Microsoft’s Role in Slowing Down Election Results: Using incompetency to hide malicious intent

I knew what they were up to before the sun came up on election day; Microsoft sent me, on one of their multiple pop-up windows, a message indicating that elections take time and that likely we wouldn’t know the votes totals by the end of the day.  The message warned me to “be patient.” So we are seeing the “operation slow walk” in some of these election races, where results are coming at us in a trickle rather than knowing results on election night as we have for all of our lives.  This strategy is part of the Desecrators of Davos influence over corporations who are in their World Economic Forum to take control of the world’s governments through bureaucratic procedures and changed expectations about efficiency.  And Microsoft is one of their biggest corporations, committed to implementing Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset by the target date of 2030.  Part of the strategy in doing that is to dumb down the world’s populations so that it is easier to fool them and lower their expectations, especially in capital markets, as to what can be productively accomplished.  The reason for that is an obvious Marxist model they are following where exceptional results need to be evened out with lackluster effort so that a new normal can be utilized as a part of that Great Reset which is easy for an Administrative State to manage as a central government from the perspective of the United Nations, which most of the world’s billionaires are betting their money on, will be the bank they can rely on for the future.  A stable government where crazy populist trends won’t affect their investment.  An empowered China to help enforce that global stability through a communist government run essentially by one central person.  And Microsoft’s job in the whole business is that they are connected to everyone in the world through some means or another and can therefore send messages directly to them instructing them how to think, how to behave, and what to expect. 

Of course, the goal of the slow walk of the election day results, which was a pre-planned event by the minds behind Microsoft, just as the release of the Covid virus was, and for many of the same reasons, was to tame the effect of the Red Wave that has been building in America for quite a number of years.  Populism and Republican forms of government are Holy Water to the intentions of the Desecrators of Davos globalists, so anywhere they can, they mean to slow things down and lower the expectations that people in America have about their time and what can be done in it.  You might have noticed that the emphasis on drive-thru windows at fast food restaurants has changed from very fast to much more mediocre.  The only one that still lives up to American expectations is Chick-fil-A, which commits to fast and high-quality service.  But the rest of them have turned to dumbing down all their operations to essentially lower those expectations to the goals set for globalist control of corporate environments, making it much easier to instill the Great Reset for which Microsoft is one of the biggest cheerleaders.  Microsoft used to be committed to the computer world, making things faster and easier for people to be more productive.  But the company has changed a lot since the 1990s and is much more interested in directing people’s behavior in subtle ways, whether it is to push the stay-at-home office worker holding meetings through Teams or editing the use of words in their spell check.  How could Microsoft know before the American election that it would take time to count all the votes?  Because they were part of the plan to slow walk the results to minimize the effects of the Red Wave.  And control the media narrative on the populist movement in America into something that wouldn’t give people in other countries any big ideas. 

By the time it’s all said and done, the Red Wave will be quite a statement.  Of course, built into slowing things down is the hope that all the poll watchers will let down their guard and allow vote counters a chance to inject a bunch of mail-in drop-off ballots that will mix with good ballots and tip the scales in favor of Democrats, who are the representative political party in America for the Desecrators of Davos.  By the time all the votes are counted, people will be thinking about Christmas shopping and will have moved on.  The media, which is just as in on the scheme as Microsoft is, will have contained the populist narrative of the 2022 election, and they hope that people will wear away their enthusiasm.   And that’s not hard to do, to get the corporations to back some globalist scheme as they are.  The CEOs all want to be at the cool kid’s table, and the current definition of cool kids is what the Desecrators of Davos have established in the ski resort town of big league meetings.  And, of course, they hire liberal people to run their companies, whether they are mass media or a company like Microsoft that touches everyone in the world through some means.  And employees typically do whatever is asked of them based on the corporate rules that are set.  Whatever they must do for a paycheck is the moral clause defining their actions.  So in that very simple way, a centralized terrorist plot to take over all the world’s economies by controlling the governments that manage them can efficiently be utilized by a few billionaires in a very small club.  And Microsoft was set up by Bill Gates to implement those goals long ago. 

When Microsoft posted their message on election day indicating that counting votes takes time, they were lying.  What they mean to say is that all people should lower their expectations about what is possible, and the use of technology which has been planted in our minds as the cutting edge of efficiency and knowledge, is instructing us that the world needs to slow down instead.  And that we should expect less, not more.  It is the message of the Desecrators of Davos and their Brave New World of slowed-down supply chains, less service-oriented compliance, and much longer lines for everything.  They are pushing for a cashless society so they can be the central bankers of the new monetary system.  They want to control transportation, but to do that, people need to slow down in their lives to the limits of their intentions.  And they want to control speech.  If you use Microsoft Word, for example, you might notice that they continuously give suggestions on speech that would be less offensive to potential readers.  It’s all been a well-thought-out plot to slow down life in America so that a takeover of our way of life can be possible by the hostile characters from the Desecrators of Davos.  And Bill Gates has been a long-standing member, and written in the code of just about everything with a Microsoft logo on it is this malicious enterprise of subverting our American government and replacing it with a much slower, much more corrupt, and more globalist-oriented one.  And they conspired to suppress the election results so that they could control the media narrative of it.  And that act alone should tell you what a danger Microsoft is to us all in ways that many people aren’t ready to accept.

Rich Hoffman

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