Yes, the Brazil Election was Stolen: Why wouldn’t it be, stolen elections are the military strategy of the Desecrators of Davos

Of course, the election in Brazil was rigged against Jair Bolsonaro. Like Joe Biden in the United States, Lula da Silva was a compromised character that is easy to control, and the Desecrators of Davos who run the World Economic Forum and the many offshoots under the banner of the United Nations want to control and to secure their investments into China. And China wants control of Brazil and its Amazon Valley for all the resources it has. It’s the same playbook that happened in America; only it wasn’t so much under cover of the fake Covid rules as those same characters did in 2020 to steal the election from Trump. Bolsonaro was the Trump of the Tropics, so for all the same reasons, the Desecrators of Davos wanted to get rid of a populist president in a strategic region of the world they want to gain control of. This time it was the digital election machines, and as election night in Brazil wore on, Bolsonaro was leading in all the usual areas until the vote count came in from areas where the drug cartels control everything, and of course, there, Lula surged ahead. It was very similar to how Biden, a compromised criminal who has sold America out to China and other places many times over, surged ahead of Trump in corrupt cities like Philadelphia. Audaciously, in that case, vote watchers were not permitted to watch the vote count and were isolated from that action until they had counted enough made-up votes to give Biden the victory. The proof two years later, the so-called 81 million people who supposedly voted for Biden are not around to help Democrats anywhere. They are getting ready to get smoked in the Midterms of 2022. And you know what that means? It’s not just that people are unhappy with Biden’s performance but that they never voted for Biden the first time around. And that is where the people of Brazil find themselves now that they have been given Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva as their new president, given to them by the Desecrators of Davos courtesy of the World Economic Forum.

And without knowing a thing about the facts, taking his orders from the same media cover-up who are attached at the hip to those same Desecrators of Davos, the media types who have already moved their money into China as most big corporations have, Biden was quick to give the corporate line, “it was a free and fair election in Brazil,” and anybody who says otherwise is a “conspiracy theorist and a threat to democracy.” And that same line of thinking by all the same criminals is that anyone questioning election results is inciting violence and contributing to a destabilized society. And they are a threat who must be arrested and put in jail. There have been assassinations of Bolsonaro supporters in Brazil, and the messages have been clear, just as they were over January 6th in the United States. The voters are not in control; the Liberal World Order run by the World Economic Forum is. And if you don’t like that, they will come and smash you from the face of the earth. How else did anybody think they would accomplish all the goals they set for 2030, where we will own nothing and be happy about it? They always meant business, but they didn’t have a military. All they have is money, and they have used it to fill the pockets of the criminal underclass to be their army for them. And through corporate control, through their Desecrators of Davos events, they have gained control of the media, of the world governments, and ultimately elections through their digital machines. Mike Lindell isn’t crazy. He has proved it well beyond any burden to do so. It’s just been suppressed by those who committed the crime. The Desecrators of Davos don’t need their own military when they can control elections. Because if they control elections, they can then control what governments do, and yes, that is how they acquired power. And that is how they stole the election in the United States in 2020. And that is how they stole the election in Brazil in 2022. But it certainly isn’t reflected in what the people want, and the protests are vigorous and will remain that way. 

I feel very sorry for the good people in Brazil who voted for an opportunity in Bolsonaro. They aren’t like we are in the United States, where they have guns and know how to use them. They are a poor people trying to climb out of the gutter, but the criminal elements of the world want to exploit them and keep them under their thumb, which is why these kinds of places always have levels of organized crime to protect corrupt governments from an overthrow by their people. It’s entirely on purpose. When people are afraid of the drug cartels, they certainly can’t organize against a corrupt and out-of-control government. So they never had a chance to win that election. Once the criminal elements from the World Economic Forum saw how things were trending toward Bolsonaro, just as they did with Trump, hiding behind the mask of China as the big global baddy, they put their person in power and called it a day. And they barely hid the action, almost as if they dared anybody to say anything about it. 

So why do I say that the Desecrators of Davos are criminals, including Americans like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Fink, George Soros, and many others who are eating out of the hand of the ultimate globalist, Klaus Schwab? Well, because they are stealing wealth, taking over countries, destroying governments, and bringing great harm to people maliciously. And they are quite aware of what they are doing as they are doing it. What the Federal Reserve did in America using Larry Fink to distribute the money created through quantitative easing since 2008 was knowing criminal negligence. They printed fake money and used that money to buy stocks so that through BlackRock, they could gain control of America’s most valuable corporations, then turn them into advocates of the World Economic Forum goals. Who needs a standing army when you control the money supply? It’s a new kind of war that we are dealing with; you better believe it, they are out for blood. Actually, it’s much worse than that. And they keep control through election fraud, which they have been involved in for many decades now. Notice how they haven’t won in court against Mike Lindell, even though they have vigorously made threats in the media. That’s because they are as guilty as guilty gets. But their scheme works so long as people are too naive not to question them on it. It’s lazy just to hope that everyone will be honest, and people like these Desecrators of Davos characters are eager to exploit such people. They make their livings off it. They have become wealthy from such exploitations. And you better believe it, they stole the election in Brazil, and other places in the world, such as Venezuela, Russia, and China, everywhere they can. That is how they always planned to rule the world through finance and stolen elections. That was the globalists’ strategy, and by the time people figured it all out, it would be over. Except in the United States, we appear to have figured it out before it was too late. And they are on their heels more than they want you to believe. Keep that in mind when you vote in America on November 8th. And feel good about sticking your finger in their eye because they deserve it. Voting and ensuring your elections are honest and fair is much better than armed violence against the government. This is very much the reality they have in Brazil now that they must face the facts of what happened to them. Unlike America, they won’t get a second chance any time soon. 

Rich Hoffman

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