China’s Control Over American Elections and Plan for World Domination: Covid was their weapon of choice, and they intend to use it again

I say it all the time, and I’ll repeat it, China is a creation of the Desecrators of Davos, the world’s radical political billionaires who are looking at every opportunity to destroy the sovereignty of the United States. And the China Model is their weapon of war, and part of that weapon is the ability to control the elections. The way China has spent so much money buying up media opinions and politicians, it’s not a question of how much China has had over American elections. But the guilt runs right to the door of the Desecrators of Davos, who have worked so hard to prop up China and give them that ability. Without the Desecrators of Davos from the World Economic Forum, China would just be another third-world country selling rice to the west. It’s only through the actions of economic warfare that China gained the power to do in the world what they have been doing to show complete domination. Giving China money was like providing a mass murderer a gun to kill with. And they have used it to attempt to destroy America at every opportunity, most specifically by showing control over our elections. The protests from Arizona over the certification of the phony election there reveal the many plots that flow out of China to control who they have to deal with as opponents. Of course, China wants to deal with soft politicians that they can easily manipulate with stolen money. And if there was ever doubt about the 2020 election fraud, those doubts disappeared during 2022 when the theft was performed right out in the open, and Katie Hobbs and her crew could care less what anybody thought about it. They have no respect for American law and order because they all believe that China is the new model for the world and that the new rules apply to keep them in power, despite what voters think.

The protests that have erupted across China, specifically Shanghai, over Covid lockdowns show just to what extent the communist country is willing to go to hide its own complicity. In the United States, several important books are coming out in January of 2023 that will tell the real story of Covid. One is from Bobby Kennedy Jr., as a sequel to his first one, The Real Anthony Fauci, that will tell the story of how the virus was created in a Wuhan lab in China, and who knew what and went about unleashing the virus to the world. It is no longer speculation China worked with various American officials and members of the World Economic Forum to unleash a deadly disease to tamper with the American election of President Trump essentially, but even more sinister than that, to implement the China Model of complete control over the human race as the “new normal” that has been at the center of propping China up from the beginning. China was always intended to be the bad guy on the world stage that the rest of the world would fear. And they would determine the rules of conduct going into the future. They had enough compromised politicians, like the Biden crime family, even weak Republicans like Mitch McConnell, to allow China to manipulate America from behind the scenes maliciously. Even to control who gets into office and who doesn’t. The China-created Covid virus allowed so many states to implement lax voting laws that would allow for early voting by unverified mail, opening the door for massive cheating. It has been proven abundantly that digital machines, if not monitored carefully, could be hacked by a third party and that China has been doing just that in close races in the United States. So yes, there has been massive amounts of election fraud in America, and China has been the manipulator. Ultimately all the strings run to the Desecrators of Davos, but the hostile agent has been China.

What has been revealed by Twitter is clearly the China Model of complete censorship of speech by authoritarian liberals, assuming, as Katie Hobbs did in Arizona, that the world will become China. All the rules of the American Constitution were going to go away anyway. With its threat of world domination, China has given this illusion to manipulators in the United States, such as our intelligence agencies, who have become seduced by the power of centralized government. And that collaboration with “big tech” was shown to work in China, and that model was then duplicated at Google, YouTube, Facebook, and of course, Twitter. These were never free speech platforms but devices of communist rule over the minds of the many, and they learned to behave in such despicable ways because of the example China showed the world. The belief that everyone in the world needed to bend their knee to this new communist power is the justification for law-breaking that has allowed for election fraud to occur massively. The pressure exerted by China forced the rest of the world, especially the American courts, to adopt changes to traditional thinking out of their own need to preserve themselves. That is part of the election fraud machine, to convince good people to do nothing while the malicious attack our system of government with the intent to destroy it from the inside out. 

Yet the protests from the people in China are what we could become if we allow this system to spiral out of control, as clearly has happened in the communist country. China has had to remove those protests from their state-controlled media with force, and the people there have no chance to stand up to the dictatorship of the corporate alliances that have propped China up to be such a threat to the world on purpose. The poor people there are being crushed while the world’s board of directors watches gleefully. The corporate and government alliances are just the latest attempt in the world to suppress the people that governments are supposed to work for. And in China, it has gotten away from them. They have no choice but to submit to mock Covid lockdowns meant to sell the latest coronavirus as a threat to the world to hide all the malicious deeds conducted by the global takeover of the entire economy. Only, in the United States, it’s not too late. It’s not easy to tell people what they are seeing; they aren’t seeing. Or to send tanks into a neighborhood to root out the rebels. In America, people are ultimately still in control. The media isn’t trusted, and neither is the government. And even when the elections are stolen, people do not just automatically submit to authority. Capturing authority figures alone doesn’t work in America; people are always looking for a choice. They don’t accept limits. That is not the American way, which is where we find ourselves now, feeling sorry for the poor people of China controlled by a ruthless government in league with the Desecrators of Davos and their plans for world domination. In America, people still intend to fight back, even when their elections are stolen. Because people don’t worship power for power’s sake, they expect results and do judge the good from the bad, which is why the election fraud isn’t sticking in Arizona or elsewhere. The China Model is failing, and unlike what they are doing to suppress the information in China, those methods won’t work in the United States. 

Rich Hoffman

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