President Trump Needs to Announce Now that He’s Running Again: The DOJ will indict him, so the best thing to do is beat them to the punch

All other legal matters aside now is the time for President Trump to announce that he is running for President in 2024.  As a direct answer to the FBI raid on his home, which was an entirely politically motivated and gross abuse of power, and the decisive victory over Liz Cheney in Wyoming, the time is ripe for his eventual announcement due to the behavior of the opposition forces and the only schemes they have left on the chessboard.  President Trump should make it formal and do his Trump Tower escalator speech part two now.  We all know that its an eventuality anyway, so because of what the Department of Justice is planning to do to Trump, the President needs to go on the offensive and capture the hill before the Biden White House has a chance to capture the news story and put the Trump team in yet another defensive position.  It is usually best to attack in these kinds of cases, to be in front of the story instead of a defensive recipient of other people’s aggressive actions.  And let’s face it, yes, the Biden Department of Justice has been weaponized.  They are operating a corrupt FBI who are clearly working to put Democrats in power and to keep them there by any means necessary.  And the phony trial about January 6th was designed from the beginning to indict Trump somehow to prevent him from running for President again.  So the best way to beat that story is to arrive at the destination first.  Make the announcement; then, when they do indict him, it will be clear to the public that it’s a political rival using the force of government to keep a challenger from running for office.  As it stands now, Trump isn’t technically running for office again, so any legal action against him can be considered procedural.  But once Trump announces, then it becomes purely political, and that is how people need to understand what is happening now.  Trump needs to change his status from a “former president” to a “potential one” now that he has all this political capital to his advantage, rub the opposition’s face in it, and keep it that way through the midterms and on through 2024. 

The Biden DOJ has no other option but to indict Trump and hope that it shifts public sentiment, so they will certainly try.  I would argue that an indictment of Trump would be great for the country because it would expose just how ridiculous the FBI and DOJ under abusive authoritarian rule can be.  Through the discovery process, Trump would be completely vindicated, and the strong-arm tactics of a corrupt government would be on full display for all to see, which would be a good thing.  Unlike the January 6th mess that Liz Cheney led, which was all one-sided, representing only a Democrat point of view with a few liberals who were calling themselves Republicans conducting the mock trial to the public, an indictment of Trump would allow Trump lawyers to cross-examine and present evidence and have all kinds of dialogue exchanges with the Biden opposing forces that the government simply isn’t prepared for.  They would have used it if they were prepared and had anything substantial against Trump.  There is no smoking gun in breaking open a Trump prosecution.  What we are dealing with now is a desperate government that is terrified that Trump will run again and that he will win again because they know what they all did to put Biden in the White House, and it won’t be so easy next time.  They know that Trump gained many millions of votes over Biden and that the only way they were able to cheat that 2020 election is with the Covid rules that were written on the back of a napkin at the last minute to allow for loose, mail-in ballots that were massively, illegally counted.  So they have only one move to make against Trump and his supporters: to keep him from running by abusing the legal weapons at their disposal in infinite amounts. 

With all that in mind, if Trump is planning to announce he’s running for President anyway, and his family is already prepared for it, then now is better than later to make the announcement.  Trump has quite a solid case to make about why he should be president again and why now.  As a natural sequel to his speech from 2015 when he came down the Trump Tower escalator, a lot has happened, but now we have open borders, criminals all over the streets, and a criminal cartel in the White House essentially who has control of our DOJ and FBI.  And it’s time to drain the swamp, especially now that we know where all the swamp monsters live.  Before we knew they were there, but they were concealed in the chaos of politics, just under the water and out of our view.  Over the last seven years, we have drained the water of the swamp, and now we see all the ugly creatures, and they are hungry for victims.  They are vicious and suddenly very aggressive because their concealment has been revealed to the world.  Liz Cheney and what happened to her blowout loss in Wyoming is a perfect example between the Karl Rove consultant class in D.C. politics and the normal voter in flyover country and how they see the world.  The sleeping giant of Republican America has been awakened, and they know Trump is their best option for a government they can believe in and a country they can be proud of.  And they are ready, despite anything the corrupt forces of Washington D.C. can throw at Trump.  Trump literally has nothing to lose in making his announcement now.  But he can gain a lot by getting in front of the DOJ before they make a formal indictment.  When they do, it would clearly be an action against a political rival, not just trying to keep a former president on his heels with legal pressure.  What the DOJ wants most is to scare Trump away from announcing.  Once he does, then the hopes of stopping him will go out the window. 

I agree with Alen Dershowitz when he says that even if the DOJ indicts Trump, there is nothing in the Constitution that says he can’t still run for President.  There is just an assumption that someone under criminal indictment wouldn’t be able to win an election.  But with Trump, people see through it, and a criminal indictment would only make Trump more popular.  We have seen this kind of thing going on for years in smaller elections that are regional in nature.   The assumption is that a criminal investigation makes a political candidate off limits for holding office.  But when the Constitution was written, this level of political sabotage wasn’t a new thing.  Criminal allegations from an abusive law enforcement entity are one of the oldest tricks in the book, and it won’t keep Trump out of the White House if the people pick him again.  And by all indications, they are poised to do so.  So the purpose of any criminal indictment would be to attempt to scare away voters and Trump from even announcing to run.  With Trump making that announcement now, it would take all the air out of the Department of Justice balloon and the Biden White House and put them on their heels for a change, with nothing left to do but look into the camera and have that blank stare they are becoming known for.  There is nothing for Trump to lose in making his announcement now.  But there is a lot to gain.

Rich Hoffman

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