” Yet, and this is speaking from my personal experience, I’ve been married for over 33 years, and I can say that marriage isn’t about sex. You don’t get married to have sex. You get married to start and to raise a family. And it’s hard work. You get married to go into a partnership with another person that lasts for many years. You don’t get married just to get a divorce over silly disagreements, like one of the marriage partners doesn’t like the color of a new car that is bought. You get married to work out problems together and to teach future generations how to approach life. And even when all the kids are grown up and move away, you stay married, so there is a place for them to go on Thanksgiving and Christmas to recharge their batteries and continue fighting for the creation of their own families. In other words, the creation of a family is the first form of government in modern society, and we should do everything we can to protect it, nurture it, and respect it. And all that Congress has done with the passage of their same-sex protections act is desecrate the basic premise of family creation. Government sees the creation of family as a rival to their form of central government, which is the reason for their position, which is insulting to all those who endeavor to have a good family that starts with a good marriage. 

I’ve always liked the Bible, it is the foundation of law and order for western civilization, so it becomes very obvious when rivals to that law and order come along and attempt to erode away the foundations of that understanding. And the efforts to separate biblical understanding through the separation of church and state have really been about attacking the value systems of western civilization in order to create something else, something more “eastern” in its value systems. So a desecration of all that western civilization has been built upon is a deliberate strategy, and those participants reveal their intentions in doing so. That is clearly the crime of this lame-duck congress upon passing a bill of desecration intended for the American family. From every progressive front, our legal system, which encourages divorce, our entertainment culture that has sought to cheapen marriage to the silly vestiges of sex and sex only, forgetting that the purpose of sex is exclusively in the creation of children, not in the expression and pursuit of recreation. Or even the purpose of the internet, which seems solely to have been built to spy on people and to poison their minds with easy images of pornography to appeal to the animal natures of human beings so that they would be easier to control by centralized governments stripped of their primary purposes in life, which was to create good families, the first foundation of a stable society. The war against the American family, and families all over the world, has been going on for a long time by purposeful desecrators intent on eradicating the premise so that people would be vulnerable to the instigations of an all-powerful government that replaces the concept of mother and father so that children would all share the same home, the ultimate collectivism of communism, the China Model. 

What I like about the Bible are passages like this one from Deuteronomy 22:5 “The woman shall not wear that which pertained unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are an abomination unto the LORD thy God.” To the kind of people who supported what Congress did on that same-sex bill, they would laugh at that statement and would call it old-fashioned and naive. But what they are really saying is that the notions of such divisions of recognition between the sexes have been successfully suppressed by progressive society, where the destruction of Christian ideas has been all but destroyed. And such Bible references are laughable and out of touch. Then I would say, as a person who has been married to the same woman for many years and raised kids and grandkids, that anybody who doesn’t live their life close to that Bible passage has no chance at a successful life in the creation of families, which is the point of the destruction in the first place. Progressives, global liberals, have always intended to eradicate Christian support from the laws of society so that they would not have to acknowledge the primary foundation of all government, which is the formation of the family. Government wants to be an organism of itself, and it doesn’t want to bend the knee to a family of any kind. Government wants to be like the concept of family in China, where the government is the ultimate mother and father, as a unisex tradition, and all of society are its children. And to perform such a desecration upon their primary rivals in the world, The United States, and in general, western civilization itself, the concept of a traditional family must go along with the Christian foundations which supported it in the first place.

When I was first married over three decades ago, I was surprised at how antagonistic people were to my ideas of marriage. Some really hostile people in my life were against the marriage. They had bit into the poison fruit of a progressive society that wanted to follow the rules being applied, and I simply rejected them. My idea of marriage was traditional and Biblical, with clear divisions between the role of men and women. My wife would be a stay-at-home mother and would dedicate her life to our children. I would do all the strong stuff and ensure the family always had what it needed. I did it if that required working three shifts a day, seven days a week. And even if that sounds like an exaggeration, there were several years when I had to do just that. And I did it without a second car, so I rode a bicycle to work so my wife would have the car to care for the children and drive them to school. You don’t complain; you don’t cry. You don’t bend the knee to the pressures of the universe. You fight back, you fight for the right to raise a family, and you let that family know that no matter what, you are a pillar that holds everything up so they can develop safely within your family. And even when they are all grown up, your home is a safe place for them to return to and always find their footing. Even when you are 90 years old and have been married to the same person for 70 years. You don’t get divorced over sex. You don’t spend your time wasting it thinking about some form of sexual discharge. You don’t waste your efforts on stupid stuff that doesn’t make a family great. And that is what a marriage is, and it’s hard work on a good day. And most of the time, it’s not fun and games. It’s picking a person to spend a life with and solving problems within a partnership, and sex is often not even a relevant question or consideration, nor should it be. Sex is for producing children and for that purpose only. We’ve made it into a recreation, and the government has wanted that to distract us from the goals of family, which they see as rivals for their pursuits of control. And that is why this Congressional push for same-sex marriage is an abomination to the American family and an act of war toward the sovereignty of every household that means our total destruction, and nothing less. And in my view, anything that does not promote family values and the sustainability of a family in any way is completely worthless to the human race.

Rich Hoffman

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