The Occult of Climate Change Fanatics: The perspective of a galactic year

The debate on climate change cannot be understood by rational political discussion because there is nothing reasonable about it. To accept the premise of John Kerry, Greta Thunberg, Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, and the Biden administration, you’d have to be insane. Liberalism, progressivism, and all things on the political left are various degrees of insanity and cannot be explained by science or even an attempt to understand science. Liberalism and the earth worship of climate change are rooted in the ancient superstitions of the occult and the various religions that spawn from fear and irrationality. And it is there and only there where climate change and earth worship can be explained as an approach to a long-known problem. Because what we do know about the earth is that it has a minimal shelf life, and it has been bombed by space debris many times in its history, which isn’t that long by measuring it in galactic years, which is the proper way to understand earth and its problems. Humans are lucky to have come along in the silly little period of 25,000 years of their entire existence if we measure such a thing by conscious recognition of social development. Its always a race against time to see if life can become something special before the next great cataclysm, and that is where the insanity of liberalism takes a detour from rational thought and begins to utilize ancient practices of human sacrifices to appeal to pagan gods and preserve the earth from catastrophe rather than using intellect to solve the problems of gaining control of our solar system or even the entire galaxy and become a type 1, 2 or even 3 civilization. So long as we keep ourselves chained to the earth and its vulnerabilities, we will always be at risk of complete destruction at a moment’s notice, and sacrificing productivity lives or thoughts to the gods of the universe hoping to be spared will not solve the problem.

Here is the heart of the matter, the earth, of course, revolves around the sun once a year, which is how we measure the age of our home planet. But that is not the proper way to measure anything because its importance only has weight in our own backyard. Instead, our sun and solar system are just one part of one arm of a spiral galaxy that you can see by looking up on a dark night in areas where there isn’t a lot of light pollution. Recently my wife and I were in upper Michigan, and she had been out of our RV with my daughters, and she came to wake me up from my sleep hastily. They rushed me to a clearing at 2 am to look up, and the spiral arm of our home galaxy was clearly visible in the clear night. So you can see it without the aid of a telescope. Well, that arm travels around the black hole at the galaxy’s center every 230 million years or so. For us, the dinosaurs and all the epics of life on earth evolved during that one galactic year. Then during that year of travel of the solar system around the core of the Milkey Way galaxy, the journey through that galactic arm of debris occurs. Our solar system spends a third of its time on one side of that arm, but during the galactic year, it travels to the other side, much in the way that the earth’s seasons are created by its position around the sun over an earth year. A galactic year has various seasons of influence over our solar system. And it takes 30 million years for our solar system to pass from one side of that spiral arm to another. Then during this period, the gravity wells within our solar system pick up lots of strange hitchhikers in the form of planet-killing debris, which move into orbit around our inner planets, and have routinely killed those planets and everything over time. It’s a cycle that occurs during every galactic year. 

Looking at Mars and studying the earth, the planetary bombardment has been a routine every several hundred thousand years, and presently we are about 9 million years into that passage through the spiral ring to the other side and are due for a planet-killing impact which is the usual thing in space encounters.   We don’t typically think about these things as human beings because we measure time in ridiculously recent memories. We think of events in the Bible as old instead of very current, as we should. So we tend to think we have all the time in the world regarding galactic years, yet we don’t have much time to solve human problems before the next planet killer comes. And that is clearly what happened to Mars and even Venus. A planet-killing comet struck Mars, and the planet is actually distorted as a result. The tall volcanos on Mars are more the result of pressure points of magma under the planet from planetary impacts that pushed the entire crust up in places on the opposite side of the planet from fatal impacts. Any life that was on Mars was not killed by climate change, as liberal radicals want to assume since it’s evident that there were massive amounts of water on that planet that is now gone. When a planet gets hit with large objects, the atmosphere can be stripped away, causing all the water to evaporate into space and become space debris that eventually falls to other planets millions of miles away. Many tons of material fall to earth each year from Mars, which has been floating around since its last cataclysm. 

The only way for the people of earth to solve this problem is to embrace it by way of virtue as established in the Bible, where God made man, and man was to have the Genesis concept of having dominion over it and everything on it. That is the psychological path to becoming a Type 1 civilization and harnessing all the power of a solar system to use for mankind to flourish and, thus, all the planets it touches. Currently, we are planning to go to Mars and build a new atmosphere through terraforming. And we can do the same on earth. We can build and do anything we want so long as we live. But if we sit around sacrificing to the pagan gods of astrology and hope they will take pity on us as many societies did in the past, hoping that appeasement will preserve life ultimately, then that society is planning for failure. And that is what liberals propose. That is what the religion of climate change is all about. It’s not such a miracle that earth exists. It’s a miracle that so much life has grown in such a short period of time between planetary bombardments. Earth has been hit many times, and our mythology records some of the trauma caused by the flood stories. Our oceans have not always been where they are today, land masses have risen and fallen, and parts of the earth that used to be river beds are now the peaks of mountains thousands of feet above sea level.

The forces applied to the planet from the galaxy itself often reshape what we think are finite waterfronts and mountainous regions, making them as flexible as a child’s toy.   And we only have a short time to advance or be destroyed. Liberal appeasement is not a practical approach. Only science can solve the problem by using the tools of the universe for mankind’s disposal. And we start that by not listening to the fools of insanity, the earth worshipers, and liberals of destruction. Anyone who follows anything they have to say is doomed. Yet any society that wishes to flourish will use the tools available to us and move into space to take command of our destiny quickly before it’s too late.

Rich Hoffman

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