The Corruption of our Legal System: Without a belief in the Bible, its prone to evil, malice, and political detriment

Whether its Letitia James, the George Soros-sponsored Attorney General of New York on a personal vendetta to destroy Donald Trump using the law as a weapon of politics, or the local sheriff who is skimming money from everywhere and distributing it to various people to acquire power and they seek to destroy their local auditor because they don’t want an open book policy to the public, many people are now disillusioned about our legal system. What many have forgotten over time in America is that our legal system as a whole is founded on Christian values. We have a society that no longer believes in Biblical values. In that case, there can’t possibly be any respect for law and order, and our entire civilization will fall victim to the biggest bully on the block, which is what we see happening. In any society, the fear of force always keeps everyone aligned. Without some shared philosophical value, everything will fall into chaos, which the enemies of America are pleased to see happening. That is undoubtedly the motive behind Letitia James of New York and her billionaire supporters, who ultimately want to see the downfall of America. In such a society, the rules are not made to protect the good from the bad but to give cover to the bad from the judgment of the good, and that is precisely where we find ourselves today. 

We could all tell stories of our own version of the local sheriff who will say to a friend or a political ally, “hey, if you broke the law, we’ll fix it up. Don’t worry about it. Let’s go get some chicken wings and talk about that Monday night football game.” But if a law comes into question regarding a political rival, that sheriff will throw the book of laws for all their worth behind the effort to destroy that person. And that is what we call an injustice. Where the legal system is used as a weapon against enemies instead of as a stabilizing force for society in general, and of course, no society can function in such a way for long. Without law and order, there is no society. Again, the enemies of America are happy either way. They would love to see America plunge into a lawless society. And they love to see corrupt political officials abusing the law at every opportunity because they know eventually, the people of that society will abandon the law and turn to the government to be the broker for fairness, which only gives the government more power and fewer rights. So this notion of losing a Biblical law and order society is quite a strategy that exacerbates the whims of corruption among such weak-minded people and unleashes their wrath on the innocent without protection. Because at that point, only violence could be left to defend the good from the bad. The bad has been empowered because of their propensity for corruption to exploit the good; from there, we have sheer lawlessness and fear from the world’s bullies. 

When people contemplate that President Trump doesn’t have the right temperament to be president because we are supposed to be a Christian society that turns the other cheek to our enemies and forgives our foes, we are being exploited by evil for our tendency to play by the rules. We need Trump in America because he refused to give ground to the malicious. And he is willing to use his vast sums of money to fight in court the premise of law and order and turn the tables on them against their own desires for power. Few people in the world can fight these political systems as they are rigged. Because nobody can trust that the hand on a Bible is enough to provide good testimony, this has only empowered lawyers of bottom-feeder characters to thrive in a rigged language that only money can buy. Trump can play that game because, like Soros, he is a fellow billionaire and can put his money against the aims of American antagonists. But unless people have that kind of money, they will always be victims to those who do, and the legal system is designed for corruption, those who can pay for its services. It doesn’t exist on its own merit to provide justice blindly. Instead, justice is wide awake and looking for those who can write the biggest checks. Our legal system may have been designed to weigh a feather against a heart heavy with guilt. But what we have ended up with is a definition of justice that goes to those with the most money, to buy the most expensive lawyers, who have the best relationships with the best judges, leaving average people cleaving in the darkness for fairness, knowing that they are all victims to a system deep in corruption from the inside out. 

Yet I would say to fear not. The way it is presented is not how it was designed. Our legal system became corrupt because we trusted bad people to do the right thing. In hindsight, that was dumb, but as honorable people, we had to give them a chance. However, now that we know better, we are not confined to such obligations going forward. We are fortunate to have someone like Trump fighting on our side, a fellow billionaire from that elite class who wants to rule the world from the shadows and undermine us at every opportunity. Those who flow money into local communities and count on the crooked sheriff, the compromised judge, and the low-life lawyers who put more effort into their golf game than the justice of their clients, are easy to turn the tables on. It took a long time for the kind of corruption we see today to manifest. But it started when people stopped putting their hand on the Bible and meaning it when they swore an oath. No society can survive if it does not clearly understand right and wrong, and the villains who corrupted our legal system knew this even as they talked out of both sides of their mouths for years. The debate raged most viciously when such characters disputed the Ten Commandments in courtrooms, then said it violated free speech. Such contemplations are equivalent to stating that we want to live as human beings without the flow of blood through our bodies. You can’t have one without the other. And you can’t have civilization without justice. And you can’t have justice without a clear understanding of what it is. But what we have now is not justice, it’s corruption where the law is utilized for political benefit for political reasons, and it is far from blind. If you are a political enemy, they will throw the book at you and lobby to put you in jail, bankrupt and without a reputation, destroyed for life if they can do it. But if you are a friend or benefit them somehow, they will turn the other way and invite the criminal out for chicken wings and a nice cold beer. Perhaps even a morning golf game on a Sunday with the rising sun warming their faces and laughing about how they were able to scam the public for all its worth and get away with it. Fret not. The bad guys only win because of what they did they did in the shadows. But with the light of day flashed upon their actions, there will undoubtedly be a different result, and the sun is shining these days brightly.

Rich Hoffman

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