Dr. Fauci is Running and Hiding: He is the first to fall, and the rest of the Administrative State is next

What has been going on with Dr. Fauci, the way people have come to hate him, is a lot of what the future holds for the Desecrators of Davos, those aggressive insurgents of the Administrative State who have been tampering with all our lives in the background for most of recent history. Dr. Fauci was sold to us as the good doctor, the protector of people, who was the highest paid government employee because he has stuck around far longer than most people otherwise would. But for a little egomaniac who likes to mess with people’s lives, as a foot soldier of the all-tampering bureaucrat and member of the global administrative state, what else in his life would give him that kind of power? Dr. Fauci would not be happy just driving around in an RV in retirement visiting all the nation’s National Parks. He wants to be invited to all the big social parties and told how important he is, and the only way such a weak little man could get that power is through some government job where the power of big government could stick its nose in everyone’s business all the time. And for Dr. Fauci, being the big man in the public health care business meant power; he could direct money from people like Bill Gates to the kind of researchers that wanted that money. Since he was the broker, it gave him vast amounts of power; over many decades, this power went to his head. And we ended up with the menace to society that we now have today.

With the writing on the wall due to the upcoming midterms, the Republicans will take back power in Washington, D.C., and not just the same old easy-to-beat Republicans from the past. This time it looks like angry, MAGA kind of Republicans who want small government. Not just say so until they get elected, then start having lunch with Democrats and making big plans for an expansion of big government. These Republicans who were cast out of the Trump administration, who saw how Trump ran the White House and what successes were made along the way, they want to bring that blueprint to all branches of government, from school boards to the federal congress and senate. While the writing may have been on the wall from the Desecrators of Davos, who have long planned for the new god of Climate Change to rule the world the way the inquisitors of the Roman Catholic Church did against all pagan religions in times past, including the Protestants, burning at the stake any challengers to that orthodox belief system, what they didn’t plan for was this kind of resistance to the Administrative State which was long designed to be the new enforcers of the global religion of Climate Change to impose the Liberal World Order upon everyone human being on planet earth. They never cared for the American Constitution or the rules of our nation as the game was already rigged in their favor with paid-off politicians like Dr. Fauci there to lead their global administrative state. But a few years into their Great Reset, Americans have shown their teeth, and it’s been pretty hot for mindless government slugs like Dr. Fauci, Dr. Doom himself. 

Like all members of the bureaucratic administrative state who makes all their decisions in a bubble and are not guided by the hands of commerce but by the limits of vision that come from too many rules and regulations that only serve government and their lack of competency, Dr. Fauci thought the Great Reset was good to go, that everything was going to go as planned, and they never had a plan B. Thousands like Dr. Fauci have been part of this Great Reset plan and experienced a great deal of panic when Trump was elected to America. Brexit became more than a political sideshow in Europe. People expected to break up the European Union and destroy what the United Nations had struggled to build over the last century. The whole thing was about to go up in smoke as a reaction to populism occurring everywhere, not just in America but in Brazil, Europe, and even Russia. This has forced the Administrative State, as created by the Desecrators of Davos, to accelerate their plans and, in doing so, reveal too much of what they always wanted, and they hung their most experienced foot soldiers like Dr. Fauci out to dry in a collapse of public trust that seems unfathomable at the end of 2020. By 2022, Dr. Fauci is mocked by just about everyone, including liberals. The lunacy of Covid has worn out all but the dumbest in our society, the mindless liberal who looks to big daddy government to tell them what shoes to wear every day. Everyone else grew tired of Dr. Fauci and the highly politicized CDC. 

Fauci has found himself in this position before, he was at the center of all the AIDS controversies in the 1980s, but over time people learned what a scam that was. Then when they tried to do it again in 2020 to steal an election and get Trump out of the White House, “they,” being Klaus Schwab and his Larry Fink BlackRock foot soldiers in finance to carry out their Great Reset, as it was published at the World Economic Forum. It’s not a conspiracy theory when they tell you what they planned to do all along. You just have to read their books. Now there are so many books that have come out that show Dr. Fauci being tied to actual criminal behavior during Covid lockdowns, how the virus was made in a lab in Wuhan, China, and how it was distributed to the world during an American election year obviously meant to tank the Trump economy and get him removed by voters in a hot election. The Great Reset was, after all, planned already, so they just advanced their plans hoping to sink Trump, but by accelerating their plans, the rest of the world wasn’t ready, they hadn’t defeated populism yet, and instead of getting mass compliance everywhere, they only fed populism making things worse for them. While they are reluctant to admit their failure yet and are proceeding full steam ahead on their progressive agenda of taking over the world’s economies under the religion of Climate Change, populism is fighting back in ways they aren’t prepared for. And that Liberal World Order, which Dr. Fauci is undoubtedly one of their brightest examples, is failing everywhere. And rather than face the fire, the career bureaucrat wants out and will retire in December of 2022, before the new congress takes office and the congressional investigations into all the unconstitutional activism that was witnessed during Covid and how those influences were motivated by forces outside America looking to destroy our country overtly and to take over the remnants in the aftermath. They had it all worked out in the wine parties of Georgetown and Martha’s Vineyard. But they forgot that they did not have a political majority and could only manipulate the world from a place hidden from the eyes of the masses. But in their haste, they showed their cards, and people are now on to them. And all that is left to do for them is to run and hide while they still can. Which is precisely what Dr. Fauci is going to attempt to do. 

Rich Hoffman

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