The Solved Mystery of the Newark Holy Stones: It’s not the Lost Tribes of Israel who brought them to America; rather, the other way around

I’ve known about the Newark Holy Stones for quite a number of years, but like a lot of things that happened during the Covid lockdowns and attempts at the government to flat-out lie to people in ways only conspiracy theorists had ever thought possible, it has brought new light to the story of these unique artifacts that have rocked the archaeological world most violently at the start of it. One stone, which they call the Keystone, was found in a mound just outside of the Newark, Ohio complex, which has some of the most advanced geometry in ground effigies. The mathematics contained in them is similar to that of the Great Pyramids and other sites around the world that whisper of sophisticated knowledge of stars and how they relate to an earth that was undoubtedly round. It was found not very far into the surface, which led many to speculate that it was a Masonic plot of conspiracy to establish in the region their influence. After all, it is a Masonic emblem essentially well known for its rituals. What was most perplexing about the stone was written in ancient Hebrew references that were clearly Biblical. The biggest problem with that was the date of the mounds was older than the Bible, leading many to discuss that the Mound Builders may well have been the result of the Lost Tribes of Israel, which would have supported the Mormon movement that was brewing in America in 1860 when the stone was found. From the outset, the relic was rationalized as a hoax mainly by the Democrats who investigated it. These were the days of the radical Abraham Lincoln who wanted to end slavery, and it was Republicans who supported the idea that ancient Hebrews had found their way into North America somehow and were part of the Mound Building culture that was so mysterious. 

Then there was a real problem that occurred when another Holy Stone was found south of the Newark site in the Great Stone Mound situated along an old Indian trail, where legend indicated that a person of great personage was buried there and that each time a traveler had passed by, they should place a stone on the mound to commemorate that. By the 1800s, the 40- to 50-foot-tall pyramidal mound was covered from top to bottom with stones that would eventually be looted with more than 15,000 wagon loads to use the rocks for a local building project. Then when archaeological enthusiasts could get inside it with the stones removed in 1860, what they found at the bottom shocked the world and still does. It’s called the Decalogue Stone and was found in a little stone chest that was buried carefully with a skeleton well entombed. And in the little stone box was a carved stone with a picture of Moses and the Ten Commandments in the abbreviated form written all about them. This caused quite a stir around the world as the Ten Commandments couldn’t possibly have been in North America at any point before the arrival of Christopher Columbus, so immediately, there was a push from academia (mostly Democrats) to disregard these Holy Stones from Newark as nonsense and hoaxes. After all this time, they are still considered very controversial and reside authentically in the Johnson-Humrickhouse Museum in Coshocton, Ohio, just to the north of the Newark Mound site as it is today. 

Lately, over the last several decades, there has been increasing hypothetical evidence that the lost continent of Atlantis was, in fact, in North America, not located in the Middle East, Africa, or Asia. Everything pointed to all cultures on Earth migrating out from the Americas. It was very advanced before the Ice Age, and during it, before everything was wiped out by the Younger Dryas cataclysm, which was a world-killer comet that struck around 12,000 years ago, suddenly ending the Ice Age and wiping away most of the life on Earth instantly, and melting massive amounts of glacial ice that increased the levels of the oceans with massive flooding and led to all the flood myths that so many cultures had from their pre-history. And it makes the most sense to me that with an advanced civilization in North America destroyed by the portion of the comet that hit central Michigan and carved out Saginaw Bay that only people far from the blast or high in the mountains during their global trade survived. And they took with them elements of their previous culture to re-populate the world starting over essentially. This makes much more sense if you view all civilizations from the point of view of the Vico Cycle rather than one continuous evolution. And this also explains why the mound builders of Ohio and the Mississippi Valley were so obsessed with the stars and alignments of Earth on the surface. This was clear to me after visiting the Stonehenge site. In Avebury, just north of Stonehenge, there are mounds like those seen in Miamisburg, Ohio, and other places. The evidence of a global culture influencing these constructions is obvious. And in America, also there were found the bones of very large people which showed signs of a lost race that history had wiped away. Digging into the mounds around Miamisburg, they found a skull and various skeletons that easily would fit over the face of a modern human. 

So getting back to the Newark Holy Stones, it is my belief that they are evidence of a pre-Biblical society only hinted at before being lost to the Vico Cycle and global cataclysm. We see evidence of the Vico Cycle, where the Biden administration wants to resort to a primitive society. If allowed to continue for the next several hundred years, all traces of modern human technology could be eroded away, and in just a few thousand years, even the biggest skyscrapers could be lost to history. Any society that was more than 10,000 years ago would be lost, which has likely been going on for far longer than that, and was the reason that so many who did survive the Younger Dryas extinction event built so much with land and stone, to preserve their culture in ways that paper and other organic materials couldn’t. The rate of degradation would at least allow future society to know that they lived. And looking at things understanding the Vico Cycle and world-killing cataclysms that happen much more often than people would like to realize, the seed for all civilization is in the Ten Commandments. One of the reasons that many still today think of the Decalogue Stone as being a hoax is that scholars say that no Jew would have written such a less-than-perfect version of the Ten Commandments. They would have written them correctly, or not at all, and the way that the Ten Commandments are written on the Decalogue Stone is crammed into every bit of surface on the stone. But they would be much more easily understood if these Ten Commandments were written well before the events at Mt. Sinai and the Exodus from Egypt. 

I have loved the Wolfram Von Eschenbach version of the quest for the Holy Grail told in his Parzival from around 1200 AD for many years and have always thought there was more to it. And recent studies have indicated that Eschenbach was a Knight’s Templer, a society of pre-Masonic heritage who actually wrote the book as a treasure map for the Lost Ark of the Covenant, which is still held in high regard and supposedly hidden in Axum, Ethiopia, behind a thin veil of political upheavals and death until the Masonic order can rebuild the Temple for the third time in Jerusalem. In that book, Eschenbach indicated that the Ark, which held the Ten Commandments, was actually the metaphor for the Grail, which he didn’t describe as the cup of Christ, but rather a Holy Stone. And that’s when I thought of the Newark Holy Stones with a fresh perspective. It looks like the Ten Commandments didn’t flow to us with the Lost Tribes of Isreal banished from the Holy Land and found their way somehow to America to work with Indians and build the mounds in Ohio. It looks like they never left and instead seeded the world with the broken knowledge of their lost civilization, which indeed migrated into Egypt and other spots in the Middle East and Asia. And the ingredients for a successful civilization were hastily carved on a stone to remind the buried beholder in that stone mound in Newark what would carry any society forward. And that is how we came to find the Decalogue Stone and why there are other such Holy Stones in America well before the Bible was ever written. And that is why they were never hoaxes. Instead, they were victims of the Vico Cycle, which many in power don’t want to admit to, so they’d rather pretend that they don’t exist rather than learn from history how not to repeat the same mistakes that have been made countless times in the past.  

Rich Hoffman

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