The Media Doesn’t Like that Rednecks are Hanging Out With Trump: The ultimate failure of the Liberal World Order

It is very interesting to see how the Liberal World Order has been reacting to the fact that President Trump still has a lot of support, perhaps more than he did in 2020 and 2016. Many media outlets are stating under their breath that a lot of rednecks are hanging out with Trump at his Mar-a-Lago home and that somehow that was meant to be derogatory. Very interesting. Now I don’t like to call anybody an “elite.” It was a term invented to conger up sentiments of aristocracy and social order that clearly outlined the elements of hierarchy that the Liberal World Order desires with every essence of their being. And when you deal with liberals, in most all cases, that is undoubtedly their perspective. Then those who do not travel a lot and rely on the media content that comes out of the New York, Washington D.C., or Los Angeles outlets would have the illusion that the Liberal World Order was always in charge and would remain that way. But for those who travel a lot, especially in the middle of the country, the kind of people they meet are Trump supporters, the type of people who travel many miles to hear the President speak the same speech repeatedly. Trump gave two speeches over the middle of October in 2022, one in Nevada and one in Arizona, and both were filled with people who had driven many miles to get there and stood in line for hours and, in some cases, days to attend the venue. Additionally, there were people watching from home and choosing to do so over all the other entertainment options they had. 

In my own way, the things I do are purposely intended to stick a blunt object in the eye of the Liberal World Order, which always starts with my choice to wear cowboy hats in public. Years ago, when I first came out against Lakota issues, I received a barrage of hate mails from snot-nosed spoiled brat 30-somethings who thought the world revolved around them and their desire for free babysitting in the public schools because I appeared on the front page of the Cincinnati Enquirer complete with my hat and bullwhip. The things they said only solidified my intent, and it was ironic. They would declare that they were embarrassed to have moved to Liberty Township; they didn’t know there were “rednecks” like me around when they bought their house. And I would respond, of course, that I had lived in Liberty Township before many of them were a twinkle in the eye of a dog. And they intruded on me, not the other way around. But what they said was essentially the same thing we see nationally with Trump. They thought they had him destroyed. The Liberal World Order thought it was in charge and had everything under control. Then they realized, apparently just a few weeks ago, that they were never in charge and that their Liberal World Order was only an illusion to themselves. Nobody was following them over the cliff they were leading us all to, and there was quite a hatred for them that they ignored and hoped would go away when people realized that they didn’t have any other options. When I wear my hat in public, as I have since I was a little kid in the first grade, it’s to tell those types of people that I’m not like them. That I reject their premise of liberalism and am happy with traditional American values. And I have a lot of experience with liberal people losing their lunch over such a visual reference, and I thrive off it. Their opinions have never made me want to change my approach. It has only solidified that resolve. 

You could hear the pride in their voices at the January 6th committee that declared they would go to subpoena Trump to their sham trial because they had the power to do so, or so they thought. Trump could just claim executive privilege, which he would be suitable to utilize. I would do it; differently. I would show up and make fools of them in front of their disastrous circus to show the contrast and beat them at their own game. And Trump could do that to get a chance to talk about the mass election fraud and examples on a big stage and beat them with their own tools of corruption. But Trump is a former president, and presidents don’t answer to the mob, especially when it was that same mob that stole an election, killed people with Covid by inventing the mess, working with China to release it, then denying medicine to people so that the virus could spread all so they could steal an election and destroy the economy of America. So Trump isn’t going to speak at the January 6th garbage. We’ll have an election that forces all those people out of office, and they will lose power that they never really had because they will be forced to deal with the reality that people do not like them. The Liberal World Order has failed to breed more like them in our public schools and colleges, as they had planned to. And after a century of work, people still want someone like Trump rather than some “elite” snot-nosed loser who thinks of America as an aristocratic nation, which it never was. America was meant to function without the Liberal World Order in charge of people’s lives, which is evident after all the effort put forth that clearly, those are still the priorities of the vast majority in American politics. 

Shortly after the last election, I was so angry at Joe Biden and the Liberal World Order that I left in my RV and headed out into the deserts of New Mexico, Utah, Idaho, and many places in between. I found myself at the World’s Largest Truckstop in Iowa, and I stood in the middle of that giant store and just took a deep breath. That was America. I saw people there who are the same people who flock to the Trump rallies. Who are the rednecks the media is complaining about hanging out at Trump’s home? The people that the Liberal World Order hates, yet there they were gathered all in one place, and they were flag-waving patriots who, in most cases, just wanted to be left alone by their government and to eat a hot dog on a bright and sunny day with the American flag flying overhead. A few days later, I found myself at Wall Drug in South Dakota, and that pro-American sentiment was even stronger. That was  America, and the Liberal World Order couldn’t touch it. They certainly didn’t understand it. And that is why they are losing, and are losing power during the upcoming elections. They grew up thinking that the world was theirs, and only now do they realize that they weren’t more intelligent than the rednecks and flag-waving patriots who shop at Walmart, wear cowboy hats and want to pull their homes with them on vacation when they only get 8 miles per gallon while doing it. They’ll pay the price so they can have their own stove, refrigerator, and a bed that they don’t have to share with the losers from the Liberal World Order, the spoiled brats and malcontents of aristocracy that died in Europe several centuries earlier. Only liberals didn’t get the memo and thought they could hide the information from the world with stolen elections. But obviously, they couldn’t. 

Rich Hoffman

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