The Attack on Small Business by the Liberal World Order: Remember the fire of 1666 in London, the same forces are at work now behind Covid

It’s not at all uncommon when we are dealing with malicious global societies and the wrecks of people who fall into god worship of pagan deities who seek social change based on their fears and starvation for power to impose on others. It was undeniable after the fire of 1666 when central London was burnt to the ground for many miles of former wood-constructed buildings that caught fire by accident. Yet, some early versions of the Masonic order emerged with plans to rebuild with star alignments and goddess worship in mind, with central planners ready to dig immediately. Accidental or planned tragedies have been the mode of operation that many secret societies have used to impose their version of reality on the world. And those societies were secret for the primary reason that they wished to avoid complete destruction by those in religious power at the time. So, they would, in the case of Masons emerging in London and other places in Europe, put on the mask of Christianity publically while behind closed doors trying to bring back the ancient society of Egypt, an oriental-based religion, to challenge authority and impose on the world their own religion for magical reasons that might appease the gods profiting of whatever tragedy might present itself. The fire of 1666 in London, which displaced many tens of thousands of people in its aftermath, was just one example of the many times secret societies have used tragedy to impose on the world a religious view that wasn’t popular in the mainstream but operated in the background to the misery of those that were imposed upon. So when the same type of characters who now operate in the same way today as the Desecrators of Davos and Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset created a virus from a Chinese lab called Covid-19, the global lockdowns and protocols were meant to inflict social change through the ruins of mass society for the goals of a hidden religion. This time it was still the goddess worship that is a part of many pagan religions, but this time it was mother earth and the attempted centralized control of every economy in the world, especially the destruction of those in the United States. 

One of the keys to the greatest economy in the world within the United States is the many small businesses that make it up. One thing that became obvious during the Covid lockdowns was that, like the fire in 1666, there were surprisingly many people who knew what to do. It didn’t take them long to use Covid as the trigger for massive social reforms that obviously had long been planned out. And while governors all over America who were involved in the secret societies who, tongue in cheek, operated out in the open of progressive thought, a clear pattern emerged that showed a hostile war against those small businesses and legislative patterns that dramatically favored the big corporate stores who have bent the knee to global control. When businesses were shut down, large corporate stores were allowed to stay open as many mom and pop shops closed up and were destroyed forever. I recently had to travel across Ohio from Cincinnati to Cleveland for a Fast Draw Championship competition and was thinking about this topic while noticing the enormous amount of small businesses that there were, which make up a large part of the Ohio economy and the economy of America. I have similarly traveled across North America and noticed how many decentralized businesses there are, especially compared to similar distances in Europe, where land use is much more restricted, forcing people to live near more metropolis areas and take their businesses with them.   It’s quite clear that many progressive activists worship the goddess earth as a new age religion who wanted to use Covid to destroy American small businesses. If not for the tenacity of the American people and the legal constraints on government from the American Constitution, they would have succeeded as planned. 

Like that fire in 1666 or even in the ashes of 9/11 where the World Trade Center Twin Towers and several other buildings in that sector of New York were suddenly gone as a result of FBI incompetence to allow terrorists to do their menace, there are always people there ready to exploit the tragedy, with plans already put to paper for all to see, who are prepared to make their move. And the biggest of the corporations was primarily controlled by Larry Fink money mostly, with liberal tentacles into their boards of directors who were already kneeling to the new gods of worship that were presented through globalism; we saw the intentions for a New World Order, liberal in nature, ancient in its intentions, that was asserting itself and willing to run over anybody who got in their way, especially the typical small business in America. And it was a crime on such a vast scale that nobody knew how to consider the sheer evil of it. But unlike that fire in London, Covid wasn’t an accident; it was a purposeful attack on the economies of the world which intended to destroy competition to the big corporations who were leveraging control of the global economy into a system that would allow for more centralized control. These new forces didn’t want thousands of individual companies in America to resist their ESG scores or the reach of their financial controls clearly established by BlackRock and many other activist money managers and banks run by droopy pot-bellied losers with bad golf games. It was much easier to control the very few and very large companies than the massive task of many decentralized economic forces that were way too independent. 

It was the same forces that were behind the many European Inquisitions and Crusades who sought to protect the emerging religion of earth worship and get revenge for the past where Egyptian dark arts were suppressed by Christianity, the creation of America and individual rights and the goals of materialism built by capitalism that was the real enemy of the pagan Earth Goddess worshipers. They didn’t care who died in the process so long as they imposed their will on the world by force, just as they always have. The same forces that created many of the old secret societies and fled Europe’s ominous Roman Catholic Church in hopes of being free to worship as they pleased and not be killed for it, the experiment had gone out of control. The desire to regain control of it was pressing those same European forces toward a Great Reset that would put them in control of the world in ways they had always wished. And the aim was to appease the same goddess; whether it was called Mother Earth, Isis, or the Virgin, they are all the same as the true terrorists behind the movement. The attack on small businesses in America and around the world was malicious and purposeful. It was long planned and maniacal. And we must never forget about it. As I said about my recent trip, many small businesses are still recovering from the destruction that Covid brought them. It was never fair. And they need someone to defend them. The plan had failed, and things did not go as they were conceived. And the bad guys got caught cheating on the chess board. The Trump administration had forced them to attempt such a thing out of fear that their long-established plans might never get off the ground. So they unleashed Covid and took a shot to control the world. And we are still seeing the effects of that destruction years later while many are still trying to figure out what to do about it now.

Rich Hoffman

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