Matt Miller, the Hunter Biden of Lakota Schools: The products of public education and police transcript

It is amazing how the Tony Bobulinski whistleblower story is so similar to the Matt Miller story of the Lakota schools superintendent. We all know by now that Tony Bobulinski was a business partner for Hunter Biden and the Biden family in general. He has given very damaging testimony to the FBI and Tucker Carlson on Fox News on a few occasions about the massive corruption of the Biden family and to confirm that the scandalous Hunter Biden laptop was real and that Hunter Biden’s crazy life was everything and worse than what it looked like by the evidence presented. The same could be said of Matt Miller; his ex-wife, like Tony Bobulinski, gave the school district a look behind the curtain into the crazy sexual lifestyle of the school superintendent that included discussions of molesting children through drugging them. She provided statements and evidence to the police and local whistleblowers, which resulted in a complete cover-up of a progressive system. While ordinary people would have expected Matt Miller to be arrested in leg irons for his actions, the same people expected Joe Biden and his son to be arrested and made into a public spectacle. After all, we have Hunter Biden on video smoking crack, having sex with prostitutes, and showing the lifestyle of a person who has sold out America to rival countries like China. Everyone was expected just to go to sleep and ignore the problem. It has been quite astonishing to witness from the perspective of progressive elements of political society, a local school in the Cincinnati region, and the politics of the President of the United States producing essentially the same results regarding law and order and social perspective. 

I attend a few school board meetings at Lakota from time to time, and the ones I have gone to have shown the essence of the problem well before the Matt Miller story was something anybody knew about. Julie Shaffer is one of the school board members who essentially describes the situation without knowing she did. It’s essentially a problem of progressive institutionalism that produces people like Matt Miller. Over the years, Matt Miller did what everyone told him to. He obtained all the criteria to become one of Ohio’s school superintendents as defined by public education needs set by labor unions. None of these needs come from the hopes and dreams of the children involved. The tradeoff is to do what the authorities tell you to, get a career where they care about hiring people who do what they were told as established by corporate needs, which are essentially, these days, the needs of globalism. And that the value of all your efforts is to get good grades. Check the boxes set up for you in public education for the kinds of things you are supposed to be learning. Then follow that path in exchange for a decent living. Referring to Julie Shaffer, who obviously got involved in the school board to help steer public education in a direction her children would benefit from. And that benefit was established by corporate America to do all the woke things that have defined success in many different ways than we are used to from the past.

Here is a transcript of the police report involving Miller. He denies that anything physical happened with any children. But his sexual lifestyle is certainly not traditional. This is the part that is trouble, it was just that one time.

The value is in doing what is told to the participants, not how those participants behave in their personal lives. Success is determined by compliance. And what is done outside of a professional capacity is off-limits. Nobody is supposed to judge Hunter Biden, who was obviously raised to be a train wreck by his father, who is now the President. What matters is that Jill Biden is a Doctor. That title means more to them than anything in the world. And the media, trained by the same methods, will provide more coverage for Dr. Jill Biden than the crimes of Hunter Biden because one supports progressive society, and the other is entirely off the grid of consideration.

This sums up most of the report, anybody who doesn’t agree with him is either crazy, or far right winged. This report is available as a public records request at the Sheriff’s office. He talks about a lot of people. A bit of good advice, the best way not to use dirt on somebody is not to have any. Stay clean, and there will be nothing to worry about. But when you do have dirt to use, save it for a rainy day.

In a recent meeting, Julie Shaffer was fighting back tears because she thought it was unfair that so many people were upset at Matt Miller’s demonstratively perverse sexual behavior. She didn’t see a connection to how that might have an impact on a public education environment at all. That is because personal behavior is not the measure of success in all progressive institutions. Compliance with the system is. So from that vantage point, no matter what the personal behavior is of the public employees, they expect success to be defined by the hoops they have jumped through along the way as established by progressive society. She worried that if people judged Matt Miller based on his behavior, it might interrupt the opportunities for children in the school to have the kind of opportunities in corporate America that the kids might have. Personal behavior was not a concern for her. As she understood them, opportunities were defined by the teacher union view of the world.   And it is in that way that so many bad things happen that leave people scratching their heads. We’ve seen this theme playing out for years now, where personal behavior is not judged, no matter how bad it is. But being compliant with the progressive education system that is very politically motivated is the primary driver of all concerns. So no wonder Matt Miller didn’t seem to think or care what people would think if they learned about his sexual lifestyle as he placed sexually explicit ads on dating services, knowing that people could find out about it. Like Hunter Biden, he seems compelled to thumb his nose at any judgments that might come his way because in the world of government schools, he was the king, and nobody was allowed to judge him for anything. 

Did you see what Matt Miller did there with the police, reminded them that Sheriff Jones and I were on opposite sides of a political issue? To appeal to his ego. After all, the politicians I support tend to win in politics. Not so much for Jones. I wonder if this had any impact on the decision to move the case forward. Hmmmm……………………………………

Listening to Tony Bobulinski talking to Tucker Carlson a few years after the first interview that should have put the Biden crime family in jail, yet they are now White House royalty was interesting because it’s the same pain on his face that many have been feeling toward the Matt Miller situation at Lakota. Here was a guy who had direct evidence of treason through Joe Biden, where he had sold his power and influence to foreign competitors for money, but nobody wanted to hear it. And as bad as thinking about molesting kids should be for a school superintendent of a huge school system, it was a painful gut punch for many to see the school go into instant cover-up mode, to watch the police start acting like the FBI; there to preserve a system of progressivism instead of standing up to it out of duty to law and order. But then again, that is the heart of the problem, progressive education in government schools makes people like Matt Miller and Hunter Biden. It’s the product of those “checked boxes” of progressive behavior that Julie Shaffer seems harpooned to as if it were the great white whale from Moby Dick. The concept that people can be crappy people but still be successful is the tradeoff. People could do whatever they wanted in their private lives, no matter how ostentatious, and nobody was allowed to judge them for it. So long as they did what progressive society wanted them to do. All else would be forgiven, and the shock of that revelation has been eye-opening, to say the least. 

Rich Hoffman

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