“Walk Like an Egyptian”: Why Alex Jones is the king of populism and the secret of all secret societies

As vicious as it is and has been, I think the silver lining of all these assaults against Alex Jones will prove his life work to be worth the effort. With his Great Reset book coming out, which is very, very good, by the way, and a movie about him, and Steve Bannon’s Warroom putting its arms around him in new and unique ways, the efforts to prosecute him in the court of public opinion is only going to make Alex Jones more accessible to people who might otherwise be resistant to his message. I’ve always enjoyed Alex Jones, but it’s not enough to just talk about the surface conditions of things; I like to know the superstructure underneath. I don’t get much new information from Alex Jones, so I don’t talk about him often. For me, the role he plays in populism is critical, but it’s for the masses. As for my personal inclinations, I am much more interested in the more esoteric aspects of things. But those approaches aren’t readily accessible to a mass audience. Yet, perhaps now that more people know who Alex Jones is outside his regular Infowars audience, they may be ready to open their eyes and see what has always been there.

Regarding that, we are in a time when more people than ever are asking questions that only the Alex Jones side of populism can answer. Still, more profound than that, to understand a deep scandal that has essentially been with us since the start of all civilization, going back to even before the Egyptians and occupants of the Indus Valley, the plot for world control has always been with us. Then to understand, as I propose in my book The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, for the first time in all that history, America has it right with a new philosophy that has emerged that is part of a natural evolution, tens of thousands of years in the making. And that the struggles to contain people like Alex Jones and Steve Bannon have failed, and something very wonderful will come of it all. But first, we see a lot of ugliness, and we must understand it before comprehending where all this is going. 

To grasp much of what Alex Jones has covered over the years, you must first understand who the enemy is and why they want to control mass civilization to the extent they do. Who are the “globalists,” and why do they want to rule the world so badly? I’ve never liked to use the term “globalists” personally. It’s a Carroll Quigley thing, and I personally have always found people like that guy revolting. I’ve read the books and studied their nonsense, and the term globalist just makes me sick and makes me think of losers like Bill Clinton and George Bush types. I’ve hated these people even when the world was good, in the pre-Covid days, before the Administrative State went after Trump with everything they had from 2015 on. I would go so far as to say that even when life was at its best, Top 40 musical artists were coming out on the radio weekly, and video games were coin-operated at an arcade when American life looked most prosperous. Everyone who wanted a job had one; I read the books of globalists like Quigley and the gang, hated them with every essence of my being, and watched everything they did with great scrutiny. Alex Jones did too and built an entire media empire out of that hatred called Infowars. A small percentage of the population felt similar about the goals of globalism. Over the years, Alex Jones continued expanding his media reach to the point where the globalists decided he needed to go. He was targeted for destruction in much the same way that Inquisitors from Europe destroyed rivals to their churches at the time, to protect their true intentions for religion, which is to control mass society with a common belief. The way they meant to control people was to control what you believed, and from that threat, Alex Jones created Infowars. Now that the cat is out of the bag on globalism, the modern Inquisition from global progressives cannot hide their disdain for the populist movement any longer. Trump’s administration gave them too much of a scare, and now they are out for blood, fangs out. What used to be considered a conspiracy theory is no longer a theory. Its fact.

Of course, that has unsettled people, and now there is a great hunger to understand all the various secret societies behind the globalist movement. And for many people, they are bewildered by all the options; there is talk about the Illuminati, the Rosicrucians, the Masons, devilish blood cults that feed off of young people and participate in mass public orgies that are disgraceful. Who were the Knights Templars in the world, and why are they relevant? And if all these groups have their roots in serving Christ, why are they dancing around campfires in the woods and worshiping goat heads and pentagrams? Well, as it turns out, considering all the secret societies that there are and have always been and the nature of all the major religions, it all comes down to two points of view, no matter where in the world you might find yourself. There are the “dualists” and the “materialists.” And once you understand that, it all makes a lot more sense. Dualists are the foundation of all religions from the emergence of the city-state and go back to the times of Egyptians, even further and believe that the purpose of life is to shake off the body’s prison and be reborn as a spirit. It’s very much an oriental concept and still persists in the earth worship movement. When we talk about climate change, we are simply talking about people who want to put the latest mask on the dualist movement. Then, the materialists evolved out of the Roman Catholic acquisition of Christianity and emerged to keep their empire intact. Because of their power and force over governments they pushed anybody with any other beliefs to go underground and start secret societies. Secret societies survived thousands of years of persecution by putting on the mask of Christianity and then revealing to the highest initiates much later their true intentions for an oriental religion that shakes off all materialism and works toward spirit alignment to everlasting life. If you want proof of such a thing, just look at the giant obelisk we have right next to the White House in Washington D.C. It doesn’t get much more Egyptian than that. Or think about the old Bangles song, “Walk Like an Egyptian.” The influences on our culture are literally everywhere. But they are hidden and work in the background to guide all of society toward their ancient aims of mass sacrifice to the same old stupid gods of destruction and mayhem. 

The conflict in the United States may have always intended to free those secret societies from the Roman Catholic Church’s purges and create a utopia in America that recreates paradise lost in the New World. There is a lot of talk these days that North America is where Atlantis resided and was destroyed by the Younger Dryas calamity and that Egypt emerged from the ashes of Atlantis. So the creation of America was always meant to get back to the roots of what was great before, or at least by the measure of the duelists. The American Constitution was written to prevent European governments from imposing religious persecution on the freed minds of American inhabitants. Meanwhile, the push toward globalism was a long-planned creation to spread the dualist religion all over the world, putting China as the model for the future, communism, anti-materialist socialism with lots of centralized planning to manage society back to Egypt as it was, it would be again. But the American experiment had gone wrong for the globalist types. By trying to defeat the Roman Catholic inquisitions, they had created a new kind of person, a free person with the will not to be controlled by anybody. And now they have a problem they can’t put back into the bottle and erase. Americans were created, and people like Alex Jones, Steve Bannon, President Trump, and many others are the spokespeople for a new form of populism that is a new kind of religion, not of the original two that have caused all the wars known to history. But something else. And for that something else to live and grow, we are living history moment by moment, and something truly remarkable is being born, for which the entire populist movement around the world is creating as we speak. And it’s nothing like what we’ve seen in the past, but something radically and wonderfully new. 

Rich Hoffman

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